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Names are in Japanese order (Family name first, given name second). For characters appearing in both this game and the previous entry in the series, see below:

WARNING: due to the spoilery nature of the series, spoilers for both this game and prior installments will be unmarked!

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    Hiyajo Maho 
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi (JP), Monica Rial (EN)

A classmate and friend of Kurisu at Viktor Chondria University, she works as a research assistant to Professor Alexis Leskinen and specializes in neuroscience and artificial intelligence. She's the principal developer of the AI Amadeus. Even though Maho's a genius girl in her own right, she feels her skill can't compare to Kurisu's natural talent for science. This doesn't stop Maho from creating a strong friendship with her.

  • A-Cup Angst: Mostly low-key, but she shows shades of this when Moeka is around.
  • Always Someone Better: Her relationship to Kurisu. She freely admits she's "the Salieri to Kurisu's Mozart", to the point that her username to the Amadeus system is Salieri. Subverted in that, like the real Salieri and Mozart, Maho and Kurisu shared a relation of mutual affection and admiration, but Maho can't help but be a bit resentful.
  • Berserk Button: Do not mention her height or treat her like a kid if you value your own health.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In the Gehenna's Stigma route, she and Kagari manage to break out Rintaro from Stratfor's kidnapping. Sadly, Okarin's too far gone by then.
  • Completely Unnecessary Translator: She translates Leskinen’s presentation in the beginning into Japanese for the Japanese audience, but after the presentation, Leskinen speaks Japanese (albeit accented) to Okabe, and continues to speak Japanese for the rest of the story.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Maho can be seen in a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the background arriving at Akihabara station in Episode 23 Beta of the reaired Steins;Gate anime.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Daru calls her "Maho-tan" and Faris "Maho-nyan". She isn't particularly fond of either.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: She wears different shoes on each foot.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: She manages to put together an improved version of the Phonewave just by checking Kurisu's notes.
  • Genius Slob: Her hair is a messy jungle that goes down to her knees and both her campus room and her hotel room in Japan are always messy to the max. Of course, she claims she knows where everything is.
  • He Is Not My Boyfriend: Dr. Leskinen, Dr. Reyes and Amadeus!Kurisu just don't stop insisting Okabe is Maho's boyfriend, which she tries to deny to no avail.
  • Hypocrite: She calls Moeka out on her tendency to compare herself to others and feel like anyone is superior to her. Maho stops herself when she realizes she has no right to say that when she has always compared herself to Kurisu.
  • Labcoat of Science and Medicine: She wears one.
  • Love Epiphany:
    • Develops feelings for Okabe in the "Smartphone On" branch; It's more-or-less played straight in the "Vega and Altair" route, where Okabe's kindness, the events of the day and a heart-to-heart conversation between each other make her think to herself that she's fallen in love with Okarin.
    • Averted in the "Gehenna's Stigma" route where, while still having a blatant crush on him (to the point that she sleeps hugging the plush that he gave her) she remains in denial of it. Moreover, Leskinen's brainwashing convinces her that she's too dangerous to be close to Okabe, since she could betray him again, and with the overlooming war it's likely that she'll never have a proper resolution.
  • Loving a Shadow: An argument can be made that she has indeed fallen in love with Okarin because she's been convinced to by Dr. Leskinen and Amadeus!Kurisu, who with their constant remarks created the illusion of attraction in Maho's mind.
  • Messy Hair: Her hair always looks like she just got out of bed.
  • Mistaken Age: Okabe mistakes her for a child in their first meeting. It apparently happens often enough to make Maho irritated.
  • Morality Pet: To Moeka in Twin Automata. She helps her out of her shell and through her self-esteem issues.
  • The Napoleon: She's tiny and has quite the temper.
  • Older Than She Looks: She's 21, but she looks like she's 12. Naturally, a Running Gag is her being mistaken for a middle-schooler by characters who just meet her. Taken Up to Eleven in the Golden Ending, where she looks exactly the same despite being in her mid-thirties!
  • Only Sane Woman: Like Kurisu before her, the shenanigans of Rintaro and co. confuse her greatly sometimes.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair reaches past her hips.
  • Remember the New Guy?: Maho is ostensibly an important leading figure in Daru's La Résistance, though she wasn't mentioned anywhere in the first game due to her only being written into the plot in 0. The audience is expected to believe she was always there all along, but for all intents and purposes Maho didn't exist as a character until the sequel came out.
    • To be fair, we are not shown much of the resistance in the Beta timeline which only pops up by the very end of the first game.
  • Sempai/Kohai: She was Kurisu's sempai and Kurisu respected her a lot. Ironically, Maho was the one who felt inferior to Kurisu for her natural talent.
  • Serious Business: Everything Maho does has to be very scientifically accurate. The special episode of 0 has her blowing a gasket for adding an excess of 0.1 grams of flour into her cake mix.
  • Shana Clone: A downplayed one. Maho is a tiny, flat-chested, long-haired 21-year-old woman with a short temper and Tsundere tendencies. However, she lacks the Fiery Redhead aspect, as her hair is green, and she's quite nice and friendly once Okabe befriends her. Also, her romantic interest in Okabe doesn't go beyond some Ship Tease.
  • Super-Deformed: Her go-to expression whenever she's flabbergasted or spooked. Easily observable during Rintaro's sudden outburst at the Amadeus seminar, or after her own repeated failure at getting a plush doll from the arcade claw machine.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: For Kurisu. Both are serious scientists with a Tsundere streak, and act as the Only Sane Woman amongst the cast. However, Maho is both more socially stunted and nicer than Kurisu.
  • Technician vs. Performer: Just like the proverbial Amadeus and Salieri, this is part of her dynamic with Kurisu. Maho had to work hard to get recognition, while Kurisu was a prodigy with a natural talent for science. Maho even initially resents Kurisu for dethroning her as the most precocious young scientist of the lab, though they eventually warm up to one another.
  • Token Mini-Moe: One of the youngest-looking members of the main cast. She's actually older than most of them, though.
  • Tsundere: Sweet type. She's quite the Nice Girl, unless you make fun of her height or say embarrassing things about her and Okabe.

    Beta!Amane Suzuha 
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura (JP), Cherami Leigh (EN)

The version of Suzuha from the Beta timeline. She came to the present with the mission of getting Okabe to save Kurisu and prevent World War III. She's very frustrated by Okabe's refusal to cooperate and is living with Daru in the meantime.

  • Action Girl: Similar to her Alpha counterpart. Beta!Suzuha is a trained soldier who fought as part of La Résistance in World War III.
  • Adaptational Modesty: In the game, Suzuha engages in a Full-Frontal Assault when a brainwashed Kagari infiltrates the lab. In the anime, however, Suzuha leaves a decoy in the shower and then confronts Kagari with her clothes on.
  • Alternate Self: She's significantly different from her Alpha counterpart. For example, this Suzuha knows her father Daru and all the lab members in the future. Also, her personality is more serious and she doesn't have as much difficulty adjusting to the time period as Alpha!Suzuha did.
  • Ascended Extra: In the original series, she only had a minor, but important role in the True End by bringing Okabe to the past so he can save Kurisu. She's promoted to a main character in 0.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Beta Suzuha in her Zero VN POV segments alludes to wearing clothes that cover her entire body so as not to show her many battle scars. However, in the CG during her Full-Frontal Assault fight, the portion of her skin shown is perfectly fine.
  • Big Eater: She seems to regularly compete in eating competitions and winning. She states it's something she picked up when food wasn't regularly available.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She grew up in a warn-torn future where millions die. Her mother died in front of her after protecting her from an air raid.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: She gives Okabe a well-deserved Megaton Punch, causing him to snap out of his Heroic BSoD and revive his Kyouma persona.
  • The Gunslinger: She comes equipped with a gun.
  • Jerkass to One: She's a good person to everyone, but she can be very harsh towards Okabe at best, outright antagonistic at worst. Justified in the fact that she's lived through World War III, having to witness her mother, Yuki die protecting her from an enemy drone (arguably the harshest trauma she had to bear with) and she is aware that Okabe's inaction will cause said Bad Future and so blames Yuki's death on him. But although Daru is there for her out of strong concern when she attempts to coerce Okabe to get into the time machine by giving her knitted mittens, her Christmas present from her mother to wear, she eventually warms up to Okabe.
  • Kid from the Future: Same as Alpha!Suzuha, she's Daru's future daughter, but she knows of their relationship from the get-go. As a bonus, she also interacts with her future mother Yuki and urges Daru to hook up with her so she can be born.
  • No Sympathy: She doesn't understand or really care about all the horrible trauma Okabe has been put through because of time travel. In her eyes, Okabe is just deliberately allowing her Bad Future to happen with his refusal to change the past.
  • Relatively Flimsy Excuse: She pretends to be Daru's younger sister around Yuki so the latter won't find out she's their Kid from the Future.
  • Secretly Selfish: She admits she tried to get Daru and Yuki to become closer not to prevent the future from changing. Suzuha wanted to see her parents together in a peaceful time since she never got that chance in her Bad Future where Yuki dies.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: She doesn't even think about covering herself when she comes out of the shower to find a brainwashed Kagari in the lab. Daru at least gets her to put a shirt on, but it still doesn't cover much.
  • Shipper on Deck: Obviously, she wants to see her future parents Daru and Yuki get together.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: She looks identical to her mother Yuki, but with Daru's hair color. Suzuha and Yuki are even voiced by the same person, in the same scenes, and talking to each other at several points.
  • Wacky Parent, Serious Child: She has this dynamic with Daru. She's annoyed at seeing her future father acting like a perverted otaku when he should be working on building a time machine.
  • Walking Spoiler: Retroactively. It's difficult to know anything about her without giving away all the reveals about Alpha!Suzuha of the first game.

    Alexis Leskinen 
Voiced by: Yoji Ueda (JP), Christopher Wehkamp (EN)

Maho's mentor and superior, Leskinen is a big, happy lug of a man, both a respected scientist and a "big child", according to his assistant Maho. A gentle and mischievous mind, he's always teasing Maho about her relationship with Rintaro.

  • The Bad Guy Wins: In the Gehenna's Stigma ending, he succeeds in breaking down Okabe to the point of him giving up completely, sparks World War III, and gets the time machine data for himself.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: As an agent of Stratfor, he works with DURPA agent Dr. Judy Reyes to hijack Amadeus and the time machine plans and spark World War III.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: He ultimately has different goals than Reyes and will not hesitate to betray her so his side will win the war.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: What he seems like at first — a genius scientist who also happens to be a big goofball incapable of taking anything beyond his work seriously.
  • Broken Pedestal: Maho is devastated to learn that her mentor is a megalomaniac willing to exploit the time machine and ushering in World War III for his own benefits.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Shows shades of this, when he makes off-color remarks to Maho or mentions how pretty "Lintahlo's girlfriends" are. Subverted once his true nature is revealed.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist:
    • FB/Mister Braun/Yuugo Tennouji, from the original game. Both are initially presented as Gentle Giants before they are revealed to be working for an evil organization. But whereas Yuugo was an Affably Evil Tragic Villain, Leskinen is a Faux Affably Evil madman who takes pride in his work and is devoid of altruistic qualities. Also, while Yuugo works for the French SERN, Leskinen works for the American Stratfor (which is currently selling out to Russian forces).
    • Dr. Nakabachi/Shouichi Makise, also from the original. Both are Mad Scientists and Hate Sinks who are obsessed with discovering the secrets of Time Travel on behalf of an evil organization. But Nakabachi is mostly absent from the story, no attempt is made to hide him being an unpleasant individual, and he does have a few moments where he shows some genuine care for Kurisu. Leskinen is given a lot of focus as an ally of Okabe, seems to be a genuine good guy, and when revealing his true nature shows a complete lack of care for anyone or anything.
    • Downplayed with Leskinen and Dr. Wataru Sakuma from Chaos;Child. Both are Mad Scientists who initially are presented as big, friendly lugs who bond with the protagonist before being revealed as one half of a Big Bad Duumvirate. When their evil is revealed, the protagonist feels betrayed and goes against them. Both are also using a girl and friend to the protagonist (Kagari Shiina/Serika Onoe) to help with their plans. The main differences are in their interests, as Sakuma's interest lies in the mind while Leskinen's interest is in Time Travel, and their ethnicities, as Sakuma is Japanese while Leskinen is Finnish-American.
  • Evil Counterpart: He can be considered one to True End!Okabe. They are both silly mad scientists that are under the orders of their future self, and want to create a new future. But while Okabe is guided by Beta!Okabe to find the Steins Gate timeline, where there is no war or dictatorship, and only pretends to be a mad scientist not only for fun but to help Mayuri with her immense grief over her grandmother's death, Leskinen wants the time machine to model time to his will and is a very real and cold mad scientist.
  • Evil Gloating: Gives a very calm, subdued one to Okabe in "Gehenna's Stigma" after kidnapping and tying him to a chair, when he explains his reasoning regarding his plan to expose the time machine technology to the world; its nature is even Lampshaded by Okabe himself:
    Okabe: That's just the kind of monologue a villain gives in the movies.
  • Faux Affably Evil: When's he introduced, Leskinen seems to be a harmless, friendly and somewhat eccentric scientist who quickly befriends Okabe, and has a weird interest in Japanese culture, particularly "Shaman Girls". This foreigner, however, is working for Stratfor, a company similar to SERN, and he is actually a power-hungry, cruel and greedy person who doesn't hesitate to use unscrupulous methods for his own gains.
  • Funetik Aksent: Even though he has a heavy accent, the game mostly ignores it, except for Rintaro's name, which is always displayed as "Lintahlo".
  • Funny Foreigner: He's an eccentric American professor who speaks with a Funetik Aksent and his behavior is an exaggerated portrayal of Japanese stereotype of westerners. Given his true nature and goals, and that he basically drops the accent when he reveals himself, it's almost certain that he's deliberately playing to the stereotype to avert suspicion.
  • The Glomp: His standard greeting, as per the Japanese stereotype of westerners.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: His surname, "Leskinen", is Finnish. His given name however, is not. The correct Finnish form of "Alexis" should be "Aleksi". On the other hand, there's nothing in the narrative indicating that he's first-generation Finnish.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: "Lintahlo!"
    • It's quite an odd case, however, since due to the native Japanese language of the series, his voice actor still reads Okabe's name as "Rintaro". It would be more accurate to call this gratuitous subtitles or dub.
  • Insult Backfire: When Rintaro calls him a Mad Scientist, he is positively elated.
  • Laughably Evil: Even after being revealed to be a diabolical and megalomaniac, Leskinen's quirky personality and weird accent still shine through.
  • Mad Scientist: Not a fun, fake one like Okabe/Kyouma - a creepy, sinister, real one. He experiments with humans and uses brainwashing, conditioning and torture for his own ends.
  • Manipulative Bastard: His biggest skill as a villain. He brought Maho to Japan in the hopes that she was able to get more information about Kurisu's research - and when he met Rintaro and learnt of his relationship to Kurisu. he immediately charmed him with promises of an easy way into Victor Chondria. Not only that, but he acted like a Shipper on Deck - with Okabe and Maho or with Okabe and Amadeus, depending of the branch - in the hopes that Rintaro would feel closer to them so it would be easier to get information out of him; this plan completely succeeds in Gehenna's Stigma.
  • Motive Rant: Gives one to Okabe in Gehenna's Stigma, where explains why he joined Stratfor and what are his views on the human mind. Lampshaded by Okabe:
    That’s just the kind of monologue a villain gives in the movies.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: More like "Obfuscating Goofiness", as nobody thinks Dr. Leskinen is dumb. But when he reveals his true self, he becomes all business.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: He's American (of Finnish descent, judging by his name) and, thusly, he's tall and wide and has a big-ish nose, blonde hair and green eyes.
  • For Science!: Like any mad scientist, when asked about why he's doing all this, he just states a scientist is all about creating theories and trying to prove them. Thus all he's doing is proving the theories that his future self created. When Okabe points out he could create a time paradox with his actions, he just smiles and saying he would love to see the results if that really happens.
  • Shipper on Deck: He at least likes to tease Okabe and Maho about a possible romance between the two. Darkly played with once it is revealed he did this as part of his Evil Plan.
  • The Sociopath: He pretends to be a kind and goofy man to hide his true nature as a Mad Scientist who is willing to murder the very friends he made, and is completely uncaring that his plans will cause World War III and possibly a Reality-Breaking Paradox.
  • The Starscream: In Episode 19 of the anime, he winds up betraying and shooting Reyes for his own ends.
  • Walking Spoiler: Knowing too much about him been anything more than the Funny Foreigner professor is a major give away for many revelations, among them him being one of the main villains.
  • The Worf Effect: Meta example. If you leave the Twin Automata route for last, you're expecting Leskinen to be the route's bad guy, as he was on the rest of the routes. But he's suddenly killed off by Dr. Reyes before he can reveal his true colors.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Experimented on/brainwashed Kagari when she was just a small child.
  • You're Insane!: Okabe says this word-for-word to him for trying to use the time machine knowing it might endanger the entire universe. Leskinen actually takes it as a compliment.

    Shiina Kagari 
Voiced by: Megumi Han (JP), Alexis Tipton (EN)
As an adult
Click here to see Kagari as a child 

A time traveler from 2036 who travelled with Suzuha in the time machine, but got separated from her during their brief journey to the year 1998. She bears a striking resemblance to Kurisu.

  • Becoming the Mask: In routes where she impersonates Amane Yuki in the present day of 2010-11, she is the only Yuki the cast ever meets, since the real Yuki is abroad in Europe for several years by the machinations of Dr. Leskinen. Despite this guise, she does seem to form a genuine bond with the cast, and actually falls in love with Daru; when she lies dying of her injuries after slaughtering Leskinen's men in one worldline, she can only hope that the real Yuki will love Daru too.
  • Berserk Button: Threaten Mayuri and Kagari will enter an Unstoppable Rage.
  • Borrowed Catch Phrase: After being sent back to 1975 with Suzuha, she responds to Suzuha's orders with "Okie dokie!"
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: She was in the list of people experimented by Stratfor and was brainwashed by them.
  • Composite Character: She plays the roles of both Serika Onoe and Shinji Itou from Chaos;Child. Initially presented as a straight ally, she becomes a Dark Action Girl similar to Serika, but is Brainwashed and Crazy like Shinji.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: She plays a similar role to Serika Onoe from Chaos;Child, being presented as an ally before being revealed as a Dark Action Girl who serves as The Heavy on behalf of the Big Bad Duumvirate. But whereas Serika was a Tulpa doing everything of her own free will and showed the capability to betray her superiors, Kagari is a normal human who was Brainwashed and Crazy by Leskinen and Reyes and fully under their control.
  • Dark Action Girl: When Brainwashed and Crazy, Kagari dresses in a black Spy Catsuit and she' strong enough to give Suzuha trouble beating her in a fight.
  • The Dragon: To Leskinen and Reyes, as she leads their foot soldiers and carries out their will.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Kagari is fully under Leskinen's control during the Vega and Altair route, but her utter devotion to her mother Mayuri is unchanged.
  • Feel No Pain: She can keep fighting after being shot and having her bones broken because the "voice of God" tells her it doesn't hurt.
  • Hearing Voices: Future Leskinen's voice, whom she confuses for the voice of God, and the reason she runs away from Suzuha in 1998 is that Future Leskinen tells her to.
    Kagari: I hear the voice of God...
  • Identical Stranger: She looks a lot like Kurisu, but the resemblance is purely coincidental.
  • Kid from the Future: She is Mayuri's adoptive daughter from the future.
  • Living MacGuffin: She becomes this on "The Promised Rinascimento" route thanks to being the recipient of Kurisu's memories, which makes her extremely valuable to some.
  • Momma's Boy: A Rare Female Example. Kagari adores her "Mayuri-mama" above anything else. Even during her Brainwashed and Crazy state, Kagari is devoted to Mayuri and won't let anyone hurt her.
  • Noodle Incident: We never find out the actual reason Kagari separates from Suzuha in 1999 in the "Smartphone Off" branch. This doesn't happen in the "Smartphone On" branch, since there we find out that Kagari fled from Suzuha after a brief scuffle with her because Kagari was brainwashed by Dr. Leskinen into preventing the future from changing at all costs. This explanation doesn't apply in the first branch because in that timeline Kagari was never brainwashed in the first place, since Dr. Leskinen was killed by Reyes (which outright happens on-screen in "Twin Automata" while heavily implied in "The Promised Rinascimento".
  • The Pollyanna: She has a very gentle and optimistic personality, just like her mother. This doesn't prevent her from killing scores of people in some routes.
  • Rapunzel Hair: She has hip-length hair.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Deconstructed. Her resemblance to Kurisu is noted by the cast, but seems to be treated as a coincidence (which it is). However, in "The Promised Rinascimento" route, where Kurisu's memories start "overwriting" Kagari's. Rintaro finds himself more and more willing to let it happen. Luckily, he snaps out of it.
  • Story Branching: Adult Kagari's physical appearance depends on which route you take; in Promised Rinascimento and Twin Automata, she resembles Kurisu, whereas in Vega & Altair she is revealed to have taken on Yuki's appearance.
  • Surgical Impersonation: In one route, she was able to impersonate Amane Yuki using Magic Plastic Surgery and not even Yuki's future daughter Suzuha can tell the difference.
  • Transferable Memory: Kurisu's memories are artificially stored on her brain.
  • Trigger Phrase: Playing the fifth sonata of The Magic Flute is a surefire way to trigger Kagari into following her captors' machinations.
  • Two First Names: The family name Shiina is also a Japanese given name for girls.
  • Uninhibited Muscle Power: If Mayuri is threatened, Kagari's brain is conditioned to remove any limits on her strength and come after you with everything she has.
  • Walking Spoiler: Besides being Mayuri's adopted daughter from the future, knowing much about Kagari's role in the game gives away a lot of twists and surprises. It's also complicated because her role can change significantly depending on the route.
  • Womanchild: After she recovers her childhood memories, she starts acting like a ten-year-old despite being an adult woman.

    Judy Reyes 
Voiced by: Maya Nishimura (JP), Emily Neves (EN)

A Psychology Research Institute professor at Viktor Chondria University and a colleague of Leskinen. She has a fairly blunt, straightforward personality.

  • The Bad Guy Wins: In the Gehenna's Stigma ending, while not explicitly shown, it can be assumed that, without Okabe stop her, she succeeds in creating her Super Soldier program and leading America into World War III.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: As an agent of DURPA, she works with Stratfor agent Dr. Alexis Leskinen to hijack Amadeus and the time machine plans and spark World War III.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: She ultimately has different goals than Leskinen and will not hesitate to betray him so her side will win the war.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist:
  • Demoted to Extra: She's far less prominent in the anime adaptation.
  • Distaff Counterpart: She is essentially a female version of Mr. Shuichi Wakui. Both are bespectacled researchers who initially appear to be benevolent authority figures and minor characters compared to their colleague/partner (Leskinen/Sakuma), before being revealed as Faux Affably Evil villains, and are the antagonist of two routes (Twin Automata/Deep Sky and The Promised Rinascimento/Silent Sky). In one of the routes (Twin Automata/Silent Sky), they continue their plan after their colleague has been killed off. Also, in the anime adaptation, they are Demoted to Extra as the routes where they demonstrate their antagonism are mostly Adapted Out.
  • Eagleland: She's of the boorish variety, due to being an antagonistic DURPA agent trying to claim the secrets of time travel for the United States.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Kurisu Makise. Both are neuroscientists who are interested in the secrets of the mind and want to conduct experiments to discover this, and both work alongside a self-proclaimed Mad Scientist interested in time travel, but while Kurisu is a good person underneath her joking threats and holds ethics in the highest regard, Reyes is callous and fully willing to conduct horrifying experiments on innocents, and she is also willing to aid a world war breaking out. Also, Kurisu's colleague Okabe is overall harmless and pretends to be a mad scientist for fun (and for Mayuri), while Reyes's colleague Leskinen is a genuine mad scientist.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Like her colleague, Reyes would appear to Okabe and co. as a perky and cheerful individual, though all pleasantries get thrown out the window when she reveals her true colors.
  • Funetik Aksent: Reyes speaks with a noticeable accent, though not to Leskinen's extent.
  • Hot Scientist: She has one of the biggest busts in the cast and displays quite a bit of cleavage.
  • Lady Swears Alot: Delivers a healthy dose of Precision F Strikes in Gratuitous English when she gets mad.
  • Mad Scientist: Of the Psycho Psychologist variety, as she performs unethical experiments on people's brains and seeks to unlock the secrets of the mind. She actively aids in the Stratfor experiments to control people, particularly Kagari.
  • Psycho Psychologist: She specializes in brainwashing and manipulation of the mind.
  • Shipper on Deck: Like Dr. Leskinen and Amadeus!Kurisu, Judy likes to tease Maho about her apparent crush on Okabe- as part of the Evil Plan that she and Leskinen cooked up.
  • The Starscream: In the "Smartphone Off" branch, she ends up betraying Leskinen for her own ends.
  • Statuesque Stunner: She has a figure that rivals Moeka's and Kagari's; this is in fact a major plot point regarding the identity of the Woman in the Motorcycle Suit, which in itself changes depending of the branch. In her case, she was the one who attempted to kidnap Kagari in the "Smartphone Off" branch, with Amane Yuki being a Red Herring.
  • Take Over the World: Her goal is to use her Super Soldier project to create an indestructible army for America and have them win World War III.
  • Walking Spoiler: Knowing anything more than her being the Hot Scientist professor is a major giveaway for many revelations, among them her being one of the main villains.
  • We Can Rule Together: Offers Okabe a job at DURPA in the Promised Rinascimento chapter.

    Amane Yuki 
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura (JP), Cherami Leigh (EN)

The future wife of Daru and mother of Suzuha.

  • Early Installment Character Design Difference: She didn't have a settled-on design until just before Zero came out, so her appearance in the original series OVA has her look a lot more like Suzuha with only a slightly different hair color.
  • Give Geeks a Chance: The attractive Yuki likes Daru for the perverted Otaku that he is. When everyone had Daru act like a suave ladies' man to impress her, Yuki was turned off. It probably helps she's a cosplayer.
  • Go Out with a Smile: Suzuha remembers that Yuki smiled as she protected her daughter from death.
  • Red Herring: Depending on the route, she may or may not be the Woman in the Motorcycle Suit (or isn't even the real Yuki); in the route where she isn't in the motorcycle suit, she explains away her arm injury by saying that she slipped on ice.
  • Nice Girl: She's cheerful and optimistic and genuinely loves Daru because of who he is as an otaku.
  • Significant Double Casting: Both her Japanese and English versions share the same voice actress as Suzuha.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: With Suzuha, naturally. Looking just like her but with blondish hair.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Okabe (and others) comment on how they cannot believe that she hooks up with Daru in the future.
  • Taking the Bullet: Turns out she died protecting Suzuha from a drone in the Bad Future.

Voiced by: Asami Imai (JP), Trina Nishimura (EN)

An AI constructed by Professor Leskinen's department at Viktor Chondria university, based on the likeness of Kurisu Makise.

  • Amnesiac Lover: As the inheritor of Makise Kurisu's memories and personality, Amadeus hits this trope two ways — not only was Okabe's relationship with Kurisu overwritten by the shift to the Beta worldline, but Kurisu herself is now dead, and her last surviving memories are from a backup that was already out of date when Kurisu left for Japan. Okabe has to constantly remind himself that Amadeus is not the same person as the Makise Kurisu who fell in love with him, and the dissonance causes him no small measure of angst.
  • Benevolent A.I.: Although she's only an emulation of the real Kurisu, Amadeus is remarkably polite and cordial. She also doesn't want her time travel theory to be used for evil.
  • Brain Uploading: The Amadeus program digitalizes and stores the memories of people. Thanks to this, Amadeus is able to create a perfect simulation of Kurisu after she dies. Okabe and Maho have a hard time interacting with Amadeus without being tempted to think Kurisu is still with them in some way.
  • Go Out with a Smile: She painfully smiles at Maho before they send a D-mail to prevent Amadeus from ever existing.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: After she finds out her existence will be one of the triggers to World War III, Amadeus!Kurisu decides to let the lab use a D-mail to prevent the Amadeus system from ever existing.
  • Kiss Me, I'm Virtual: Teased at. Leskinen says it should be possible for Amadeus to develop romantic feelings like any human, so he wants Okabe to help make it happen. While Okabe briefly feels tempted to it, he backs out because he's fully aware Amadeus is just a digital copy of the woman he loves.
  • Last Request: Before getting retconned out of existence, Amadeus Kurisu asks Maho to take care of Hououin Kyouma in her place.
  • MacGuffin: As the principle behind Amadeus' operation is Transferable Memory, it could be utilized as a method to send information into the past, not unlike the Time Leap machine.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: What other "Amadeus" could you think of at the drop of a hat than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? And it goes further, since Amadeus was developed partly by Maho, who freely admits she's "the Salieri to Kurisu's (Amadeus) Mozart".
  • Nice Girl: This AI who replaces Kurisu after she died is a lot more approachable, friendly, helpful, tolerant and patient towards Okabe as she's introduced to him and onwards — though this is in part because this version of Kurisu hasn't had her first impression spoiled by "Hououin Kyouma." She also has her own moral compass as she's aware that some organization groups will take and utilize her as a weapon for selfish means.
  • Replacement Goldfish: She's a virtual replica of the deceased Kurisu, having her same memories and personality. This causes much conflict for Okabe and Maho, who are still mourning the real Kurisu and have to constantly remind themselves that Amadeus is just a program.
  • Shipper on Deck: Quite ironically, she begins shipping MahoxOkabe from the moment she meets him.
  • Transferable Memory: The whole point of the Amadeus project.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Amadeus calling Okabe at one key moment during the "Phone on" route can result in the Gehenna's Stigma ending, where essentially The Bad Guy Wins, Okabe gives up on reaching Steins;Gate, Amadeus herself gets deleted, and many important characters are killed. Fortunately, the player gets to choose whether Okabe actually answers.

    Kurushima Kaede 
Voiced by: Hina Kino (JP), Bryn Apprill (EN)

One of Mayuri's cosplay buddies.

  • Ascended Extra: Kaede was only mentioned in passing in the original visual novel as a friend of Mayuri's, before officially making her debut in 0.
  • Cool Big Sis: Katsumi sees her as one, especially since she's able to always confide in her.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Kaede isn't seen or mentioned again after the Time Skip. It is unknown if she is still alive during the Bad Future.

    Nakase Katsumi/Fubuki-chan 
Voiced by: Mariko Honda (JP), Mikaela Krantz (EN)

Mayuri's other cosplay buddy and close friend.

  • Ambiguously Gay: Lampshaded by the way she talks to Mayuri, whom she even playfully groped at one point.
  • Ascended Extra: Fubuki was only mentioned in passing in the original visual novel as a friend of Mayuri's, before officially making her debut in 0.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Her cosplayer name is Fubuki and everyone, even the game's UI, refers to her as that.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Like Kaede, she just seemingly drops off the face of the Earth after the Time Skip.

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