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Subnormality begun as a series of one-shots that developed into a large Ensemble Cast who often aren't named for many strips. Below is an incomplete list of some of the more noticeable repeating cast members.

The Sphynx (sic)

The strip's mascot. She's over 3000 years old (with the face of a woman a hundredth her age) but still doesn't completely understand humanity. She's friends with Pink Haired Girl.


  • Affably Evil: Despite being a human-eating monster, she tries to follow the rules of society and work within it at times, and she certainly understands it a lot better than other monsters.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: She tries to be a good citizen, but her primary concern is her appetite, which she appeases by eating people. She at least doesn't eat kids, but only because they don't fill her up.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: She was disgusted to find out Oedipus' mother married her own son.
  • Historical In-Joke: She is The Mona Lisa.
  • My Nayme Is: Probably unintentional, but "Sphinx" is properly spelled with an i. Or having something to do with her age and the sheer number of languages she has dealt with. She likely is not using an English pronunciation either.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: She avoids eating children... because they are too small for her to consider them a proper meal.
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  • To Serve Man: Taken surprisingly frequently in stride by witnesses.

Pink Haired Girl

A slightly depressed ordinary Jane who drifted from job to job before settling on being an airline stewardess due to a single moment of coincidence. Friends with The Sphynx, as well as Ethel. She spends a lot of time observing and commenting on life around her and has a notably unsuccessful dating life.


A super-curvy, smoking hot brunette with a thing for skimpy clothing and an interest in museums, bookstores, and a good number of stereotypical guy traits. She tends to be oblivious to her effect on men and evidently has a wildly overactive imagination.

Ethel Blackmore

A frustrated horror writer and, eventually, Pink Haired Girl's second best friend after the Sphynx.

Zoe Muggs

A down-on-her-luck homeless girl. Seems to possess a kind heart and occasionally offers bits of wisdom to the few who would engage her in conversation.

  • Homeless Hero: A non-romanticized example. Despite her large heart, it wears down on her both physically and mentally. She's aware that she won't survive for that long.
  • Nice Girl: Displays a lot of empathy for people a lot better off than her.
  • Speech Impediment/ Verbal Tic: Has a tendency to stutter/repeat short words/phrases at the beginning of a sentence. Her better-off counterpart from the alternate continuity where Ethel is a published nonfiction author seems to have it in control usually, but reverts to it in moments of very intense emotion.

General Pete

The frontman of the novelty rap metal band The Generals.


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