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Characters / Soul Chess - Soul Society Exiles

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These are the characters that were banished from the Soul Society for some reason or another. This includes Urahara and his group, Isshin and the Visoreds.

Go remember to record your favorite show before sitting your butt back in the chair.For more information on these characters go here and here surprisingly. Hey, we warned you about spoilers.

Hachigen Ushoda

Former Vice-commander of the Kido Corps under Tessai Tsukabishi. Killed by Gin Ichimaru.


Hiyori Sarugaki

Former Vice-Captain of Squad 12 under Kisuke Urahara. She is killed by Spargga in chapter 87

Isshin Kurosaki

Ichigo's dad and the former captain of Squad 10 after Mari and Yuna. Lelouch served under him as a Vice-Captain. His family is also a branch family of the Shibas. His Bankai is called Tenku Bunkatsu Engetsu.

Kensei Muguruma

Former Captain of Squad 9. Married to Mahiro. His Resureccion is Coloso Imparable. Killed by Aizen in the final battle


Kisuke Urahara

Former Captain of Squad 12 and the founder of the Department of Research and Development. He has supported Lelouch from the shadows since his banishment. His Bankai is called Benihime no Kiri Okoku.

Lisa Yadomaru

Former Vice-Captain of Squad 8 under Shunsui Kyoraku

Love Aikawa

Former Captain of Squad 7. killed by a Cero from Spargga's Segunda Etapa

Mashiro Kuna/Muguruma

Former Vice-Captain of Squad 9 under Kensei Muguruma. He's now her husband.

  • Buffy Speak: This gem from her fight against Zurik:
    Mashiro: Heal up the others while I take care of the big bad wolf…er fox…demon…thing…here.
  • Cool Bike: In chapter 188 as if to possibly further cement her Kamen Rider Shout-Out with her Visored Mask
  • Epic Fail: I’m no mechanic, but I don’t think that failing to fix a transmission causes a car to smoke.
  • Killed Off for Real: Subverted, Kensei thinks she's dead, but Kirio got to her just in time.
  • Put on a Bus: Goes with Kensei to the Britannia mainland at the end of the Farewell Ichigo arc. It's doubtful we'll hear from them again.

Rojuro "Rose" Otoribashi

Former Captain of Squad 3. Killed by Daraclu.

Shaolin "Soifon" Fong

Former Executive Militia Commander i.e the head of the first branch of the stealth force. She reports directly to Yoruichi. In large contradiction to canon. Soifon joins Yoruichi in being banished to the World of the Living. She subsequently winds up teaching at Ichigo and Tatsuki's dojo, becoming their teacher and is currently their teacher for Freshman year. Her students know her by her real name Shaolin Fong. Lelouch is the only person Soifon can truly depend on as a friend. She and Yoruichi are currently lovers. They move back to the Soul Society after Yuzu and Karin graduate high school.

Tessai Tsukabishi

Former Commander of the Kido Corps. His Shikai is called Majutsu-shi Saiko (Sorcerer Supreme) and his Bankai is Mangetsu Majutsu Saiko

Yoruichi Shihoin

Former Captain of Squad 2 and former leader of the entire stealth force. She has been a close supporter of Lelouch's since her banishment. Her Shikai is Shinsei Tora (Sacred Tiger) and her Bankai is Shinsei Toramitsu Henshu (Sacred Tiger Light Variant).


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