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This is a page entirely for Nachzehrer, disease-spreading black-blooded demons and the second antagonistic force for Starlit Heroics as a whole.

Tropes that apply to the Nachzehrer as a whole -

  • All There in the Manual: As per all the monsters introduced throughout the series, there are entries on them on the wiki. In universe, there's also the cards made by the Abyss Knights to identify each and every single Nachzehrer (even the zombies) and their servants.
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  • Attack Its Weak Point: Other than the standard "decapitate them to kill them" for the zombies (which would make people question how the hell to kill a Dullahan), the Nachzehrer have a unique weakness — destroying the heart, which is more effective if not the defining way to defeat them. (It ultimately makes encounters with Murilegas and Behemoths all the more easier). The reason the heart is so vital is because it is where the Void Shard (the "embodiment" of a Nachzehrer) develops.
  • Beneficial Disease: Zigzagged constantly. The Ranthedis disease inside the black blood is notable for giving people incredible super-human abilities all around and can even bring back the dead, but it is very volatile and not everybody comes back right or winds up becoming a mindless, grotesque monster.
  • Bishounen Line: With certain choice exceptions, people that grow as Nachzehrer steadily return to their original humanoid forms while retaining their powers.
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  • Black Blood: One of their most infamous aspects and also their livelihood as they use the black blood to spread around the disease turn people into more of them. It is also one of their fatal weaknesses because if their heart (the Void Shard) is destroyed, it instantly kills them.
  • Cosmic Horror: The black blood can infect anything but angels and demons, right? Which means... Thank god the Nachzehrer only live on Divixus.
  • Color Motif: Black. And lots of it to the point where there are multiple puns based around it. And occasionally blue and red.
  • The Corruption / The Virus: Anyone infected with the black blood of a Nachzehrer will go through a three-stage (four if you're one of the nastier monsters) disease called Ranthedis before eventually becoming one themselves:
    • A zombie phase - Undead (Revenants & Cadaveliers only) / infected that can be differentiated from regular brought-back-from-the-dead zombies as commonly seen on Divixus due to their glowing blue eyes, black blood and pale-gray skin. Not only that, as time goes on, they become smarter and stronger due to the black blood strengthening their bodies but are still the easiest phase to dispose of. They also have different classes, depending on how infected they are-- up to fifteen and more, in fact.
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    • A cuccoon phase - After several days pass, the zombies all at once spontaneously seal themselves inside of cucoons made of special Anthodia silk that are immune to all conventional and magical attacks. They also create the cuccoons in dark areas so the sun wouldn't instantly disintegrate them in their next form.
    • The vampire phase - Once they break out of their cuccoons, they are reborn as demonic bloodsuckers who have a vulnerability to the sun and light magic. A hard phase to defeat due to their incredible speed and strength, but at the same time, they lose their intelligence from before, becoming nothing more than instinctual hunters and are easily outclassed by the variety of zombie classes. This only applies to the zombies that are more monstrous in design and have to have more time to develop as Nachzehrer— exclusions being all the more developed classes. (Such as Dullahans, etc.)
  • Cute Monster Girl: With the exception of Revenants, female Espers and Maranettes, the female infected retain a great deal of how they used to look like. Full Nachzehrer are a more straight-forward example, however.
  • Creepy Blue Eyes: With some of the more monstrous zombie classes.
  • Eldritch Abomination: They're so nasty that they're actually feared by the people that made them.
  • The Immune: The Abyss Knights' Valiant Crystals are engineered to protect them from being infected by the Ranthedis virus that's in the black blood. Also, spiritual creatures such as angels and certain demon species (for example Succubi can be infected) are unable to become Nachzehrer.
  • Gratuitous German: Thanks to Iduun being the one to name the species. It turns out they've gone through several incarnations in terms of naming, with Nachzehrer being the most accepted term.
  • Night of the Living Mooks
  • Power Levels:
    • The zombies are at the bottom of the ladder due to them being incomplete.
    • Full Nachzehrer usually range from no more powerful than above average to near god-like status (Iduun, for example).
  • Stock Superpowers: The Nachs have their own special abilities, which are shared by the Abyss Knights. They consist of:
  • Tragic Monster: Which depends on who they are, really.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: The ones the Nachzehrer cause, though, are easily some of the most vicious and well-prepared in recent history.

Tropes that apply to the Neumond Reich Military as a whole:

Tropes that apply to Neumond Reich and its inhabitants -

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     Neumond Reich - Rulers 

An entire monarchy made by the Nachzehrer as part of their plan to overtake the Abyss Knights and cover the planet of Divixus and beyond with the Ranthedis disease. These are the ones in charge of the whole ordeal, and are the elite inner circle of the Queen. Their primary headquarters lie in the Sable Fortress in the capital city of Veldemar, hidden by the mountains.

Queen Iduun / Irene Nachtsonne

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Luna / Dark
Species: Nachzehrer
Starting Level: Lv. 3000 ( Actually halved to 1500 thanks to cloning herself)

Carminella Nachtsonne / Ultimes

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Luna / Earth
Species: Nachzehrer
Starting Level: Lv. 1100

The High-End Ambassador of Neumond Reich, the Nachzehrer Sin of Envy and right-hand assistant to the dean of Noir Luna Academy.

  • Action Fashionista: Notable due to her extensively designed dresses.
  • Artificial Human: Turns out, she's a Nach engineered from a torn out part of Umbra infused with parts of Iduun's hair and blood.
  • Ax-Crazy: Much like the more sadistic members of Neumond Reich's military, she has no remorse for whatever she does for the empire unless it involves someone or something she cares about, and even then, she's very fickle.
  • Blade on a Stick: What her main weapon, a shapeshifting laser staff called the Vile Rose, generally takes the form of.
  • Color Motif: Black, violet and pink.
  • Cute and Psycho: Naturally.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Is unfazed and seems to enjoy the carnage that goes on during fights.
  • Duality Motif: She has a turquoise eye and a red eye, and her hair is pink with violet highlights while her twintails turn from pink to white. It represents how she is an artificial Nachzehrer created from parts of Umbra and Iduun.
  • The Fake Cutie: Is easily the bubbliest of the Neumond Reich army (second to the Dullahan Sunshine Nettagel) but is as bad as Reversa below. Inverted when in regards to the people she actually cares about.
  • Expy: Of Nui Harime from Kill la Kill and Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: A mixture between Sweet and Goth, as noted by the pink and black in her design.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Underneath all the "sweetness".
  • Kawaiiko: Notably, especially when compared to the otherwise stone-faced / emotionally mature villains.
  • Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: Is one of the most fearsome opponents yet, but wears a fanciful goth-loli dress complete with Parasol of Prettiness.
  • Mommy's Little Villain: Much to the contrast of Nevinna below, Carminella is pretty much Iduun's ideal obediant child - relentless and undyingly loyal. Whereas Nevinna is treated like a human being, Carminella is like Iduun's masterpiece.
  • Meaningful Name: Carmine is a shade of red/pink, and Carminella doubles as a pun to caramelo, the spanish word for candy - further emphasizing the "sweet" nature she has.
  • Mega Twintails: Has large ones rivaling her inspiration, only difference that her hair goes from pink to white at the ends.
  • Multicolored Hair: Has pink hair with dark maroon colored highlights, and her twintails go from pink to white.
  • Nice Hat: Wears a black hat like Nevinna below.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Is noticably tough like her Nachzehrer friends.
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Granted, given her sickeningly upbeat attitude towards everything and what she is.
  • Parasol of Pain / Parasol of Prettiness: Rivals Thalassa's Tethys that can transform into a versatile laser lance called the Vile Rose.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Enjoys the clothes Lestric makes for her.
  • Terrible Trio: Along with her subordinates, Rhythmia and Cupidite.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifter: Among her myriad of powers is changing her appearance to look like anybody she wants. Is often subject to Glamour Failure due to failing to conceal her Mismatched Eyes.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Wears violet thigh-high boots.

Nevinna Ruzia

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Dark / Cloud
Species: Nachzehrer

The Nachzehrer Sin of Gluttony, and princess of Neumond Reich.


Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Luna / Dark
Species: Nachzehrer
Starting Level: Lv. 1100

The first part of the Sin of Lust, and a Nachzehrer who takes on the form of a handsome white-haired man in a purple butler outfit. Is actually one of Umbra's sons come back to kill him to prove himself as his superior.

Reversa / Natalie Leitzal

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Dark / Flame
Species: Nachzehrer
Starting Level: Lv. 1000

Dormiende / Sirius di Shadre

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Dark / Earth
Species: Nachzehrer
Starting Level: Lv. 1200

The Sin of Sloth, and a Nachzehrer that takes the form of a hellhound-like creature with sewed-shut eyes. He is the essential tactician for Neumond Reich, because as he embodies Sloth, he never directly involves himself in battle but instead lets his traps and minions do the work for him.

In reality, he is a former king of Shadre who went by Sirius. He was also a former Abyss Knight loyal to Umbra and a father to his people. However, when his personal guard was ravaged by the one-man infiltration by Iduun, he was one of the only few left alive and after getting thoroughly beaten, she offers him to join her and start anew or else. Sirius willingly let himself become a Nachzehrer out of both respect for his defeat and the futility of his situation - the rest is history.

  • Anti-Villain
  • The Chessmaster: Since he's the Sin of Sloth, he never participates in a fight directly, but can orchestrate it well enough that he doesn't have to.
  • Expy: Of Barragan from Manga/Bleach.
  • Eldritch Abomination: And certainly looks the part, compared to his companions.
  • Graceful Loser: When he lost to Iduun, he gave himself up and joined the other side without struggling... Even if it was out of cowardice.
  • Noble Demon: He still retains his regal attitude from his human days.

Aureas / Telesa Hemidial

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Light / Flame
Species: Nachzehrer
Starting Level: Lv. 1100

The Sin of Avarice. She is a Nachzehrer woman that takes the appearance of an angel. She is the treasury minister of Neumond Reich, as she oftenly steals things of value for the kingdom and is responsible for managing the finances.

In reality, she is Laitona's mother after she turned herself into a Nachzehrer. After Umbra took Laitona into custody,

  • Angelic Beauty
  • Abusive Parents: To Laitona when she was younger, ever since the father wasn't around to keep her safe. Reason being that Telesa didn't want to get wrapped up in motherhood and just cared about being with her husband.
  • Expy: Let's see... Angelic appearance? Blue eyes? Avarice-themed? It's Artina except for the yellow hair.
  • Fountain of Youth: Is technically 50+ years old, but her powers as a Nachzehrer allow her to keep a youthful appearance no matter how old she gets.
  • Greed: Her primary motif, as reinforced by her Rich Bitch and The Hedonist tendencies.
  • Light Is Not Good: Angelic in appearance, but is coarse and harsh.
  • Meaningful Name: Aureas is latin for "Golden", which is her primary color scheme.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Has hair that reaches down to her hips even despite having it tied into a ponytail.
  • Rich Bitch
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Aureas wears intricately designed dresses as a sign of her great wealth.

     The Vollstrecker Warriors 

A group of high-end Nachzehrer who essentially serve as the official army for Neumond Reich, whose grip extends even into the commoners of the city.

Alptraum / Alex and Vanessa Sonnete

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Varies
Species: Nachzehrer
Starting Level: Lv. 1000

The leader of the Vollstreckers and a dream-themed Nachzehrer loyal to Dormiende. It is actually two people mixed into one body— a married Abyss Knight couple who had their Valiant Crystals corrupted and forcibly fused together to create Alptraum. They pine for the time for when they're able to return to normal and follow Dormiende in the hopes that he could help them. The Alptraum duo resent fighting, but involuntarily grow more bloodthirsty and Ax-Crazy as time passes.

Rhythmia.EXE / Sera Flores

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Luna / Cloud
Species: Robot infused with a Militio Void Shard

A battle android and a supremely powerful technomancer powered by the soul of a once famous singer cut down in her prime. A Vollstrecker loyal to Carminella, and her best friend.

  • (Not So) Ambiguously Bi: Grows a Yandere relationship towards Daniel the prince, but utterly fawns over her (female) commander.
  • Battle Couple: With Carminella.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Shares this trait with Carminella and Cupidite, due to her innocuous appearance.
  • Brain Uploading: Can appear as an A.I. on computers freely.
  • Contagious A.I.: Given her supernatural nature, she can hop through multiple systems at once.
  • Cute and Psycho: Looks cute on the inside, but is one of the most whacked out members of the Neumond Reich militia alongside Crucio.
  • Cute Is Evil: Hence why she was paired up as Carminella's personal Vollstrecker...
  • Detachment Combat: Takes herself apart depending on the situation.
  • Expy: Of Giffany, Meloetta, Magneto, Ruon, the list goes on...
  • Faux Affably Evil: Is a brightly-colored pop star idol android with a perky personality, but is also incredibly violent and manipulative.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Seeing as Militios are renowned for their ability to control metal, Rhythmia can form her robotic body into whatever she wants.
  • Made of Iron: Literally. Due to her nature as an android, she goes into downright Implacable Woman territory if her Void Shard isn't destroyed.
  • Meaningful Name: Rhythmia is pretty obvious considering her pop-star like image. However, it's also a shortened version of arrhythmia, which is a heart problem that involves sporadic heartbeats - given how the Void Shard is essentially the "heart" of the Nachzehrer race...
  • Red Baron: Is known as the "Ultimate Charming Machine".
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: Is virtually indistinguishable from a human and even bleeds black blood. (The reason being that the Void Shard creates it)
  • Soul Jar: Even more so than other Nachzehrer, as her robot body can't even function as well without the Void Shard.
  • Terrible Trio: Along with Carminella and Cupidite.
  • Yandere: A textbook example when regarding her pursuits toward Daniel the Prince. Averted with her relationship towards Carminella and Cupidite.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A.

Cupidite / Sonia Morgen

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Light / Flame
Species: Nachzehrer (Wailer / Succulina)

A Vollstrecker loyal to Carminella, and a perky girl that takes an angelic shape to belie her true sadistic nature. She, Rhythmia and Carminella are very intimate friends for this alone.

Machias Delvrute

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Dark / Flame
Species: Nachzehrer - Unique

The chancellor of Neumond Reich and a no-nonsense man.

Echart Delvrute

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Dark / Frost
Species: Nachzehrer - Esper

Catherine Altozel

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Earth
Species: Nachzehrer - Murilega

A Murilega (cat woman) Nachzehrer, and a Vollstrecker warrior loyal to Crucio. Despite this, she and her Succulina sister Vivian tend to go off on their own, usually doing their own thing and not being all that dangerous unless they're called to action. The two of them tend to bicker over trivial matters like all siblings do, but when they work together, they're nearly unstoppable.

Catherine, being the Murilega of the two, is incredibly fast and physically powerful, knowing a multitude of fist-based melee attacks to compliment her sister's more magic-oriented style. She is also hot-headed, brash, but also very charming when she wants to be.

Vivian Altozel

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Luna / Cloud
Species: Nachzehrer - Succulina

A Succulina (Nachzehrer deriatives of Succubi) woman, and Catherine's older sister. She is also a Vollstrecker and is

Celia Rodriguez

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Dark / Frost
Species: Nachzehrer - Dullahan

One of a duo of Dullahans that serve under Reversa. She and her brother Ivan are notorious murderers due to being two of the prominent members of the executionary task force.

Ivan Rodriguez

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Dark / Frost
Species: Nachzehrer - Dullahan

One of a duo of Dullahans that serve under Reversa. He and his sister Celia are notorious murderers due to being two of the most prominent members of the executionary task force.

Lestric Shemhaz

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Null
Species: Nachzehrer

The Grand Couturier of Neumond Reich, and a powerful artisan mage.

Marvo Shemhaz

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Dark / Earth
Species: Nachzehrer (Murilega / Maranette)

A Vollstrecker loyal to Aureas, and her personal assistant.

Cornell Nettagel

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Dark / Earth
Species: Nachzehrer (Murilega / Maranette)

Sunshine's father, and a Vollstrecker loyal to Nevinna. A brave soul with an unfaltering love for his children, he serves as the bodyguard to Princess Nevinna and is one of her most capable warriors.

  • Nice Guy
  • Papa Wolf: If anyone threatens his children, he'll jump into the fray immediately.

Dawn Nettagel

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Light / Cloud
Species: Nachzehrer (Sylph / Infector)

Sunshine's mother, and a Vollstrecker loyal to Nevinna. An experienced scouter

Monalis Astelian

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Luna / Flame
Species: Nachzehrer (Unique)

Monalis was the former wife of the Phastimus, Divixus's equivalent to the Pope, and is Verona's mother. She was turned into a Nachzehrer by Telesa and is forced to do her bidding as part of a binding contract - if she ever breaks it, Telesa will go after her husband and daughter.

  • Angelic Beauty: Much like her commander Cupidite, she has an angelic appearance.
  • Expy: Of Yuyuko from Touhouvania in appearance.
  • Light Is Good: As opposed to her commander, Monalis is not a bad person but is forced to do vile acts.
  • Naughty Nuns: Wears black priestess-like robes.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Has long red hair.


Ranthedis-infected creatures born from the animals and the other non-humanoid creatures that live on Divixus, effectively serving as an (even more) expendable army. They come in various forms and appearances, depending on the animal/creature they used to be and their new purpose as chosen by their humanoid masters.


Warlings with a small body that have a transparent watery outer shell shaped like a demonic horse. They are relentless hunters that track down their prey no matter how far they are.



     The Zombie stage and its classes 


The most common type of Nachzehrer zombie, and the easily the least dangerous. They have the ability to grow smarter and stronger due to the black blood strengthening their bodies, but other than that, they're really just cannon fodder when compared to their more varied counterparts. They infect people by either getting up close and personal to bite them or spewing the black blood from their mouth, which is essentially quick-acting corrosive poison.

Tropes related to the wild variant:

  • Breath Weapon: They spew the black blood from their mouth as their primary way to infect people. Ewww...
  • Fragile Speedster: They're capable of running, but they're not that durable.
  • Glass Cannon: They're weak when put up against the military or even a decently organized group of people, but if they get the upper hand, they're very effective.
  • Meaningful Name: Even if they're not exactly the same thing as the folklore ones, they're called Revenants because of the fact that they're reanimated dead corpses.
  • Poison Is Corrosive: The black blood is infectious and acidic, which is what really makes them more of a threat than anything.
  • Revenant: Subverted, actually— a Nachzehrer Revenant is more comparable to a modern zombie than the actual folklore revenant. It's an In Name Only sort of deal.
  • Zerg Rush

Tropes related to the Neumond Reich counterpart:

  • Master of None: Revenants in Neumond Reich are basically normal people when compared to the others.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: While they are still more powerful than any normal person on Divixus, they are overshadowed by their more varied counterparts.
  • Revenant: Played straight, unlike the wild version. Most of the time, a Revenant is someone who died as a human/humanoid and was reborn as a Nachzehrer thanks to the rejuvenative powers of the black blood. A problem with those is that they generally lack a soul.


A variation of the Revenant line that involves the victim's skin and most of their organs melting off of their body as an intense side-effect of the black blood. They are kept alive through the Void Shard inside their bodies, can freely control the flesh they shed and can use it for combative purposes. They

Tropes related to the wild variant:

Tropes related to the Neumond Reich counterpart


Advanced mutations of the Revenant line that turn more demonic and fierce as time goes on. They are immune to all forms of attack as they can quickly heal their injuries, no matter where they are attacked - stronger hits only stall their recovery time. Their weakness is their Void Shard, and are some of the most tenacious members of the Nachzehrer zombie classes if it is not destroyed immediately.

  • Expy: Very similar to the Regenerators from Resident Evil.
  • Elite Zombie: Even more so, standing as the strongest variation of Revenant.
  • Implacable Man: A generic counterpart.


Ghostly infected that can go through walls, turn invisible, cause illusions and possess living creatures or objects— they are identified by being accompanied by blue flames and having eerie purple eyes. They're dangerous enough to be a threat due to their mind games and effective magical arsenal.

Tropes related to the wild variant:

Tropes related to the Neumond Reich counterpart:


Infected that take on angelic-yet-deformed appearances to trick their enemies and can scream to attract their allies to them. They came about when Nachzehrer blood came in contact with False Angel demons.

Tropes related to the wild variant:

Tropes related to the Neumond Reich counterpart:


Infected with a disproportionately large glass and flesh hourglass shaped body filled with black blood. Should prey come closer, they will entrap them in a lunar barrier and explode upon capturing them, killing itself in the process.

  • Action Bomb: They exist only to serve as a sort of anti-survivor grenade, but that's not all they can do.
  • And I Must Scream: Holy crap.
  • Body Horror: Their body (and insides) have been reformed into the shape of an hourglass (with actual glass, no less-- how does that work?) and they house the black blood in the transparant glass surface for everyone to see. Imagine how they must feel.
  • Expy: Of the Boomers from Left 4 Dead.
  • Giant Mook: Second only to the Behemoth, the Lataevi are some of the tallest of the zombie types.
  • Meaningful Name: Lata (wide in latin) + Aevus (time in latin), and considering Time is a branch of Luna magic...
  • Taking You with Me: It attempts to capture nearby survivors and explodes on contact, spilling the black blood (and glass) all over the place and essentially sealing their fate. It's still dangerous to immune people because of the acidic nature of the black blood and the shards of glass getting thrown everywhere.


People that got infected by the black blood, generally at a young age. Their bodies have malformed into eerie doll-shaped forms and are identified by their pertutually grinning mouths and empty eye sockets. They can also manipulate people via the Luna technique, Dead Man's Dance.

Tropes related to the wild variant:

Tropes related to the Neumond Reich counterpart:

  • Cute Monster Girl: Generally speaking, but they have the ability to shift back and forth from "cute" to "nightmarish abomination", given their nature.


Heavily infected people who have grown stronger and larger as a result of the black blood. They possess immense strength and speed, and can be identified by their towering size, slender shapes (in the case of females — the guys are rather bulky) and bandage covered bodies.

Tropes related to the wild variant:

  • Body Horror: They wear the bandages all around their body because they're bleeding so badly that they can't contain it anymore.
  • Expy: Of the Tank from Left 4 Dead, obviously. Female Behemoths can be compared to the Witch though, except without the Disproportionate Retribution aspect but all the danger left intact.
  • Large and in Charge: They're recognized as the most dangerous of all the zombie types and for a good reason.
  • Mummy Wrap: Usually wears one all around their body due to extensive bleeding.
  • The Dreaded: Actually not as much as some of the more destructive ones, such as the Magical Corpses and the Murilegas, etc.

Tropes related to the Neumond Reich counterpart:

Siren / Stomablade

Infected women who retain a comely appearance and a lovely voice to drag in unwitting men (and sometimes women) to their doom. She is identified by her long, watery hair and is always shown to be near watery areas. Their male counterpart, Stomablade, are fish men with a shrimp-like appearance and appendages.

They were born from the Aqualius people, fish men/women who primarily live in the Frost kingdom Glacientyr.

Tropes related to the Sirens in general

Tropes related to the Stomablades in general


Infected men and women whose heads detach themselves from their bodies due to the amount of black blood that builds up in their neck, and much like their Siren counterparts, have a comely appearance. They are skilled in scytheplay (regardless of their previous weapon stance) and are usually accompanied by Exeques.

They can also disguise themselves so that they won't incite panic among normal human people and sneak up on them, but that's usually rare.

Tropes related to Dullahans in general


Soldiers who succumbed to the black blood and undead hordes. They retain their former memory of weapons usage and military training, making them more effective for killing instead of trying to infect people with the black blood. Due to bonding with their weapons, the black blood turned them into biomechanical monsters that are able to summon metal out of their body.

Tropes related to the wild variant:

Tropes related to the Neumond Reich counterpart:


Infected that grow fairy-like wings and have innate magical power. Despite what the name and charasteristics may imply, they can be both male and female. Sylphs are the fastest of the Nachzehrer zombies and the most powerful magic-wise, but can be taken down just as quickly.

Tropes related to the Sylphs in general:


Infected that grow multiple arms, legs and a scorpion tail that can transmit the black blood directly into their victim— giving them a horrific insect-like appearance. They are moderately slow, but can hit very hard and can also take it as well. As indicated by their name, they can incite sleep magic onto their opponents to make them drowsy and unable to escape.

Tropes related to the wild variant:

  • And I Must Scream: Unlike their inspiration, which are merely illusions of a drug addict, these are very real indeed. Also, imagine a scorpion sting but a thousand times worse.
  • Body Horror: Their bodies aren't just mangled— they're mutilated. Which is appropriate, considering what they were based off of.

Tropes related to the Neumond Reich counterpart:

  • Lightning Bruiser: They lack the bulky shape of the original Sleepers and as a result are able to move much faster.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: Sleepers born in Neumond Reich generally have pale white-skin and dark hair colors.


Infected men & women that grow cat-like attributes along with a penchant for blood and destruction. They are usually physically attractive, strong and can tear their enemies apart due to their fast speed, claws and impromptu ether swords. They can also camouflage their grey skin and animal attributes (excluding their ears) should they need to infiltrate a heavy assortment of survivors.

They are based off of the Lucares cat people in physical form.


Infected women that become infamous for their attractive bodies and the ability to charm both men and women to be at their beck and call. They have immense magical powers and a wide movepool of spells to use it with, along with being able to camoflague their true identities much like their Murilega cousins.

They can also suck the blood of their victims to add to their own black blood, making them stronger in the process.


Literal undead that have been infected by the black blood while still in their coffins. They have grown long black tendrils that serve as legs, and every step they take leaves behind puddles of the black blood— they can also summon a shadowy entity to help direct the coffin's attacks. They are infamous for dragging their victim inside of the coffins and eating them alive.


Originally infected bug alien emissaries called Viatorans (Traveler in Latin), the black blood when combined with their unique body fluids created this special strand of Nachzehrer zombie. Niteris Nachzehrer take on a humanoid bee-like form (regardless of what they looked like before) along with mimicking bee hierarchy— there is only one queen and several workers and soldiers. They hide in dark caves and create a special purple honey — it tastes delicious but is lethal to anybody that isn't a Nachzehrer.

  • Bee People: But of course.
  • Body Horror: Think about it— your body being malformed into the same bee-like structure as everyone else and become part of a hive-mind. Thankfully, it's salvaged when you're strong enough to look like how you were like as a person.
  • Bishounen Line: Soldiers originally look very mechanoid in appearance, but if they're powerful enough they can look the same as they did before turning into a Nach.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Fast, strong and there's a lot of them.
  • Meaningful Name: Niteris means "plague" in Latin.


Infected members of a species called Muvaren, which are flesh-and-blood sand spirits that help protect the desert continent of Mu. The black blood crystallizes their body into glass and turns them into feral monsters, as signified by their incredible electrical powers and being able to rot the land around them.

  • Meaningful Name: Fulguren is a portmanteau between Muvaren and fulgurite, which is a type of glass material that is formed when lightning strikes sand.

Magical Corpse

Abyss Knights that turn into Nachzehrer but have not completely matured. Easily the most powerful and unstable of the zombie classes, surpassing the other types in strength, tenacity and viciousness.


Less an infection type and more an actual job class, they are Nachzehrer that are fitted with all-terrain armor and large vaccine blades that carry black blood. Due to the sterilization of the effects of black blood in clean water, Infectors are sent en-masse to turn people into Nachs directly with their syringes.

     Neumond Reich - Noir Luna Academy 

Irene Nachtsonne

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Luna / Earth
Species: Nachzehrer
Starting Level: Lv. 1500

The Dean of Noir Luna Academy and master of the school.

  • The Ace / Authority Equals Asskicking: Naturally, as she is the Dean, she is one of the most powerful people in the school.
  • Boobs of Steel
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: Is a perfect, 50/50 split of the original Iduun complete with sentience and half of the original's powers. However, due to Irene, the original Iduun is significantly weakened.
  • Cultured Badass
  • Distinctive Appearances: Her maroon colored hair, turquoise-colored eyes and so on make her stand out when compared to everybody else. It's also a big hint that she's actually the Queen.
  • The Ojou: Is treated like royalty by everybody, thanks to the contributions she makes for the community.
  • Starfish Character: Irene is actually a sentient clone of Iduun with half of the original's power, made to keep an eye on the army she amasses in Noir Luna. Interestingly, due to her existence, the real Iduun's powers are also halved.

Reika Shimizu

Story Debut: Unknown so far
Element: Frost / Earth
Species: Nachzehrer

Irene's secretary and a peerless warrior.

Shade Chevaliers & the tropes that apply to them

A group of students and teachers from the Noir Luna Academy led by Vermiliel to help solve the troubles of fellow academy members and to help protect the school from harm from any outside threat.

Sunshine Nettagel

A happy-go-lucky ditzy Dullahan girl who attends Noir Luna in order to become a full-fledged member of the Vollstrecker army like her mother Dawn and her father Cornell. She also wants to become an accomplished artist and occasionally gets taught by Vermiliel in the act of combat. She forms the Shade Chevaliers with Vermiliel in order to protect the school and the city from any danger, along with unearthing risky secrets about Neumond Reich itself all the while.

Dusk Nettagel

Dusk is Sunshine's younger brother, and a powerful Esper boy who wishes to one day become a video game programmer. He attends school with his sister.

  • Adorably Precocious Child
  • Animal Motifs: Rabbits.
  • The Archmage: Knows all of the eight elements, but sticks mostly to Frost and Dark.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: At least until his Character Development kicks in at full force.
  • Child Mage: Well, for as much as a child you can be considered at 15 years old...
  • Expy: A huge one of Death Emizel.
  • Foil: To the two rabbit boys, Vilutia and Mereno.
  • In the Hood: Has a black and blue hood with similarly colored rabbit ears. It's part of his status as an Esper to wear a hood, but why rabbit ears?
  • Meaningful Name: Is noticably darker than his sister in looks, at the very least. He's also a smidge whinier and more cynical. Again, until his character development.

Edgar Alhyde


A mysterious Cadavelier student with an unnerving aura. He doesn't remember his name from when he was alive, so he uses Amisso as a replacement.

  • Bishounen: Wow, being brought back from the dead as a vicious black blooded monster did nothing to change his complexion.
  • Expy: Of Judge Nemo from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. ( Which should say something about Amisso as a character already...
  • Foil: To Daniel.
  • Megane

Madeleine Mesarune

Originally a normal country girl that came from a remote village in the Outer Fields, she left to obtain the legendary purple honey made by the Niteris bee humanoid Nachzehrer. After toiling through several places by herself just to get to the cave, Madeleine comes across the purple honey and the Niteris along with it. Thankfully, the Niteris there lack a queen, so they don't intend on eating her — but make her the queen instead and a Nachzehrer to boot.

Ever since then, she has stayed with the hive for as long as she can remember— not being able to go back to her family because she can't face them after becoming what she is now and because she doesn't know the way back home. It's not until the Noir Luna Academy is addressed to her by her aide does she decide to attend it, eventually meeting up with Sunshine and the friends as time passes.

Laruz Wilon

Reine Wilon

Melusine Eliones

Ambes Anima

Scarlette Le Thorne

Enthsam Fontaine

Nila Le Thorne

     Icharna Soul 

A group of all-around seedy people that idolize the Nachzehrer. Originally just a group of crazies, they eventually became intergrated with a corrupt branch of the United Lunardream Church to under the belief that if they unify their efforts, they will achieve absolute power. Ultimately, they gang up on the Crimson Crusaders with the Neumond Reich military to make sure nothing can stop them.

Sheol Ultimes

One of Umbra's first Nachzehrer experiments that survived his scourings. He was originally an unnamed blob of sentient black blood that grew as he consumed more and more victims before hiding back into the earth. In this time, he mused over the world outside with bitterness and confusion as he wondered what he was. As he left his underground nest, he was unstable and found his body was injuring itself - he would have died if he hadn't come into contact with a woman by the name of Lurienne.

She tended to his wounds and brought him back to life, to which he owed her gratitude and became indebited towards her. In return, she asked to become a Nachzehrer and the two of them have grown stronger as time passed, with Sheol eventually becoming a demi-god as he consumed more and more people.

He learns of Iduun and Umbra's struggle and becomes a third party - to take down the man who kills his own kind and to overthrow the queen who plans on taking over the world - Sheol would rather prefer everybody to rot in the void he creates due to all he's suffered. In this stead, Icharna Soul was founded and would go to any lengths to combat the other two's forces.

  • Badass Beard: Has a short black beard in his human form.
  • Expy: Of Le Mu in terms of toughness, King Gallon, etc.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The shining example of the Nachzehrer as a species, as he was never human to begin with and barely sticks to his humanoid form.
  • Meaningful Name: Which was self-given, actually. Sheol in mythology is a place of darkness to which all the dead go, both the righteous and the unrighteous, regardless of the moral choices made in life - appropriate considering the Zombie Apocalypse theming of the Black Blood Crusades and Sheol's Keystone Army-esque powers and underworld god theming.
  • Pet the Dog: Is genuinely kind to Lurienne (his wife and life partner) and Neomenia (his equally disgruntled brother who agrees with his sentiments). He is also not aggressive to Umbra's other children such as Thalassa, etc and is also not aggressive to the heroes once he is defeated.
  • Tragic Monster: All of his life, he's been nothing more than target practice and has consumed others to survive. And even then he's not planning to take over the world like Iduun, he wants to more-or-less empty it of people instead.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: His ideology once he's done with his plans. It's mostly towards the dregs in his group and not the people he cares about.

Neomenia Ultimes

One of Umbra's Nachzehrer children, and a horribly neglected boy. He ran away from home at a young age, despising his father for many reasons— more specifically how Umbra kills a countless amount of Nachzehrer without a second thought.

He is one of the leaders of Icharna Soul and possesses a ridiculous amount of power — having made an alliance with not only the Neumond Reich royal family but also a corrupt branch of the United Lunardream Church, ultimately making their plan to eliminate any opposition.


Simon Eldamis

Samael Eldamis


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