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    The Typhoon Five 

The main protagonists of the series, who live and work on board a large pirate battlecruiser, the Stellar Typhoon. These people and their stories are incredibly varied, but they all share a common goal; to fight back against the Stellar Federation, and to get revenge on them for the wrongs they've committed against the Galaxy. The Typhoon's crew is largely-though not entirely-of Scottish and Japanese descent, many of them coming from planets and systems settled by those countries many centuries ago.

Jaws MacTaggart
Jaws MacTaggart (born Keiko Kaizoku) is the Captain of the Stellar Typhoon. A former Captain in the Stellar Federation Military Police, she was dishonourably discharged and exiled after an event that she doesn't like to talk about. Since then, she has turned her back on the Federation, and thus instigated a long and hard battle against her former commander. Jaws is a raccoon, from the Hinode Star Cluster, a Japanese colony.
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Leslie Kennedy
Leslie Kennedy is Jaws' loyal First Mate. She had previously worked alongside Jaws as a Lieutenant in the Military Police, but voluntarily deserted after Jaws' discharge to join her in a life of piracy. Leslie came from the war torn planet of Eileandu, in the Sorados Cluster, and is in fact a veteran of that Cluster's civil war. She has her own score to settle with the Federation, as her mother Argyll was a casualty in their attempt to end the civil war. Leslie is a red squirrel.
Tropes associated with this character:
  • Bi the Way: Had a relationship with Kyoko before meeting her boyfriend Douglas Donaldson, but starts having an affair with her again later.
  • Cold Sniper: Usually. In her own exterior lies a very emotional past. Her Weapon of Choice is her trusty rifle.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: A clever segue to the previous two; the civil war was bad enough, but it was after the Federation intervened when it reached its breaking point. She was forced to kill her own mother in cold blood. This left her so traumatised, that she ran away from home.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Of sorts. She took part in a war on her home planet, and it, basically, didn't end well for her.

Blackmask is Jaws' Second Mate, and the Stellar Typhoon's main weapons expert. She is a lazy yet streetwise hood-cat from East Oakland, California, Earth. She used to be a member of various street gangs, and this has helped her crewmates enormously in their battle against the Stellar Federation.
Tropes associated with this character:
  • Cats Are Snarkers: Oh, boy, is she one. She can be a bit of a nuisance to her crew, and when she is told to do something, she gets a little testy.
  • Cool Cat: The coolest cat around!
  • Pop-Cultured Badass: She has a huge playlist of hip hop and punk (her favourite punk band is Green Day, just so you know). At one point, she blasts music from Sage the Gemini (whom she is a huge fan of), much to the annoyance of her crewmates, especially Alasdair. Despite that, however, her knowledge pays off in the long run.
  • Sassy Black Woman: She has her moments.
  • The Slacker: Leaning more towards Brilliant, but Lazy.
  • Soul Sista: Did we mention she's cool?
  • What a Piece of Junk: Her old freighter, the Ebony Blood, is just that, but it still works.

Kyoko Mori
Kyoko Mori is the shy and sweetly spoken niece of Jaws MacTaggart, and also acts as the Typhoon's lead engineer. Like her aunt, Kyoko is a raccoon from the Japanese-settled Hinode Star Cluster.
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Alasdair Geddes
A gypsy who's had his wings clipped (in his own words), Alasdair Geddes is part of the engineering team on the Typhoon, working closely with Kyoko. First coming to the Typhoon to escape his dreary existence on the planet Procyon VI, it is through Alasdair's eyes that we are first introduced to Jaws and her universe.
Tropes associated with this character:
  • Audience Surrogate: For much of the first series, it is through his eyes are we introduced to Captain Jaws and her crew.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He's mostly a kind and helpful lad, but lay a finger on his crew mates, especially Kyoko, and...well...
  • Disappeared Dad: His father died when he was still a baby. Thus, it didn't make as much of an impact as when his mother died...
  • The Engineer.
  • Funetik Aksent: In the literature, Alasdair's thick Scottish accent is written this way (and in fact it was done using an online translator up until halfway through the third season). The creator has said that the idea behind this was partly to honour his own Scottish heritage, but mostly to showcase a number of Scottish-isms that would sound like futuristic slang to those not so versed in the Scots dialect.
  • Metal Head: Alasdair plays guitar due to his undying love of classic rock music.
  • Sleeping with the Boss / Office Romance: "The boss" being Kyoko.
  • Space Nomad: His family were "space gypsies" though the deaths of both his parents when he was a kid led to a change in lifestyle.
  • Spell My Name with an "S" / My Nayme Is: It's spelled A-L-A-S-D-A-I-R. Don't forget it.
  • Violent Glaswegian: Mostly subverted. However, see Beware the Nice Ones above.

    The Oshan Akuma 

This folder refers to the main antagonists, but other Federation members are present as well.

Zeus Barratt
Commander Zeus Barratt is the main antagonist in the series. He leads the crew of the Oshan Akuma, on the hunt for Captain MacTaggart.
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Joanna Mandarin

Captain Mandarin is the meek subordinate of Barratt.
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  • Oop North: Born and raised in the Tyneside area. The actual town given is Fulchester, which is also the main setting for the British comic Viz .

Vanessa McMurdo

Lieutenant McMurdo is
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    Midori Empire 

The Midori Empire


Midori is the leader of the Empire, hell-bent on taking over the galaxy, if not the entire universe. Thus, she is considered to be the "endgame" of the entire series.
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    Other Characters 

Finbar MacTaggart

Finbar is a captain of the Galactic Liberation Front. He is Happily Married to Captain Jaws.
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The Rebel Leader is the mysterious leader of the Galactic Liberation Front.
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