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Because Soul Chess is so expansive it now has to have separate pages for its character index.

On this page you can find the three main characters of Soul Chess. Lelouch is the driving protagonist with Ichigo showing up later and supporting him. After the Farewell Ichigo arc, which ends with Ichigo going to college, Cornelia stands in the spotlight. They continue to share the spotlight after each of their respective arcs. For information on Lelouch go here. For information on Ichigo go here. For information on Cornelia go here


Common Qualities Between the Protagonists:


Lelouch Lamperouge: Chief Defense Attorney and Captain of Squad 10,

He's died and gone to the afterlife, but his journey has only just begun. The driving protagonist of the series, Lelouch starts out in Rukongai and becomes a Soul Reaper, but he slowly but surely ascends to greater levels. Lelouch's rise in ranks take him from low down positions in Squad's 10, 2 and 12 before moving back to Squad 10 and then transferring to Squad 6 and then Squad 13. He is then later promoted to 3rd seat and Deputy Research Department Head of Squad 12 before going back to Squad 10 to become its Vice-Captain and later the Captain itself, which is where he currently stands. Lelouch's greatest enemy and the man he hates the most is Aizen. Aizen has caused both directly and indirectly The death of Lelouch's first captain, Mari Akari and her successor Yuna Homura, of whom Lelouch loved, but never told her, and the banishment of Kisuke Urahara, Yoruichi Shihoin, Soifon, Tessai Tsukabishi and Isshin Kurosaki. Lelouch, to fight Aizen, has notably gathered quite the bit of huge support around him over the years and eventually their confrontation finally comes to pass. Lelouch is victorious only to expose himself and be put on trial for his crimes as Zero. He is let go on good faith not to make a Face–Heel Turn against the Soul Society. An important thing to note is that Lelouch is
misplaced in time. He deals with this grudgingly and eventually relives his past where he encounters all the mistakes he made. But his life has been getting better for the most part. He is married to Susanna and things seem fine. Then Kasumi shows up. He later marries Shirley too and becomes a father. Lelouch's Zanpakuto is called Eien Tamashi and his Bankai is called Zero no Seishin no Eien Tamashi

Ichigo Kurosaki

The Hero Protagonist of Bleach now a Supporting Protagonist in the fic. Ichigo doesn't hit the series for a few arcs, but he's still relatively the same orange haired Jerk with a Heart of Gold fans remember. Married to Orihime and father to Masaki.

Cornelia li Britannia

General-in-chief of Britannia's military, but due to the Temporal Paradox she isn't shown to be there until the end of chapter 153. Cornelia's own arc is dedicated to showing how she goes from young and happy military academy student to scowling, ruthless General-in-chief by the Code Geass timeline. Cornelia's intelligence is considered second only to Schneizel and Lelouch. She is shown to be dedicated to not just Euphie, but Lelouch and Nunnally as well. She is also incredibly fond of Lelouch's mother Marianne vi Britannia as Euphie had told Lelouch that Cornelia spent many fruitless hours investigating the circumstances surrounding Marianne's death which finally happened at the end of the Rise of the Royal Soldier arc. Cornelia also has spiritual power enough to see spirits and Soul Reapers shown as early as age 10. Cornelia's arc is also considered the author's own version of Cornelia's backstory. [[spoiler:And he has even said that he has his own other version of how things would play out if she had no spiritual power at all that still keeps most of the backstory intact.


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