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Characters / Sueños del Sur

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A list of notable characters from the webcomic Sueños del Sur.

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    Martínez Gómez family 

Hugo Martínez

Cheerful, friendly, irresponsible and lazy, sometimes he shows some sparks of geniality. He's in a relationship with Carola Gutiérrez.

Rosa Martínez

She's usually kind-hearted and compassionate, although she's also moody and sensitive. She's great at making pastry. Always wears a fuchsia hair ribbon tied to her hair.

Eliana Martínez

A compulsive overachiever, she's not just smart but also really quick and agile.

Pedro Martínez

A courageous, unusually strong boy. Good at football and martial arts.

Clara Gómez

The mother of the main four kids. She's quite bossy, outgoing and also a bit irresponsible and reckless
  • High-School Sweethearts — With Juan.
  • Housewife — She runs a small shop, and participates in the neighborhood council, but otherwise she's a stay-at-home wife.

Juan Martínez

Clara's husband and the father of the kids. Smart, optimistic and cheerful, but also rather irresponsible and bad at following a routine.


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