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     Perry White 

Perry White (Michael McKean)

     Henry James 'Jimmy' Olsen 

Henry James 'Jimmy' Olsen (Aaron Ashmore)
  • Butt-Monkey: He becomes something of a snowballing butt monkey, especially once Lex the Woobie left the show after Season 7.
    • Apart from getting his share of the standard amount of grievous physical trauma experienced by most characters on the show, Jimmy's buttmonkeyness was evident early on by his being generally treated like dirt as the designated love interest for Chloe Sullivan, but ballooned in Season 8, where his not-unfounded jealousy over Clark is the least of his problems, what with getting constantly and very obviously lied to by everyone and most especially by his fiancée. His joy at discovering that Clark is the Red-Blue Blur is crushed through an elaborate deception by his closest friends, and his boss refuses to take him seriously. Things ratchet up several notches when his wedding gets literally crashed by Doomsday who just about eviscerates him. After being thus benched for a good chunk of the season (in which his wife oddly does not seem to spend much time visiting him in hospital), he becomes addicted to painkillers, discovers that Davis Bloome is a serial killer and, when he tries to warn his friends, nobody believes him, not even his wife. He gets repeatedly beaten, tortured and tied up, keeps getting lied to over and over again by Chloe, is dismissed as a crazy junkie by all his friends, even witnesses that Chloe apparently has romantic feelings for the guy he discovered is a killer, precipitating the total collapse of his marriage (which doesn't even rate more than a hand-waved mention of their divorce). To top it all off, he gets gratuitously murdered in the season finale by the same guy he tried to warn everyone about. To add insult to injury, his funeral scene reveals that he wasn't even the "real" Jimmy Olsen from the comics that he had hitherto been presented as being, but rather "Henry James Olsen," evidently an older brother to the canonical "James Bartholomew Olsen."
    • Apparently it really sucks to be Jimmy Olsen, even when you're actually not.

     Grant Gabriel 

Grant Gabriel (Michael Cassidy)

     Cat Grant 

Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt)

  • Character Development: In her final appearance. She's more-or-less back to her old self in the Season 11 comics. He also doesn't seem to like Clark anymore.
  • Distressed Damsel: In "Shield."
  • Horrible Judge of Character: She doesn't trust superheroes, but thinks that Gordon Godfrey is a great guy.
    • She equally doesn't like people who support superheroes, including Lois. And presumably Martha Kent, despite liking her son a lot.
  • In Name Only: Most of the Smallville characters depart from their comic book versions, but this character is pretty much the opposite of her comic book counterpart. The comic book version of Cat sleeps her way into interviews, wears slutty outfits, has breast implants, and couldn't care less about politics. On the other hand, the TV version dresses very conservatively and is pudgy (by Smallville standards), can't even say the word "sex" and has to spell it, and is passionately Straw Conservative.
    • Though it's flat-out stated that "Cat Grant" is a pseudonym, and there was another one-off character named "Cat Grant" who was much closer (at the very least appearance-wise) to the comic version.
  • Inspector Javert: Really does not trust superheroes. Or at least superheroes who hide their identities.
    • However, in recent episodes, that may be changing, especially when not only did the Blur saved her, but she actually sees him (albeit from his back). And she made peace with Lois.
  • Mama Bear: For her son Adam.

     Jeff Hage 


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