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This is a list of characters from the Soul series who made their debut as npcs.

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Origin - An ancient dynasty whose name has been lost to history

The son of the Hero King Algol. Jealous of his father, he took Soul Edge, which turned him into a berserker that killed his mother and his father's ministers, forcing Algol to kill him.

  • Mesopotamian Mythology: His own name is Arabic, so it's fairly clear that he originates from somewhere in that region, albeit eons ago, just like his father.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: His death at the hands of his father. Was the reason his father Algol decided to create Soul Calibur to counter Soul Edge.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Under Soul Edge's control, he killed his mother.



Origin - The New World (United States) note 

Rock's adoptive Native American son. He was kidnapped by the Fygul Cestemus in order to lure in Rock with the intention of stealing his soul.

  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: "Bangoo" is not a Native American name, and sounds more like a generic caveman-type name. However, "Bhangoo" (with an "h") is an Indian (as in India) name, so maybe that's where the confusion lies.
  • Braids, Beads and Buckskins: His look when he's depicted in art, as per his background as a Native American.
  • Happily Adopted: He lost his parents in tribal warfare and was the only native to develop a relationship with Rock, the "White Giant", during his first years in the New World. Eventually, Rock took Bangoo as his son and raised him.
  • Promoted to Playable: Subverted. He would have been playable in V as an adult, if Project Soul had more time to develop the game.


Origin - Japan

Taki's mute childhood friend working as an innkeeper who rescues Li Long after being gravely injured, and become eventual lovers. Chie is attacked by a swordsman sent by Toki, and is gravely injured and nearly killed, fueling Li Long's quest for revenge. As of V, she has succeeeded Toki as the leader of the Fu-Ma clan, and has a son with Li Long named Riki. She was also the one who raised Natsu.

    The Earl and Countess Valentine

Origin - London, Kingdom of England note 

Ivy's adoptive parents. The House of Valentine was once one of the most wealthy families in London and Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine had been raised with love by her parents. However, her father, Earl Valentine, was driven insane by his pursuit for what was called the "Key to Eternal Youth." By the time of his death, his efforts to search for immortality had drained his family's fortunes and left one of London's most distinguished families in ruins. As if to pursue her husband into death, the Countess fell ill and passed away soon after Earl Valentine's death. This left Ivy as the sole surviving member of the Valentine family.

  • Blue Blood: An earl is a member of the British peerage, ranking below a marquess and above a viscount. A feminine form of "earl" never developed, so "countess" is used as the equivalent feminine title.
  • Death by Despair: The Countess passed away very soon after her husband, likely out of sheer grief.
  • Deathbed Confession: Ivy only discovered the secret of her true parentage note  when the Countess was on her deathbed, but this did not matter to her, for the Valentines were the only parents she knew.
  • Driven to Madness: The Earl was driven insane by his pursuit of Soul Edge, which he thought was the key to eternal youth.
  • Good Parents: Although not her parents by blood, they raised baby Ivy with love after they discovered her abandoned at the gates of their mansion, and she enjoyed a very happy childhood thereafter.
  • Ill Girl: As can be seen from the family portrait above, the Countess is very pale, with a rather maudlin expression, and was of a seemingly sickly constitution, as she passed away as soon as her husband died.
  • Impoverished Patrician: The Earl squandered his entire family fortune on researching and questing for Soul Edge, thinking it to be the key to immortality, which left their once enormous wealth and good name in ruins.
  • Shown Their Work:
    • When Ivy debuted, her father was mislabeled "Count" (Valentine), a title never used in the English peerage. Come SCV, the mistake was rectified and he was correctly titled and referred to as "Earl Valentine" (analogous to the European title "count").
    • The Earl and Countess are depicted wearing (pretty much) period-correct late Elizabethan clothing in the portrait above, which is in huge contrast to the series’ approach to its in-game character costuming (their daughter being of particular note...)
  • Tragic Keepsake: The above image is taken from a family portrait which hangs in the grand hall of the Valentine Mansion and depicts Ivy's family in much happier times.

    Frederick Schtauffen

Origin - Ober-Getzenberg, Holy Roman Empire (Germany) note 

Siegfried's father who was known as the "Gentle Knight". He left on a crusade, and returned home to discover his son had formed a criminal group called Schwarzwind. He was ultimately beheaded by his own son.

  • Betrayal by Offspring: He was killed by his own son, who attacked his group of knights for deserting the Crusades.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Frederick was a kind knight who left on crusade but ultimately deserted it.
  • Nice Guy: He was known as "Gentle Knight" for a reason.


Origin - Japan

The son of Chie and Li Long. 24 years old as of V, he is head of the demon sealing sector of the clan.


    Salia Olschmidt

Origin - Holy Roman Empire (Germany) note 

A swordswoman and member of the bandit group-turned-mercenary organization Schwarzwind, Salia Olschmidt is Siegfried's trusted second-in-command and strategist. A greedy tomboy in her youth, Salia assumed leadership of the group after Siegfried went insane and departed in search of Soul Edge. Following Siegfried's return, she pushed him to reconcile with his dying mother and helped him care for her. In charge of recruiting new troops, she allied Schwarzwind with the remnants of the Kingdom of Wolfkrone and became best friends with Queen Hildegard von Krone.

  • Action Girl: She is a bandit-turned-knight who wields a longsword in combat, and led Schwarzwind during Siegfried's absence.
  • Cincinnatus: She assumed leadership of Schwarzwind during Siegfried's time as Nightmare and his solo crusade against Soul Edge, but when he returned, she abdicated and resumed her previous position as second-in-command.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: She recruited Hilde into Schwarzwind following the collapse of Wolfkrone, and they've remained best friends ever since.
  • Hopeless Suitor: She has romantic feelings for Siegfried — whose own mother thought she was too good for — but he's too caught up in his war against Nightmare for romance.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: She was the brains behind Siegfried's brawn during Schwarzwind's days as a bandit group, being in charge of both tactics and administration, and was the one who came up with their best plans.
  • Moveset Clone: In Broken Destiny, she uses Amy's fighting style.
  • Mr. Vice Guy: Despite having matured since her days as a thief, she still has a weakness for easy money.
  • Number Two: She is Siegfried's second-in-command within Schwarzwind, and has been with him since their bandit days.
  • The Strategist: During her time as a bandit, she was the one who came up with all the good plans.
  • Used to Be a Tomboy: According to New Legends of Project Soul, Salia was a tomboy in her younger years, but after realizing her romantic feelings for Siegfried she went out of her way to become more feminine in an effort to attract him.

Toki after becoming a demon

Origin - Fu-Ma No Sato, Japan

Taki's foster-father and mentor, and the co-leader of the Fu-Ma ninja clan, Toki was renowned for his kindness. However, his lust for the cursed katana turned him evil. When his co-leader and own daughter took Mekki-Maru and went into hiding, Toki sent the Fu-Ma ninja to find and kill them. Learning of Toki's insanity, Taki took the Mekki-Maru herself, and when Toki learned she had betrayed him, he sent assassins to kill her. Desiring more power, Toki unsealed the powerful demon Gel-o-Fury and merged with it to fight Taki as a demon, but was defeated by the same techniques he had taught her. Toki's soul — still merged with Gel-o-Fury — escaped and flew westward, but was ultimately devoured by Soul Edge. Rumors of Toki resurfacing in Europe caused Taki to depart in order to investigate and hunt him down, leading up to her disappearance.

  • Arch-Enemy: While he was originally kindhearted, he became the archenemy of his foster daughter Taki.
  • Archnemesis Dad: To Taki. They're not technically father and daughter by blood, but given that he raised and trained her, the effect is the same.
  • Da Chief: One of the co-leaders of the Fu-Ma Clan, before his death.
  • Face–Heel Turn: His desire to wield the cursed katana Mekki-Maru turned him evil.
  • Hijacking Cthulhu: He absorbed Gel-o-Fury, the powerful demon that Taki sealed under a Buddhist temple, and transformed into a demon himself.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: He was killed by Taki using the very demon-sealing techniques that he taught her when she was his student.
  • Kitsune: His demon form resembled a grotesque multi-tailed anthropomorphic fox.
  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: He was Taki's mentor before he turned evil and transformed into a kitsune-like demon. She slew him, and his soul was ultimately consumed by Soul Edge.
  • Ninja: He was the co-leader of the Fu-Ma ninja clan.
  • Offing the Offspring: He ordered Taki's death after she took Mekki-Maru.
  • Parental Substitute: He was Taki's father figure before he was corrupted by Mekki-Maru.


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