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Heroes of the Resistance

    As a Group 
  • Affirmative Action Legacy: By their actors, the core heroes of both the original and prequel trilogies were two Caucasian men and a Caucasian woman; the original trilogy also had an African-American man as a Sixth Ranger. Here we have one Caucasian woman as the lead, a Vietnamese woman, a Grenadian-British woman, a Guatemalan man and a Nigerian man.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: The main cast is quite affable, but also quite vicious. Finn does not hesitate to shoot both combatants and non-combatants to escape from the First Order, Rey nearly kills Kylo Ren to avenge her loved ones, Poe holds Admiral Holdo at gunpoint because of her perceived incompetence, Rose tasers Finn for seemingly trying to desert the Resistance, and even BB-8 amasses a bodycount to complete its mission and protect its friends.
  • Five-Token Band: A white female, a black male, a Latino male, an Asian female, a black female and a robot.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Rey (phlegmatic), Finn (melancholic), Poe (choleric), Rose (sanguine), and BB-8 (eclectic).
  • The Friends Who Never Hang:
    • Poe and Rey. They are part of a Power Trio along with Finn, but they don't actually meet until the final minutes of The Last Jedi, the second film of the Sequel Trilogy. In The Rise of Skywalker they barely interact one-on-one and when they do, they tend to argue or criticize each other (and it's insinuated this is a regular thing), with Finn as a mediator. The creators were likely going for a Vitriolic Best Buds dynamic, but seeing how little they interact, it can come off more that they only tolerate each other because a) they're fighting on the same side and b) they're both best friends with Finn. The ending alleviates it a bit by having them share a heartfelt hug with Finn, but overall the films don't portray them as being especially close.
    • Rose becomes close to Finn and allies with Poe in The Last Jedi, but only interacts with Rey in the Expanded Universe. And then in The Rise of Skywalker she's Demoted to Extra and barely interacts with any of them.
    • Jannah has minimal interactions with Poe and Rey, spending most of her time with Finn, although in fairness they don't meet Jannah until over halfway through the final film and they have other things to focus on besides having a friendly chit-chat, like stopping Palpatine and his planet-destroying space fleet.
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: Two boys (Poe and Finn), two girls (Rey and Rose/Jannah) and a genderless robot (BB-8).
  • Nice Guy: Each one in the whole group is one. While the previous guard of heroes were all cynical, bitter, weary and sarcastic to varying degrees (with the exception of the then-innocent and idealistic Luke) every hero on this page is warm, idealistic, kind-hearted, compassionate and sincere.
  • Party Scattering: Rey leaves the Resistance base on D'Qar at the end of The Force Awakens to find Luke on Ach-To while Finn is in a coma and Poe and BB-8 stay to protect the fleet. The party is scattered further when Finn and Sixth Ranger Rose Tico leave the fleet to find the code-breaker in Canto Bight. The heroes are all reunited on Crait just in time to leave the planet onboard the Millenium Falcon at the end of The Last Jedi, although with Rose wounded and unconscious. The group is together for most of The Rise of Skywalker (except for Rose, who has been Demoted to Extra), later joined by another Sixth Ranger, Jannah. Rey ends up going off by herself in the third act and they're all reunited following the Battle of Exegol.
  • Recurring Element: They each have composite and decomposite aspects of their predecessors in the original trilogy.
    • Rey is mostly in the Luke seat as a desert outcast with high force potential that gets recruited into the rebellion/resistance in the first film, and spends the second film training with the most powerful Jedi from the previous saga on a secluded planet while being courted to turn to the dark side by the enemy. As the leading woman she takes some aspects of her personality from Leia, and is also an Ace Pilot like Han.
    • While early marketing made it seem like he would be in the Luke seat (wielding his lightsaber) Finn spends more time in the Han seat. He's a man on the run from vengeful bad guys, and initially is more interested in saving his own hide than helping the greater good, but when he sees his friends are in danger stages a daring rescue. In the second film, he's about to leave the rebellion/resistance to take care of his own unfinished business, but instead ends up on a solo mission with a woman to a ritzy location where they meet a new companion that aides, betrays, and finally joins them at the end. The girl also gives him a love confession, but unlike Han's response to Leia, Finn doesn't give a solid answer to Rose. While he fills many of Han's broadstrokes story beats, it should be noted that his personality couldn't be more different.
    • Poe also shares Han's role as an ace pilot flyboy with roguish good looks, who is being groomed for leadership; The Rise of Skywalker also reveals he used to smuggle spice. However his eagerness to fly for the resistance more mirrors Luke in the Rogue Squadron than Han in the Falcon. Ultimately, though, he serves as a successor to Leia, being the catalyst for the first film's plot and a prominent leadership figure in the Resistance. Additionally, he is the one who interacts with Leia the most of the main four.
    • Rose shares some rough similarities to Lando, being the only main character not to be introduced in the first film and shares a connection with Han's successor, Finn.
    • BB-8 is a direct stand in for R2 only without a corresponding 3PO. He's a small cute robot carrying important information for the resistance, chased by the empire/first order and ends up in the custody of the desert outcast before being escorted back to the front lines. In the second film he acts more like R2 in the prequel era, actively defending himself and others from danger. Like R2 for both Anakin and Luke, BB-8 is Poe's astromech and sidekick who helps him pilot his personal fighter.
  • Two Guys and a Girl: The Rise of Skywalker mostly focuses on Rey (the girl) and Poe and Finn (the two guys), unless one also counts Chewbacca and BB-8.
  • Working-Class Hero: While the main protagonists of both the Prequel and Original Trilogies had at least one member who came from an upper-class background, all the heroes of Sequel Trilogy seemingly have humble roots; Rey is a Randomly Gifted scavenger, Finn is an ex-stormtrooper who worked in sanitation, Rose is a maintenance worker and Poe is a pilot. Poe is potentially a downplayed example, as he holds a reasonably high rank in the Resistance and both his parents were heroes of the Galactic Civil War, but none of them are royalty, nobility, politicians or anything of that ilk. Rey subverts this when it's revealed she's actually the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine, but her parents chose to be ordinary junk traders, and she herself was raised in poverty and rejects her heritage.



General Finn (FN-2187)
"I made a choice. I wasn't gonna kill for them."

Species: Human

Portrayed by: John Boyega
Voiced by: Abraham Vega (Latin American Spanish dub), Nacho Aldeguer (European Spanish dub), Kenji Sugimura (Japanese dub), Diouc Koma (European French dub)
Appearances: Age of Resistance | Before the Awakening | Adventures | The Force Awakens | Forces of Destiny | The Last Jedi | Poe Dameron | Resistance Reborn | Allegiance | The Rise of Skywalker

"I was ashamed of what I was. But I am done with the First Order. I am never going back."

A First Order stormtrooper who had a crisis of conscience after his first mission and decided to defect. A chance encounter with Poe Dameron and later Rey on Jakku sends him on the path to becoming an Unlikely Hero. His First Order callsign was "FN-2187", which his name "Finn" is derived from.

  • The Ace: Back in the Stormtrooper Academy, Finn was in the top one percent of the class. He still got assigned to sanitation, for all the good his grades did him. Given that his first battle turned him into a deserter and he seems to only know how to use a blaster, that might say more about the academy, but then again, his skill with blasters is indeed fantastic for a stormtrooper.
  • Adorkable:
    • He tends to be pretty nervous and uncertain in a very endearing way. How does he answer when Rey asks if he's with the Resistance? Dust himself off and say "Obviously. Yes, I am. I'm with the Resistance, yeah. I am with the Resistance." Then he asks BB-8 where the base is in hushed tones.
    • Later while fighting stormtroopers on Takodana, he cheers while watching Poe in his X-Wing shoot down TIE fighters when the Resistance forces arrive.
  • Adventure Duo: He is this with Rey in The Force Awakens and once again with Rose in The Last Jedi.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Poe calls the then-nameless FN-2187 "Finn" as a sign of friendship. Finn then decides to adopt the moniker for good after he ditches the First Order completely.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: FN-2187 never fit in with the rest of his squad. First Order Troopers often nickname each other, and his unit refused to nickname FN-2187 as a way of ostracizing him. Just goes to show that bullying is alive and well even in totalitarian space armies. It's also no wonder he becomes attached to Poe Dameron so quickly, since Poe nicknames him immediately with his only question being if Finn likes the nickname.
  • Almighty Janitor: Finn states that he worked in sanitation on Starkiller Base and the Supremacy when he was stationed at each location. It's Truth in Television—low-ranking enlisted personnelnote  in various military specialties, especially infantry, also handle whatever menial labor needs to be done, and troops with any kind of disciplinary problem will get the most menial and undignified ones. In this case, it blows up in the First Order's faces, as Finn's knowledge of the installation is invaluable to the Resistance. What's more, he's the best marksman in his class and is capable on going toe-to-toe with Kylo Ren with a weapon non-Force users are not familiar with.
  • Always Save the Girl:
    • Finn convinces the Resistance that he knows how to destroy Starkiller Base in order to rescue Rey. In reality, his knowledge about the base was just from his work assignment in sanitation, and he wasn't privy to more sensitive information about the weapon. Lampshaded by the fact that he and Rey do manage to save the day, at a price.
    • In The Last Jedi, when things look bleak for the Resistance, he takes the long-range tracker Rey is using to find them again and attempts to flee in an escape pod, as he's worried she will fall into the First Order's clutches if she comes back to their current location, even if that means abandoning the Resistance. However, he changes his mind about this eventually...partly due to a ticked-off Rose stunning him for attempted desertion.
  • Amazon Chaser: Finn has a look of awe after he sees Rey take down a couple of thieves by herself and later awkwardly asks whether she's got a boyfriend.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Canon hasn't made it clear if Finn is Force-sensitive, or just a Badass Normal with a good heart. It is heavily implied in The Rise of Skywalker that Finn is indeed Force-sensitive, as he is able to sense the (brief) demise of Rey without being present to witness it, much like other Force-sensitives throughout the series have been able to. Word of God has confirmed that Finn is, in fact, a Force-sensitive, though it's never explicitly stated in-universe.
  • Anti-Hero: Downplayed as Finn's defining trait is his compassion. However, he can be rather cynical and melancholic, despite his sense of humor. He is also not above prioritizing personal relationships (specifically his friendship with Rey) over the mission at hand, even to the point of attempting to leave the Resistance behind at the beginning of The Last Jedi.
  • The Atoner: As his caption says, he's trying to start anew after having served the First Order.
  • Badass Adorable: A painfully sincere and kind-hearted young man who uses his lifetime of First Order training to fight against their tyranny.
  • Badass Normal: No Force powers to speak of (at first), but manages to hold his own with a lightsaber against other Stormtroopers and then again, if only briefly, in a duel with Kylo Ren. Justified as the lightsaber is an Absurdly Sharp Blade laser-sword and Finn is an infantryman trained to fight with a variety of ranged and melee weapons, and because an amateur really can give a trained professional problems simply by being unpredictable due to a lack of classical training.
  • Bad Liar:
    • Finn's Resistance fighter act is so transparent that it doesn't fool Han for a minute. Before that, Poe calls bullshit on his motivation for helping him escape even more quickly. The only person fooled is Rey, and only because she's nearly as naïve as he is.
      Poe: Why are you helping me?
      Finn: Because it's the right thing to do.
      Poe: You need a pilot.
      Finn: I need a pilot.
    • When he tries to come up with a lie to Rose about why he's at the escape pods in The Last Jedi, he noticeably stumbles over his words. She sees through it almost immediately and realizes he's trying to desert.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Poe's warmness to Finn and treatment of him as a human being is why the two became fast friends.
  • Becoming the Mask: He initially pretends to be a Resistance member to avoid admitting to being an ex-stormtrooper. He eventually becomes the real thing.
  • Better as Friends: In Resistance Reborn, he tells Poe that he and Rose talked about their kiss on Crait and that it was "a moment", but that they ultimately decided that they just liked each other as friends.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Finn is actually dangerous because he is a nice person and will fight for the people he bonds with. As Phasma notes, Finn doesn't respond to the brainwashing that would make him a coldblooded killer. Case in point:
    • Busts out Poe with a Bavarian Fire Drill, bonds with him quickly, and completes his mission to deliver BB-8 to the Resistance when he thinks Poe is dead. It doesn't matter that most of that was by accident or not his intention; that was a lethal blow.
    • When Finn and Rey thinks the First Order's caught them and are about to board the Millenium Falcon, Finn gets the idea to re-route the life-support system and poison the Stormtroopers.
  • Blood-Splattered Innocents: After getting the Bloody Handprint, he is immediately ordered to kill innocent civilians. His not firing makes other Stormtroopers suspect his gun was jammed (Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren were suspicious, but the slaughter helps along his Heel Realization nonetheless).
  • Bloody Handprint: He gets one on his Stormtrooper helmet during the opening battle, and it seems to trigger a Heel Realization.
  • Brainwashed: Subverted. After displaying blatant signs of nonconformity, Captain Phasma has him evaluated and sent to reconditioning, but it seems to have no effect whatsoever.
  • Breakout Mook Character: As a defected Stormtrooper.
  • Butt-Monkey: Probably has the most slapstick Amusing Injuries of any main character. When he does get seriously injured, it's treated with all due seriousness. And once he's fine, he's right back to being the butt of a joke.
  • Character Development: He eventually stops running away from the First Order and decides to fight against them. You can even see his "wants to run" eyes turn into "Let's Get Dangerous!" eyes when Kylo Ren hurts Rey. His arc in The Last Jedi sees Finn grow from someone who mainly looks out for himself and his friends to a proud Rebel, willing to risk giving his life to defeat the First Order.
  • Child Soldiers: He was "recruited" at such a young age that he can't remember his family or his name (if he ever had one), and he implies that this is the standard for the First Order. They "recruit" very young children and infants and brainwash them, programming them to be fanatical and violent loyalists.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: He has a knack for risking his life for others regardless of his own well-being.
  • Classical Anti-Hero: Finn often lacks the self-confidence to fully embrace his bravery. He's unbelievably kind and empathetic, but he has a habit of doubting himself and his own inherent heroism.
  • The Confidant: Acts as this to Rey in The Rise of Skywalker; she confides her fears and worries to him several times, while he tries to offer her advice and comfort.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: Like Han, Finn has a dark past, is on the run from vengeful bad guys, and initially is more interested in saving his own hide than helping the greater good. But unlike Han, who was always a self-serving loner, Finn spent his life in zealous devotion to a cause. Also, he has moral compunctions about shooting first.
  • Convenient Coma: Falls into one at the end of The Force Awakens after getting stabbed In the Back in his duel with Kylo Ren.
  • Cool Sword: Through the course of events on Takodana and Rey's own Refusal of the Call, the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalkernote  ends up in his hands and he uses it against Kylo Ren. When he loses the duel, the lightsaber passes to Rey.
  • Costume Evolution: By The Last Jedi, Finn has removed the last vestiges of his Stormtrooper armor, becoming a full fledged member of the Resistance.
  • Cowardly Lion: Due to his background as a Stormtrooper, he's seen what atrocities the First Order is capable of, and believes they are too powerful to ever defeat. At first, his only goal is to get as far away from them as possible. Only after Rey is captured does he resolve to join the Resistance.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: As Finn lampshades, he was trained from birth to do exactly one thing: be a Stormtrooper, which means point and shoot a blaster. He's not a pilot, he has no mechanical skill, and he has little if any melee combat training. When he is stuck with a melee weapon, he does bravely try to defend himself with it, but is always over-matched, and always searches for a blaster to switch to at the first opportunity. Once he manages to take a blaster rifle from a dead Stormtrooper, he's a very effective marksman with it (being the first major case of a Stormtrooper actually averting the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy). In addition, being raised from birth as a child soldier, he has only the vaguest of knowledge about the overall galactic political situation. This is underscored by his teamwork with Rey, as marksmanship is one of the few things she isn't highly skilled at, otherwise being a jane-of-all-trades. She's been a scavenger for her whole life so she knows machine parts and how to repair them, she's a naturally skilled pilot, and from holding her own against street toughs on Jakku she's a good melee fighter.
  • Curb-Stomp Cushion: While he's ultimately outmatched in his duel against Kylo Ren, Finn still manages to wound Kylo Ren in the arm, which helps Rey defeat him later. John Boyega has lampshaded that Finn shouldn't have lasted that long in an interview with MTV.
  • The Cynic: In spite of his inherent kindness and heroism, Finn has a tendency to be very cynical when it comes to the war against the First Order: "You don't know a thing about me. Where I'm from, what I've seen. You don't know the First Order like I do. They will slaughter us.We all need to run." In The Last Jedi, he attempts to escape from the Resistance in order to save Rey, stating that the fleet is "doomed".
  • Dangerous Deserter: Inverted, He leaves the evil First Order out of moral outrage and later becomes a hero of the Resistance. He's only dangerous to the First Order.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He was taken from his family when he was only a baby and was forced to undergo stormtrooper training.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Finn has some lines humorously pointing out the sheer absurdity of what's going on around him.
  • Decoy Protagonist: While he's The Hero for most of the movie and a co-lead alongside Rey by the time he crosses blades with Kylo Ren, he gets heavily injured, leaving Rey to take Kylo on and claim her role as the main protagonist. Also notable in the advertising of the movie, which shows Finn with the lightsaber and makes him out to be the new lead character/protagonist of the series. He's not. Rey is. But he is still much more heroic than her.
  • Defector from Decadence: He leaves the First Order after witnessing their massacre of innocent people in the beginning of the film.
  • Depending on the Writer: The film, novelization and Before the Awakening comic provide different versions of Finn's character and backstory within the First Order. The former two state that Finn was an unremarkable soldier who displayed no signs of nonconformity before his defection. The latter states that Finn was an elite recruit with a clear reluctance to shoot civilians during training simulations, and was thus ostracized by members of his own squad.
  • Determinator:
    • He keeps trying to fight off Kylo Ren after having one of Ren's crossguards slowly burned into his shoulder.
    • In The Last Jedi, Finn attempts to take on the entire First Order by himself not once, but twice.
  • Determined Defeatist: No matter how much Finn tries to run away from the fight against the First Order, his bravery and compassion prevents him from truly giving up.
  • Deuteragonist: Finn plays the second largest role in The Force Awakens behind Rey, even called the co-protagonist. In The Last Jedi, Finn continues his role as deuteragonist while Poe takes on the role of tritagonist with Rose.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": His Heel–Face Turn is cemented by not wanting to be called FN-2187, eventually adopting the name "Finn."
  • The Dulcinea Effect: He runs to Rey's defense the moment he sees her in danger.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: During The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, Finn fights as a normal human with just a gun and his wits. By The Rise of Skywalker, fighting for the Resistance for a year has begun to awaken Finn's latent Force-Sensitivity.
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • First seen stopping to help a mortally wounded stormtrooper. This simple act underscores both his humanity and how out of place he is as a stormtrooper, who never grudge casualties or assist the fallen.
    • His storyline in Before the Awakening and a deleted scene similarly set during the raid on Jakku also adds on to his humanity the point that even through fear and First Order training, he'll still try to do what is morally right (stall for time to allow a fellow stormtrooper to catch up and regroup during a battle simulation in the former storyline, and sparing a random villager's life in the latter).
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: In The Rise of Skywalker, his hair has grown longer compared to his previous, close-cropped hairstyle, indicating both the passage of time and that he's left behind his old life as a stormtrooper for good.
  • Face Death with Dignity: During Finn's sacrifice attempt in The Last Jedi, he closes his eyes at peace with his decision.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: With Rey and Poe. The former bond after their escape from Jakku and the later have their Friendship Moment in a TIE fighter escaping from the First Order's base.
  • Firing One-Handed: Uses a two-handed stormtrooper rifle one-handed on during the fight with Takodana, and scores kills with it near effortlessly.
  • First Friend: Discounting BB-8, he's the first friend Rey ever had since she was abandoned as a child. As a result, it's not surprising she grows attached to him so quickly and vice versa.
  • Fish out of Water: Having been raised from childhood to serve the First Order, he is clueless about how a lot of the world works once he leaves.
  • Foil: Finn is one for Kylo Ren. He was raised in an abusive environment by the First Order and came out of it with his sense of morality intact, defected after refusing to kill innocent villagers on Jakku, and eventually joined the Resistance. Kylo Ren, meanwhile, was raised as part of a loving (albeit, dysfunctional) family but chose to join the First Order, embrace the Dark side, and murder his father.
    • Finn's arc in The Last Jedi plays directly in contrast to Poe's arc in the film. By the end of the film, Poe learns control his more impulsive tendencies and consider cautiousness and safety above all else, while Finn fully embrace his bravery and become a full-fledged rebel willing to take risks. However, both learn to become better heroes and leaders for the Resistance.
    • Finn is a foil to Rey as well. Both were orphans and essentially nobodies that accidentally stumble into the war between the Resistance and the First Order. Finn was stolen from his family, while Rey was abandoned by hers. Throughout The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, both struggle with identity issues and have to find their calling in order to navigate in the new world around them.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: The melancholic. Prone to anxiety and low self-esteem, but also empathetic and has a strong sense of justice.
  • Four-Star Badass: Promoted to a general by Poe in The Rise of Skywalker before the final battle, he raids the command ship to disable the communications array.
  • Friendless Background: Although he began life in the First Order with his fellow stormtroopers, Finn's first true friend was Rey (and, to a lesser extent, Poe).
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: A heroic example. Goes from being a simple defective stormtrooper to a very capable Resistance hero.
  • Geeky Turn-On: When cobbling together a plan to save the Resistance with Rose, she starts discussing mechanical terms and Finn jumps in with his own knowledge, both looking rather excited/impressed that someone else understands what they're talking about.
  • Genius Ditz: Despite being the most expressive and goofiest of the main characters in the Sequel Trilogy, he is a very capable planner, strategist, and marksman with very extensive knowledge about technology (particularly made by the First Order).
  • Good Costume Switch:
    • After escaping from the First Order, he gradually sheds his stormtrooper armor and completes his Heel–Face Turn by wearing Poe Dameron's jacket.
    • By the time of The Last Jedi, Finn has switched from the black undershirt of his stormtrooper armor to a white open collar shirt, along with continuing to wear the earthy brown leather jacket Poe gave him.
  • Good Is Dumb: Not dumb by any stroke, but he is very naive, despite being an incredibly nice guy.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Finn is an incredibly nice guy, but he's no pushover in a fight and will not hesitate to violently defend the innocent.
  • Guile Hero: What he lacks in Force affiliation and experience with fighting he makes up for by thinking on his feet. Case in point, he busts out Poe with a quick Bavarian Fire Drill. He only shows off more smarts from there.
  • Gut Feeling: He somehow knows which First Order ship they need to take out during the Battle of Exegol; when asked how he knows, he just says it's "an instinct". It's possibly because he's Force-sensitive.
  • Guy in Back: When he and Poe steal a two-man TIE fighter, Poe flies while Finn takes the gunner's chair. Poe gives him a hurried crash course in shooting as they fight off their pursuers. Later, when he and Rey steal the Falcon to escape Jakku, he takes one of the turrets while Rey pilots.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Inverted. Finn is a clever, effective sharpshooter while Rey is very good with a staff and a lightsaber.
  • Heel–Face Turn: He ditches the First Order early on.
  • Heel Realization: He makes it clear that he thinks that working with the First Order made him the "bad guy," even if it was only for a brief period of time and he ditched them after his first combat mission. The exact moment that this hits is when Phasma orders the other Stormtroopers to gun down innocent villagers.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather: Takes to wearing Poe's leather jacket. Poe thinks it suits him.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Stormtroopers have never been shown taking their helmets off (Phasma states that they're forbidden from doing so, at least while in action). So, the instant he takes his off, we see that he is becoming one of our heroes.
  • Heroic Sacrifice:
    • In The Force Awakens, he attempts to do this in the climax when Kylo Ren knocks out Rey before she and Finn can run to the Falcon. Knowing he is outmatched and will probably be killed, Finn nevertheless turns on Luke's lightsaber and goads Ren into fighting him, to buy time for Rey to recover and escape, and puts all his combat training into use. He loses, but not before giving Ren a long fight. Rey saves him, however, after she knocks out Ren, so that he lives.
    • Attempted on Crait, when he tried to destroy the massive cannon. But Rose crashes into his speeder so he can't go through with it.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Played with: while he prefers blasters as his trained weapon, he takes up the lightsaber in the middle of the film when he decides to stand and fight against the First Order instead of running away. He's also heavily associated with the sword in most of the marketing, though this is a Red Herring, as Rey claims the lightsaber after he gets injured by Kylo Ren.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Finn's main arc is about him not truly embracing his inherent heroism. He has a habit of denying people telling them that he's not a hero. He comes full circle by the end.
    • Finn to Rey: "I'm not with the Resistance. I'm not a hero."
    • Finn to Rose: "Look, I'm not a Resistance hero but it was nice talking to you, Rose.
  • Heroic Spirit: Finn is unfailingly brave and full of heroism. In The Force Awakens, Finn attempts to rush in and save Rey from bandits (only to realize that she can handle herself), helps his allies fight against the First Order at Maz Kanata's castle, and rushes toward Kylo Ren in order to protect Rey. In The Last Jedi, he defiantly rushes toward Captain Phasma and defeats her, inspires other rebels to fight against the First Order on Crait, attempts to fly alone into a massive cannon to save the entire Resistance, and then after getting injured attempts to rush back in the Battle (once again alone) to help Luke Skywalker.
  • Hidden Depths: Finn (then FN-2187) is first introduced as a Stormtrooper, but is quickly revealed to be a good person who wants nothing to do with serving as the First Order's tool.
  • Holding Hands: In order to urge her to safety, Finn takes Rey’s hand while running away, which she does ‘’not’’ like. She eventually reciprocates when she realizes his genuine concern for her well-being and begins to trust him.
  • Honor Before Reason: His attempt at what he believes to be a Heroic Sacrifice on Crait, would have proven fruitless had Rose not intervened, as the Cannon would have decimated him before he even reached the shaft.
  • Hope Bringer: Rose Tico in The Last Jedi sees Finn as a hero for what he did in the previous movie.
  • Humble Goal: He wants to stop fighting and start a new life with Rey, in either a platonic or romantic relationship. With that said, he will put that goal aside if someone needs him.
  • I Am Not a Gun: He was raised by the First Order to be a stormtrooper, but the brainwashing never truly stuck and during his first mission he realizes he cannot stomach being a mindless killing machine. He defects and then tries his best to get as far away from the First Order as possible; however, he ultimately ends up rejoining the fight on the side of the Resistance.
  • I'm Not a Hero, I'm...: States this more than once throughout the first two movies in Sequel Trilogy.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: Amusingly, Finn might very well be the most accurate Stormtrooper put to film. During a firefight, he is constantly on the run and fires his blaster while moving, several times with only one hand. Regardless, almost every shot lands dead in the center of his target's chest. He was top of his class, so his exceptional marksmanship is justified. The implication that he's Force-Sensitive also helps.
  • Improbable Age: He's made a Resistance general by the age of 24.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: He makes Rey, a worthy Jedi, look evil by comparison. He never hit anyone who was about to help him.
  • In-Series Nickname:
    • His old stormtrooper unit used to call him Eighty-Seven.
    • Han takes to calling him "Big Deal" when Finn initially pretends to be a member of the Resistance. This originates from Finn himself telling him "You should know, I'm a big deal in the Resistance."
  • Insistent Terminology: Rather understandably, once he defects from the First Order, he insists on being called "Finn", not "FN-2187".
  • Indy Ploy: Finn's greatest tactical asset is his ability to improvise. It's a hastily executed plan on Finn's part that ends up kicking off the plot of the movie, and he manages to figure out a way to disable the shields on Starkiller base even though he admitted not minutes before that he didn't personally know how.
  • Insult Backfire: After he defeats Phasma in a fight, Finn takes his former commander's taunt as a badge of honor.
    Phasma: You were always scum.
    Finn: Rebel scum.
  • It Was a Gift: His jacket, which originally belonged to Poe. Technically he originally salvaged it from the wreck of their crashed TIE fighter, thinking Poe was dead, but when he tries to return it later Poe responds that it looks better on Finn.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: He's a good marksman, but not on the same league as Han and Chewie. He can wield a lightsaber, but not as proficiently as Kylo Ren or Rey. He can also pilot a ski speeder on Crait sufficently, but he needed Poe to fly a TIE-fighter for him and Rey to fly the Falcon.
  • Justified Criminal: Finn becomes a fugitive by first defecting the First Order and rescuing Poe Dameron, then by helping BB-8 and Rey get to the Resistance by stealing the Millenium Falcon.
  • Line-of-Sight Name: Poe, not wanting to call him by a serial number, improvises "Finn" from "FN", the first two letters of his callsign. The former stormtrooper immediately takes a liking to it.
  • Logical Latecomer: He starts out as this after his Heel–Face Turn; he's annoyed and shocked that anyone wants to return to the wasteland planet Jakku, and knows that one person alone can't stand against the First Order and its new weapon, which is why he wants to run. Towards the end he sheds this, as shown when he tells Han that the Force will guide them, and Han has to point out that the Force isn't omnipotent.
  • Made of Iron: While it leaves him comatose, Finn survives the lightsaber wound to his back given to him by Kylo Ren.
  • Meaningful Rename: Takes up the name "Finn" when Poe suggests it, signifying his rejection of You Are Number 6 and abandonment of the First Order.
  • Merciful Minion: He cannot go through with the order to kill the defenceless villagers of Tuanul (and in a deleted scene he also spared a villager during the initial attack). Although the villagers all die anyway as there's nothing he can do to stop it, it is this act of mercy that precipitates his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Milholland Relationship Moment: A possible example. In The Force Awakens, Finn finally comes clean to Rey about his past: he's not a member of the Resistance as he claimed, but an ex Stormtrooper, something he felt ashamed about, thus lying to her out of fear of rejection. Rey doesn't seem all that fazed by this; she's more upset that he's planning on leaving her behind to escape the First Order.
  • Minion with an F in Evil: He undergoes his Heel–Face Turn after his first mission. Supplementary material notes that he was an excellent team leader whose only fault during training was an odd reluctance to actually kill people.
  • Mook: He starts out as just another stormtrooper before he defects after refusing to slaughter a village of innocent people.
  • Mook–Face Turn: From faceless grunt to runaway to hero.
  • Moral Myopia: Played with. Finn has a conversation with DJ pointing out that his shady methods are “stealing from the bad guys and helping the good.”In response, DJ points out that the Resistance have also used shady methods to win the war.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Finn is horrified when he realizes that he indirectly allowed for Kylo Ren to capture Rey by leaving her. Even though he doesn't know the circumstances, he wasn't there when Ren threatened his friend and took her away.
  • My Greatest Second Chance:
    • Finn thinks that Poe died on Jakku. When he learns that BB-8 is Poe's buddy, and has the plans, he helps Rey as best as he can deliver BB-8 to the Resistance, only trying to leave when he thinks the mission is complete and he's not needed. He's very relieved to see that Poe survived the crash.
    • He regrets leaving Rey to try and run from the First Order, which indirectly to her capture. Finn bluffs the Resistance so as to save her and take down Starkiller Base at the same time. Then when Kylo Ren prevents them from leaving, and he knocks out Rey, Finn refuses to run and leave her to Ren's mercy. He wields the lightsaber Maz gave him and prepares to die defending her.
  • My Significance Sense Is Tingling: He appears to sense Rey's temporary death on Exegol.
  • Mythology Gag: His operating number, 2187, is also the cell number Princess Leia was held in aboard the Death Star in A New Hope, which in turn was a Shout-Out to 21-87, an art film that inspired Star Wars creator George Lucas. Further, his call sign FN-2187 is based off the Fantastic Naming Convention in George Lucas' dystopian sci-fi film THX 1138.
  • Neutral No Longer: Initially, after deserting from the First Order, all Finn wants is to get as far away from his former employers as possible. This changes when Rey is kidnapped by Kylo Ren, causing Finn to throw his lot in with the Resistance. Come The Last Jedi, he still prioritises his and Rey's safety over fighting the First Order, but meeting Rose and getting a greater sense of the galaxy around him ends up galvanising Finn to the point that he proudly proclaims himself a Rebel to Phasma, fully committing himself to the cause of the Resistance.
  • Never Hurt an Innocent: Being ordered to kill innocent civilians in his first mission is what triggers his Heel Realization and he cannot bring himself to go through with it.
  • Nice Guy: Astoundingly holding onto his sense of morality through a lifetime of abusive Child Soldier upbringing, Finn is a kind-hearted and compassionate soul who will unfailingly leap to the defense of a helpless innocent.
  • No-Sell: Stormtrooper brainwashing doesn't affect him. Phasma is less than amused when she finds out.
  • Nobody Calls Me "Chicken"!: Whenever someone in the First Order called him a traitor, he would fight back in some form or another no matter who it was. Not even Kylo Ren. He clearly got sick of being reminded of this when he had every right to leave.
  • Not Afraid of You Anymore: Finn begins the Sequel Trilogy afraid and running away from the First Order. By the end of The Force Awakens, he stands up to his former First Order leaders Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma, even fighting the former and destroying the latter in the second film. By the end of The Last Jedi, he's willing to take them on all by himself and is completely on board with bringing them down at all costs.
  • Not Afraid to Die: Finn begins the Sequel Trilogy afraid of his own death, however, both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi give him moments where he's willing to sacrifice himself to save someone or in The Last Jedi's case, everyone.
  • Not in This for Your Revolution: His initial motivation in The Force Awakens after defecting is to get as far away from the First Order as possible, but he decides to help the Resistance find BB-8 because he felt that he owed Poe that much—following that, he intends to get as far away from them as possible. Later on, his goal changes to something more noble, and he more or less admits on Starkiller Base that the key reason he agreed to take part in such a dangerous mission was due to his loyalty to Rey and nothing else. By the end of The Last Jedi, it appears as though he's fully committed to being a part of the Resistance itself; he proudly proclaims himself to be "rebel scum" and is even willing to sacrifice himself for the Resistance.
  • Odd Friendship: With Han, given how they interact with each other over the course of The Force Awakens. They both snark at each other, but Han makes it clear that he likes Finn and saves his life when he shoots Nines with Chewie's bowcaster. Following that, Finn is absolutely as horrified as Rey when they both witness Han's murder.
  • Oh, Crap!: Has this reaction in ‘’The Force Awakens’’ when he sees that the stormtroopers spotted him with Rey on Jakku.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Justified, as his "real name" isn't really a name but a serial number/call sign.
  • Only One Name: Simply goes by “Finn.”
  • Only the Chosen May Wield: Subverted. Despite Luke’s lightsaber calling to Rey, Finn uses it in battle multiple times throughout ‘’The Force Awakens’’.
  • Overly Nervous Flop Sweat: Several scenes show him sweating profusely.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: He's a well-trained soldier, but he's not trained in the force or very skilled with a lightsaber, a common staple of the series. This almost gets him killed when he faces a foe with both lightsaber and force training.
  • The Paragon Always Rebels: According to prequel material, Finn had the best scores of any Stormtrooper recruit and was singled out as officer material by Captain Phasma. His only flaw was his unwillingness and inability to shoot unarmed civilians, which becomes the reason he defects after he is forced to participate in a village massacre.
  • Phrase Catcher: After his desertion, he is referred to as "TRAITOR!" by First Order members, including FN-2199, Kylo Ren, and Captain Phasma.
  • Plot Armor: Not like the series never used it before, but the rathtar scene shows him to be uncannily lucky. the beasts immediately tear apart and devour everyone else they get a tentacle on, with two exceptions. One of the gangmembers and Finn get dragged away instead, which gives Rey time to rescue him.
  • Possession Implies Mastery: Despite not having any force powers or any training with the lightsaber, Finn is able to hold his own in a lightsaber duel with (an injured and loop) Kylo Ren.
  • Precision F-Strike: In The Last Jedi, Finn utters the harshest language yet heard in a Star Wars film when he condemns DJ for betraying the Resistance to save his own neck.
    Finn: You murdering bastard!
  • Properly Paranoid: Before entering Maz's castle, Finn asks Han if there's any chance there may be First Order sympathizers inside. Sure enough, they're recognized the moment they walk through the door.
  • Rank Up: In The Rise of Skywalker Poe grants him the rank of general shortly after he himself is promoted.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Played with:
    • Finn is the vigilant, pragmatic Blue Oni to Poe Dameron's headstrong, rebellious Red Oni.
    • Finn's the more emotional and expressive Red Oni to Rey's more introverted and focused Blue Oni.
    • In The Last Jedi, he's the more focused, cautious Blue Oni to Rose's fiery and spirited Red Oni.
  • Redemption Earns Life: As a Stormtrooper, he would have died as a single Mook with no name or reputation. As a member of the Resistance, Rey saves him from dying and gives him a second chance.
  • Redemption Promotion: In the First Order, he was an interchangeable Mook. On the side of the Resistance, he's becoming a hero and eventually receives the rank of general.
  • Refusal of the Call: Both in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Maz Kanata calls Finn, Rey and Han to join the fight against the First Order and Finn instantly attempts to leave the planet. In The Last Jedi, Finn attempts to leave the Resistance’s ship in order to protect Rey and himself, but Rose stops him.
  • Reluctant Warrior: He spends the majority of The Force Awakens (and some of The Last Jedi) not wanting to completely commit to the fight against the First Order. By the end of The Last Jedi, he's a full-blown rebel.
  • Resignations Not Accepted: The First Order wants to kill him for his desertion. Said desertion involved deciding not to slaughter innocent civilians, freeing the Order's prisoner, and killing other Stormtroopers in self-defence. By the time Finn crashed on Jakku the First Order had a lot more motivation to kill him than just him leaving their ranks.
  • Rousseau Was Right: Twenty years of the First Order's brainwashing, and indoctrination was still not enough to destroy the fundamental decency of the little boy who grew up to be Finn.
  • Sad Clown:Downplayed. Despite being generally friendly and fun, he hides a lot of paranoia and fear for his well-being, while also having some lingering angst about being involved in a war he desperately wants to escape.
  • Say My Name: Screams Poe's name after their TIE Fighter crashes on Jakku, and does the same with Rey after she is kidnapped by Kylo Ren. He screams for Rey when he wakes up from his coma and when he sees her fighting Kylo Ren.
  • Screaming Warrior: In his fights with Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens and Captain Phasma in The Last Jedi, Finn lets out a few aggressive shouts, either as battle cries or taunts for his opponent.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: His Character Arc in a nutshell; whether the "rules" are the First Order or simple self-preservation, Finn finds himself ignoring them when the chips are down. This is deconstructed in The Last Jedi, where his desire to help outside the rules puts a con artist in a position to betray him, Rose, and the entire Resistance.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!:
    • He spends a significant part of The Force Awakens wanting nothing more than to get as far away from the First Order as possible. Maz eventually calls him out on it.
    • Part of his story arc in The Last Jedi is based around him still having thoughts about whether he's really committed to the Resistance or if he wants to get as far away from the war as possible. His initial instinct after waking up is to find Rey and then run off with her.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: It's implied in The Rise of Skywalker that Finn knows Rey is Palpatine's granddaughter, as he tells Poe that he and Leia both understand what Rey is going through, though he doesn't ever bring it up with Rey. He just supports her as best he can.
  • Ship Tease:
    • With Rey. They develop a close friendship in a short span of time, Finn asks her at one point if she has a boyfriend, Rey is heartbroken when he tries to leave, Finn goes deep into enemy territory to rescue her, they reunite with a long embrace, and she kisses him on the forehead in the end while he's in a coma. In The Last Jedi, his first concern is how Rey is doing and making a safe place for her, and they immediately have a happy embrace upon reuniting.
    • With Rose in The Last Jedi. She fangirls over meeting him, they have a great teamwork and banter, shares several tender moments, and she even kisses him during the final battle. During the ending scene, he's also hovering over her comatose side, clearly worried. It gets sunk after this movie, though; in Resistance Reborn Finn says they decided to just be friends after all and in The Rise of Skywalker they don't interact outside of only briefly talk about their missions. He also gets some Ship Tease with newcomer, Jannah.
    • Finn and Jannah bond very quickly, especially over the fact they're both ex-stormtroopers who defected after being ordered to kill civilians. They stick close together for the rest of the film and work together during the Battle of Exegol to destroy a flagship, implicitly trusting each other.
  • Spanner in the Works: Finn is the catalyst for the destruction of Starkiller Base and the discovery of where Luke is. His decision to defect and rescue Poe sets off a chain of events that puts the base schematics into the hands of the Resistance, it's his knowledge of the base's layout that allows the Resistance to exploit its weakness and destroy it, and it's his collaboration that leads to the Resistance getting the missing piece of the map. If it wasn't for Finn, the First Order almost certainly would have wiped out the Resistance and ran roughshod over the New Republic, and Rey would not have had a chance to discover she could use the Force.
  • The Strategist:
    • One of his main talents. He comes up with the plan for he and Poe to escape the First Order. He develops the idea to re-route the life support system on the Millennium Falcon when he thinks they have been captured. He incites a plan of attack to destroy Starkiller Base and acts as a frontman. He develops a plan to infiltrate the First Order in order to shut down their trackers to save the Resistance.
    • In The Rise Of Skywalker, he is promoted to General. And proves to be just as competent as Poe. His only actual use of the Force allowed him to see through Pryde's plans quickly and outsmart him.
  • Strong Girl, Smart Guy: Played with. Rey is the strong, capable, badass female Force-user while Finn is the strategist and great with a blaster. However, the two switch roles sometimes as Rey is also very intelligent and Finn is no slouch in a fight and eventually revealed to be Force-Sensitive as well.
  • Supporting Protagonist: Initial advertising set him up to be the lead character of The Force Awakens and he is the one who incites a lot of the action, but the story is ultimately about Rey.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: When he and Rey first meet, she mistakes him as a member of the Resistance. He goes along with this misconception until Maz eventually reveals the deception to Rey.
  • That Man Is Dead: He wants to leave his past as the First Order Stormtrooper FN-2187 behind him. In the novelization, he even outright tells himself that "FN-2187" is dead.
  • They Look Just Like Everyone Else!: The novelization makes him out to be an unusual heroic example, where after the whole Jakku-Finalizer fiasco, the First Order considers him a traitor, and General Hux pores over everything they knew about Stormtrooper FN-2187, troubled that he had no clear "outbursts of individuality" before that day.
  • Took a Level in Badass:
    • Finn, the ex-stormtrooper, starts the film as a Cowardly Lion and remains one for much of it, but when Rey gets kidnapped, and later knocked out by Kylo Ren, he finally stops running. The change is complete when he ignites Luke's old lightsaber and duels Kylo Ren; he'd come quite a ways from thinking that running away was the only option.
    • In The Last Jedi, he continues down this trajectory. After struggling with a standard Stormtrooper wielding a stun baton in The Force Awakens, he's able to best Phasma in a duel using one himself.
    • In The Rise of Skywalker, Finn has become a capable strategist who can think on his feet, and started to develop Force powers.
  • Took a Level in Idealism: Throughout The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, Finn is mostly cynical about the chances to stand up against the First Order despite actively participating in the fight against them. However, by the end of the second film, he is completely willing to believe in the Resistance and die for the cause.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Subverted in regards to Poe's jacket — given that Poe is the only friend he's had in his life at this point, and it's the only thing of his that he can find in the crashed TIE, it's set up to be a sad reminder of the apparent sacrifice he made. Then it turns out that Poe's alright after all, and he tries giving the jacket back, though Poe then tells him he can keep it.
  • Tyke-Bomb: He was raised by the First Order to be a soldier from a young age.
  • The Unchosen One: Has no special lineage that we can see, doesn't have initial Force sensitivity or a prophecy about him, as was the case with the Skywalkers. He didn't switch sides because he had to, but because he didn't want to be a mindless killer. Still wields a lightsaber when he needs a weapon, and deals a great blow to the First Order by rescuing Poe, BB8, and Rey. By the time of The Last Jedi, the Resistance sees him as a Hope Bringer.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Despite the fact that Finn rescued Poe and has rescued Rey, Kylo Ren doesn't see him as a threat. When Kylo Ren knocks out Rey in the climax, Finn drops his blaster to check on her, and turns his back. It's a prime opportunity to knock him out, Ren allows Finn to challenge him with a lightsaber, toys with him during the fight, and doesn't expect to get injured in the process. He still beats the former Stormtrooper, but Finn proves he doesn't go down easily.
  • Undying Loyalty: Not at first, but Finn does develop this. First, for Rey and then for the entire Resistance.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: It's established in-canon that lightsaber proficiency is something that doesn't come easily to most people — even those who are well-equipped in melee combat. Finn, however, is able to competently use the weapon in battle, and even though he's still outclassed by Kylo Ren, he's still able to singe his opponent.
  • Upbringing Makes the Hero: Subverted. Finn was kidnapped as an infant, raised by the First Order, and conscripted to be a killing machine. Yet Finn manages to be a kindhearted, brave fighter that stands up for morality and justice.
  • Villainous BSoD: Seeing Slip's death places him in a brief state of shell-shock that leads directly to his Heel Realization and Heel–Face Turn.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Han initially calls him out for lying to the Resistance and going to Starkiller Base just so he can rescue Rey. Fortunately, he more than makes up for it due to his knowledge of the installation.
    • In the novelization of The Last Jedi, when he and Rose are locked up for letting the rathtars loose, she calls him out again for thinking only about himself (half out of anger that he would abandon the Resistance cause, and half out of jealousy about Rey). When he shoots one back at her about if she would do something similar to him if Paige were the one in danger, Rose doesn't take it well.
    • He isn't very scathing, but when Rey furiously states she's going to destroy Palpatine, Finn remarks that this doesn't sound like the Rey he knows.
  • What You Are in the Dark: At the beginning of The Force Awakens, Finn, along with the other stormtroopers, is ordered by Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma to slaughter an entire village. He is the only one to refuse, which Kylo Ren takes notice of.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Finn gets into a brief but brutal fight with Phasma.
  • Would Not Shoot a Civilian: In spite of the others having no qualms against killing Jakku villagers, he refuses to fire a single shot. Phasma mistakes this for his blaster being defective.
  • You Are Number 6: "Finn" is a name only given to him by Poe. All his life, he's gone by his callsign FN-2187.
  • You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!: During an argument during his and Poe's escape, Poe reveals that the droid he's looking for has a map that leads straight to Luke Skywalker, leading to him screaming this trope at the top of his lungs.

    Poe Dameron 

General Poe Dameron
"I can fly anything."

Species: Human

Homeworld: Yavin IV

Callsign: Black Leader

Portrayed by: Oscar Isaac
Voiced by: Lex Lang (Battlefront II) Hugo Serrano (Latin American Spanish dub), Guillermo Romero (European Spanish dub), Fuminori Komatsu (Japanese dub), Benjamin Penamaria (European French dub)
Appearances: Rebels note  | Poe Dameron Free Fall | Age of Resistance | Before the Awakening | Adventures | C-3PO | Poe Dameron | Resistance | Join the Resistance | The Force Awakens | The Last Jedi | Resistance Reborn | Allegiance | The Rise of Skywalker

"We are the spark that will light the fire that will burn the First Order down."

The son of Rebel Alliance SpecForce soldier Kes Dameron and A-Wing pilot Shara Bey, Poe Dameron is an X-Wing pilot and commander of the Resistance Starfighter Corps. While serving in the New Republic Starfighter Corps, Poe was recruited into the Resistance alongside his squadron by General Leia Organa following an encounter with the First Order attacking civilian vessels that his superiors refused to follow up on. After uncovering information that the First Order is hunting for Lor San Tekka to locate Luke Skywalker, Poe is sent on a mission by General Leia Organa to find him before the First Order does. He is captured by the First Order, but is rescued by Finn, who needs a pilot to help him desert his post.

  • The Ace: He has the personality and reputation to go with his Ace Pilot status; he's the best at what he does, and everyone knows it. The opening narration calls him "Leia's most daring pilot". Many of his interactions with Finn, especially later on, have Finn gushing over how awesome he is.
  • Ace Pilot:
    • He is the best and most daring pilot in the Resistance, a fact that is known even by Kylo Ren. He amply demonstrates it during the movie, picking up TIE fighter handling very quickly and making his next-gen X-wing dance: in a single, 20-second long shot, he scores 10 kills (enough to make him an actual ace twice over) all while flying more like an aerobatic stunt flyer, and strafing stormtroopers on the ground for good measure. His page in the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia has the header "Best Pilot in the Galaxy".
    • Amusingly, as The Rise of Skywalker shows, Poe has a little trouble with helming the signature Cool Ship of the series, the Millenium Falcon.
  • Actually a Good Idea: His reaction when he is finally told all of Holdo's plan to secretly evacuate the Resistance to Crait and call for help from a defendable base.
  • Advertised Extra: In The Force Awakens, he helps Finn (and gives him his name), but then spends a sizable amount of the film as Chekhov M.I.A., only to come back meaningfully for three scenes. He has more to do in The Last Jedi.
  • Aesop Amnesia: His arc in The Last Jedi is about becoming a true leader; he already learned that lesson in his own prequel series.
  • Ambiguously Bi: He doesn't have a Love Interest and his romantic history is never discussed; The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary uses the unisex term "partner" to describe his potential lover; and Oscar Isaac, when asked about the character's sexuality, gave no definitive answer and admitted he'd be open to gay storylines. It helps that he has an easy chemistry with Finn. However, one scene in the The Force Awakens novelization (loosely copied in The Last Jedi), gives him some Ship Tease with Rey and it's strongly implied in The Rise of Skywalker he was once in a relationship with Zorri Bliss, to whom he is still attracted to an extent.
  • Analogy Backfire: Played for Laughs in The Rise of Skywalker. When Rey and Finn express shock that he used to smuggle spice, Poe becomes defensive and states they used to be a scavenger and stormtrooper, respectively, with the implication being they aren't in a position to judge him. However, Finn never had a choice about being a stormtrooper (and quit the moment he was ordered to kill civilians), while as far as is known, scavenging isn't an illegal or morally questionable profession (and like Finn, Rey never had a choice in the matter).
  • Anti-Hero: Poe is usually just a straight-up hero, but in The Last Jedi he starts to slide towards being a Pragmatic Hero, using increasingly risky and ruthless methods to combat the First Order and outright rebelling against Admiral Holdo due to a disagreement in leadership. He tones it down by the end of the film, though, becoming unwilling to sacrifice his comrades for a slim chance at victory.
  • The Apprentice: Poe is being trained as a leader by General Leia Organa, with some implication that he will act as her successor.
  • Ascended Extra: Threefold. It started with J.J. Abrams revising The Force Awakens so that Poe survived the TIE Fighter crash. Afterwards, he starred in a prequel comic released between films. Finally, the character got promoted from a supporting role to the main cast of The Last Jedi – complete with a character arc.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Poe inverts this throughout The Last Jedi. Despite impressive flying which leads to the destruction of a dreadnought, Leia actually demotes him after the battle, as the attack accomplished little in terms of allowing the Resistance fleet to escape while costing the lives of numerous pilots and crewmembers. This is contrasted with the later battle of Crait, in which Poe displays newfound leadership traits in recognizing when not to press the attack at all costs.
  • The Atoner: Following his mutiny against Admiral Holdo leading to the deaths of most of the Resistance, Poe works to regain the trust of those who remain as they rebuild, particularly new recruits who served with Holdo during the Galactic Civil War and learn of Poe's actions after joining.
  • Backstory of the Day: The Rise of Skywalker reveals he used to smuggle spice on Kijimi and thus knows someone there who can hack C-3PO so he can translate a Sith dagger's inscription. This had never been mentioned or implied before, not even in his prequel comic. Prior to this film, he's consistently been depicted only as being a New Republic pilot before joining the Resistance.
  • Badass Boast: Poe has no false modesty about his abilities as a pilot.
    Poe: I can fly anything.
  • Badass in Distress: He was captured by the First Order early in his first film. Finn breaks him out.
  • Bad Liar: According to supplementary materials.
  • Band of Brothers: With the rest of Black Squadron, all of whom he considers more family than friend.
  • Break the Haughty: He's very cocky and maverick in The Last Jedi, constantly rushing off against orders to get things done the way he wants. For this, he gets demoted, reprimanded multiple times, and his hot-headed attitude shoots the Resistance's escape plan in the foot. By the end of the film, he's learned his lesson.
  • Bullying a Dragon: His behavior once brought before Kylo Ren, complete with complaining that the mask makes him hard to understand.
  • The Cameo: His voice, specifically his defiant taunting of Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens, can be briefly heard alongside many other pivotal characters in the Star Wars canon as Ezra walks through the World Between Worlds in Rebels, about three years prior to his birth.
  • Character Development: In The Last Jedi, Poe's Military Maverick attitude is deconstructed. His attempts to deal with the First Order quickly and end up causing more problems than intended. And he assumes Admiral Holdo's plans are cowardice and traitorous. He is proven wrong and is forced to realize how his hasty actions hurt the Resistance. As doing so, he begins to be more level-headed and act like a leader.
  • Chewing the Scenery: No part of his X-wing's cockpit is left un-gnawed during the battle on Takodana.
  • Commanding Coolness: Poe's rank in the Resistance is Commander. He's very competent at his position, managing to demolish a First Order dreadnought that outgunned the entire rest of their fleet combined with only a couple dozen fighters and bombers, in the only unambiguous victory for the Resistance in The Last Jedi. Ironically, the latter accomplishment results in his demotion to Captain (he ignored Leia's orders to retreat and the attack cost the Resistance all of their bombers); in Poe Dameron Leia promotes him back to Commander.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: Like Leia, Poe is a critical rebel agent whose capture is the inciting incident of the story, and whose rescue brings Finn into the conflict. But whereas Leia was a double agent, posing as an Imperial politician, Poe is already famous even among the bad guys as a daring Resistance hero. Also to Han Solo. While they're both cocky and hot-headed Ace Pilots, Han starts out as a cynical smuggler who's Only in It for the Money, while Poe is already a devoted and high-ranking member of the Resistance, who helps others out of altruism. It's also revealed that Poe used to smuggle spice but gave it up after being recruited by the Resistance.
  • Cool Starship: Pilots a unique black X-wing appropriately codenamed Black One, until it gets blown up by Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi .
  • Danger Deadpan: Unlike previous Rebel squadron commanders Garvin Dreis, Luke Skywalker, and Wedge Antilles, Poe averts it. It's made very clear just how much he enjoys flying, and his dialogue in the cockpit is often quite excitable.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He snarks at Kylo Ren constantly. The fallen Jedi doesn't appreciate it. A good example of Poe's snark comes after he's been tortured by the First Order to no avail, forcing Ren to take over.
    Kylo Ren: I'm impressed. No one's been able to get out of you what you did with the map.
    Poe: You might want to rethink your technique.
  • Decoy Protagonist: We're led to believe that he's The Hero of the story from the opening text to having a large chunk of the opening scenes be devoted to him, but he seemingly dies after he and Finn escape from the First Order, leaving Finn to become the protagonist. He turns out to have survived, but then plays a supporting role from then on.
  • Defiant to the End: While he isn't killed, Poe refuses to show fear while being interrogated and tortured by Kylo Ren.
    Poe: The Resistance will not be intimidated by you...
  • Depending on the Writer:
    • A big problem regarding his characterization in the Expanded Universe and The Last Jedi, and one of the reasons why the film was so controversial following its release. In the former, Poe quit his job at the New Republic because he was tired of bureaucrats dismissing his comrades' deaths. In the latter, Poe has no qualms about sacrificing dozens of people to destroy one enemy ship and justifying their demise as heroism.
    • In Rise of Skywalker instead of a New Republic pilot it's revealed he was a spice smuggler before joining the Resistance.
  • Despair Event Horizon: He begins to cross it during the Battle of Exegol, as the Resistance fleet is hopelessly outnumbered by the First Order. As his comrades frantically ask him for orders or are shot down around him, Poe can only apologize for failing them, sounding nearly tearful. It doesn't last long though, as Lando soon arrives with a massive fleet to aid them.
  • Disney Death: Finn presumes him dead when he can't find him in the wreckage of the TIE and the TIE is swallowed up by sand. It turns out later he's alive and back at the Resistance.
  • Distressed Dude: He is captured by the First Order, and interrogated and tortured by Kylo Ren, before escaping with Finn's help.
  • Easily Forgiven: Although his heart is in the right place, in The Last Jedi, the dude does stage a full-blown, blasters-drawn mutiny against his commanding officer. Leia and Vice Admiral Holdo simply chuckle over how spirited he is and consider it a lesson in command. Justified as Poe is still one of the Resistance's best soldiers and they can't afford to do much more to him.
  • Establishing Character Moment: He's first seen receiving vital information for the Resistance, subsequently managing to send the information away by sacrificing his own safety and then snarking at his captor. It's made very clear to the audience that he's a brave, trustworthy, and cunning man who's loyal to the Resistance.
  • Expecting Someone Taller: When he meets Holdo for the first time, he is surprised and openly states she's "not what I expected". Having heard of Holdo's previous feats in battle, he obviously wasn't expecting an ethereal, purple-haired woman in a floor-length gown to be a Vice Admiral.
  • Fatal Flaw: Poe has two: his first flaw is his pride and his second flaw is his yearning to choose paths considered heroic for the Resistance. Leia however points out that means nothing to the resistance if they're dead, after the fleet loses all of their Bombers due to their "heroism".
  • Fire-Forged Friends: With Finn. They have a Friendship Moment in a stolen TIE fighter while escaping.
  • Foil: The Last Jedi presents Poe as one to Admiral Amilyn Holdo. They're both high-ranking Resistance officers who work closely with Leia, but unlike the more seasoned and restrained Holdo, Poe is young and often rash. While Holdo favours a passive strategy that she plays close to the vest, Poe prefers action and a more open style. Both of these end up having serious consequences for the Resistance; Holdo's secrecy leads Poe to mutiny against her, while Poe's impulsiveness costs many lives and inadvertently leaks the Resistance's plans to the First Order. They also strongly contrast in appearance; where Holdo prefers a stylish gown and dyed hair, Poe dresses in a simple leather jacket and doesn't seem to even style his hair. Their views on the Resistance show the similarity and contrast between them very well: Holdo, a strategist, sees the Resistance as the means of restoring the Republic, while Poe, a soldier, sees it as the means of ending the threat of the First Order. They see their goal differently, but it's still the same goal.
    Holdo: We are the spark that will light the fire that will restore the Republic.
    Poe: We are the spark that'll light the fire that'll burn the First Order down.
  • Four-Star Badass: Leia field-promotes Poe before her final act and his return to the base.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: The choleric. Charismatic and a good leader, but also impulsive and arrogant.
  • General Ripper: He is willing to stage an all-costs rebellion that will jeopardize the lives of his subordinates.
  • Generation Xerox: He is a Resistance soldier and hand-picked agent of General Leia whose parents fought with Han and Leia in the Battle of Endor thirty years ago.
  • The Good Captain: After Leia demotes him from Commander to Captain in The Last Jedi, he's still one of the good guys and doing whatever he can to save the Resistance and the galaxy, although his some of his methods do end up being misguided. However, his heart is definitely in the right place and he eventually gets promoted back to Commander again.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather: Starts out the film wearing a leather jacket. After believing that Poe had been killed, Finn takes it for himself, later keeping it with Poe's blessing after they reunite. In The Last Jedi, Poe has replaced it with a new, dark brown leather jacket.
  • Heroic Lineage: His mother was an A-wing pilot who fought at the Battle of Endor, so piloting fighters for the Rebels is in his blood. His father was a rebel commando as well, and he's shown to be quite a rifle marksman like his father; the only shot he missed with his rifle was frozen in place by the Force.
  • Holding the Floor: Most apparent in The Last Jedi when he stalls Hux for time via an extended prank call. His Defiant to the End taunting of Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens also keeps Ren's attention on him and not on the escaping droid.
  • Hot-Blooded: Poe is confident (sometimes to the point of arrogance), impulsive, enthusiastic and a passionate supporter of the Resistance. This is deconstructed in The Last Jedi by showing the consequences of jumping into action without thinking and exceeding orders.
  • Improbable Piloting Skills: Poe is an unbelievably talented fighter pilot. At both Takodana and Starkiller Base he is practically a one-man squadron, taking a massive toll on First Order TIE Fighters and managing to fly into the weapon so that he can shoot out crucial systems from the inside and get back out alive! In The Last Jedi, he manages to take out a First Order dreadnought's surface cannons by himself.
  • I Owe You My Life: Feels this way for Finn after the latter helps him escape from the First Order.
  • It Runs in the Family: Like his parents before him, Poe is a devoted Rebel fighting against a dictatorial regime.
  • Know-Nothing Know-It-All: He thinks he's the only one who has a brain and plan in the Resistance, and often times disobeys direct orders, in favor of doing something more heroic. In The Last Jedi his "heroism" ends up costing the Resistance the entirety of their Bombers, and his mutiny towards the "Cowardly" Admiral Holdo ruins the Resistance plan to sneak out under the First Order's nose, as Finn and Rose's mission fails and their trusting of a traitor alerts the First Order of the escape pods headed to Crait, turning their fire off of the cruiser and to the escape pods, nearly decimating the very few last survivors in the Resistance.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: He finally learns Leia's lesson of "there are problems you can't just solve by blowing things up" when he realizes the defensive skirmish on Crait against the battering-ram cannon is fruitless and orders his squadron to retreat.
  • La Résistance: He is a major figure in the Resistance and their foremost pilot.
  • Large Ham: Poe is very enthusiastic, especially while he's flying.
  • The Leader: Downplayed, as he's not the overarching leader of the Resistance (though it's implied Leia is mentoring him for the position), but he is the commander of the Resistance's pilots. He also briefly takes control of the Resistance in The Last Jedi after staging a mutiny. He is types Headstrong and Charismatic, inspiring a great deal of loyalty and confidence in those under him, throwing himself into the front lines and pulling off crazy stunts to win battles. This is deconstructed to an extent in The Last Jedi, where his more reckless actions cause those who follow him to be unnecessarily endangered or even killed. He starts to realise this by the end and seems to be trying to incorporate more Levelheaded traits. By the third act of The Rise of Skywalker he officially becomes the Resistance's main leader after Leia's death.
  • Leader Wannabe: In The Last Jedi, after Leia is rendered unconscious and Holdo takes command. Poe views her as being incompetent and untrustworthy and starts coming up with missions behind her back to try and save the Resistance, even staging a mutiny late in the film.
  • Leitmotif: Since he is the field leader of the Resistance, March of the Resistance often plays when he performs a heroic feat.
  • Magnetic Hero: Poe very quickly befriends Finn and is clearly well-loved and trusted in the Resistance. The other pilots look up to him and follow him without question. In The Last Jedi, he is actually able to pull off a mutiny against Holdo with the amount of supporters he has.
  • Mauve Shirt: A subverted example—he's set up to be important only in the first twenty minutes of The Force Awakens only to apparently die in the TIE crash. However, it turns out that he was able to escape and meet with the rest of the Resistance forces on Takodana.
  • Messy Hair: The Visual Guide explicitly mentions "tousled hair" as a character trait of his. Given he's a fighting a war, he doesn't really have a lot of time for personal grooming and it fits with his bold, headstrong personality.
  • Military Brat: Both of his parents were Rebel Alliance/New Republic military. His mother was an A-wing pilot during the Battle of Endor, and his father was a commando in Han's troop at the ground theater of that battle.
  • Military Maverick: Poe is reckless and likely to disobey commands. This is deconstructed in The Last Jedi. In the opening, Poe leads a bombing run against the First Order dreadnought despite orders to retreat. This is successful, but results in heavy losses that the Resistance can't support. Next, Poe's far fetched plan to save the Resistance Fleet by disabling Snoke's flagship's hyperspace tracker completely fails, and only hamstrings Vice Admiral Holdo's more realistic plan to evacuate the fleet. Finally, he, Finn, and Rose lead a courageous sally against the First Order on Crait, which barely does any damage at all.
  • Missed Him by That Much: Lampshades this in the comics — since he, Finn, and Rey were all on Jakku at roughly the same time, the three of them could have all met much earlier had the timing been just a bit different at certain points.
  • Mind Probe: He is seen reacting with agony when Kylo Ren's hand is waved over his head. Despite his best efforts, the probe gives up the location of the map to Luke Skywalker.
  • Missing Mom: His mother died when he was a child. He seems to have adopted Leia as a kind of substitute.
  • Nerves of Steel: A requisite to be an Ace Pilot. Poe's coolness under stress is directly contrasted against Finn's trepidation as the two try to escape the First Order.
    Finn: Stay calm, stay calm...
    Poe: I am calm.
    Finn: I'm talking to myself.
  • Nice Guy: A very warm individual and a loyal friend. This is demonstrated particularly with his interactions with Finn, who was working with his enemy scant hours before defecting—his friendship is genuine and unconditional.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Twice in The Last Jedi, both to tragic results. At the start of the film, he ignores General Leia's direct orders to call off an attack on a dreadnought: while the attack manages to eventually take out the dreadnought, the entire bombing fleet dies in the attempt. The second time is equally tragic: despite being demoted, Poe takes it upon himself to question Vice-Admiral Holdo's plan, and when he is rightfully Locked Out of the Loop, he creates his own secret plan and then further stages a mutiny. When he does learn of Holdo's plan, he blabs about it to Finn over the radio, which DJ overhears, which leads to the First Order learning Holdo's plan (which is to evacuate the entire alliance on transport ships with cloaking devices while Holdo herself acts as a distraction) when DJ sells them out. Armed with this knowledge, the First Order begins slaughtering the defenseless rebels onboard the transport ships until Holdo's Heroic Sacrifice - which she would never have had to make if Poe hadn't inadvertently given her plan away to the enemy. Poe's interference and insubordination leads to even more deaths. It's clear he learns this the hard way, at the very moment he realizes what Holdo intends to do: the horror on his face says it all.
  • Not So Stoic: As seen in Resistance, Poe Dameron, Ace Pilot and unflappable man of action, absolutely despises Kowakian monkey-lizards. Not that you can blame him for it.
  • Percussive Therapy: Upon learning of Holdo's plan to evacuate the Resistance onto transports (where they'll be defenceless against the First Order), he blows up and starts kicking things and throwing chairs.
  • Pet the Dog: During the opening skirmish on Jakku, he manages to off several stormtroopers with blaster fire, but stops a moment when he spies a stormtrooper looking dazed and confused after his comrade is killed. Rather than shoot him, Poe chooses to let him live. That same stormtrooper is Finn, who would later help him escape.
  • Raised by Grandparents: His maternal grandfather took care of him for the first few years of his life because his parents were busy with the war effort.
  • Rank Up: One of Leia's final acts is to promote him to the rank of general.
  • "Reason You Suck" Speech: Gives Vice Admiral Holdo one when he learns her plan to save the Resistance seemingly just involves evacuating everyone onto tiny, unarmed transports, calling her a coward and a traitor. He eats his words later though, after he discovers this was only one part of Holdo's plan; the transports have been fitted with cloaking devices to get everyone to a nearby Rebel base to call for help, while Holdo stays behind to distract the First Order. Upon learning this, Poe actually develops some respect for Holdo.
  • Rebel Leader: As Commander of the Resistance Starfighter Corps, Poe is very much someone that the members, especially his pilots, look up to and trust. He lays out the plan for the attack on Starkiller Base, with the officers above him in rank assenting. As the leader of their X-wing squadrons, it is made clear that the other pilots, many of whom are less-experienced, draw a lot of confidence from having him in the air with them. He eventually takes Leia's place as the overarching Resistance leader.
    "We're with you Poe!"
  • Replacement Goldfish: Possibly for Leia, in regards to her lost son, with Oscar Isaac describing Poe as being "in some ways a surrogate son". Poe is roughly the same age as Kylo Ren (Kylo's about 29, Poe is slightly older at 32), is also an Ace Pilot and is one of Leia's most trusted agents. She appears to be mentoring him for a leadership position in the Resistance and is clearly fond of him. He likely fills the roles she'd have given to Ben Solo if he hadn't fallen to the dark side.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!:
    • In the novelization, Poe disobeyed Leia's direct orders because he wanted to make sure the Millennium Falcon escaped from Starkiller Base before it exploded.
    • In The Last Jedi, he stages a mutiny against Holdo and the other officers after believing they are fleeing like cowards instead of fighting like heroes, until Leia awakens and puts a quick end to it.
  • Shout-Out: Poe's X-wing colors are Black and Gold and he is the best pilot in the resistance. This is the same as for Skull 1 in the Macross Universe.
  • Significant Wardrobe Shift: In The Force Awakens, Poe is seen in either his light brown jacket or his bright orange flight suit. The flight suit sticks around in The Last Jedi, but his jacket is now much darker, reflecting that he's no longer the unambiguously heroic character he'd previously been. He's now a more flawed character whose decisions, right or wrong, cost many Resistance lives.
  • Strategy Versus Tactics: The Last Jedi has his character development focus on this idea, he's exceptional at seeing things on the ground level: taking his victories where he can and calls the ones who perish, heroes in the effort. However much of his planning is ill prepared for the long term, something Leia consistently hits him with; it's only in the finale where it finally hits him that he needs to start looking at the larger picture, especially when the force he's fighting with is so few in number as it is. Leia acknowledges his newfound perspective when he doesn't send what few soldiers are left to help with Luke's last stand - opting instead to trust him and in turn, lead the evacuation of the Resistance while Luke buys them time.
  • Tragic Keepsake: According to the Visual Dictionary for The Last Jedi, Poe wears a necklace with his late mother's wedding ring attached to it.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Given the brief timeframe between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, Poe endures a lot of hardships without adequate time to cope. Altogether, he gets paralyzed by Kylo Ren; gets punched and frisked by Stormtroopers; witnesses the execution of war prisoners; gets physically and mentally tortured; has a near-fatal crash with a concussion and temporary amnesia; learns the New Republic was destroyed; loses comrades during an attack on Starkiller Base; sees Finn injured and comatose; leads a mission that causes the deaths of all his teammates; gets smacked, berated and demoted by General Leia; almost dies in an explosion that kills several more members of his squadron; gets belittled and dismissed in public by Admiral Holdo; gets shot by Leia; watches the First Order destroy numerous escape pods while he's powerless to stop it; and leads another mission where most of the soldiers die. Miraculously, he's still going strong by the end.
  • Troll: He's flippantly Defiant to the End when at Kylo Ren's mercy, but he brilliantly vexes General Hux in the opening scene of The Last Jedi with a Prank Call in front of all of Hux's staff. Of course, it's a ploy to get the First Order to allow him to get close enough to the dreadnought to knock out its antiaircraft guns.
  • Unexplained Recovery: It is unclear how Poe Dameron survived the crash and managed to return to the Resistance in such a short amount of time before he is seen leading the X-wing squadron during the Battle of Takodana. Finn asks that very question to Poe but in the movie, Poe only gives a few details about where he landed before changing the topic to more important concerns. The novelization fills in the gaps: He wanders away from the crash just before Finn comes up to it, concussed and not hearing him. Poe helps a scavenger attacked by some thugs, and the man pays him back by flying him off planet where he can contact the Resistance for backup. His comic tells a similar story, except it's the scavenger's friend who helps him fly offworld, and he borrows the ship to reach the Resistance.
  • Universal Driver's License: He's never flown a next-generation TIE Fighter before, yet figures its pilot controls and its gunner controls in less than a minute. In his own words, "I can fly anything".
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: He and Rey have this dynamic; they tend to get on each others nerves and in their first scene in The Rise of Skywalker they start arguing about what the other did to BB-8 and the Falcon, respectively, but they do care about each other.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: A rare heroic example. Poe has a strong desire to do the right thing, and his ultimate goal is to protect the galaxy, but The Last Jedi shows that he's willing to use costly and ruthless methods to do so. The most blatant instances are disobeying Leia's direct orders and leading a Suicide Mission against a First Order battleship, and staging a mutiny against Admiral Holdo.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Downplayed. He calls out Rey in The Rise of Skywalker for spending all her time training, as he believes she's their best fighter and thinks she should be on the front lines. He's also dismayed when Rey flies off by herself following her duel with Kylo on Kef Bir, though in this case Finn gently chastizes him, saying Poe doesn't understand what Rey is fighting against (not just physically but within herself).
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer...: He's an Ace Pilot. He's phenomenal at blowing stuff up from a ship, and tends to default to that as his first course of action.
  • You Are in Command Now: In The Rise of Skywalker, he unexpectedly discovers that Leia has died and her final order was that he succeed her as the Resistance's main leader. Poe ends up leading the Resistance and their allies in their final battle against the First Order.


BB-8 (Beebee-Ate)

Poe Dameron's astromech droid, BB-8 accompanies his owner and friend on his missions.

  • Badass Adorable: Especially so in The Last Jedi. Namely, hijacking a AT-ST to help Finn and Rose onboard Snoke's flagship.
  • Beware the Cute Ones: BB-8 is a cute little droid but he demonstrates a ruthless streak and has no problem with inflicting pain.
  • Big Brother Worship: He's "the new R2" and looks up to his predecessor, even insisting to project the final piece of the map himself just to show off to R2.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Gets to be one in truly epic fashion in The Last Jedi, saving Finn and Rose at crucial times just as all hope seems lost.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: To R2-D2. Visually, they're deliberately contrasting, with BB-8 as a small, basketball-sized sphere with orange accents, whereas R2 is a trash can-sized cylinder with blue accents. R2 is more of a mischievous prankster with limited mobility who stays out of combat and has little respect for anyone, while BB-8 is more of the Consummate Professional who's fast moving, combat-capable, and treats both his friends and predecessor with reverence. Finally, while R2 is almost always part of Those Two Guys with C-3PO, BB-8 usually works alone and has yet to be paired with a protocol droid partner.
  • Consummate Professional: As stated above, he's much less prone to screwing with his colleagues than his predecessor R2.
  • Cute Machines: He's one of the most adorable machines in fiction. Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment invoked as to whether or not he's cuter than his predecessor.
  • Deliberately Cute Child: Robot variety. In this article, BB-8's designer implies that he knows how cute he is and uses that to manipulate people and accomplish his missions. He invokes this to get Rey to let him stay at her home.
  • Demoted to Extra: BB-8 has significant roles in The Force Awakens, where he's carrying the map to Ahch-To and so is hunted by the First Order, and The Last Jedi, where he gets Finn and Rose out of some serious scrapes. In The Rise of Skywalker he still tags along with the heroes on their quest, but doesn't contribute anything important and is mostly relegated to the background.
  • Do-Anything Robot: BB-8 is a next-generation astromech droid and thus a more advanced successor to the model line that R2-D2 is from. In addition to independent movement, he can maintain an X Wing, communicate, shock someone, and project information in holographic displays. As of The Last Jedi, he's also capable of hijacking and piloting AT-ST walkers, something even R2 could only dream of. BB-8's mechanics are thus intentionally left vague to allow for them to come up with different tools and functions for him when the plot or comedy demands it. The idea is apparently that he's being upgraded and changed behind-the-scenes, but that's not really important.
  • Easily Detachable Robot Parts: BB-8's head isn't actually attached to him, just held there by magnets, so it comes right off with a good jolt and he's no worse for wear. His body just rolls over and puts it back on.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: The eclectic, given his lack of a defined personality.
  • Grappling-Hook Pistol: While his predecessor had rocket boosters to propel himself where his wheels couldn't, BB-8's round body is limited to rolling on surfaces he can climb onto. How does he get around this limitation? By means of four grappling guns built into his chassis, which he can use to winch himself out of holes or swing over obstacles.
  • Guy in Back: After he and Poe are reunited, BB-8 takes up his rightful place in the socket of Poe's X-wing during the attack on Starkiller Base.
  • Improbable Weapon User: After being taken for a slot machine at Canto Bight, BB-8 weaponizes the coins inserted in him by rapidly firing them out at the prison guards.
  • Intelligible Unintelligible: Like R2, only talks in beeps, yet Rey, Poe and most of the others understand him.
  • Kid-Appeal Character: Small, cute, and makes a popular toy.
  • Meaningful Name: Abrams says that his name came from the fact that he resembled either two B's back-to-back or the number 8.
  • Mythology Gag: His design is based on an early concept of R2-D2 that was scrapped due to the technological limitations of the time at which the original movie was made.
  • Nice Guy: BB-8 is a sweet, demure, and loyal droid who will always be there for his master and his companions.
  • Official Couple: With Ivee in the "Legend Found" arc of the Poe Dameron comic. It doesn't last due to Ivee performing a Heroic Sacrifice, although BB-8 seems to be moving on to CB-23 in Resistance.
  • One-Wheeled Wonder: He's essentially a droid head on a giant rolling sphere, and he rolls around on said sphere.
  • Orange/Blue Contrast: When together with his predecessor and idol R2-D2, who uses the color blue, he provides this.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: The little guy single-handedly takes out three guards by himself in The Last Jedi.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: BB-8 is a cute little guy who provides a lot of levity to the new trilogy, especially the rather dark (by Star Wars standards) The Force Awakens. Rian Johnson called BB-8 "the Buster Keaton" of The Last Jedi due to his ability to inject humor into the film by just being the scrappy, adorable droid he is.
  • Pulling Themselves Together: In The Last Jedi he gets smashed into a wall with enough force to separate his head from his body, but he rectifies this on his own some seconds later and comes out none the worse for wear.
  • Punny Name: A ball-shaped character named "BB", as in BB-gun pellets? And "8", as in the best-known ball in pool?
  • Puppy-Dog Eyes: Does a robot version of this to get Rey to let him accompany her on Jakku.
  • Recurring Element: A small cute unintelligible robot that rolls around like R2-D2.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Much like R2-D2 and C-3PO before him, he is able to show concern for his naturally living companions. In addition, he has some more expressive interactions than the average droid, including his method of doing a thumbs-up with his blowtorch.
  • Robot Buddy: The droid serves as this to the new Power Trio, especially Poe and Rey.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • Helps Finn as he tries to impress Rey.
    • In "SaBBotage", a short story at the end of Poe Dameron Issue #1, BB-8 sabotages a Resistance pilot's X-wing to get him to talk to the tech officer he has a crush on.
  • Shock and Awe: Like most astromechs, BB-8 has a taser, which he uses on Finn when he thinks Finn robbed Poe.
  • Starfish Robots: A rolling sphere with a free-moving dome on top.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: In The Last Jedi, he, of all characters, gets to say "I have a bad feeling about this..." right before a mission Poe is about to embark upon. Even General Leia, who has heard the line at least a few times before, agrees with him on that sentiment.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He takes at least a hundred levels in The Last Jedi when he wires his cute little bubble body into the cockpit of a First Order AT-ST that's not quite suited for someone of his proportions and successfully pulls off a Big Damn Heroes moment that saves the lives of several other protagonists.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Poe. When he sees that Finn is wearing Poe's leather jacket, BB-8 starts tasing him, infuriated at the idea of someone stealing from Poe.
  • Use Your Head: A unique and hilarious non-combat example happens in The Last Jedi when Poe's X-Wing is hit by blaster fire that disables its weapons. BB's attempts to get the guns working again quickly spiral out of control when more and more subsystems start to fail. When he finally runs out of tools to poke them with, he headbutts the entire control panel in desperation. He gets zapped for his troubles but comes out okay, and the guns also come online again seconds later.

    Rose Tico 

Commander Rose Tico
"That's how we'll win. Not by fighting what we hate, by saving what we love."

Species: Human

Homeworld: Hays Minor

Portrayed by: Kelly Marie Tran
Voiced by: Annie Rojas (Latin American Spanish dub), Ainhoa Martín (European Spanish dub), Kelly Marot (European French dub)
Appearances: Age of Resistance | Cobalt Squadron | Adventures | Adventures: Forces of Destiny | The Last Jedi | Resistance Reborn | Allegiance | Forces of Destiny | The Rise of Skywalker

A maintenance worker in the Resistance. She is the younger sister of Paige Tico, a Resistance gunner in Colbalt Squadron. After meeting Finn during the evacuation of D'Qar, Rose joins him on a mission to deactivate the First Order's hyperspace tracking device. Following the Battle of Crait, Rose was promoted to the head of the Engineering Corps as the Resistance rebuilt from its losses and continued the war against the First Order.

  • Aborted Arc: The Last Jedi sets up a possible romance arc between Rose and Finn, however in The Rise of Skywalker any romance between them is completely unacknowledged and they barely even interact beyond professional courtesy. The novel Resistance: Reborn briefly mentions that Finn and Rose ultimately decided not to pursue a relationship, but beyond that it isn't addressed at all.
  • Action Survivor: Unlike the other main protagonists, Rose is not a trained combatant, but a maintenance worker. However, she still tases would-be deserters, accompanies Finn on the mission to find a codebreaker, manages to escape the local security on Canto Bight, escapes Stormtroopers on the Supremacy and joins the Resistance fighters to defend the base on Crait. In The Rise of Skywalker she also participates in the final battle on Exegol, where the Resistance need every fighter they can get.
  • Adorkable: Just try not to smile at the cuteness of Rose's eager excitement and glee at meeting her hero, Finn.
  • Advertised Extra: She is featured on theatrical release posters for The Rise of Skywalker, gets her own character poster and shows up in some of the trailers, but has only a handful of scenes in the movie itself (amounting to less than two minutes of screen time) and does nothing significant.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: She develops a crush on Finn in The Last Jedi, but while they become friends he never truly reciprocates her romantic feelings (he looks quite surprised and doesn't respond when she kisses him). Finn mentions in Resistance Reborn that after talking with Rose about it, they decided to just stay friends and they never bring it up again. A year later, Rose is still friendly with Finn and so presumably has no hard feelings over it.
  • Anguished Declaration of Love: When Finn asks her why she saved him at the risk of her own life, she repeats her character quote about how you win by saving what you love.
  • Ascended Fangirl: She clearly fangirls over Finn when meeting him, before she realizes he's deserting. Later ends up joining her heroes.
  • Badass Adorable: Though sweet, kind and cuddly, Rose's will is as iron-strong as her sister Paige's, and while not as well trained in combat as the other heroes on this page, is perhaps the bravest of them all when in the defense of the innocent and helpless.
  • Better as Friends: In Resistance Reborn, Finn says that after talking about Rose kissing him on Crait, they ultimately decided they just wanted to be friends, or at least that's what Finn says (we don't hear Rose's side).
  • Beware the Cute Ones: While looking as intimidating as her name, she reveals to Finn she already tasered three people who attempted to use an escape pod and desert before tasering him as well when she catches on he is attempting to leave as well (although he did it because he wants to find Rey).
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Her round face and chubby figure only add to her cuteness.
  • Big Brother Worship: The novelization establishes that Rose worships the ground Paige walks on.
  • Big Damn Kiss: Plants one on Finn in the final battle, after throwing herself in the line of fire for him.
  • Broken Pedestal: Her hero-worship of Finn can be practically heard shattering when she sees that he's trying to desert. Turns out to not be such a bad thing, however, as it gives her a chance to know him for real.
  • The Cutie: She can be downright Adorkable at times and is generally very friendly and sweet-natured.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She and her sister Paige grew up in an impoverished mining colony on Hays Minor, where their people were forced to mine resources for the First Order, who then used the colony to test their weaponry. The loss of her home and people motivated Rose to join the Resistance.
  • Defiant to the End: Though she ultimately doesn't die, after being captured by the First Order she simply glares at Hux and even tries to wrestle off her guards to attack DJ upon learning he sold the Resistance out. In a deleted scene, she takes it up a notch and bites Hux's finger when he touches her chin, then spits at his feet.
  • Demoted to Extra: She gets significantly less screentime in The Rise of Skywalker compared to The Last Jedi, doesn't do anything of note and isn't directly involved with the central quest.
  • Dressing as the Enemy: She dresses as a First Order officer to sneak onto the Supremacy.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Twofold.
    • She's introduced crying over her sister's Heroic Sacrifice while cradling her pendant, which is identical to the one Paige was wearing, but she quickly pulls herself together when she sees someone approaching the escape pods. This shows both her love for her sister and her professionalism despite personal grief.
    • When she thinks that Finn is trying to desert the Resistance, she tasers him into unconsciousness without a moment's hesitation, despite gushing over him literally seconds earlier.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: A year after The Last Jedi she's grown her fringe out and now wears her hair in a bun rather than a ponytail, giving her a more mature and professional look.
  • Fatal Flaw: Rose has two: her first flaw is her naivety and her second flaw is her impulsivity. Rose is a very good-hearted and well-intentioned young woman, but a bit too trusting and inexperienced at times. She rather blindly goes along with Poe's plans, despite the great risk involved (it actually eventually leads to her and Finn being captured and nearly executed by the First Order). She also hero-worships Finn so much – despite never having actually met him - she doesn't even notice at first he's trying to get to an escape pod; she then furiously stuns him without giving him a chance to explain himself. Finally, it is her and Finn's decision to trust DJ that nearly causes the entire Resistance to be wiped out when he betrays them.
  • Fighting for a Homeland: Age of Resistance reveals that she and Paige originally joined the Resistance to try and help save their homeworld from the First Order., as they realized they couldn't drive them off without help. Unfortunately, Hays Minor ended up destroyed before they ever had a chance to make a real difference. Rose subsequently became determined to prevent this from happening to anyone else.
    Rose: Our world is gone. Others need saving.
  • Foil: For Finn. While he is a recognized hero of the Resistance, albeit one who's not wholly devoted to the cause, Rose is a simple maintenance worker who is extremely loyal to the Resistance. As demonstrated by their mission to Canto Bight, Finn is initially rather naïve about the greater galaxy, while Rose is much more experienced. They also contrast in their attitudes towards conflict; Finn remarks that it was worth trashing Canto Bight to get back at the war profiteers who reside there, while Rose only considers it worthwhile because the mistreated falthiers were freed, and later, when Finn attempts a Heroic Sacrifice to try and defeat the First Order, Rose intervenes to save him, believing that a conflict can only be truly won by saving lives, rather than sacrificing them.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: The sanguine. Compassionate and very emotional, but also reckless.
  • Geeky Turn-On: She warms back up to Finn when, as they start cobbling together a plan to save the Resistance, she starts discussing mechanical terms and he jumps in with his own knowledge.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Rose is a sweet, kind young woman, but that doesn't stop her from tasing would-be deserters into submission when she needs to.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: The novelization of The Last Jedi has her expressing resentment and jealousy over Finn's focus on saving Rey, though this is only partially because of her own interest in him—the other part is because he's willing to abandon the Resistance for it.
  • The Heart: Can be seen as this to Finn throughout The Last Jedi. While Finn wants revenge on the First Order for their atrocities, Rose is more concerned with saving the people they target. In a notable example, after freeing the fathiers on Canto Bight to escape and inadvertently trashing the place, Finn remarks that it was worth it to make the rich scumbags pay. Rose, however, replies that freeing the abused fathiers was what made it all worth it. This is also reflected in her page quote.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: She saves Finn by crashing into his ship, injuring herself in the process.
  • Hero-Worshipper: She's an absolute fan of Finn and sees him as a hero. She's downright wowed when he says "may the Force be with you" to her.
  • Improbable Age: At just twenty-four years old, she's a Resistance commander and head of engineering. This is justified as the Resistance tend to go for skill over age or other factors, especially after The Last Jedi.
  • It's Personal: She holds a grudge against the First Order because they kidnapped children from her home system to train them to be Stormtroopers, and then nuked the place once they had everything they wanted. It becomes even more personal after her sister Paige dies fighting them.
  • Meaningful Name: Rose is sweet and soft-looking...but watch out for the thorns.
  • Motor Mouth: Rose talks very rapidly when meeting Finn, blabbering excitedly about how much she's heard of him before switching topics to how she's already tasered deserters fast enough to give whiplash.
  • Nice Girl: If her character quote didn't give it away, Rose is an absolute sweetheart, who despite her hate for the First Order cares more about saving and protecting even abused animals than getting back at them.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: She helps come up with a plan to disable the hyperspace tracker on the Supremacy so the Resistance can escape, then accompanies Finn to Cantonica to find a slicer who can hack the ship for them. She and Finn hire DJ after being unable to get to the codebreaker Maz Kanata recommended. They then get caught by the First Order and DJ tells them about the Resistance's secret escape plan to save himself, which ends with nearly the entire Resistance being wiped out.
  • No Social Skills: As she says, she stays behind pipes all day; "doing talking" is not her thing, and she noticeably stumbles and trips over her words when trying to initiate her first conversation with Finn.
  • Non-Action Guy: She's a mechanic, not a soldier, and more or less useless in a fight. She'll still do her best when she needs to though and is handy with a taser.
  • Now or Never Kiss: It's heavily implied this is the reason she kisses Finn on Crait. She has just been seriously injured saving him and the First Order are on the brink of wiping the Resistance out, so she impulsively kisses him before falling unconscious.
  • Rank Up: A year after the events of The Last Jedi she has been promoted to head of the Resistance's engineering corps, bearing the rank of commander.
  • Revenge Before Reason: After finding out Hays Minor had been destroyed by the First Order (resulting in the deaths of their parents as well), she and Paige tried to fly off to find the "biggest First Order target" they could and blow it up, even though it wouldn't do all that much damage to the First Order in the long run and would cost them their lives. Luckily, Leia - who knows all too well what it's like to have your entire planet and family taken from you - is able to talk Rose and Paige out of it.
  • Second Episode Introduction: She's introduced in The Last Jedi.
  • Ship Tease: With Finn in The Last Jedi. She fangirls over meeting him, they have a great teamwork and banter, shares several tender moments, and she even kisses him during the final battle. During the ending scene, he's also hovering over her comatose side, clearly worried. The ship is sunk in Resistance Reborn though, with Finn saying they decided to just be friends. The Rise of Skywalker sinks it further; Finn and Rose only speak a handful of times about their missions and he gets a new Implied Love Interest in Jannah.
  • Sibling Team: With her older sister Paige in her Age of Resistance issue.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: She fangirls over Finn and later develops a full-blown crush on him because of how brave and heroic she finds him.
  • Sixth Ranger: She joins the team of Resistance protagonists that was established in The Force Awakens in its sequel, The Last Jedi.
  • Sole Survivor: As of the end of The Last Jedi, she's the only surviving member of her family (her parents and sister have both been killed by the First Order). She may also be one of the only surviving Haysians, as she was offworld when Hays Minor was blockaded and "ripped apart" by the First Order for resources, killing everyone else.
  • This Cannot Be!: Downplayed. When Poe delivers the spy's report that Emperor Palpatine is alive, she desperately asks "Wait, do we believe this?". However, she quickly accepts it's true.
  • Tomboyish Ponytail: Rose is an overalls-wearing Wrench Wench and keeps her hair tied back in a small ponytail.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Her necklace, which was part of a matching set with her sister's. It's one of the only mementos she has of her homeworld after it was decimated by the First Order and is also all she has left of Paige after she's killed early in The Last Jedi.
  • Tsundere: For Finn, especially in the novelization. She switches between snipping at him for his cowardice and admiring his more heroic traits. She even calls him "dummy" a few times in an affectionate manner.
  • Uncertain Doom: Much like Finn in the last film, she's badly injured in the final battle, and it's left uncertain if or when she'll recover from her injuries.
  • Undying Loyalty: She's loyal to the Resistance, as shown when she explains having to taser deserters trying to escape the Raddus.
  • Unlikely Hero: Tran describes her as someone who never expected to be a hero.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: She is furious with Finn when she realizes he's trying to abandon ship, wordlessly stunning him and angrily rebuffing his attempts to explain. Although Finn's motivation isn't completely self-centered as he's trying to prevent Rey from being captured, Rose still calls him a selfish traitor and scathingly points out that her sister just died defending the fleet, so her reaction is understandable.
  • Wrench Wench: She's a Resistance maintenance worker, making her good with machines.


Jannah (TZ-1719)

Species: Human

Portrayed by: Naomi Ackie

A former First Order stormtrooper who lives on Kef Bir, the water moon of Endor where the main remnants of the second Death Star have crashed. She joins the heroes of the Resistance.

  • Action Girl: She's an ex-stormtrooper and is skilled with a bow, fighting with the Resistance and helping Finn take down the First Order flagship.
  • Ambiguously Related: To Lando. Lando had a daughter who was taken by the First Order in 15 ABY. According to the Visual Dictionary, Jannah is in her twenties in 35 ABY. The timelines line up, but aside from Lando quickly forming a bond with her and deciding to help her discover where she came from, nothing is ever elaborated on.
  • Badass Cape: She wears an ankle-length yellow cape as part of her outfit.
  • Defector from Decadence: Like Finn, she's a former Stormtrooper who decided to call it quits when ordered to massacre unarmed civilians.
  • Energy Bow: Her Weapon of Choice.
  • Fingerless Gloves: She wears a single fingerless glove on one hand.
  • Horseback Heroism: She, Finn and a group of other Resistance fighters ride horse-like creatures in on the flagship.
  • Implied Love Interest: To Finn. There's never anything explicitly romantic between them, but Jannah becomes close to Finn quite quickly (to the point of being willing to die at his side) and spends more time with him than any other protagonist. For his part, Finn is excited and admiring when he learns he's not the only defected stormtrooper out there, and trusts Jannah enough to have her at his side in battle. According to Naomi Ackie, the romantic angle of Jannah and Finn's relationship was intentional.
  • Last Episode, New Character: She is first introduced in the final film in the Sequel Trilogy and becomes a major supporting character.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Implied. After defecting from the First Order, she took the name Jannah, but it can be inferred this wasn't her birth name as she doesn't remember where she came from before.
  • Quest for Identity: It's implied this will be her next goal at the end of the film. After the Resistance's victory, Jannah remarks to Lando that she doesn't really know who she is, as she was taken by the First Order as a very young child. Lando smiles and says "Lets find out" and she smiles back, indicating Lando is going to help her uncover her past.
  • Ship Tease: With Finn. They bond very quickly over their shared background and she frequently sticks by his side for the rest of the film; she adamantly refuses to leave him in the final battle even though the chance of survival is slim.
  • Sixth Ranger: To the group of heroes set up in the previous two films.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: To Rose to an extent; they're both young women with a personal grudge against the First Order, both join the pre-established group of heroes and both develop a friendship and Ship Tease with Finn. They also wear similar colors (Rose has dark yellow overalls; Jannah has a brighter yellow vest and cape).
  • Would Not Shoot a Civilian: The moment she defected from the First Order was when she was ordered to shoot civilians. She refused and laid down her weapon, with her entire company doing the same.
  • You Are Number 6: When she was a stormtrooper, her designated serial number was TZ-1719, which she ditched after defecting.


D-0, "Dio"

Portrayed by: J. J. Abrams (voice)

An old little droid that BB-8 revives and befriends.

  • Break Out the Museum Piece: He's old and covered with dust when he's found. BB-8 revives him.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: When he's first introduced, D-0 just seems to be a cute yet insignificant droid, primarily there as a Kid-Appeal Character. Then Finn finds out D-0 has highly sensitive information about Exegol and the Sith Fleet, which is essential to the Resistance's plan in the climax.
  • Cute Machines: He's essentially a tiny beak on a wheel. Concept art shows that his design was influenced by rubber duckies.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Rey deduces from how nervous and stuttering he is around people that he was mistreated. Given his previous master was a Sith worshipper who worked for Palpatine, it wouldn't be all that surprising he didn't have a happy life.
  • Hates Being Touched: When Rey reaches out a hand to him, he quickly wheels away, saying "No, thank you. No, thank you." This is part of what leads Rey to the conclusion that he was mistreated.
  • Last Episode, New Character: First introduced in the final film of the Sequel Trilogy.
  • Robot Buddy: He accompanies BB-8 after being revived, so he's a robot buddy to another robot buddy.

Alternative Title(s): Star Wars Finn, Star Wars Poe


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