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Our Heroine


  • Broken Bird: Her mother is missing, her father died, all her sisters basically treat her as a slave and the only things she truly treasures are the items her father gave her. The Vanity Demon that possesses her scarf is the only thing in the game that is somewhat nice (or at least is affable) towards her. (It's because she allows it to stretch things, which is all it really wanted.)
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  • The Dutiful Daughter: She's practically a pack mule to her sisters, but she still risks her life to save them because she loves them that much.
  • Morph Weapon: the Scarf itself is a interesting varient: anything it touches becomes elastic and stretchy, so it can pinch solid objects and lug them around. it does have a weight limit, and sometimes there's too much tension in the elasticity, and it has to let go. Which either sends Linda flying or is used to hurt a opponent with the force of whatever it was being stretched snapping back in place instantly.
  • Nice Hat: The only other garment Linda really cares about. It looks similar to the demons that come out of the box, too.
  • Our Demons Are Different: the Vanity Demons themselves are rather odd, but the one possessing Linda's scarf is interesting, in that it lets her purify her sisters by using its own demonic power if Linda gets enough "points" for the technique (the technique itself is apparently its true power - having multiple arms to stretch with - which is used in order to exorcise them).
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  • Scarf Of Asskicking: It's possessed by a Demon of Vanity, so now it's a demonic looking hand that can stretch things. Really, really stretch things. It also has a mind of its own and doesn't really mind being Linda's scarf that much.

First-Tier Bosses


A pyromaniac who was transformed into a big-headed demon who breathes fire and shoots bombs out of her nose, and has a maw like a bear trap. Her weakness is probably the easiest to access, as she reveals it every time she opens her mouth to breathe fire.


Hyperactive Spinner was made into some kind of demonic pendulum of sorts, who attacks by spinning around the room and trying to pick-ax you with her pointy head. Her weakness is all about using this to your advantage.


Miss Mecca

As well as transforming her, the demons have granted this girl a giant robot for her to plod around in, that shoots rockets at you and generally tries to squash you.

  • Misguided Missile: Well, sort of. You can use your scarf to stretch the missile back at her.


Her desire is to be an opera singer, and in her transformed state, she certainly lives up to her name, calling in her mooks to aid with her transformation. When she does, as said in the manual, all hell breaks loose, as she transforms into a more demonic form. Her weakness involves taking out the mooks before she can transform.

  • Enthralling Siren
  • Evil Twin: Her battle involves her constantly swapping between forms. Even her damage cry changes from a gentle 'damnit' to a more pissed one in her evil form.
  • Mook Maker: Kinda. She turns the harmless mooks into little reaper things when she transforms.
  • Super-Powered Evil Side: Her regular form can't hurt you, but her more demonic form can shoot lightning.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: If she successfully transforms, there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Second-Tier Bosses

Fay Soff

Obsessed with her facial features, this girl was transformed into what is essentially a demonic Mr. Potato Head. Each of her parts shoot SOMETHING at you. Her weakness is knocking off said parts and reattaching them in a mixed-up way, causing massive embarrassment.

Anne Droid V2.1

The astronomy enthusiast of the family, transformed into a orbital satellite that drops down mooks that form an electric grid of sorts. Attacking Anne herself is her weakness, otherwise defeating her mooks will slowly drain her health.


The second youngest in the family, and the youngest among the bosses. Transformed into an evil doll with a grappling-hook-like deal made from her favorite fish toy, which is now more like a shark. Similar to Linda in a lot of ways, notably with her decorations having the same 'light and dark' theme and her primary means of attack being a transformed object that she treasured. Her weakness is the chain on her toy when it's stuck to the ground by a large boulder. What happens has to be seen to be believed.


She loves sweets, so what better form to take than that of a giant blob? Also takes most attacks pretty well and is one of the first bosses to lack an obvious weakness. Namely, hoping she'll stick around a tree long enough for it to get struck by lightning and thus get struck herself.

Third-Tier Bosses


Obsessed with horror, she'd been transformed into that which must not be seen. She spends the whole fight either trying to break into the room you're in or using mook generators to get in the way of preventing that.


The smallest of the sisters, her demonic form is a very, very tall grey alien with four arms who attacks with shockwaves. There's a group of helpful mooks that help you fight her. When all the mooks fire on her, she becomes vulnerable to attack. Otherwise, she's invincible.


Loved Egypt so much she was turned into some kind of mummified thing. Uses sandstorms and sand tornados to attack. She'll get stuck in the sand if she gets the tornado she generates near water.


The eldest sister, obsessed with continuing the family. Her demonic form is ghostly and is untouchable except for her two large phantom gloves. Is the de-facto final boss, though you could realistically take her on first once you unlock the final tier. Her fight does seem like a final boss, though, considering how much goes on. She can summon demonic turrets that fire practically every standard bit of ammo in the game. Sticking her hands in the fires around the arena causes damage, though the floor is always moving so you still have to get them there.


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