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Oceans Unmoving Characters



A remarkably bright boy for a leaf person, Calix is one of the few natives of Timeless Space rather than someone who has fallen out of the timestream. He was picked up by the Bloody Bun during a raid on his village, but instead of locking him below with his tribesmen, Bun-Bun promoted him to First Mate. According to his crew, that's because the Captain likes to know where the next mutiny is coming from.

  • An Axe to Grind: Calix is extremely skilled with his twin axes. So much so that Bun-Bun deduces his people are not farmers, but warriors who happen to farm.
  • Deadpan Snarker: "Grandpa liked to smoke the purple mushrooms, didn't he?"
  • The Dulcinea Effect: To Kada. This fades when she joins forces with Bun-Bun.
  • Fish out of Water: Even more so than the non-natives.
  • Loincloth: And it's made out of leaves. Yes, leaves. There's a reason Bun-Bun calls his tribe the Leaf People.
  • Too Dumb to Live: As Bun-Bun put it, his grand plan for freeing his people was essentially tossing a calculator to a group of cavemen and telling them to balance their budget.
  • Took a Level in Badass: After he stops caring so much for lives other than those dear to him, he becomes a lethal force.



Kada Jansen

Bun-Bun's first mate for the tail end of "Oceans Unmoving" and the entirety of "Oceans Unmoving II", up until Bun-Bun escapes and she captains her own ship. Came from a different time period; was pulled into Timeless Space when Carib-Carriage One attempted to take off.

    The Grays 

The Grays

Exactly What It Says on the Tin, played for laughs.

Gods and Demigods


Krohnus, God of Time

The Mohkadun God of time, also known as Father Time. He is the king of the gods and responsible for guiding Fate as a means of preventing the world from being destroyed prematurely. For some reason hates the Dutch.

  • All-Powerful Bystander: After the murder of his son and wife, he completely ceases to directly involve himself in the affairs of mortals, only concerning himself with ensuring that time remains stable. And even though it is his job to safeguard the universe, he has become so indifferent to mankind in general that he is willing to let the tangle in the Fate Web kill K'Z'K, causing a Reality-Breaking Paradox that will end all of existence.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Of time. He created the web of fate to guide events and prevent the god of destruction from destroying worlds before their appointed time. For a time, he left Tempest in charge of Fate, but took it back under his own management due to Tempest's failings.
  • Character Narrator: Narrates the strip from time to time to maintain his sanity over the eons.
  • Cruel Mercy: Instead of merely killing him, he curses Lord Symachus with a long and painful life for his treachery. He also exiles his honorary brother to Timeless Space for the rest of eternity as punishment for his failings.
  • Deadly Euphemism: His "Severance Package" consists of him ripping you into pieces and mailing them to the 4 corners of the Earth.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Though probably not technically human, he was once a mortal, somehow born with incredible knowledge of time. Pleased, The One ascended him into godhood to stop the god of destruction from destroying the god of creation's worlds prematurely. Khronos himself also lifted several other mortals into godhood to serve as role models against Kozoaku's influence.
  • Human Subspecies: he's the Last of His Kind of a race predating Neanderthals, most likely Homo erectus, judging by the looks.
  • The Ghost: Has only appeared in a series of in-universe sketches depicting his encounter with Crazy Carver in Timeless Space and his creation. Otherwise he only appears as a disembodied voice. He finally shows up in person here:
  • I Have No Son!: He doesn't take this all the way, but he refuses to acknowledge Kron for the next one thousand years as punishment for his foolishness that hurt the ties between mortals and gods.
  • In Mysterious Ways: The Fate Web he created protects the world by extremely subtle manipulation of events.
  • Mind over Matter: He uses this power when threatening Sluggy, also known as Bunbun.
  • Parental Neglect: He imprisoned his two daughters in the sun and moon for the rest of eternity to "protect them", and proceeded to forget that they ever existed.
  • Telepathy: He has the power to communicate with others remotely.
  • This Cannot Be!: His reaction to King Farahn killing his otherwise immortal son by using Chaz.
  • Time Stands Still: His underlings, the Years have this power, and he does as well. He is also the very creator of Timeless Space.
  • Top God: He is the head of the Mohkadun pantheon and second in importance only to Prozoato, God of Creation, as well as The One.



The ruler of Hell and a powerful devil Riff spammed in the very first comic. At one point, he was a warrior from the Never Dimension and was the wielder of Torg's god killing sword, Chaz.

  • The Devil Is a Loser
  • God of Evil: He isn't the only one featured or even the most significant, but he rules the dimension of Hell.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: He is this for the most part. He is terrified of scorpions, sired kittens while drunk, and is a frequent victim of Riff's pranks. The only significant amount of evil he has accomplished was the creation of THE EVIL, a litter of cute and unstoppable kittens.


    The Evil 

The Evil

THE EVIL is a bunch of cute satanic kittens, biting, ripping and slashing through the population of Wispydale. It was revealed that the EVIL were bred by Satan, during the drunken party the satanic cult of Wispydale held for him. Any questions about the incident were answered by a "I do not want to talk about it." He left the cult in charge of feeding the kittens a bowl of milk every night, on pain of their destruction by the kitten.

  • The Antichrist: They are not the Antichrist, but they were sired during a drunken attempt to create him.
  • Complete Immortality: Seriously you can't kill these things, they tried.
  • Death by Irony: They are really big fans of this.
  • The Dreaded: Everyone fears them and with good reason.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: A couple of haughty Satanists try to abandon the heroes to the kittens as part of their Satan worship. The kittens target them first.
  • Hero Killer: When the kittens appear, Anyone Can Die except the main three cast. In fact, they were used to kill off a major recurring character, Bert.
  • Killer Rabbit
  • Power Gives You Wings: Satan gives them upgrades and they develop the power to fly.
  • Run or Die: If you don't have milk, running is your only chance of survival.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Their only weaknesses are water and milk. Neither will hurt them, but they will avoid them. If they end up drinking milk, they are temporarily reduced to near harmless, if immortal kittens.


An ancient god and the ruler of a Pocket Dimension called the Never.

  • Eldritch Abomination: His alien appearance aside, when K'Z'K describes his realm as one of timeless madness, Rithuly says that it's his thing.
  • Interrupted Declaration of Love: Tries to confess his love to K'Z'K, only for K'Z'K to leave just before he could finish.
  • Necromancer: Taught Kesandru how to trap and harvest ghosts to use them as a power source for his magic.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Legend claims that he was banished to the Never by human wizards.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: His true form resembles a dragon, but he has also been known to take the form of a "wispy tentacle-headed dark ghost or a charming handsome man in a white robe adorned with jewelry".

Tempest, God of Fate

The former Mohkadun God of Fate, also known as Uncle Time. He is Father Time's honorary brother and the reason Torg has Bun-Bun.

  • Anthropomorphic Personification: He was originally the God of Fate, but ends up fired from that job for his failings. He is then put in charge of Timeless Space, a buffer Khronus creates to keep the universe self-contained and imprison those who abuse time and space. Khronus tasks him with guarding the universe against outside incursions as well as maintaining it.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: He has always been a little kooky. Though this has only gotten worse over time, likely due to his punishment by Khronus.
  • The Exile: As punishment for failing in his duties in overseeing the Web of Fate, Khronus sends him into Timeless Space for the rest of eternity. He claims it isn't a banishment, just an appointment, except that he forbids Tempest from ever coming back to visit.
  • Gambit Pileup: After discovering K'Z'K's tampering with the Fate Web, gathering every "ordained" in one spot, he desperately tries to oppose him by gathering every single potential in the same spot, resulting in this.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: He is implied to have suffered from this due to his exile to Timeless Space. While he was never completely right in the head, he was once capable of empathy and felt very bad about the suffering of innocents. But when he was banished to Timeless Space, he was left all alone save for a single time frozen visitor. By the time Bun-bun runs into him in Timeless Space, he seems to have lost his marbles in spite of his assertions to the contrary. At this time, there are plenty of other prisoners stuck in Timeless Space and Bun-bun suggests he get out more. But Tempest assures Bun-bun that he likes his privacy.
  • Honorary Uncle: He isn't a blood relative of Khronos, but he is an honorary member of the family, and the fact that their jobs are closely related helps.
  • Humanity Ensues: He was originally a spider, but chose to use the Voluntary Shapeshifting power gods have to become a human in order to enjoy human meals.
  • Not So Omniscient After All: As the God of Fate, he knows much about what passes in the world. He reassures his honorary niece that there have been no surprises thus far, with Fate being Fate. He proceeds to get completely blindsided when he notices that "Siphaniana" is actually Gwynn, and her thread is connected to all sorts of destabilizing things in the web, such as time travel and dimensional portals. A number of things Immune to Fate also manage to sneak into the world under his watch, including the god killing sword, Chaz, which is why Khronus blames him for the death of his wife and son.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Fate Spider Carl suspects that he deliberately caused the tangle in the Fate Web, an event that will cause the death of K'Z'K and bring a Reality-Breaking Paradox, putting the universe to a permanent end.
  • Power Tattoo: Unknown if the spiral on his forehead, but it was seen on his T-shirt when he was the petshop owner.
  • Your Soul is Mine!: An apparition of him apparently threatens Tyler, a disgraced Hereti Corp agent with this after letting him out of Timeless Space.



The wife of Krohnus.

  • Dual Wielding: In combat, she wields a pair of glowing swords.
  • Face Palm: Does this frequently in reaction to her children’s eccentricities, especially Dunuloa's.
  • Killed Off for Real: She gets killed off by King Farahn shortly after he kills her son.
  • Mama Bear: After King Farahn kills her son, Kron, by using Chaz, she proceeds to charge at him with her own weapons. Her attack fails and she dies shortly after her son.


Gaul/The Krig, God of Joy/Santa

The former Mohkadun God of Joy. He is currently the patron of Christmas and has a long running feud with Bun-bun.

  • Anthropomorphic Personification: He used to be the Mohkadun god of Joy and is currently the co-patron of Christmas.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Bun-bun.
  • Back from the Dead: Was killed alongside quite a few other holidays by Bun-bun, but eventually gets brought back by a very literal Deus ex Machina.
  • Badass Santa
  • Blessed with Suck: As a Holiday, he remains The Ageless, has some limited powers, and has an entire company of elves as employees. On the other hand, what is termed as the "Holiday Curse" places limits on what he can do with his divinity and manifests itself by leaving Santa stuck in Time Stands Still once a year until all the presents are delivered.
  • Depower: He was once a full fledged god, but at some point gets reduced to a holiday. While he still retains some power, he is reduced from immortal to The Ageless.
  • The Exile: He is banished for allowing Khronus's children to endanger themselves in their efforts to save the world.
  • Last of His Kind: He is the last of a tribe of violent barbarians called the Krig. All of them except for himself were wiped out, presumably due to summoning Kozoaku. Instead of going by his birth name, Gaul, he called himself The Krig to remind himself of their violent ways.
  • Oh, My Gods!: He says "Oh my us!" in response to seeing the bodies of Lady Brehda and Kron.
  • Time Stands Still: The Holiday Curse manifests itself in this fashion during Christmas until all the presents are delivered. But as the alien Santa discovers, it is also possible for him to activate it under normal circumstances, which can be useful in combat.
  • The Virus: An alien race with plans to invade the Earth had a Weaksauce Weakness to Nerf guns. As a toy manufacturer, Santa had a large supply, making the aliens believe he was a weapons provider. As part of their first strike, they infected him with their DNA, essentially replacing him with one of their own agents. Eventually, the alien Santa was murdered by Bun-bun, but ended up resurrected as himself at the conclusion of the Holiday War arc.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: When he is converted into an alien, he is rendered Nigh-Invulnerable to most attacks, but with a weakness to Nerf guns.



Lord Symachus, God of Justice

The Mohkadun God of Justice.

  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Of Justice, supposedly. He turns out to be corrupt and helps summon Kozoaku, the God of Destruction in an attempt to remove Khronus. Khronus eventually realizes that choosing Symachus for this position was a horrible mistake, and strips him of his divinity.
  • Ambition Is Evil: He betrays the entire world in an attempt to be at the top.
  • Beard of Evil
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Pretends to be a hard working champion of Justice, but in actuality is quite treacherous.
  • Curse: As punishment for his betrayal, Khronus stripped him of his divinity, made him withered and feeble, left him with a Hereditary Curse of blindness, and weaved the Fate Web to ensure he would live a painful and never-ending life.
  • Depower: Khronus strips him of his divinity as punishment for his crimes.
  • Devil in Plain Sight: He has a tendency to turn away and smile with his eyes covered in a sinister looking manner. He claims it's a nervous habit.
  • The Exile: Among other things, Khronus sends him away.
  • Flying Dutchman: Khronus stripped him of his divinity, but legend claims he left him immortal to increase his suffering as punishment for his crimes. It further states that his wife was later driven mad by K'Z'K and fled out into the desert, and that Symachus would spend the rest of eternity trying to find her, though in actuality, he fled when he and his wife were caught trying to summon K'Z'K to cure their son's eyesight and she ended up dead.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: Kozoaku reveals that he has absolutely no interest in Khronos's plans to stop him, because he can't, and "celebrates" Lord Symachus's treachery by stabbing him. Kozoaku then forces Symachus to beat himself up and steals a fragment of his soul.
  • The Starscream: He, his band of mystics, and the Krigs summoned Kozoaku, bringing about the end of nearly all life on the planet. Krohnus gifted Lord Symachus and the last of the Krigs with Godhood in an effort to prevent this from ever happening again. But instead of being grateful, Lord Symachus noticed that there was tier of power above himself, and betrayed the entire world in a bid to kill and overthrow Krohnus.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: He looks down on women and is something of a misogynist.
  • Weak-Willed: Kozoaku reveals that he can control those who are both evil and weak of soul. Lord Symachus qualifies, and Kozoaku makes him punch himself in the face.

    Fate Spider Carl 

Carl Wonkstein, The (Ex Ex) Fate Spider

A spider that used to serve under Father Time, by managing the Web of Fate. He is eventually fired for sacrificing many lives to save the web and has since continued pulling the strands of fate as a freelancer.

  • The Chess Master: One of, if not, the best chess master in the game. Due to his position and Father Time's inattentive aloofness, he is able to directly interfere with fate itself. Not only that, he is extremely intelligent and theorizes that Tempest himself allowed the Tangle to form. He brings the other two living Fate Spiders together in an attempt to change Fate just enough to save all of existence. His interference directly led to Zoe's near-death, Riff's journey through the Dimension of Rain and 4U City, and set Torg on a final collision course with Herticorp and several other factions. It is possible that he helped the Potentials meet up with the Ordained for their clash against K'z'k. He plans to prevent K'z'k's death which would result in the end of all existence. Not bad for a spider.
  • The Chooser of the One: He is the one who chose Torg to save the Web.
  • For Want of a Nail: At first, he assumes there is little he can do to stop the coming destruction of the Web, because he can only influence little things. But then his apprentice points out that even little things can make a big difference.
  • There Are No Coincidences: The Web exists to guide fate and protect the world. The Fate Spider has often been the one responsible for causing Torg and his friends to be present when trouble goes down.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Created a scenario that caused quite a lot of people to die, because he believed it was the only way to save the web.

    Fate Spider Googol 

Googol, The First Fate Spider

The original Fate Spider, who once served under Tempest.

  • Accidental Misnaming: He refers to each of his successors as "Sally" to maintain consistency, since he has had one heck of a hectic "week" what with spending most of it in stasis.
  • Sealed Good in a Can: He has been awakening every 50 years out of stasis for 1-2 hours to check how things are going in an attempt to thwart the Destroyer's long term plans.
  • There Are No Coincidences: He has been providing subtle guidance to the heroes. Among other things, he is responsible for the convenient placement of a basket of magic eggs that allowed them to prevail.

    The Pumpkin King 

The Pumpkin King

The current patron of Halloween, whom the other holidays chose as Basphomy's replacement due to his harmlessness.

  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Of Halloween. Under his supervision, Halloween is no longer a holiday of true fear, but one in jest, much to its original patron, Basphomy's displeasure.
  • Back from the Dead: Bun-bun, with Basphomy's help, managed to murder him to steal his power. But thanks to a very literal Deus ex Machina, he is eventually brought back.



One of Dunuloa's creations, and the former patron of Halloween. She once used her holiday to spread terror and fear, but was eventually replaced by the Pumpkin King.

  • The Fog of Ages: She recalls little of her past and has to struggle to remember any of it.
  • Literal Split Personality: Possibly. "Bast" first shows up claiming Dunuloa poured all her darkness into her, and in Pumpkin King's story the Moon Twin and Basphomy exist during the same period, with Basphomy emerging during the dark moon.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name was derived from "Blasphemy" as a retort against Dunuloa's father when he blamed the ruin of their family on something other than mortals.
  • Mind Rape: Her main power allows her to torture the minds of her victims.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: She betrayed the Pumpkin King in hope of recovering her position as patron of Halloween. But when Bun-bun came to enjoy the power of being patron himself, he realized she would betray him. He rewarded her aid by allowing her to torment the world as she liked. But only once a year, with the rest of it spent imprisoned in the obsidian cage.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Her fate at the end of the Holiday War arc, and ironically enough by another evil doer. Bun-bun imprisons her in the obsidian cage for the rest of eternity save once a year on Halloween, to ensure she doesn't backstab him the way she backstabbed the Pumpkin King. The Pumpkin King eventually manages to free her.
  • The Star Scream: The other holidays were terrified of her and voted the Pumpkin King in as her replacement. She always kept a hammer ready in case she ever got a good opportunity to usurp him, and eventually sided with Bun-bun.


Dunuloa, the Moon Twin

A demigod and one of Khronos's daughters.

  • Absolute Cleavage: The way she used to dress.
  • Fetish: She apparently has one for magically binding men in her clothing.
  • Face–Heel Turn: She was always rather unstable, but after her brother and mother were murdered by a mortal, she felt that the gods had been too kind to them. To ensure they knew their place, she decided to become a curse on humankind and show them the true meaning of fear, sending monsters to torment them.
  • Kick the Dog: She decided to punish all of humanity for King Farahn's murder of her mother, starting with the refugees of Mohkadun. She demanded that they guard the scroll sealing K'Z'K, saying that if mankind could not maintain the prison, then they all deserved to die. The leader of the refugees was left with no choice but to accept. As mere mortals, they were vulnerable to K'Z'K's presence, and K'Z'K gave them the choice between setting him free or being Driven to Madness one by one and wandering the desert until most of them were dead. Dunuloa was fully counting on this to happen, and hoped they would ultimately fail. Refugee after refugee went mad and tried to summon K'Z'K, forcing their leader to kill them. Dunuloa only relented after their leader was forced to kill Siphaniana, finally appeased by the amount of blood on his hands.
  • Mad Scientist: She is the magical equivalent to one. She is responsible for the creation of several of the comic's most important artifacts, including the Book of E-Ville and the camel necklace among other things. She is implied to have conducted reckless and unethical experiments on mortals, much to her father's frustration.
  • Maker of Monsters: She despises mortals and is responsible for creating many of the setting's monsters in order to torment them.
  • Necromancer: She becomes one of these after her Face–Heel Turn.
  • Properly Paranoid: Suspected that Gwynn might not be Queen Siphaniana. Luckily, all Gwynn had to do is distract her by asking what one of her inventions does.
  • Revenge Before Reason: She wishes for King Farahn to suffer forever for the murder of her mother. Even though he has been eternally imprisoned into the Book of Eville, that still isn't good enough for her, and she has every intention of causing The End of the World as We Know It to make him suffer more.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Her father imprisoned her on the moon for the rest of eternity to keep her "safe". Her sister, Rana, figures that this is probably for the best, since she would gladly torture mortals and cause The End of the World as We Know It if she could. But even if she cannot act directly, she can still create monsters and send them to ruin the world in her stead.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: With her twin sister, Rana. She is called the moon twin where her sister is called the sun twin. She is also considerably less stable and empathetic than her sister.
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: Gwynn calls her the magical She-riff, because her inventions have the exact same unreliable tendencies and quirks as Riff's do. She also has the same enthusiasm for explosions.


Rana, the Sun Twin

A demigod and one of Khronos's daughters.

  • The Fog of Ages: Demigods are immortal, but their minds still have limits to what they are capable of remembering and have to choose what they remember. She still remembers that she had a brother, but forgot how he died, having let those memories fade away to fill her mind with all of the good things she sees.
  • Sealed Good in a Can: Her father imprisoned her in the sun for the rest of eternity to keep her "safe".
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: With her twin sister, Dunuloa. She is called the sun twin where her sister is called the moon twin. Where her sister chooses to linger in the past and refuses to let go of her grudge, Rana has forgotten the past completely, having replaced her tragic memories with the love and hope of the present.

    Groundhog's Shadow 

Groundhog's Shadow

The Groundhog's Shadow is the patron of Groundhog's Day. It was originally a shade in Halloween before getting its own holiday. Bun-bun summoned it with the Book of E-Ville in hopes of removing his Easter patronage, but Torg accidentally bound it to Bun-bun with an ambient halogen light. It stayed like this till the holiday war where The shadow foolishly slew 2003 seconds before the year ended, forcing Bun-bun to use the Deus Ex Ovum to save his own life. The Deus Ex Ovum returned the shadow back to the original groundhog.

  • Always Someone Better: He enjoyed tormenting Bun-bun by singing annoying karaoke songs, but after several hours of Kiki joining in, even he got irritated by her karaoke.
  • Living Shadow
  • The Prankster: likes scaring people by creating scary shadow images.



King Farahn

The King of the ancient city of Mohkadun.

  • Anti-Villain: There is little doubt that he was a tyrannical jerk responsible for the deaths of many innocents. But his worst misdeeds were in response to Kron placing a curse on his favorite wife, and were goaded on by the manipulations of said wife and the evil god of justice, Lord Symachus.
  • Apologetic Attacker: He tells Krohnus that he had no quarrel with his wife, Brehda, but justifies killing her as defending himself against the forbidden magic she used against him to avenge her son.
  • Bullying a Dragon: He makes demands of Kozoaku, God of Destruction, to help him get revenge against Kron. Annoyed, Kozoaku summons him a god-killing sword to aid him in this task. Complete with a warrior of the Never dimension already wielding it intended to kill him. This conveniently fails, since Kozoaku summoned said warrior over a scorpion pit and said warrior, Satan, has a phobia towards scorpions.
  • Clingy Macguffin: In the present era, he always remains close by to Gwynn, who he loves, thus foiling any attempts to remove the Book of E-ville that he is still sealed inside of.
  • Cool Sword: He was a previous wielder of Chaz.
  • Despair Event Horizon: King Farahn spends thousands of years sealed inside the Book of E-ville, repeatedly experiencing periods of Go Mad from the Isolation and brief periods of sanity. After a bad breakup with one woman he thought could replace Siphaniana in his heart, he pretty much gives up and stops caring about anything, deciding to wait for oblivion in silence. He picks himself up again after meeting Gwynn, believing her to be the reincarnation of Queen Siphaniana.
  • The Fog of Ages: He isn't even a demigod, let alone a full god like K'Z'K, and as such doesn't have a mind capable of remembering all of the thousands of years he has lived. The Claritos Incantation, a spell to heal minds, is the only reason he is even sane.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: King Farahn has suffered this multiple times. King Farahn, along with K'Z'K, were sealed inside the scroll that would eventually become the Book of E-Ville, leaving them isolated in darkness with only one another for company. K'Z'K, being a demon, was fine, but King Farahn couldn't take the strain and fell apart after 3500 years of imprisonment. A spell would come to be used to heal his mind, but there would be several long gaps between times in which he had contact with the outside world.
  • Handsome Lech: When properly motivated, he can actually be very good at seducing women at first, but his selfish, misogynistic, and Jerkass personality eventually get in the way.
  • If I Can't Have You…: In the altered timeline Gwynn ends up in, Queen Siphaniana was seemingly driven mad by a cursed camel necklace. In actuality, she experienced a Mental Time Travel "Freaky Friday" Flip with Gwynn. While Queen Siphaniana loved her husband and manipulated him to remain his favorite wife, Gwynn hated King Farahn, considering him a misogynist, and greatly preferred Kron. King Farahn eventually lost patience with his wife's apparent madness and demanded she declare her love for him on pain of death. Gwynn!Siphaniana repeatedly refused. Upon being denied after what he claimed to be her final chance, he finds himself unable to go through with it and starts weeping.
  • Kill the God: His main goal was to get revenge against Kron for placing his favorite wife under a curse and seducing her away. He ultimately succeeds and ends up killing Kron's mother as well when she tries to avenge her son.
  • Manipulative Bastard: The author of the Book of E-Ville's granddaughter was naive and clueless to the Book of E-Ville's true nature. King Farahn was able to take advantage of this to seduce her into loosening his chains and giving him more power over the world outside the Book. By the time she realized that he was only using her, it was too late, and her life was effectively destroyed.
  • Moral Myopia: He demands "justice" for Kron falling in love with Farahn's favorite wife. In the process, he orders a random stable girl killed for seeing queen at "not her best," violently suppresses the resulting rebellion, and summons the Destroyer to get revenge on the gods. When Brehda attacks him with magic after he kills her son, Farahn kills her too, then claims "justice is still with me," since she was using forbidden magic against him. Never mind that the reason magic is forbidden is because it might release the Destroyer, which Farahn already did.
  • Oh, Crap!: Starts getting nervous as Dunuloa seals him away into a scroll.
  • Powers via Possession: After Kozoaku is forced to possess him, King Farahn remarks on the awesome power he feels. Shortly before both of them are sealed away into a scroll. By extension, he has shared these same powers with Gwynn.
  • Reforged into a Minion: He has lended his power to 3 women before Gwynn, and transformed all of them into book monsters under his control when their relationship broke down.
  • Revenge: His main motive after Khronos's son, Kron, placed a curse on his favorite wife and accidentally broke her mind.
  • Revenge Before Reason: As the son of the most important god of Mohkadun, Kron was out of King Farahn's reach, since Khronos wouldn't allow any of the mortals to harm him. At the traitorous god of Justice's recommendation, he began summoning Kozoaku, God of Destruction, to wreak his vengeance. Even though this would be guaranteed to seal the doom of his entire city.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: In order to defeat Kozoaku, Dunuloa forced Kozoaku to use Demonic Possession on King Farahn and sealed Farahn himself into a scroll that would later be bound into the Book of E-ville.
  • Sealed Inside a Person-Shaped Can: In order to deal with Kozoaku, Dunuloa forced him to use Demonic Possession on King Farahn.
  • Taking Up the Mantle: Kron adopted the diamond as his symbol, to represent the pyramid of mankind over the pyramid of the gods and the fact that he felt the gods should serve mortals. In her final moments of life, King Farahn's favorite wife, Siphaniana, chided Kron over this, believing him unworthy of his symbol. She felt that the diamond rightfully belonged to King Farahn, and King Farahn would eventually adopt it as his own.
  • Unwitting Pawn: The God of Justice promised to give him justice over Kron. But he was only using him as a pawn to summon Kozoaku and kill Kron's father, the Top God, Khronos.
  • Wrong Name Outburst: Despite having used Gwynn's name before, he calls her Siphaniana when trying to protect her from K'Z'K.
  • Yandere: Queen Siphaniana was the favorite wife of King Farahn, using her skills to wrap him around her fingers. This ultimately resulted in him destroying his entire kingdom to get revenge against Khron for accidentally placing his wife under a curse. In the present era, he appears to believe Gwynn to be Siphaniana's Reincarnation, giving her power and protecting her for this reason. And while Siphaniana returned his obsession, Gwynn has been finding the close eye he has been keeping on her and his obsessive control over her difficult to deal with.
  • Your Soul is Mine!: He steals part of the soul of any woman he has loaned power to, making it possible for him to rewrite them like a book and turn them into his puppets.



A demigod and the son of Khronos.

  • Killed Off for Real: King Farahn succeeds in killing him with Chaz.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: He developed a crush on Queen Siphaniana, King Farahn's favorite wife, who led him on for Operation: Jealousy. In order to sneak her out of the stables, he put a cursed necklace on her to transform her into a camel, so as to smuggle her into private. In the original timeline, Siphaniana manipulated her husband's jealousy. In the altered timeline Gwynn ends up in, K'Z'K's manipulations result in a Mental Timetravel "Freaky Friday" Flip with Gwynn. Either way, everyone thought that he had placed a beloved Queen under a terrible curse, building up tensions between mortals and gods. Enraged, they tried to have him killed, but Khronos stepped in and prevented it. The God of Justice proceeded to take advantage of the situation by manipulating King Farahn's desire to avenge his beloved Queen and convinced the king to summon Kozoaku.
  • Stop Worshipping Me: His father believed that the gods should be above mankind to serve as role models. Kron believed that the gods should be below mankind in order to better serve them.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Queen Siphaniana truly loved her husband and was only flirting with Kron as a means of making King Farahn jealous to keep his eyes on her and thus remain his favorite wife.


Queen Siphaniana

King Farahn's favorite wife and the first wearer of the camel necklace.

  • Break the Haughty: She was the favorite wife of the king of the most important city in the world and took great pride in this fact, looking down on the peasants. She was also skilled at wrapping men around her finger. But in the end, her own petty manipulations brought about the downfall of her entire kingdom, and while she survived, she was reduced to a nobody.
  • Curse: She was the first victim of a certain necklace made by one of Kronos's daughters. With a certain keyword, "shupid", the necklace would turn her into a camel, and with the other keyword, "kwi", she would change back. Kron placed the necklace on her to smuggle her out of the stables, but something went wrong and it resulted in a Mental Time Travel "Freaky Friday" Flip with Gwynn. With Gwynn, a foreigner who did not speak the local language, in control of Siphaniana's body, everyone believed the curse had driven her mad.
  • Driven to Madness: In the altered past Gwynn ended up in, the people of Mohkadun believed this to have happened to her because of a curse. It happens for real long after the fall of Mohkadun, due to her longing for her husband.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: look at trope below
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: Spends years as this, with her in Gwynn's body in the future and Gwynn in her body in the past.
  • Killed Off for Real: She tried to release her husband from the scroll he was sealed in. Unfortunately, this also would have unleashed K'Z'K as well, and as a result, Maloufo was forced to kill her.
  • Operation: Jealousy: She was only one of King Farahn's many wives. In order to become King Farahn's favorite, she would do things to keep his attention trained on her. One of her tactics was to make him jealous. She played along with Kron's crush towards this end. In the original timeline, it ended up backfiring when the king was manipulated into summoning Kozoaku and ended up sealed in the Book of E-ville. In the altered timeline, it ends up backfiring when K'Z'K's interference causes a Mental Time Travel "Freaky Friday" Flip with Gwynn.


Scholar Soco

One of Mohkadun's scholars, who King Farahn assigned to treating Siphaniana's apparent madness.

  • The Chosen One: He was a "potential", a hero of the Fate Web chosen to protect it. In an older timeline, he invented the plan to defeat Kozoaku. He advised the godlings to steal the vowels in his true name and seal him in a scroll. Sadly, in the alternate timeline Gwynn ends up time travelling back to, her and K'Z'K's interference allows Kozoaku, God of Destruction, and the opponent the web was meant to defend against, to slay him easily. As a result, the Fate Web directs Gwynn to help fulfil his fate instead to put the timeline back on course.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Not knowing any better, he speaks Kron's name in the Great Hall of the Gods, something Khronos has forbidden in order to punish his son for causing so much trouble. When Gwynn enters the room and makes the same mistake, he sarcastically says "You dare mention Kron? You fool!"
  • Killed Off for Real: In the original timeline, he was killed off by Kozoaku towards the endgame. In the altered timeline Gwynn is summoned into, he gets killed off directly by Kozoaku a bit earlier.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: He bragged about his plan to reimprison the God of Destruction in taverns, allowing the traitorous God of Justice to hear about it and forcing him to accelerate his plans. Had he kept his mouth shut, King Farahn would have been killed by the rebels before he could summon Kozoaku, the traitor god would have been forced to find a new pawn, and the plan to defeat Kozoaku would have been ready before Kozoaku could have had enough time to destroy Mohkadun.
  • Secret-Keeper: Is keeping the secret that Gwynn's mind is in the queen's body and is actually from the future.