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Space Colony features a cast of 19 crew members, though not all appear at once in the colony. They carry with them a wide variety of tropes of their own:

Venus Jones

A Coloradan woman who serves as the team leader.


Stig Svenson

A Norwegian biker brought on to help operate heavy machinery.

Tami La Belle

A Texan woman brought in to aid with cleaning duties.

  • Dysfunction Junction: She seems to have a combination of alcoholism and depression, as well as a tendency towards self destructive behaviour and lashing out against others. Her priority need is for social contact.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Subverted. She's a protagonist, but smoking doesn't seem to help her problems.
  • The Alcoholic

Dean Jefferson Brown

A Californian man brought in as the team doctor.

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Hoo boy.
  • Jive Turkey: He has mild elements of this.
  • Neat Freak: To some extent, understandable, since he's a doctor. His priority need is cleanliness.
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  • The Medic: Due to his background, he starts with the highest medical skills of any character in the game.

Daisy Willowreed

A Californian woman brought in to help with the colony's botany.

Billy Bob Perkins

An American man from the Deep South brought in to help run the colony's space chicken farming operation.

Candy Simpson

A Valley Girl brought in to — well, do janitorial work and learn something.

Captain Charles Wilmington

A former British navyman kicked out of the Navy for some unknown offense, which he says was a "silly incident". He is brought in to help man the turrets.


Greg Chesterton

A Jerkass extroardinaire who's high maintenance and mixed in skills.

Hoshi and Kita

Two Japanese twins brought in to help with general purpose work and operations.

  • Bridge Bunny: With their need for proximity, it's usually best to just set them to power and oxygen and leave them there.
  • Cyber Punk: Their outfits seem to be Japanese versions of this fashion.
  • Tag Team Twins: Oh yeah. They work far better together than apart, and can satisfy each other's social needs effectively.

Barbara Leechworth

A former Vice President of Sales at Blackwater Industries, brought in to help the colony's general operations.

'Nailer' McBride

A Violent Glaswegian brought in to help operate the team's heavy machinery and turret guns.

Nikolai Volkov

A Ukrainian man brought in to aid the team's biochemical and scientific endeavors.

Ashia Green

A British woman and former athlete brought in after an injury ended her career. She is still quite athletic, being known as the sporty one of the team. She aids with a wide variety of duties, including turret operation.

Babette Devereux

A snobby French woman brought in for similar reasons as Candy.

Vasilios Kosmos

A Greek man who was the victim of some unknown psychic attack (possibly from the Brainspawn), that rendered him emotionless and a Cloudcuckoolander. He starts with few skills, but is a good learner.


A middle class white New York City boy pretending to be a lower class black boy and gangster. An avid rap fan who begins with few skills but has the big advantage of using his skateboard to get around the base rather than walking, greatly addding to his speed.

Bhoomi Sharma

An old Indian woman brought in as the team janitor and for moral support.

Mr. Zhang

A Chinese Grumpy Old Man and old robotics specialist who minors in botany.


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