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Landonis Balthazar "Lando" Calrissian III

Species: Human

Homeworld: Socorro

Portrayed by: Billy Dee Williams (Original Trilogy, Rebels, The Rise of Skywalker), Donald Glover (Solo)
Voiced by (English): Billy Dee Williams (most video games), Chris Jai Alex (young Lando, Battlefront II (2017))
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish dub): Arturo Mercado (Both dubs of The Empire Strikes Back and redub of Return of the Jedi), José Archimides (Return of the Jedi, first dub), Víctor Covarrubias (The Rise of Skywalker), Erick Selim (Young, Solo), Idzi Dutkiewicz (Rebels)
Voiced by (European Spanish dub): Francisco Garriga (The Empire Strikes Back), Miquel Cors (Return of the Jedi), Iñaki Crespo (Rebels), Juan Amador Pulido (Solo)
Voiced by (Japanese dub): Norio Wakamoto (current), Gotaro Tsunashima (Solo)
Voiced by (French dub): Jean Roche (Original Trilogy), Mohad Sanou (Solo), Philippe Allard (Rebels)
Voiced by (Brazilian dub): André Filho (Original Trilogy, first dub), Júlio Chaves (Original Trilogy, second and third dub, cartoons, Sequel Trilogy), Gabriel Noya (Solo)

    Tropes from the Solo Era 

Lando Calrissian
"Everything you've heard about
me is true."

"I once won a sub-tropical moon in the Oseon Belt. Turned out to be a real money pit."

Once a famed smuggler and outlaw, Lando Calrissian has since moved on to the life of a card shark and sportsman, travelling the galaxy aboard his luxurious starship, the Millennium Falcon. Nonetheless, he's drawn back into the criminal underworld for one last job by Qi'ra, Tobias Beckett and Han Solo, who request his aid in stealing a large shipment of raw hyperfuel from the mines of Kessel.

  • Agent Peacock: Downplayed. He's always dressed in stylish and colourful outfits and rather flamboyant, and he can kick ass too, though he'd rather stay out of the fighting if he can. Not only that, but he completely freaks out when Qi'ra tries to use one of his capes to put out a fire. However, he really starts fighting back on Kessel when Pyke syndicate mooks damage the Falcon and he runs straight into the thick of combat to rescue L3 when she's shot.
  • Anything That Moves: According to Word of Gay, his taste includes men, women, aliens, and L3, a robot.
  • "Awesome McCool" Name: A deleted scene that was confirmed to still be canon reveals that his full name is "Landonis Balthazar Calrissian III."
  • Badass Beard: He sports a neatly-trimmed moustache and goatee. Switches to just a Badass Moustache as he gets older.
  • Badass Boast: Upon meeting Han for the first time:
    Han Solo: I heard a story about you; I was wondering if it's true.
    Lando Calrissian: Everything you have heard about me is true.
  • Badass Cape: He has a wardrobe on the Falcon that is filled entirely with capes.
  • Badass Longcoat: He wears a large fur mantle at times.
  • Butt-Monkey: Joining the heist on Kessel brings him much trouble. It includes having his ship turned into a "pile of junk" in the Kessel Run, watching Qi'ra trying to smother a fire with one of his pricey and fashionable capes, losing L3-37, and not getting any money from the job, ultimately. And, last but not least, he gets his comeuppance for all his cheating, losing his ship in a Sabacc game against Han.
  • Cheaters Never Prosper: Cheating at Sabacc paid off for quite some time for him... until he met Han Solo. In the last scene of Solo, Han steals the card he kept up his sleeve, and wins the Millennium Falcon fair and square in their second Sabacc duel.
  • Cool Starship: During the events of Solo, he still owns the Millenium Falcon and has made various modifications to it to make it even cooler. He is not impressed when the ship gets trashed during the Kessel run and he loses it to Han by the end.
  • Curse Cut Short: After the Falcon's engines suddenly fail while next to the Maw but before they kick back in.
    Lando: Ohhh, sh
  • The Dandy: He always strives to look fashionable, and has an enormous amount of capes in his closet. When Qi'ra uses one to put out a fire, he immediately starts protesting that it's "custom ordered!"
  • Diary: He has a holographic diary in which he (exaggeratedly) recounts his adventures. He calls it "The Calrissian Chronicles".
  • Everyone Has Standards: A cheater he may be, but Lando mutters that mining operations are the worst when they arrive at Kessel.
  • Fixing the Game: He cheats at Sabacc.
  • The Gambler: He is an avid Sabacc player. It's a card game that's quite popular throughout the galaxy. Although he's quite the cheater.
  • "Good Luck" Gesture: Lando and L3 exchange one before jumping to hyperspace for Kessel. It comes off as a pre-flight ritual that the duo has done many times.
  • Heroic BSoD: He goes into a brief one after L3-37 dies and he is shot in the arm trying to save her. He's left holding her, sobbing and telling her it'll be okay. He actually willingly lets Han pilot the Millennium Falcon because he knows he's in no state to do it himself, and doesn't let himself be overwhelmed by grief during the Kessel Run.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: He and L3 bicker and banter constantly, in a good-humored way that reinforces their clearly close-knit bonds.
  • Lovable Rogue: Yeah, he'll lie and cheat, but he’s just so damn charming!
  • Malicious Misnaming: In the form of an In-Joke. Billy Dee Williams tended to mispronounce Han's name with a hard-A in the original trilogy. Solo implies that this is actually something of a nickname: originally, Lando starts doing it to condescend Han when, while trying to hustle him, he intentionally mispronounces "sabacc" the same way. When he sees how much it bugs Han, it sticks.
  • Momma's Boy: Type 1. He tells Han that although he wasn't very close to his father growing up, his mother was "the most amazing woman" he'd ever known.
  • Pimped-Out Cape: A few of his capes are rather fancy looking (including one that was "custom ordered") and he's got enough of them to almost rival Padmé Amidala's wardrobe.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: He pauses between words when saying "Everything you heard about me is true."
  • Robosexual: If there's any truth in what L3-37 says about Lando, that is...
  • Robosexuals Are Creeps: Qi'ra is noticeably unnerved by Lando and L3-37's relationship, particularly when L3-37 says their relationship "works."
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Well, when somebody trashes your most prized possession, Lando's of course being the Millennium Falcon, you'd be a little eager to leave, too.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Let's just say that his relationship with Han Solo was... a little rocky in the beginning.
    Lando: (seeing the damage Han has done to his beloved Falcon) I hate you.
    Han: I know.
  • Time-Shifted Actor: Billy Dee Williams being evidently too old to play a younger version of Lando, the character is played by Donald Glover. Interestingly, Alden Ehrenreich's and Donald Glover's respective ages are consistent with the respective ages of Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams.

    Tropes from the Original Trilogy Era 

General Lando Calrissian
"Yeah, I'm responsible these days. It's the price you pay for being successful."

"This deal is getting worse all the time..."

Years after his adventures with Han Solo, Lando became Baron-Administrator of Cloud City on Bespin, doing his best to govern the tibanna gas mining colony and keep it out of the Galactic Civil War. He reluctantly betrayed Han to protect the city from the Empire, but redeemed himself by joining the rebellion and helping rescue his old friend, eventually rising to the rank of General in the Rebel Alliance.

  • Ace Pilot: His skills at flying rival Han's, as seen during the Battle of Endor, particularly the flight through the Death Star which even smaller starfighters had trouble doing.
  • Anti-Villain: The only reason he cooperates with Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back is to ensure the safety of the people of Cloud City. He eventually gets out of this and becomes a hero once he figures out that Darth Vader is lousy at keeping his end of the bargain.
  • The Atoner: He joins the Rebellion due to his guilt over selling out Han.
  • Badass Cape: His Cloud City outfit and his Rebel uniform.
  • Badass Mustache: He sports a suave Porn Stache. As for the badass part, no one gets to be a general in the Rebel Alliance without doing something to earn it.
  • Benevolent Boss: As the Baron-Administrator of Cloud City, Lando's number one priority is the workers and citizens who live there. When funds are running short, he uses his own personal stash of credits that he was holding back just in case he needed an escape plan from the job to pay the miner's wages.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: He flirts with every lady he meets (including Sabine), but is also polite. Not that they seem into him.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He is especially good with mixing this with Condescending Compassion, much to Ezra's chagrin.
  • Deal with the Devil: He gets forced into one with Vader to keep the people of Cloud City safe.
  • Default to Good: Lando ran Cloud City, which didn't fall into Imperial jurisdiction at first. Only after making the deal and seeing how horrible the Empire was did Lando join the Rebel Alliance.
  • Doesn't Like Guns: Subverted. He rarely carries a gun and tells people who ask about it that he thinks blasters are "for people with no imagination" — but it's all a bluff. He'll happily shoot people if the situation calls for it; he just likes having people think he won't so that they underestimate him.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes:
    • As far as his appearance in Rebels goes. He ends up pissing off nearly the entire Ghost crew in one way or another and manages to con his way out of paying them aside from a fuel canister he let Chopper steal. The only reason they didn't trade him off to Azmorigan is because Hera wouldn't allow it. He did at least return Chopper, though, and wrote off the fuel drum they stole from him as "payment" for their services.
    • He's this with the rebels for obvious reasons in The Empire Strikes Back. Chewbacca is ready to crush Lando's windpipe (with Leia coldly supporting it) until he points out he can save Han. After he makes good of his word in Return of the Jedi however, he seems to be on better grounds.
  • Frontline General: He makes general in Return of the Jedi and leads Gold Flight during the attack on the Death Star II. Applies to on-foot combat too, as evidenced by the one-man spree of destruction he wreaks on the Imperial weapons factory on Sullust in Battlefront 2.
  • "Good Luck" Gesture: Lando gives one to Han after his friend lends him the Falcon for the assault on Death Star II in Return of the Jedi. This scene has added poignancy after seeing that Lando and L3 often shared that salute as well in Solo.
  • Groin Attack: He suffers a brutal one from Hera in "Idiot's Array" after he neglected to mention that his plan involved him faking selling her into slavery. He speaks with an Instant Soprano for a few lines afterward.
  • Guile Hero: While he is more than capable of shooting his way out of a situation, Lando would rather charm his way out or stall a dangerous situation until he can find an angle to exploit and even the odds. He later admits that he has absolutely no issue with solving a problem with his blaster, he simply likes to claim that he isn't very good with one to cause his opponents to underestimate him.
    Lando: I fight my own way. With this. [points to his head] Blasters are for suckers. People with no imagination.
  • Intrepid Merchant: He is willing to run an Imperial Naval blockade to set up a mining operation after all.
  • I Let You Win: He knew that Chopper stole some fuel and supplies from him in the scuffle on Lothal. He was perfectly okay with it because he considered it his way of paying the crew for their service (instead of actually paying them).
  • Loveable Rogue: Particularly in his Rebels appearance: he may be a conman and smuggler, but he's got style.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • Whatever happened between him and Han Solo. As Han puts it:
      Han: Well, that was a long time ago; I'm sure he's forgotten about that. I hope.
    • What got him promoted to General by the time of Return of the Jedi.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: During one of his heists, he claims that he doesn't know how to use a blaster. He's lying.
  • Oh, Crap!: He gets a fantastic look of horror on his face when he realizes that not only are the second Death Star's shields still up, there is an Imperial fleet nearby as well. Later has another moment when the Death Star opens fire and destroys a Rebel ship.
    "How can they be jamming us if they don't know... (pause as the full weight of the realization hits him) ...that we're coming?"
  • Older and Wiser: Technically inverted since Solo was released after the original trilogy, but Lando in The Empire Strikes Back is a far better man than he was in Solo or Rebels.
  • Professional Gambler: When Han describes him to Leia, he specifically mentions that Lando is a card player and gambler. We see him win a game of sabacc against an otherwise-unbeatable hand in Rebels.
  • Prospector: In Rebels, Lando's trying his hand at some wildcat mining on Lothal; something the Empire doesn't approve of.
  • Reformed Criminal: He went from being a smuggler like Han to the leading figure of a major city.
  • Regretful Traitor: When the Empire arrives in Cloud City, Lando is forced to betray Han, Leia, and Chewie by having Han frozen in carbonite. He later makes up for what he did by giving Leia and Chewie time to escape.
  • The Mole: In Return of the Jedi, he disguises himself as one of Jabba's guards, and ends up being crucial in the skirmish over the Great Pit of Carkoon.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: The sharpest in the galaxy. He dresses way more stylishly than anybody else in the Original Trilogy. This even carries over to his Rebel uniform, which has a cape.
  • Sixth Ranger: He starts off as a Sixth Ranger Traitor, but becomes this later on.

    Tropes from the Sequel Trilogy Era 

Baron Lando Calrissian

Following the liberation of Bespin, Lando stepped down as Baron-Administrator and started Calrissian Enterprises, which specialized in the manufacturing of droids. He later aids the Resistance in their last stand against the First Order.

  • Adult Fear: The supplementary material reveals that Lando has a daughter who was kidnapped by unknown culprits in 15 ABY when she was only 2 years old. In time, he learned that the First Order was behind the kidnapping.
  • Ambiguously Related: To Jannah. The Visual Dictionary for The Rise of Skywalker mentions he had a daughter who was kidnapped by the First Order as a toddler, in 15 ABY. Jannah is an ex-stormtrooper who was taken by the First Order as a child; according to the Visual Dictionary she's in her early twenties in 35 ABY, so the timelines match up. At the end of the film, Jannah mentions she has no idea who she is and Lando smiles and says "Let's find out", though it's never made explicit that she might be his daughter.
  • Back for the Finale: Moviewise, he reappeared in The Rise of Skywalker, the Grand Finale of the Skywalker Saga, after being absent from the first two Sequel Trilogy films.
  • Badass Cape: He wears a nice black one with a blue underlining and a high collar.
  • Badass Moustache: He's still got it, years later.
  • The Bus Came Back: He didn't show up (and wasn't even mentioned) in either The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi, but eventually returned for The Rise of Skywalker.
  • Call-Back: His outfit is reminiscent of the one he wore decades back in Solo.
  • Classy Cane: In his old age, Lando has taken to carrying a gilded cane with his full name and title engraved on the pommel.
  • Cool Old Guy: He may be older now, but he's lost none of his previous charm and piloting skills, and is still a great shot.
  • Honorary Uncle: He was this to Ben Solo. It's revealed in Last Shot that little Ben even used to call him 'Unca Wanwo'. Lando, for his part, was clearly very fond of Ben as well, nicknaming him "little starfighter".
  • Interspecies Romance: He had one with Kaasha Bateen, a Twi'lek.
  • Ladykiller in Love: During his smuggling days he met the Twi'lek strategist Kaasha Bateen while supplying a rebel group. They had a brief fling, and Lando could never get her out of his head. When they met again a few years after the Battle of Endor, they start a relationship.
  • Out of Focus: Lando has the least focus and screentime of the original cast, not even being mentioned by name (let alone appearing) until The Rise of Skywalker, but even then, he has far less to contribute than Han, Luke, Leia or Chewbacca.
  • Refusal of the Call: Lando initially declines Poe's offer to join the Resistance, stating that his flying days are over. After receiving news of Leia's death however, he changes his mind.
  • Supporting Leader: He gathers and leads the improvised starfleet against Palpatine's Final Order destroyers.


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