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A list of the band members/characters associated with steampunk automaton music group Steam Powered Giraffe.


    In general 
A selection of musical automatons invented by a rich San Diego inventor named Colonel P. A. Walter in 1896.

  • Art Evolution: ...well, make-up evolution. All of the automatons' makeup designs have developed and grown more complex over the years.
  • Awesome Anachronistic Apparel: They're a steampunk band, what do you expect? (Well, The Spine's more dieselpunk...) They were voted "Best Costume - Group" in the 2013 Steampunk Gazette Reader's Choice Awards.
  • Funny Robots.
  • Noisy Robots: The robots frequently make the sounds of hydraulics, especially when they are starting up or shutting down.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: Inverted; despite the color scheme, the robots are good.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots
  • Robot Names: Hatchworth (A name describing his function), The Spine (it describes his skeletal structure), Rabbit (reference to robotic glitches), The Jon (References to pop culture/actual human names), Upgrade (Slightly mutated terms related to math/machinery/electronics), Zero (built out of prototype pieces, arguably the "first").
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Er, robots.

Current Robot Members

Isabella Bunny Bennett
The Mechanical Musical Miss
A copper clockwork robot, known for being the glitchiest of the robots. You'll likely see her in old videos as a male robot wearing a black coachman's hat with steampunk-style goggles on it and a black vest with red accents, but was gender swapped in 2014 following her performer coming out as transgender, making her the band's lone female. She plays accordion, melodica, keytar, and kazookaphone.


    The Spine 
David Michael Bennett
The Melodious Metal Man
A futuristic dieselpunk robot with a titanium alloy spinal column and convincing human mannerisms. His skin is smooth silver, and he wears a black fedora and red tie. He plays guitar primarily, but also plays bass, mandolin, and keys.

Bryan Barbarin
The Clockwork Crooner
A swing-styled robot built out of prototype systems. He has a golden face, gloved hands, and a chain around his neck. Was retconned as a former member rejoining the band after Hatchworth's departure. He plays bass and piano.

  • My Hero Zero: Zero is a unique robot, given that he's literally built out of incomplete systems and significantly physically stronger than the others.
  • Mythology Gag: Zero's backstory describes him as a robot that was formerly a member of the band, but who had left and had all traces of him removed, even his contributions to songs. While this is a Retcon, something very similar occurred when Upgrade left the band in Real Life.
  • You Might Remember Me from......: Zero had a hit TV comedy in the 1990's. Trust us, Rabbit still has the hat. The catchphrase was, "What-Are-You-Doing-In-MY-HOUSE?!"

Former Robot Members


Sam Luke
Likes making sandwiches for badgers.
A brass automaton who sports a black army jacket with red accents, knee-high boots, a bowler hat, and his signature ginger mustache. He had been kept in storage for many years due to a leaking and dangerous power core, but was recently repaired and put to use as the Walter Manor's butler. He possesses the ability to produce a "hatch's worth" of sandwiches from nowhere. He plays the bass and drums. Left the band in December 2016. He still exists in continuity.

    The Jon 

Jon Sprague
Powered by Crystal Pepsi.

An art deco-style brass robot powered by soda (primarily Crystal Pepsi), who wore a tall black top hat and red suspenders. He played the mandolin, bass, guitar, drums, occasional keys, and the electric watermelon. The Jon left the group in September 2012. Unlike Upgrade's departure, The Jon's character still exists within the canon lore of the band's universe.


Erin Burke
Perfect in pink.

The only female robot in the group before January 2014. She left the band in 2011 to further pursue an acting career.

  • Everything's Better with Princesses: In-between the time since she left the band and their 10-year anniversary concert, she became a princess.
  • Ret Gone: All references to Upgrade have been removed from the band's promotional material since her departure.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Was the only known female band member during her tenure.
  • Unperson: Upgrade has been completely wiped from the band's history. Reportedly, the band had an especially bad falling out with her actress following her departure and bringing her up on their website will get you banned immediately.
    • Averted, as the band have re-released the original version of Album One that includes Upgrade's vocals and her solo song, "I Am Not Alone". Link here.


    Steve Negrete 
Steve Negrete
Not pictured: Lil' Steve

The band's sound engineer and voice of Beebop and QWERTY.

     Michael Reed 
Michael Reed
The One-Man Band

The "One-Man Band" of the group, playing the banjo, bass, guitar, keys, and drums and providing back-up vocals and lead vocals in his own song "Make Believe". He left the group in 2014, but came back full time starting with the 10th anniversary concert.

  • Nice Guy: He is friendly, charming and one of the most beloved members of the group within the fandom, and that's saying something considering the other members.

     Matt Smith 
Matthew Smith
Look at his smile!

The band's replacement drummer after Sam Luke became Hatchworth. He was let go from the group in 2014 due to new travelling decisions.


Other Members

     The Walter Workers
The Wonderful Walter Workers

The mysterious women in labcoat dresses that run the merchandise stand at concerts, as well as participating in several on-stage skits. They are notable for being "Blue Matter Engineers", although what this entails has yet to be revealed.

  • Ambiguously Human: White face, blue hair and lips and human bodies. It's unclear whether they're humans mutated by Blue Matter, or if their humanoid appearance is simply how they look.
  • Creator Couple: Brianna and Gabi were dating David while each was playing a Walter Worker, and Paige and Carissa likewise for Bunny.
  • The Danza: All of them have had the same first name as their actress.
  • The Trickster: They play this role during some of the skits where the bots' malfunction, using their devices to force the robots into very compromising positions.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Which is probably an effect of Blue Matter.


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