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Characters from the original game edition.


     Obi-Wan Kenobi 
Blue deck, 18 HP. Sidekicks : 2 clone troopers.

A well-rounded, easy-to-pick character that was recommended to beginners in the game rules, Obi-Wan is a Jack-of-All-Trades that can do very well on his own, but may become repetitive over time.

  • Crowd Control: Two of his attack cards allow him to move, along with his sidekicks and opponent up to 3 spaces.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: He's good at everything, excellent at nothing, but it's usually not an actual disadvantage.
  • Jedi Mind Trick: it's one of his cards, and it allows him to check his draw pile to keep one card.
  • Master of None: averted. He's got no real specialty, but is still very good at everything he does.
  • Skill Gate Character: he can turn into this, as players may start to know his deck by heart over time, but since he's so versatile he can still do well.
  • Stone Wall: Actually downplayed. He's got excellent defence, with three defence cards that can block nearly anything, but isn't bad on the offence side, just not a specialist on the question.
  • The Main Characters Do Everything: He's designed in such a way that his clone troopers aren't very useful, with low attack, even lower defense, and low life, so that beginners who sacrifice them too easily or just don't know how to use them, aren't too handicapped. However, to a seasoned player, they can be just as useful as the pawns are in Chess.

     Anakin Skywalker 
Red deck, 18 HP. Sidekick : Padme Amidala

Anakin is a more nervous, less steadily reliable character, who can dish out heavy damage at the cost of losing potentially precious cards. Padme, on the other side, is reliable, precise, and can be both a potent shooter and use healing abilities.

  • Battle Couple : They are really designed to work together, as Anakin's disadvantages can be completed by Padme's talents.
  • The Berserker : Anakin has among the highest attack cards on the heroes's side, and special cards that are devastating against secondary characters, but they tend to come at a disadvantage, like discarding the rest of your hand, leaving you potentially defenceless. He's also got less defence than the average hero, meaning you sometimes have to willfully take damage in order to save defence cards for more critical moments.
  • Dual Wielding: He's depicted dual-wielding lightsabers on his miniature and combat cards, despite only doing it for about 10 seconds in Episode II.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Anakin fights with lightsabers and Padme with a blaster.
  • Mook Horror Show: He can turn into this, as he's got several "Wrath" cards that allow to move next to any minor character and deal them 7 unblockable damage points - which is enough to One-Hit Kill most of them.
  • No-Sell: despite being overall less defence-oriented than other goodies, he's got two very powerful defence cards that stop all incoming damage, and deal one damage point back.
  • Tranquil Fury: One of his cards, "Calm", enables him to move several spaces and draw a lot of cards at once. It goes very well right after "Anger", which does 8 damages but leaves you with one card in hand : combining the two allows for powerful hit-and-run tactics if timed well.


Green deck, 15 HP. Sidekicks: 2 Clone Troopers.

Yoda may be the heroes' Squishy Wizard (despite a globally defensive deck), with fewer HP than other Jedi but devastating special abilities. He can also work as an excellent offensive support character, who debuffs enemies while his allies can deliver killing blows.

  • A Taste of Their Own Medicine: His "Force Rebound" card does Exactly What It Says on the Tin, see Attack Reflector below.
  • Attack Reflector: "Force Rebound" bounces the attack value back at the attacker, who may not defend against it, leaving Yoda without a scratch.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: implied with his "Insight" cards, that allow him to check an opponent's hand, and chose one card that they must discard immediately ; it's as if Yoda removed the option simply because he's foreseen it.
  • Game-Breaker: His "Force Lift" card is potentially lethal if combined with other characters' offensive abilities. The only ways to counter it is either stockpiling cards beforehand, or forcing Yoda to discard them one way or another.
  • Glass Cannon: downplayed. Yoda's got low HP, but actually quite a lot of defense cards and fewer attack cards than average. His lethality mainly comes from his ability to paralyze opponents and leave them open for beatdowns.
  • No-Sell: He's got three defence cards that will effectively block all damage. One of them even bouncing it back at the attacker.
  • The Paralyzer : It's his specialty, with three "Force Lift" cards that almost completely incapacitate a character, rendering them unable to move, attack or defend until their controlling player discards three cards.

     Mace Windu 
Blue deck, 19 HP. Sidekicks: 2 Clone Troopers.

The Heroes' powerhouse, Mace Windu has powerful defensive and offensive abilities, can move quickly, and draw cards, at the expense of having little to no abilities outside of direct combat.

  • Area of Effect: "Whirlwind Attack" hits every adjacent opponent and cannot be blocked.
  • Charged Attack: Or defence. "Battlemind" (his Signature Move card)'s attack or defence value is equal to how many cards he's got left in hand, so it's better to spend 2 or 3 turns drawing as many cards as possible before attacking for maximum efficiency.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He's got nearly as much HP as Darth Vader, has 4 cards that allow him to move and draw, excellent attack cards, and good defence.
  • Spin Attack: Implied with his "Whirlwind Attack" card, which deals unblockable damage to all adjacent opponents.
  • Stance System: Depending on the context in which you play them, "Battlemind" cards can be used for attack or defence with the same efficiency.
  • Victory by Endurance: It can be his weakness : he's got four cards titled "Battlemind", which are very efficient as their attack or defence value is based on how many cards you've got left in hand after playing them (up to 9, nice your hand is limited to 10 cards). Get him to play or discard often and he will be left with little in the way of defence, outside of basic cards.

     Luke Skywalker 
Red deck, 17 HP. Sidekick: Leia.

Luke's gameplay depends heavily on Leia, as she possesses the direct offensive and defensive abilities that he lacks, and can provide some healing. Timing is essential, because Luke can easily deplete an opponent's offensive abilities, at the cost of his own : alternating between offense, drawing cards, and debuffing the opponent is the key to Luke and Leia's specialty.

  • Badass Pacifist: Luke can play the "I will not fight you" card to force an opponent to reveal their hand and discard all attack cards above 1. He must do the same, though if he times it well to draw more cards afterwards, it can lead to Technical Pacifist or I Surrender, Suckers.
  • [Bash Brothers Bash Siblings]: Literaly since they are brother and sister, and can deal heavy amounts of damage. if they work together.
  • Brother And Sister Team / Sibling Team : Their gameplay relies a lot on cooperation and coordinated moves and actions.
  • Guys S Mash Girls Shoot: Luke is melee-based, and Leia is ranged-based.
  • Short Ranged Guy Long Ranged Guy : see above.
  • I Surrender, Suckers: as explained above, Luke's "I will not fight you" ability allows for depleting an opponent's offensive abilities at the cost of your own. But since the aim of the game is to kick the other side's butt, it's perfectly okay to do this when you've got no attack cards left in hand anyway, and then attack as soon as you've got anything offensive in hand.
  • Technical Pacifist: Luke's "I will not fight you ability". It lasts for about one or two turns, until he can retaliate. Moreover, his basic deck (outside of talent cards) is in fact quite aggressive.
  • This Is For: Implied with Luke's attack "Justice". It is normally worth 4 points, unless Leia is dead, in which case it goes up to ten. And since Luke's got two of them, he can 2-hit Kill any character who can't block.
  • [Video Game Cruelty Potential Tabletop Game Cruelty Potential]: It is unadvised to sacrifice Leia too early, because she can deal heavy amounts of damage and heal Luke some points. However, it's perfectly possible to send her [Leeroy Jenkins rush ahead] [Attack! Attack! Attack! to attack recklessly] until she gets killed, and then rush use Luke's "Justice" attacks at full strength, reliably finishing off the damaged opponent.
  • Yin Yang Siblings: Leia and Luke's abilities and playstyles are completely different (one is a ranged fighter, but also possesses powerful defence cards and healing abilities, the other is melee-based, with mostly moves, debuffs, and mostly ordinary combat cards), but they are meant to complete each other.

     Han Solo 
Yellow deck, 13 HP. Sidekick: Chewbacca.

Han Solo is the heroes' side's trickster character with an unconventional playstyle that involves a lot of choosing specific cards in your draw pile, or reusing discarded ones. He's also the only character in the game who's got fewer hitpoints than his sidekick, making Chewbacca essential for soaking up damage.

  • Badass Normal: No Force powers, no shiny gadgets like the Fetts, no problem. He relies on quickness, wits, strategy, and Chewbacca's high firepower instead.
  • BFG: Chewbacca's bowcaster. His "Bowcaster Attack" card deals 11 damage, the most powerful direct attack in the whole game.
  • The Big Guy: Chewbacca has more HP than Han, can regenerate some health and deal insane damage, while Han is pretty squishy and more gifted in tricks and tactics.
  • Game-Breaker: with a little luck in drawing cards and playing them well, you can pretty much spam the most powerful attack in the game over multiple turns.
  • Heal Thyself: Chewbacca can heal up to 3 damage points with a specific card, making him even more resilient.
  • Never Tell Me the Odds! : One of his cards is titled as such. It allows him to deal 2 unblockable damage points to every character he can attack.
  • Punched Across the Room : Chewbacca's card "It's not wise" pushes an opponent back three spaces, and deals 3 unblockable damage points.
  • Tactical Retreat: Han's "Heroic Retreat" card allows for this after an attack.


     Count Dooku 
Blue deck, 18. Sidekicks: 2 Super Battle-droids

Count Dooku is recommended as the beginner's character for the Dark Side, with good single combat abilities, but more importantly powerful sidekicks and many options to direct them efficiently on the battlefield.

  • Blown Across the Room : His unblockable "Force Push" card deals some damage to an opponent, and moves them on any empty spae on the board. Amusingly, it can also be used to drag a remote enemy into lightsabre range.
  • Close Range Fighter : like any Jedi/Sith character, his usual attacks can only be dealt in melee, but he's got a few offensive abilities at long-range.
  • Elite Mook: his Super Battledroids can deal up to 5 damage in a single attack, which is exceptional for non-solo sidekicks. Plus, they can endure far more punishment than Clone Troopers.
  • I Shall Taunt You : His most powerful attack cards are called "Taunting". They deal 7 damage points, meaning 3 of them unblocked would be enough to off any character.
  • Minion Master: Downplayed as he's got only two mooks, but his gameplay quite heavily relies on them, as they are sturdy, strong, and Dooku possesses three cards that makes them move any turn at the cost of an action.
  • Power High: "Gain Power" makes him draw 3 cards in one action.
  • The Strategist: His gameplay relies a lot on controlling the battlefield with sturdy mooks and good general movement abilities, while preserving himself from danger.

     Darth Vader 
Red deck, 20 HP. Sidekicks: 2 Stormtroopers.

The game's biggest Mighty Glacier and Magic Knight. He's not very mobile, but can attack from a distance, disrupt an opponent until he can get in contact, and arguably has the potentially deadliest attack card in the game.

  • Angst Nuke : "Wrath" deals 2 unblockable damage to all of another player's characters.
  • Damage-Sponge Boss: He's got little defence, and just soaks up more damage than anyone else.
  • Mind over Matter: Like any Jedi, Vader can levitate things. Unlike any other character in the game, he uses it offensively.
  • Mook Horror Show: He can be devastating against minor characters, and even more against weak minors.
  • One-Hit Kill: His "All too easy" attack card is easy to block (a defence value of 3 is enough). If the opponent doesn't, the card can deal up to 20 damage, more than any character has in the game.
  • Psychic Strangle: His signature Force Choke move allows to deal heavy damage to any sidekick on the board without any possibility to defend.

     Darth Maul 
Red deck, 18 HP. Sidekicks: 2 Battle Droids.

Maul is the Villains' best direct fighter, a Berserker and martial artist whose specialty is attack cards that don't count as an action. Interestingly, he's also the most gifted villain in the defence field, being the only one with non-ordinary defence cards.

  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: Actually recommended as long as you've got the cards to back it up, since his whole deck is practically entirely dedicated to offence. The main drawback is that if you fail to kill your target in one turn, it may leave you defenceless for what comes next.
  • Cannon Fodder: The Battle droids, just as they are in the movies, are weak and quick to die.
  • Charge Attack: his "Sith Speed" combo is devastating, but it takes some time to draw cards before delivering it at maximum power.
  • Counter-Attack: "Blinding Surge" blocks no damage, but deals some in return.
  • Death-or-Glory Attack: pulling out a Sith Speed Combo while being low on health usually means killing your opponent in one turn, or dying on the next one.
  • Double Knockout: The only character of the base game who can pull this off.
  • Feel No Pain: Two of his special defence cards stand for exactly 0 damage blocked, but deal 3 damage back.
  • The Main Characters Do Everything: His Battle Droids are the weakest characters in the whole game, and solely exist because every Major must have at least one minor. Maul usually does all the work, although it can make for a particularly humiliating defeat to have a droid deliver the killing shot.
  • Spam Attack: He's got 6 attack cards that deal rather low damage (3 or 4), but don't count as an action. If you combine them with "Athletic Surge" (and defence not taken into account), he may deal up to 37 in one turn, or 21 (more than Darth Vader's HP count) before event starting depleting his actions !
  • Taking You with Me: It's possible to do this with his "Blinding Surge" defense cards : if a nearly dead enemy attacks Maul and delivers the killing blow with it, the rules state that Maul still deals 3 damage back before kicking the bucket.

     Emperor Palpatine 
Green deck, 13 HP. Sidekicks: 2 Royal Guards.

Emperor Palpatine's gameplay is subtle and at the opposite of brute force. He relies almost entirely on special cards, of which few actually deal damage. The others are either for forcing opponents to discard, healing, or manipulating the Emperor's deck. On the other hand, his Royal Guards are Elite Mooks and can do most of the direct hitting for him.

  • Combat Clairvoyance: A downplayed form. The Emperor cannot look into other people's decks, but he can check and rearrange the first three cards in his own with "Future Foreseen".
  • Cool Chair: He starts sitting in his throne on the Royal Throne Room map, surrounded by his guards.
  • Elite Mooks: The Royal Guards, despite being present for about one minute in Episode VI, are powerful combattants who somehow manage to attck from a distance with spears.
  • Heal Thyself: "Meditation" heals the Emperor directly, and prevents an opponent from drawing cards the following turn.
  • Magnificent Bastard: If you play him well, he can continually defuse any opponent's growing plans thanks to depriving them of their cards, while using his powers strategically to strike them down.
  • Shock and Awe: His signature Force Lightning is his most common ranged attack, hits anywhere on the board, and cannot be parried.
  • Signature Move: the aforementioned Force Lightning is his most common attack.
  • Strike Me Down With All Your Hatred : Implied as an even more mocking taunt with the "Let go of your hatred" card : it forces an opponent to get rid of two cards.
  • That One Card: "You will die" forces an opponent do discard their whole hand. No, darling, you can't parry it.

     Jango Fett 
Yellow deck, 15 HP. Sidekick : Zam Wesell.

The bounty Hunter's specialty is mobility, ranged offense, and underhanded tricks and gadgets that move him around some more, move his opponents, or make them loose actions. Zam Wesell is efficient as a support sniper, but may lack abilities otherwise.

  • Ascended Extra : Zam had at most 2 scenes in the second movie, before being disposed of by Jango for failing her mission. Here, she's a potent sniper and his supporting character.
  • Cold Sniper: Zam Wesell.
  • Dual Wielding: With blaster pistols.
  • Fire-Breathing Weapon: His wrist-mounted flamethrower can hit several targets at once without possibility do defend themselves, and moves them around.
  • Geo Effects : He's slightly stronger on the Kamino Platform map.
  • The Gunslinger: true to his movie persona.
  • High-Speed Missile Dodge: His "Missile Launch" attack is quite efficient if it hits, but can be parried or dodged with a defence card of 7, effectively making it an instance of the trope.
  • Jet Pack: Just like his son Boba who inherited it, Jango uses the Jet Pack to move around the board and stay out of trouble.
  • The Scrappy: An exception to the otherwise good balance of the game : Django is significantly weaker than average and tends to lose more often, at least in the original edition.

     Boba Fett 
Yellow deck, 14 HP. Sidekick: Greedo.

Boba's gameplay is similar to Jango's, except even more offense-oriented. He is the Villain's Glass Cannon and Squishy Wizard, and even his sidekick is of the potentially-lethal-but-oh-so-easy-to-kill kind.

  • Area of Effect: His Thermal Detonator attack deals 4 unblockable damage to one character, as well as every adjacent one.
  • Friendly Fire: He can damage and even kill allies and enemies alike with his two Thermal Detonators.
  • Glass Cannon : The Dark Side character with the least HP, and the most powerful direct attacks. Can also double as a Fragile Speedster due to his high mobility.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: He's a specialist of this, being able to jump in and out of combat with his Jet Pack.
  • Jet Pack: A Signature Move that Boba shares with Jango. They can use "Rocket Retreat" to attack and move immediately to any empty space on the board.
  • Joke Character: Greedo is the weakest solo sidekick in the game, with very low HP, and only three special cards. 2 of them allow him to move next to any character as a free action, referencing his sudden arrival in Episode I, and the third is a fairly powerful attack... That kills Greedo immediately if he doesn't off his target immediately. That is, another joke referencing the Han Shot First scene.


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