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Characters / Slumber Party Of The Departed

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Brittney, The Hostess and Honorary Ninja of Water

  • Dying As Myself: As the Tiger Widow venom is slowly killing her, she lets her hair out of the high ponytail it had been styled in to look like Nya's hairdo. She does this because she wants to spend her last moments in her true identity, not the role she was forced into by the haunting. Fortunately, the death doesn't stick.
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  • It's All My Fault: Feels like she is the reason all her friends are in danger because she insisted they mess with the Ouija board against Woof's advice. This guilt is only amplified as Nya's insecurities begin to take their hold on her.
  • Making a Splash: Gains Nya's element of water over the course of the night, however, she is only able to access her powers from the point that Nya first used them in the show due to Sensei Yang's curse. Until Morro showed up, Brittney fought using only her wits and twin sai.
  • Sai Gal: Her weapons of choice are twin sai, which were originally foam toys from Legoland before the haunting started.
  • Samurai Ponytail: Her hair could be considered to be this. Takes on a double meaning as she styled her hair to look like Nya's, who was a samurai in the show; then Brittney takes up Nya's role after the haunting begins which technically makes her a samurai as well.
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  • Silk Hiding Steel: Is a feminine hostess who makes and pours tea for everyone and is quick to apologize if she believes she's in the wrong. However, as evidenced by her love for the show, she isn't afraid to jump into battle against the villains that plague her and her friends.

Rose, Honorary Ninja of Fire

  • Playing with Fire: Gains Kai's elemental powers over Fire, and after she discovered her abilities, greatly enjoys getting to use her powers in battle.


Woof, Honorary Titanium Ninja of Ice

Geode, Master of Crystal and Honorary Ninja of Earth

Kasia, The Honorary Green Ninja

  • Demonic Possession: Morro makes quick work in claiming Kasia's body. He takes the fact that the Green Ninja he's inhabiting is female in stride, only being interested in Kasia's powers and title.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Fights with a golden katana. It becomes the Sword of Sanctuary when Morro arrives, complicating matters for the others.
  • Pure Energy: She gains Lloyd's elemental powers, which are this mixed with Light 'em Up. Holy Hand Grenade gets added in when she becomes the Golden Ninja. However, she was unable to access her powers until she fought the Overlord. In the end, she losses the Holy Hand Grenade because her Golden Power was drained from her.
  • Power Hair: She has the shortest hair of all the girls, and ends up being the most powerful ninja out of the whole group!

Blake, Honorary Ninja of Lightning


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