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    The Strongest Rivals (Ryu & Ken) 

Master of the Hado
"After this battle is over, I can continue my journey."

Origin: Japan
Fighting Style: Ansatsuken

This Japanese martial artist has mastered the the fighting style Ansatsuken, a medley of various Eastern fighting styles originally designed to kill. After having defeated Sagat in the first World Warrior tournament, Ryu now travels the world in search for new opponents. Despite his rather anti-sociable behavior (which is unintentional), Ryu is very caring and possesses a strong sense of justice, leading him to use his skills to defeat evil-doers alongside his friends.

After being told of the box by Chun-Li, Ryu wonders if the malevolent effects it has over people are related to the Satsui no Hado that he tries so hard to reject. Out of concern for his best friend, Ken joins him on his journey to find Pandora.

Ken Masters
The Eternal Rival
"If you don't take this seriously, you're gonna get hurt!"

Origin: United States of America
Fighting Style: Ansatsuken
Voice Actor: Yuji Kishi / Reuben Langdon

Despite his rather cocky attitude and flashiness, Ken Masters knows his craft well, and has proven himself to be a true champion in the fighting scene. Having trained with Ryu when he was sent to Japan, Ken learned how to defend himself and since then, made a name for himself though fighting, alongside running the multimillion Masters Foundation and caring for his family.

Ken is aware of what Ryu plans to do regarding Pandora and is worried about his friend. So, he decides to tag along for support.


    Military Spirit (Guile & Abel) 

Air Splitting Techniques
"Let's fight!"

Origin: United States of America
Fighting Style: Martial Arts and Pro-wrestling Blend

A member of the United States Air Force, Guile used to work alongside his trusted companion and best friend Charlie Nash. Since the latter's death, Guile now fights to end Shadaloo's activities and avenge his fallen friend.

Guile is ordered to investigate the Antarctic and the strange happenings originating from it. When Abel offers to help, Guile allows it, under the condition of a covert operation.

  • Anime Hair: Maybe he and Paul could compare notes once this scuffle is over.
  • Blow You Away: His special ki attacks are wind-based, as his profile title indicates.
  • Blue Oni: The more serious and responsible of the two between him and Abel.
  • Consummate Professional: Tries to be this. Unfortunately for him, Abel's not helping.
  • Only Sane Man: Working with a Manchild like Abel was clearly an exercise in patience for the Major.

Seeking His Past
"En garde, s'il vous plaît!"

Origin: France
Fighting Style: Mixed Martial Arts

An amnesiac who wishes to learn more about his past by investigating the shadowy criminal organization Shadaloo. Believes he has a strong connection to both Guile's deceased friend Charlie and Seth, the leader of the Shadaloo Intimidation Network (S.I.N.).

Abel learns that Shadoloo is after Pandora. In order to find more information about himself, he decides to go after the box as well, joining Guile on his mission.

  • Cloudcuckoolander/Manchild: If his team rival and ending cutscenes are any indication. Then again, Abel is in his late teens and has spent almost all of his life as either a guinea pig or a mercenary, so he most likely barely had anything similar to a childhood/adolescence to start with.
  • Cuteness Proximity: He loves bears!
  • Gentle Giant: Is a massive hill of a young man, but is also kinda sweet outside the ring. If only kinda... cooky, as said above.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: No ki balls or spinning kicks for this guy, just pure technical fighting. Such techniques do impress him, though.
  • Gratuitous French: "En garde, s'il vous plait" and "Aidez-moi!" (help me!) for his tag-out.

    Cool Beauties (Chun-Li & Cammy) 

Legs of Justice
"Seems you've got what it takes. For the moment."

Origin: China
Fighting Style: Chinese Kempo
Voice Actress: Fumiko Orikasa / Laura Bailey

A Chinese Interpol agent, the only thing that can match her beauty and gracefulness is her skill in fighting. Her style heavily focuses on her kicking abilities. She has devoted her professional life to bringing Shadaloo to their knees in the name of justice for her fallen father. However, she still longs to live the life of an ordinary young woman.

Keeping tabs on Shadoloo, as always, Chun-Li heard about the organization's war with the Mishima Zaibatsu over Pandora and seeks to kill two birds with one stone by securing the box before they do. She calls Cammy for help.

Cammy White
Unrelenting Soldier
"Standby all clear!"

Debut: Super Street Fighter II
Origin: United Kingdom
Fighting Style: Special Forces Training and Shadoloo techniques executed from memory

Formerly known as Killer Bee, one of the personal bodyguard Dolls of Shadaloo dictator M. Bison (Vega). In fact, Cammy is Bison's biological clone. However, after Bison's Psycho Drive is shut down, she loses her memory and finds herself in England, using her latent combat abilities to aid the special operations group "Delta Red". She can only vaguely recall her activities with Shadaloo, but strives to stop their illegal activities as penance for anything she might have done under them.

While she has received plenty of intel on Pandora, Cammy is unable to do anything about it within Delta Red. It's not until Chun-Li invites her that Cammy is in a position to investigate the box.

    Indomitable Force (Sagat & Dhalsim) 

The King With No Equal
"Treat every battle... as your last!"

Origin: Thailand
Fighting Style: Muay Thai
Voice Actor: Daisuke Endo / Isaac C. Singleton Jr.

The self-proclaimed "King of Muay Thai", Sagat is a fearsome opponent in the ring. He was the host of the first World Warrior tournament, seeking to prove his prominence as the greatest fighter in the world. However, he was bested and scarred by a warrior from Japan named "Ryu". He became consumed with the idea of getting revenge for his fall from grace, even going so far as to ally with Shadaloo for a time in order to get his rematch. However, when he saw that he had strayed too far from the path of honor, he left and decided to fight Ryu on honorable terms as warriors should.

Discovering that a little girl he rescued has been taken, Sagat is enraged and eager to find the culprits responsible. Dhalsim informs him that the box known as Pandora is involved, and so the two head for Antarctica.

  • Animal Motifs: Tigers.
  • Papa Wolf: His reason to agree to go after Pandora with Dhalsim was the abduction of a girl he rescued and befriended.
  • Prophet Eyes: The eye he has left is completely white.
  • Self-Made Man: Doesn't bother with Pandora's godlike power in his and Dhalsim's ending, since a kingnote  has no need for it.
  • Shoryuken: His Tiger Uppercut.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene

Guided by the Holy Flame
"I hope you are willing to have a fair fight."

Origin: India
Fighting Style: Esoteric Yoga
Voice Actor: Daisuke Egawa / Christopher Bevins

A tribal elder of sorts in a remote Indian village, Dhalsim avoids violence whenever possible but will use his skill in combat to solve problems if necessary. Through his intense discipline and focus, he is able to stretch his limbs to amazing lengths, defying all physical limitations.

Children from his village are missing and Pandora is involved. He asks Sagat to help him find them...and the box.

    Pink Monster Ball (Poison & Hugo) 

Graceful, Sexy & Cool
"Now, the show's ready to begin!"

Debut: Final Fight
Origin: United States of America
Fighting Style: Self-taught martial arts
Voice Actress: Atsuko Tanaka / Karen Strassman

An ex-member of the Mad Gear gang, this pink-haired beauty takes orders from no-one, proving herself to be a skilled brawler in her own right. She serves as the manager of the hulking German wrestler, Hugo Andore.

Poision decides to take advantage of the media frenzy surrounding Pandora in order to give Hugo his big break. So, the two head for Pandora.

  • Attention Whore: "Poison heads for Antarctica to meet up with the media who have gathered there, in order to show off her assets."
    • Hell, in her special team intro with Hugo, the camera begins with a focus ON her 'assets', followed by her making a kissing motion with her lips.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: Actually lampshaded by Kuma, of all things.
    Kuma: Hmm... you smell like a man, but... Hm, you humans really are complex.
    • Alisa leaves Poison's sex up to speculation in her win quote.
    Alisa: "Searching data banks... Match found. Name, Poison. Gender..."
  • Bare Your Midriff
  • Battle Discretion Shot: During her Super Art, the action zooms in on her face as she whips the opponent repeatedly. A possible reason for this is the strong implication she's whipping their ass.
  • Berserk Button: Touching her chest without granting permission, as shown in the Steve/Hwaorang cutscene.
  • Combat Sadomasochist: When you hit her, she sometimes will say "Oooh, I'm getting all hot!".
  • Dramatic Unmask: Vows to do this to King in her win-quote against him.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • Her win quote against Hwoarang.
    "I don't have the time to turn boys into men. Go home and have some of mommy's milk."
    • Also, against Lili;
    "I don't like to play with kiddies. You wouldn't like what's in my dollhouse anyway."
  • Heel–Face Turn: For all intents and purposes, she's done with being a criminal.
  • My Eyes Are Up Here: Says this in arcade mode when she lands the first hit.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Not the worst example but Poison implies you wouldn't want her as a best friend. Unless you're a wrestler...or are into that sort of thing.
  • Oh, Crap!: Well, if you saw your hulking mammoth of a wrestler get swung around like a ragdoll by a much smaller one, you would have this reaction too.
  • Sexy Walk
  • She's Got Legs
  • Start My Own: Her and Hugo's ending states that they make their own wrestling association in order to reach their dreams to become world famous, rather than use the Pandora to grant them the wish.
  • The Tease: Not just her attire, but when she loses, she crosses her legs and winks at the foe in a seductive manner. And then there's her Rival Match against Steve/Hwoarang.
  • Unexpected Character: Was never featured in any Street Fighter game, outside of cameos in Hugo's entrance and winning poses in Street Fighter III and SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos.
  • Ungrateful Bitch: Some of her tag-in lines show that Poison really isn't that keen on partners.
    "I don't need your help!"
  • Whip It Good: Carries a riding crop, and uses it to toss well as whip your ass.
  • You Gotta Have Pink Hair

Hugo Andore
Bellowing Giant
"I'll fight you little one."

Debut: Final Fight / Street Fighter III: Second Impact
Origin: Germany
Fighting Style: Wrestling

A member of the Andore wrestling family, Hugo brings destruction to the ring with his use of pure, brute strength. He is normally accompanied by his manager, Poison, both of whom are attempting to go straight after separating from the Mad Gear gang.

Being aware of Pandora, and the media circus surrounding it, Hugo seeks to journey to Antarctica to take advantage of the publicity and make his big break.

  • Ass Kicks You: He has one attack where he throws himself ass-first into his opponent.
  • The Giant: His title outright says it.
  • Gratuitous German: Thanks to his nationality.
    • During his Super Art:
    "Ein, Zwei, Drei... ENDE!"
    • Also, during grabs and EX attacks:
    "Mach schnell!"
    • When activating Pandora on someone:
  • Mighty Glacier: His walk is pretty slow, but let him hit you and it will hurt quickly.
  • Pro Wrestling Is Real: His style seems to be all about power grappling.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: His attire is the other contributor to their team title.

    Tactical Ninjitsu (Rolento & Ibuki) 

Rolento F. Schugerg
Seeking an Ideal Nation
"To face me is to face my army."

Origin: United States of America
Fighting Style: Special Forces Training
Voice Actor: Jin Yamanoi / Dameon Clarke

A former member of the criminal Mad Gear gang from Metro City, Rolento has since then split from the group and has started to create his own army to create a military utopia.

In order to display his army's power, he seeks nothing less than Pandora's destruction. He drafts an unwilling Ibuki into his crusade.

Ninja School Girl
"Ibuki! On the scene!"

Origin: Japan
Fighting Style: Ninjitsu
Voice Actress: Ayumi Fujimura / Kat Steel

A young kunoichi who just wants to become a normal, everyday high school student, yet is constantly pulled back by her duties. Even so, she takes it in stride, as she is still a formidable foe who is not afraid to use her ninjitsu to defeat her enemies.

When Rolento enlists the aid of her village, Ibuki has no choice but to assist.


    Super Heavyweights (Rufus & Zangief) 

Graceful Heavyweight
"My fists'll give you amnesia!"

Origin: United States of America
Fighting Style: Self-styled Kung Fu, based on watching various movies

A rotund man who picked up fighting after watching a bunch of movies and wanted to see what was real and what wasn't. Sees Ken Masters as a rival, despite the fact he doesn't know who Ken actually is or ever met the man (in one of the trailers, he mistakes Bob for Ken).

Despite actually winning the U.S. Martial Arts Tournament, Rufus' victory is completely overshadowed by Pandora. So, when Zangief invites him on a journey to Antarctica to get rid of the box, Rufus gladly accepts.

Red Tank
"I have good feeling about this fight!"

Origin: Russia
Fighting Style: Professional Wresting
Voice Actor: Kenta Miyake / Peter Beckman

The "Red Cyclone" of Russia, Zangief is a master of professional wrestling, due to his brute strength. He fights in the World Warrior tournaments to show his pride as a member of his Motherland.

In order to honor his homeland, Zangief seeks to find and destroy Pandora, inviting Rufus to help.

  • Blue Oni: Compared to his official partner, he is the thoughtful and levelheaded one.
  • Cloudcuckoolander's Minder: Zangief has to explain to Rufus that Bob isn't Ken in both rival battle cutscenes. In the one against them he fails.

    Uneasy Alliance (Balrog & Vega) 

Violent Boxer
"You're dead already!"

Origin: United States
Fighting Style: Dirty Boxing
Voice Actor: Satoshi Tsuruoka / Bob Carter

A corrupt boxer who was cast out of the sport for his unbridled rage in the ring, Balrog (known as "Mike Bison" in Japan) turned to Shadaloo for the pay, acting as M. Bison's hired muscle and enforcer. He's forced to go to Antartica with Vega in order to secure Pandora for Bison.

  • Combat Pragmatist: Definitely not afraid of using headbutts and other frowned upon tactics in boxing.
  • Extremity Extremist: Who needs kicks?
  • Hypocritical Humor: During Yoshimitsu and Raven's arcade mode rival battle, he and Vega are disgusted by their lack of teamwork. In their arcade mode intro, it says that the two hate each other.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Isn't pleased to work with an effeminate guy like Vega.

Blood Stained Rose
"I'll skin you!"

Origin: Spain
Fighting Style: Ninjitsu mixed with bullfighter training

Vega (known in Japan as "Balrog") is the twisted son of Spanish nobility. When his ugly nobleman father beat his beautiful mother to death, Vega lashed out and murdered his father, warping his mind into believing that no man could ever be as beautiful as himself. By night, he lives as a serial killer, preying on anyone who he deems as 'ugly'. He is fiendishly protective of his face, wearing a mask into battle to ensure it is never scarred. His ruthlessness and love of carnage makes him a valuable asset to M. Bison and Shadaloo. He prefers to do battle with his signature three-bladed claw.

Although the notion of working so closely with a brute like Balrog is unideal (to put it mildly), Vega travels with him to Antarctica, under orders from Bison to secure Pandora.

    Blood & Anguish (M. Bison & Juri) 

M. Bison
Never-Ending Nightmare
"Face your nightmare."

Origin: Shadaloo
Fighting Style: Psycho Power
Voice Actor: Norio Wakamoto / Gerald C. Rivers

Scant little is known about Shadaloo's cruel and villainous leader. M. Bison (known to Japanese audiences as "Vega") has the ability to control a mysterious energy that can only be described as concentrated negativity, dubbed 'Psycho Power'. Under his command are soldiers who are willing to do his bidding, either by choice or by brainwashing. He has made numerous enemies over the years, most prominently Guile, Chun-Li, Cammy and Ryu. His ultimate goal is overthrow the world's governments, installing himself as the supreme leader of all nations. He was the host of the second World Warrior tournament.

Pandora has utterly resisted any and all attempts to subdue it with Psycho Power. This only encourages Bison, however, who is eager to claim the box's power for himself. Despite sending Balrog and Vega ahead, he decides to go himself, taking Juri with him.

Juri Han
Dark Spider
"You dare disappoint me... you die!"

Debut: Super Street Fighter IV
Origin: South Korea
Fighting Style: Taekwondo enhanced by the Tanden Engine
Voice Actress: Eri Kitamura / Jessica Straus

The murderous and insane right hand of S.I.N.'s leader Seth (codenamed "Spider"), Juri's power is granted to her by the "Feng Shui Engine", a modified version of Seth's Tanden Engine that is implanted in her eye and augments her own ki energy with ki gathered from the surrounding area. Juri has a shrouded agenda, both allying yet working against S.I.N. from the inside out. She revels in violence and finds an orgasmic pleasure from the suffering of her foes. Her family's car was attacked by Shadaloo in retaliation for her father's activities against Shadaloo. Her parents died and she was pulled from the wreckage, transformed into the human weapon she is today by S.I.N.. She offers her service as "gratitude" for the Feng Shui Engine.

Bison drafts Juri to accompany him to the South Pole. Seeing the trip as a fun opportunity to wreak havoc, she accepts, though she plans on doing things her own way.

    Final Boss: Akuma 

Master of the Fist

Debut: Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Orign: Japan
Fighting Style: True Ansatsuken
Voice Actor: Taketora / Dave Mallow

Akuma (known in Japan as "Gouki") is the ultimate example of what it means to be a warrior in every way imaginable. The brother of Ryu and Ken's master, Akuma practices the same fighting style but with the lethality fully intact. As a fighter, his code demands that he meet all opponents in battle with the intent to kill, as they should have when approaching him. He surrenders his mind and body to the "Satsui no Hado", a chaotic force that dwells within all great warriors. It can grant inhuman ability in battle but also causes the user to forsake their humanity in order to be victorious.

He is "summoned" by Pandora to the South Pole, and looks forward to a promising age of chaos. As a bonus, he seeks to lure Ryu to Antarctica as well, in order to draw out the Satsui no Hado within him.

  • Blood Knight: Akuma won't even acknowledge you unless you're looking for a fight (and even then, he won't fight you if you're weak). Given that Pandora's power is released when it is exposed to beings in conflict, Akuma probably revels in it.
  • Death from Above: The Misogi is back, and ready to cause pain. It now functions as a mish-mash of both Misogi (He flies into the air and comes down on you) and the Kongou Kokuretsuzan in that if it misses Akuma still unleashes a huge wave of energy, and if it hits, Akuma drives the opponent's head into the ground with his fist amidst a huge burning "heaven" kanji. His Tenma Shuretto move from Capcom vs SNK 2 (better known as the original Misogi) is his Cross Art move.
  • Final Boss: For Tekken fighters.
  • Noble Demon: Compared to the other Street Fighter antagonists' cartoonish supervillainy and the Mishima's constant treachery and power grabbing, Akuma while vicious in a fight has a code of honor. It doesn't show up in Street Fighter x Tekken but hint of it are seen in his appearance in Tekken 7.
  • SNK Boss: Is incredibly fast, brutal, and has a tendency to pull unblockable attacks without warning.
  • Worthy Opponent: Played straight and subverted. Ogre considers him to be the only decent opponent on Earth. Akuma on the other hand has nothing but contempt for the God of Fighting.
    You are a pathetic whelp!


Downloadable Content charactersnote 

    Double Smash (Dudley & Elena) 

The Righteous Boxer
"Giving your all, is the mark of a true champion."

Debut: Street Fighter III: New Generation
Origin: England
Fighting Style: Boxing
Voice Actor: Naomi Kusumi / Stuart McLean

A wealthy British boxer. Dudley is extremely gentlemanly, even while fighting, if not a bit condescending. Initially looked down upon for his small stature, he has proven himself to be a worthy foe in the ring, regardless of his weight class. He enjoys gardening as well as taking care of his father's prized car.

Pandora did not interest him in the slightest. After being informed by Elena that they have to go to Antarctica, Dudley agrees to chaperone the girl, as long as he is able to make it back for his next title fight.

  • Cultured Badass: Granted, it's Dudley, but a good example why is because he's only going on this journey because it wouldn't be very gentlemanly of him to refuse to go with Elena, and that just wouldn't do. He's actually completely uninterested in Pandora.
  • Extremity Extremist: Like Steve and Balrog, he only uses punches.
  • Let's Fight Like Gentlemen: The trope namer.
  • Unfazed Everyman: Elena basically shows up unannounced and tells him that they must journey to the South Pole because a tree in his garden told her. He treats it like it is normal.

Warrior of the Savannah

Debut: Street Fighter III: New Generation
Origin: Kenya
Fighting Style: Capoeira
Voice Actress: Saki Fujita / Karen Dyer

Elena is the daughter of a prominent African tribal chief. She is an extremely friendly girl who only wants to befriend those she meets. Her entry into the world of fighting is merely so she may explore the world and meet new people.

She was told of Pandora specifically by a large tree in Dudley's garden. Elena immediately requests Dudley's help in locating the box.

    Final Fight (Cody & Guy) 

Cody Travers
Fallen Hero
"Man, what a drag... Why can't ya leave me alone?"

Origin: Metro City, USA
Fighting Style: Martial arts and street fighting blend
Voice Actor: Daisuke Kishio / Michael T. Coleman

Cody Travers is the hero of Metro City, having pushed back the advances of the Mad Gear gang and rescued his girlfriend Jessica with help from his friend, former pro wrestler, and mayor Mike Haggar. However, the constant battles scarred him, turning him into a fighting addict. Eventually, he is thrown in jail for his indiscretion in picking brawls (on top of being framed by Poison), but breaks out during a prison riot.

Having broken out of prison (again), Cody is asked by Guy to help in Pandora's destruction. Out of boredom, Cody accepts, teaming up with Guy for the first time in a decade.

  • Badass Normal: Unlike most of his Street Fighter brethren with their Ki Attacks, Cody just uses rocks, knives, wrenches, steel pipes and dust.
  • Blood Knight: Deconstructed; he's addicted to fighting to the point it got him to jail, but he's so skilled that most every fight utterly fails to break his boredom and even being handcuffed and sitting in a cell is just an inconvenience he deals with until the next battle opportunity.
  • Cardboard Prison: Metro City Prison can only hold Cody Travers so long as he allows it to.
  • Chained by Fashion: Wears his prison handcuffs to a fight, probably as a handicap since he's basically burnt out and no longer finds fighting a challenge. He can remove these without difficulty.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Through seemingly nothing but his fighting experience and training, Cody is so unbelievably strong that, even with cuffs on to restrain himself for a challenge, he practically sleepwalks through his fights.
  • Empty Eyes: Perpetually dull with boredom.
  • Fallen Hero: Yes, this is actually his profile title.
  • Handicapped Badass: He wears those prison cuffs because he wants a challenge, not because he can't take them off.
  • Mighty Whitey: He's an American character in this Japanese game that just to happens to be a candidate for World's Strongest Man.
  • Red Oni: Is always looking for a fight, so Guy tries to keep him in line and focus. It fails.

Bushin Leader
"Prepare for a lesson, on the power of Bushinryu."

Origin: Japan, naturalized American
Fighting Style: Bushin-ryu Ninjutsu
Voice Actor: Tsuguo Mogami / Jason C. Miller

Guy is the next successor to the Bushin-ryu Grandmaster title, currently held by his mentor Zeku. He is a strong and proud fighter who upholds his Bushin-ryu teachings with the utmost dignity. He helped Cody and Haggar fight the Mad Gear's wave of crime on Metro City's streets. He considers himself the protectorate of Metro City, doing whatever he can to stop crime and other evils from harming its citizens. Guy finds himself very sorrowful over Cody's downfall, believing that he can someday pull the good back out of his friend.

Hearing about Pandora and its effect on the planet, Guy seeks to rid the world of its influence. He runs into Cody and requests his help once more.

  • Blue Oni: The more mission-focused and settled of the two between him and Cody.
  • Nice Shoes: Wears sneakers to go along with his ninja gear. Apparently they help with swift-footed techniques.
  • Ninja: Uses more traditional ninjutsu with street fighting influences.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Is pretty much always serious.
  • Putting the Band Back Together: Reunites with Cody when both can sense that the Pandora situation could be trouble.
  • The Stoic: He carries out his duties as a ninja/protector of the world's balance with an almost professional air of detachment. His grim face rarely shows any emotions other than mild disbelief at situations that serve Cody's hunger for battle.

    Sailor & Beast (Sakura & Blanka) 

Sakura Kasugano
Blossoming Flower
"Kay... Let's go!"

Origin: Japan
Fighting Style: Imitated Ansatsuken (from Ryu)
Voice Actress: Misato Fukuen / Brittney Harvey

Sakura is a schoolgirl from Japan who absolutely loves street fighting. She's a great follower of Ryu, whom she believes to be the best fighter in the world. Her fighting style is modeled after Ryu's, though she isn't capable of performing the same feats in battle. Despite her adoration with fighting, she's a very friendly girl who doesn't show ill will towards anyone. She has a heated rivalry with Karin Kanzuki.

After Dan's disappearance following Pandora's arrival, she decides to journey to the South Pole along with Blanka. Besides, she's been looking forward to traveling somewhere snowy.

  • Fangirl: Not just of Ryu this time, she actually starts a fight with Lars due to her mistaking him for a Sentai character.
  • Genki Girl
  • Older Than They Look: She's in her twenties now, despite wearing her old schoolgirl outfit.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Ironically, when Lars asks Blanka for help, Blanka instantly refuses to help Alisa and starts a fight. Sakura doesn't even bother to mediate. Plays out a bit better in her side's rival battle.

Fanged Beast
"I'm strong! You'll lose!"

Origin: Brazil
Fighting Style: What he learned in the wild
Voice Actor: Yuji Ueda / Taliesin Jaffe

As a boy, Jimmy was lost in the wilds of the Brazilian jungles when his plane went down. He learned how to survive through raw instinct and wits. Years of time spent in the trees and fauna of Brazil turned his skin a deep green, gained from the chlorophyll in the plants. In addition, he can charge an electrical current through his body and focus it at his enemies, which supposedly comes from contact with electric eels. His mother, Samantha, is still alive and he is also good friends with Dan Hibiki.

Dan has gone missing since Pandora showed up, so Blanka decides to journey to the South Pole to look for him. Sakura joins him.

  • Shock and Awe: Can produce a burst of electrical energy to shock his foes.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Lars politely tries to ask him for help in recharging Alisa. Being the Manchild he is, Blanka's response is to cut Lars off, instantly snarl and label him as a 'bad man', challenging him to a fight.


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