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Characters in Star Trek Online affiliated with the Dominion, and their vassals.
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     Gamma Task Force 

A joint Alliance venture between the Romulan Republic, United Federation of Planets and volunteer Klingon forces, set up to work in the Gamma Quadrant to counter the Hur'q and other threats from the region.

  • Enemy Mine: The Alliance works with the Dominion, but it is an uneasy and tense cooperation, and not every Dominion leader is as cooperative as Odo. That changes at the end of the Gamma Quadrant questline, as Odo is able to bring the Dominion into the Alliance and shift Dominion policy in a more democratic direction less hostile to Solids after the death of the Female Changeling and the Alliance — including the Klingons who had previously mostly been sitting out the conflict — coming to the defense of the Great Link when the Hur'q launch a massive, overwhelming attack.

The Dominion

Interstellar superpower of the Gamma quadrant, and primary antagonist of the Dominion War three decades prior to the events of the game. Still remains largely unchanged despite having come out on the losing side of the war. They have allowed limited commerce between their client states and the races of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, and keep a close eye on all proceedings in their space.

  • Greater-Scope Villain: Turns out to be this for the Klingon Empire; the player discovers that it was the Dominion that was responsible for the Empire's encounters with the Fek'Ihri and the Hur'q. They created the Fek'Ihri in an attempt to create a military force to surpass the Jem'Hadar, and attempted to subjugate the Hur'q for a similar purpose; both efforts failed and the races went rogue, ultimately finding their way to the Alpha quadrant and attacking the Klingon homeworld.
  • Gunship Rescue: The Dominion sends fleets of warships to aid the Alliance in battles against both the Iconians and the Hur'q.
  • Scary Dogmatic Aliens: Just as in DS9; the Founders are still possessed of varying degrees of xenophobia towards other species, and the Vorta and Jem'Hadar are still fanatically loyal to their "gods". Anyone who steps out of line or runs afoul of this is in for a very bad day, to say the least.
  • We Have Reserves: Just as in the series, the Dominion can churn out warships and Jem'Hadar to man them at an impressive rate, allowing them to crush most enemies with sheer weight of numbers, and making a war of attrition against them an almost suicidal proposition (even the Iconians admit that the Dominion would have to be handled very carefully). The fact that the Hur'q are, in Odo's own words, winning said war of attrition, shows just how scary they are. When the Playable Jem'Hadar Captain is given their ship, the Dominion is down to a single fleet or so it appears to be.
    Neman: "The good thing about Jem'Hadar is you can always breed more."

The Founders

Created the Dominion over two thousand years ago and rule it with absolute authority; viewed as living gods by their servitors the Vorta and Jem'Hadar.

  • A God Am I: Most Founders tend to have this view of themselves, and have gone to great lengths to perpetuate that belief among the other races in the Dominion, even hard-wiring it into the Vorta and Jem'Hadar.
  • Combat Tentacles: One of their primary attacks is to stab, smack, or strangle enemies with these.

     Female Changeling
Played by Salome Jens

The most high-profile Founder and representative of the Great Link, held prisoner by the Federation from the end of the Dominion War to the 2800 crisis.

  • Big Bad: For the Hur'q arc, effectively. She doesn't control the Hur'q... but she used to, and is actively sabotaging efforts to learn more about them to keep this from becoming known, even having gone so far as trying to murder Odo and saying she's done the same to other Founders before. She also appears to have masqueraded as Admiral Tzen-Tarrak, and in that role pushed the Tzenkethi towards atrocities and kept them from cooperating with the Alliance for a more effective response to the Drantzuuli/Hur'q.
  • Fantastic Racism: Still largely views the "solids" as dangerous, irrational, and generally inferior to Changelings.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: She is the primary person responsible for this trope being listed for the Dominion, as she led the projects to suborn the Hur'q and create the Fek'Ihri, and used to control the Hur'q, and has gone very far to keep this from becoming known (so as to keep the Dominion on its path of brutal domination).
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Gets skewered through the torso of her humanoid form by a giant mutant H'urq.
  • Karmic Death: She was responsible for turning the H'urq into the monsters they are now. In "Tenebris Torquent" she traps the Player Character, Garak, and Odo on the H'urq homeworld and orders them all shot in an impromptu firing squad, when the giant mutant H'urq that's been hunting the PC all mission appears and stabs her In the Back.
  • No Name Given: She is only known as the "Female Changeling" or her formal title of "Founder".
  • Role Reprisal: The "Victory is Life" expansion had her previous appearances in the game, as well as all new content involving her, voiced by Salome Jens, the actress who portrayed the character on DS9.
  • The Unfought: When the player is forced to engage the two Jem'Hadar dreadnoughts she has guarding the abandoned Dominion facility, the fight barely gets started before Garak shows up with his own fleet and forces her to retreat.
  • You Have Failed Me: When Kar'ukan and his troops invade Facility 4028 and pledge their loyalty to the Female Changeling, she blames him for the Dominion losing control of Deep Space 9.
    Female Changeling: I know you, Kar'ukan. Your fleet failed us in the battle for Deep Space 9. We lost because you did not arrive.
    Kar'ukan: Our fleet was diverted passing through the anomaly, we did not—
    Female Changeling: I need soldiers, Kar'ukan, not excuses. You failed the Dominion once, I will not give you the opportunity to do so again.


Former chief of security for Deep Space 9, retired and left to rejoin the Founders at the conclusion of the Dominion War. Has returned to seek the aid of the Alliance in countering the threat of the Hur'q.

  • Armor-Piercing Slap: Finds himself on the receiving end of one from Kira Nerys which almost knocks him clean off his feet when he explains his below-mentioned gambit to her.
    Kira: "You put my entire planet at risk. People died, Odo!"
  • Batman Gambit: It's revealed that Odo was behind the Hur'q attack on Bajor; hoping that it would make the alliance more amenable to joining forces with the Dominion.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Still retains shades of this from his time on DS9.
  • False Flag Operation: Stages one as part of the aforementioned Batman Gambit; planting a device on Bajor that would summon the Hur'q, in the hopes that facing the threat of the Hur'q firsthand would motivate the powers of the Alpha & Beta quadrants to agree to an alliance with the Dominion.
  • Role Reprisal: Is voiced by Rene Auberjonois, the actor who portrayed the character in Deep Space Nine.
  • Significant Wardrobe Shift: Starts out wearing Founder's robes when he first appears in the game, but in the mission on Havas-Kul, he switches to his old Bajoran militia uniform when he confronts the Female Changeling.
  • You Are in Command Now: Becomes the de-facto leader of the Dominion following the death of the Female Changeling. As such, he implements sweeping reforms to the Dominion, such as ending the Jem'Hadar's dependence on ketracel-white, allowing the Dominion's vassals the right to self-governance, and joining the Alliance.


Diplomats and intermediaries between the Founders and the other races within the Dominion's sphere of influence. Also act as field commanders for Jem'Hadar combat units, directing them in battle and ensuring their loyalty through control of ketracel-white.
  • Affably Evil: As per their depiction in DS9, the Vorta carry an air of amenability and courteousness as per their role as diplomats and negotiators, but they can be equally cold and ruthless when it comes to enforcing the will of the Founders.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: They are unerringly loyal to the Founders and view any sort of deviation from their orders as sacrilegious. When the player and Captain Kurland attempt to negotiate with Loriss after she and Kar'ukan capture Deep Space 9 to convince her that the Dominion War is over, every avenue you attempt is rebuffed by her stating that she will not relinquish control of the station unless she receives direct orders from the Founders themselves. This having been said there have been instances of Vorta disobeying or even expressing outright hostility to Founders if they could find an excuse for it in the commands of another Founder.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: In one of the messages the player receives from Sela from the Iconian reputation system, she laments about the "labyrinth" of bureaucracy she must navigate in her efforts to speak to the Founders and recruit the Dominion's aid in fighting the Iconians.

Played by Michele Specht

Vorta in command of a Dominion fleet sent through the Bajoran wormhole during the Dominion War, but ended up getting waylaid by the Prophets.

  • Fish out of Temporal Water: When the player first meets her, she's been stuck in the Bajoran wormhole for over 30 years and thinks the Dominion War's still going on.
  • Heel–Face Turn: While Loriss starts out as an antagonist, she quickly changes her tune after "Boldly They Rode" and even helps Alliance players out on several occasions.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Tries to kill Weyoun, but only scores a non-fatal hit to his shoulder (though she does manage to disarm him).
    Weyoun: "Pathetic... you can't even kill someone properly!"
  • Killed Offscreen: Loriss 3, the version players encounter from "Second Wave" to "Boldly They Rode", was apparently executed, as "Scylla and Charybdis" introduces Loriss 4, who mentions tensions with the Alliance caused by "my predecessor". This is further reinforced when the player eavesdrops on an argument between Loriss and Weyoun at the end of "The Search".
    Weyoun: Do recall the fate of your predecessor. She thought she served the Founders well, quite possibly to the moment her unfortunate life came to its conclusion. As we both know, she was greatly mistaken.
  • Oh, Crap!: Her reaction when she scolds the Dominion ship hailing DS9, only to find herself talking to the Female Changeling.
    Loriss: "Vessel 6474, you are not part of our task group. We are not interested in anything- (gasp) Founder! Please forgive my impudence! How can I serve?"
  • You Have Failed Me: It's strongly implied the Female Changeling had Loriss 3 executed for failing to arrive at Deep Space 9 to reinforce them back in "Sacrifice of Angels", even though she didn't have anything to do with it.

     Weyoun 10
Played by Jeffrey Combs

A senior Vorta field supervisor; second-in-command to the Female Changeling during the Dominion War.

  • Boom, Headshot!/Coup de Grâce: The second character in the game to meet this end; Dukan'Rex shoots him point-blank in the head, execution-style.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Went through eight clones of himself during the war, and is on his tenth incarnation by the events of the game.
  • Face Palm: Does this when the player elects to let Farek go instead of killing her as he had asked.
    Weyoun: "You come here seeking our aid, and then refuse a simple request?!"
  • Killed Off for Real: His tenth (and possibly final) clone is killed by Dukan'Rex after destroying Dr. Bashir's cure for the Hur'q madness.
  • Orwellian Retcon: With Victory Is Life he was retconned into "The 2800" to replace Eraun, below.
  • Pragmatic Adaptation: In DS9, Weyoun never laid hands on a weapon, letting the Jem'Hadar do any fighting that needed to be done, whereas in the game, he's shown several times to carry Dominion-issue polaron weapons and will occasionally use them if he feels the situation calls for it.
  • Rage Breaking Point: The death of the Female Changeling at the claws of a mutant Hur'q sends him into a fit of grief-induced madness; he orders his Jem'Hadar to carry out her last order to kill the player and their group, including Odo. When they fail to comply he tries to do it himself.
  • Role Reprisal: Is voiced by Jeffrey Combs, the actor who played him on DS9.
  • Smug Snake: Is almost insufferably arrogant and condescending to anyone who isn't a Founder, and is apparently fully aware of the Female Changeling's plot regarding the Hur'q and will do whatever it takes to see it carried out.
  • Undying Loyalty: Unlike other Vorta who simply follow the Founders, Weyoun is personally and absolutely loyal to the Female Changeling in particular, and continues trying to uphold the her will even after she's killed.

Played by Marc Biagi

A Vorta field supervisor who formerly appeared in the game but was removed in Victory Is Life.

  • Ascended Extra: One iteration of him was in charge of Dominion forces who were holding the crew of USS Rapier hostage inside the wormhole in the removed mission "Rapier". His next clone was sent as a representative of the Founders in "Operation Gamma" (before being retconned to Weyoun).
  • Dummied Out: "Rapier" was removed when the Cardassian story arc was rewritten in Season 11 (October 2015), and his appearances in "The 2800" story were retconned to Weyoun 10 by Victory Is Life.
  • Smug Snake: He's as arrogant and condescending as Weyoun, considering the Federation impudent for having dared to confine a god (read as "imprison the Female Changeling for genocide").
  • You Sound Familiar: Marc Biagi also voices several Klingonsnote , as well as the Dummied Out Captain Vo'Lok in the Season 8 Fed tutorial (he was retconned to Nog).


Genetically-engineered super-soldiers that make up the Dominion's military arm and enforce the Dominion's rule over their space, serving as the stick to the Vorta's carrot. Capable of cloaking themselves to avoid detection by the enemy until they strike, and are bred with an addiction to ketracel-white to ensure their loyalty.

  • Art Evolution: The models for Jem'Hadar in the game underwent a major overhaul with the "Victory is Life" expansion, in order to more closely match how they appeared in DS9. The exception being the Jem'Hadar Duty Officer portraits and Jem'Hadar bridge officers commissioned prior to the expansion, which still use the old Jem'Hadar template.
  • Blade on a Stick: They carry the kar'takin polearm as a melee weapon, and have no qualms about using it against any enemy foolish enough to come within range.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass: Often play this role when assigned to protection details for Founders, who are quite capable of holding their own in a fight in most circumstances.
  • Catchphrase: "Victory is life!"
  • Fantastic Drug: Just as in DS9, the Jem'Hadar are entirely dependent on ketracel-white in order to survive. However, the end of the Gamma quadrant story arc has the Dominion under Odo developing a cure for this dependency; Jem'Hadar player-characters who complete this storyline no longer suffer from withdrawal effects if they don't regularly consume it and instead can use it to provide an optional, temporary boost to movement speed and combat effectiveness.
  • Invisibility Cloak: Can "shroud" themselves, rendering them impervious to visual detection and most normal sensors.
  • One-Gender Race: Due to being cloned and bred en-masse, they don't require two genders for reproduction.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: An entire race of them; due to being literally bred for battle, they consider themselves to be the best warriors in the galaxy. The Female Changeling herself says that only the Klingons rival them in combat prowess.

Played by Bumper Robinson

A Jem'Hadar Elder First, discovered as an infant by Quark in salvaged wreckage and cared for by Odo before being returned to the Dominion, now leader of the Jem'Hadar forces in Odo's fleet.

  • Ascended Extra: He was a one-episode guest character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but returns as a senior Dominion officer in Victory Is Life (especially if you play a Jem'Hadar PC).
  • Bling of War: Wears custom combat armor instead of the standard Jem'Hadar uniform.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He allows himself to fall into a Hur'q computer core analysis stream, allowing Bashir to distribute the cure to the Hur'q homicidal madness and swarming, as Dukan'Rex's body is infused with ketracel, a close relative of the needed Hur'q enzyme... but the effort is too much for his body.
  • Older Than They Look: He is roughly 40 years old by the game's timeline, yet appears no older than his 20's.
  • Role Reprisal: Is voiced by Bumper Robinson, the actor who played his adult form on DS9.
  • Rugged Scar: Has a gnarly cut running from his right temple to his chin.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Openly defies Weyoun's order to kill Odo and his group, then decks Weyoun when he tries to do the deed himself.
    Dukan'Rex: We do not serve you, Vorta. Where this Founder leads, we follow.

Played by Adam Harrington

Jem'Hadar First and second-in-command of Loriss' fleet which was lost in the Bajoran wormhole during the Dominion War.

  • Art Evolution: He got an appearance revamp with Victory Is Life.
  • Defiant to the End: He goes down with his mothership, refusing to surrender to the last in contravention of a direct order from the Female Changeling.
  • "Get Back Here!" Boss: In a move quite uncharacteristic of a Jem'Hadar, he flees from battle on two occasions; first when confronted by Weyoun's reinforcements during his invasion of Facility 4028, and again when the player engages him in Ops aboard DS9 and defeats his subordinates.
  • Large and in Charge: Is noticeably taller and bulkier than the average Jem'Hadar, and commands the other Jem'Hadar in Loriss' fleet.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Used to have these prior to his model being updated along with the other Jem'Hadar in the game with the "Victory is Life" expansion.
  • Turned Against Their Masters: Leads the rest of his Jem'Hadar in a rebellion when the Female Changeling blames him for the Dominion losing the war when his fleet failed to arrive.
    Kar'ukan: The Founders have turned their backs upon us! We are denied their glory! The only glory for us now is death in battle! We are already dead! We may reclaim our honor at the price of our lives!
  • You Sound Familiar: Adam Harrington also voices Franklin Drake.


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