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Anoat Sector

The Anoat Sector is home to worlds like Hoth and Bespin and contains the homeworlds of the Nothoiin and Ugnaught species. Once ruled by a mighty Nothoiin Noble Court, the region was a part of the Republic. When the Empire took over the sector, the Noble Court was hunted down and destroyed, with the survivors going into hiding and preparing for the day when they could topple the Empire and retake control. Additionally, the Anoat Sector is a hotbed of criminal activity, including the Hutt-controlled Ivax Syndicate, the smuggler run Trade Spine League, and the assassin order known as the Kouhun. After Emperor Palpatine's death at the Battle of Endor towards the end of the Galactic Civil War, Imperial Governor Adelhard set up the Iron Blockade, preventing ships from entering and leaving the sector, causing the numerous criminal factions and other citizens of the sector to work together to overcome Adelhard's reign. Eventually, the Iron Blockade was toppled with the help of Lando Calrissian and Lobot before the war's official end at the Battle of Jakku.



Location: Anoat System, Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories
Native Fauna: Anoatian pit beast

The former capital of the sector, Anoat was a hotbed of Rebel activity until the Empire secretly rendered it uninhabitable by gassing the planet with toxins, which they claimed was accidental. As survivors fled the world, those left behind either died or mutated into creatures known as lurkers. Although habitable once again, Anoat remains abandoned and is only visited by a brave few.

  • City Planet: Before the Empire gassed it.
  • Death World: Filled with mutated people and creatures that try to kill anyone they come across. Plus the unscrupulous individuals who make the world their home.
  • Polluted Wasteland: It used to be a city planet a la Coruscant, which was bad enough. And then it got hit with poison gas because the Empire couldn't find the rebel cells stationed on the planet. It's not toxic anymore, but it's still quarantined because the people left on Anoat after that are not... people anymore.


Earl Alner

Species: Nothoiin

Appearances: Uprising

A ambitious member of the Noble Court whose family ruled several areas of Anoat, where he still keeps a fortified estate. Upon learning of the demise of Emperor Sheev Palpatine, Alner decided to dethrone Her Majesty in order to take over the court and rebel against the Empire to become the ruler of the Anoat sector.

  • Alas, Poor Villain: Nobody amongst the Noble Court are particularly happy about his death, noting that Alner was a great man who accomplished much and would have likely been a good ruler.
  • The Faceless: His face is never seen due to the mask he wears.
  • Human Alien: He is confirmed to be a Nothoiin when Amrosio mentions that he is Alner's nephew.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Does not believe that Her Majesty is strong enough to challenge the Empire while he is, so he seeks to replace her and lead the court against the Empire.
  • Worthy Opponent: Even after he attempted a coup against Her Majesty and sent assassins to kill several members of the court, Alner is still held in high-regard.

Location: Bespin System, Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories
Capital: Cloud City / Ugnorgrad

A gas giant in the outer regions of the galaxy. Is host to large quantities of Tibanna gas, and possesses a rare "life zone", where the pressure and atmospheric composition is suitable for human life. Additionally, a community of Ugnaughts built a floating community in orbit of Bespin.

  • Death World: It's a gas planet after all. All those cities float in a very thin layer of habitable atmosphere. The rest'll kill you in seconds.
  • Dirty Cop: The Bespin Wing Guard was mostly decent prior to the Empire's takeover. Afterwards, most of the good guards left while their replacements were easily corrupted and bought off by criminal elements like the Zenowai Crime Society.
  • Single-Biome Planet: Obviously being a gas giant, there isn't any variation in the livable zone's environment.
  • World in the Sky: The only inhabited parts of Bespin are the floating cities in the strip of atmosphere suitable for most lifeforms.

    Lando Calrissian 

Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian

See his entry on the Rebel Heroes page.



Species: Human

Portrayed by: John Hollis

Lando's chief aide on Cloud City. His brain is linked to Cloud City's computer network.

  • The Cracker: His implants allow him to hack through security systems with ease.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: To get everyone to safety during the Lando comic series he let his implant take over, being unable to resist it while wounded and reactivating an exploding ship's escape pods. He is turned mute and emotionless as a result.
  • Meaningful Name: His name was derived from both "lobotomy" and "robot". He does not seem to be able to think for himself (like someone who was lobotomized), and acts on whatever Lando wants (like a robot).
  • Neural Implanting: Which allows him to contact the city's central computer system. Lando reveals that they were implanted by the Imperial military after Lobot volunteered for it so he could run battlefield calculations instead of fighting on the frontline. He has to constantly struggle to prevent them from taking over his mind completely, a fight which he loses in the Lando comic series.
  • Number Two: He is Lando's chief aide in running Cloud City, and Lando reveals that the two were partners in crime before Lando took over Cloud City.
  • Satellite Character: To Lando, who is the only person Lobot interacts with.
  • The Stoic: He never shows any emotion during his appearances, which is due to his implants having taken over most of his brain processes.
  • Unfortunate Names: His name means "butt" in Visayan/Cebuano.
  • The Voiceless: Never spoke a word onscreen. However, he turns out to be very talkative in the Lando comic series. Until the implants fully reconfigure his brain, rendering him the emotionless mute seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

    Her Majesty 

Her Majesty

See her entry on the Uprising page.

    Corto Belrake 

Sir Corto Belrake

See his entry on the Uprising page.

    Bespinites on other pages 

Burnin Konn

Location: Burnin Konn System, Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories

Settled several centuries prior to the Galactic Civil War, Burnin Konn is one of the four "Mining Worlds" of the Anoat Sector. With its deposits of chromium, dolovite, and other rare ores, mining companies ruthlessly exploited the world, which poisoned the world, killing much of the native fauna and rendering much of the world inhospitable.

  • Crapsack World: Mining has destroyed the environment, while gangs control much of the economy and the population relies on them to survive.
  • Polluted Wasteland: It has been strip-mined for chromium and other ores for centuries; as a result of this the native vegetation was completely destroyed and the surface was almost entirely uninhabitable.
  • Salt the Earth: It is revealed in The Mandalorian that Burnin Konn was eventually devastated in Operation: Cinder.


Location: Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories
Native Species: Ugnaught

A swampy world home to the Ugnaught species which was orbited by the moon Belsus. The planet was largely uninhabited due to slavers frequent raids on the Ugnaught population over the centuries, with those that remain hiding amongst the swamps during the last days of the Empire.



Squat porcine humanoids, the Ugnaughts are regarded as one of the hardest working species in the galaxy that can work in most conditions. Unfortunately, this has made them a prime target for slavers while also resulting in them being a widespread species. A number of Ugnaughts live on Bespin within their own cities, being the descendants of slaves freed by a former ruler of Cloud City.

  • Long-Lived: They typically lived around two-hundred years, another factor which made them an appealing target for slavers.
  • Pig Man: They have pig-like snouts and small tusks in their porcine mouths.
  • Slave Race: Slavers targeted them for their hardiness and work ethic, depopulating their homeworld while spreading Ugnaughts across the galaxy.


Location: Burnin Konn System, Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories

The fourth world of the Burnin Konn system. Hosra is an agrarian world with few vital resources and was once home to a powerful noble family that went extinct.


Mentor Xiath

Species: Human

Voiced by: Ike Amadi
Appearances: Uprising

"Mm. I promise you, Smuggler―I am no Jedi. My order, too, was nearly extinguished by the Empire… but we are a heartier breed."

A elderly human male, Xiath was one of the last living members of an order of Force users who helped guide and protect the Noble Court of the Anoat Sector for centuries. During the Iron Blockade, he resided in the Ancient Palace on Hosra, where he taught a young Smuggler who was fighting against the Empire how to use the Force.

  • Cloudcuckoolander: When first met, his mind appears to have wandered off and he speaks to people who are implied to have been long dead.
  • Good Counterpart: To Shelish, the Nightsister who offers a Dark side path to learning to use the Force in Uprising.
  • The Mentor: To Amrosio and the Smuggler.



Appearances: Uprising

A male Nothoiin and acolyte of Xiath.

Location: Hoth System, Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories
Native Fauna: Tauntaun, Wampa
Major Points: Echo Base

"There isn't enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser."
Han Solo

The seventh planet of the system, a cold planet that housed the Rebel Alliance's Echo Base.

  • Death World: Hoth really stretches the definition of habitable, even for it's own small food chain. Living comfortably seems impossible.
    • Outside of that, it resides close to a huge, unpredictable asteroid field, periodically pelting the surface with chunks of rock.
  • Endless Winter: Hoth's distance from its sun and its orbit makes it so the planet is always in midst of a terrible winter.
  • Single-Biome Planet: Yup. One frigid snowball, coming right up.
  • Snow Means Cold: Definitely. Completely covered in snow, and as cold as a habitable world gets.

Jhas Krill

Location: Hoth System, Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories

The eleventh of twenty-four moons that orbit the gas giant Jhas. Although habitable, it was never colonized due to its aggressive plant life consuming artificial structures.



Species: Dathomirian

Homeworld: Dathomir

Appearances: Uprising

A Nightsister living on Jhas Krill, the eleventh moon of Jhas in the Hoth System. Shelish is the mother of Deathstick, the leader of a group of assassins known as the Kouhun.

  • Evil Counterpart: To Xiath, a Force adept who offers the Light Side path to using the Force in Uprising.
  • Last of Her Kind: By the time of Uprising, she's probably the last living pure-blooded Dathomirian in the galaxy.
  • Master of Illusion: Uses her Nightsister magick to put the player in a few illusionary scenarios.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: She left Dathomir at a young age, and thus escaped the massacre of her people by General Grievous during the Clone Wars. She sadly notes that despite the Emperor being dead, she will likely never see her homeworld again.
    Shelish: Although the dark eye I eluded is gone... I will not live to see my world again.


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