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    The Sins 

The Sins

The focus of the comic, they are the Anthropomorphic Personifications of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification
  • Blessed with Suck: Mostly averted for the Sins. While they are forced to act out what they represent, it doesn't cause any major drawbacks for the most part. It really only applies to the Gluttonies, who suffer from a never ending hunger.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: In spite of representing "evil" and a lack of restraint, the Sins have their own personalities that are not dependent on their jobs. They still tend to be jerks though.
  • Embodiment of Vice. Applies to all the Sins.
  • Literal Genie: When a host gives the Sins orders they don't like, they try to interpret the orders to the host's detriment.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The Sins created the gauntlets to give their champion access to their powers and went on a holy war to conquer the world. Eventually, the Virtues, fighting for a greater cause, managed to defeat them. Modifying the gauntlet, they bound the Sins to its power and gave the gauntlets to human hosts to keep the Sins in check and perform a variety of tasks.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: The Sins currently exist in the form of shades. The original Sins were killed by the Virtues. By binding the Sins to the guantlet, they were able to prevent the Sins from regenerating and those who replace them must give up their bodies. Of course, these are the ghosts of some very powerful spirits.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: The theology they are based on, though Wrath was replaced with Anger to give the characters more neutral moral standing.


theThe main protagonist of Sins Venials, leader of the Succubae, and the de facto leader of the Sins. Lust is one of the original Sins.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: Her reply to Content when she chastises them for putting Pace to work at the docks:
    Content: "How could you make a kid work at the docks?"
    Lust: "Uh, yeah... Who is it that gives this gauntlet to kids? Makes them travel the world? And if they fail, it could be the end of the universe? Because I don't think that's us."
    Content: "Yeah, but- we... Only if- I have to go!"
  • Cannibalism Superpower: She was originally a genderless cosmic force that was about ready to retire from its current role. Its final act in that incarnation was to visit the Sins' universe and ask the Dealer for help finding demons to channel that world's chaos. When the Dealer chose herself to represent Lust, this angered the cosmic force, feeling that the Dealer was betraying its purpose with greed. Already wanting to leave behind its old responsibilities, it defeated the Dealer, took back the power of Lust for itself, and stole a large quantity of the Dealer's energy. As a result, the Dealer lost her body, while the new incarnation of Lust walked around in a form very similar to hers.
  • Gender Bender: One of her powers.
  • Hammerspace Hair: When at full power, she can use her hair as a form of hammer space to store her stuff.
  • Horny Devils: Usually averted, but played straight when she is with Rhett.
  • Improbable Weapon User: In her original incarnation as a cosmic force, it wielded a pair of giant scissors.
  • Killed Off for Real: As the human world starts dying and fading out of existence, Lust chooses to remain in it with her husband, Rhett. She ultimately dies with it.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: The Dealer speculates that she inflicted this upon the other original Sins in order to better control them. She inadvertently did this to her first love interest on their wedding day, who rejected her shortly afterwards.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Part of her shtick.
  • Prehensile Hair: Can manipulate her hair to serve as a weapon.
  • Really Gets Around: Has an undeserved reputation for this. Even though she has only slept with two men in all of her existence, many people believe her to be this due to the fact that this is supposed to be her job.
  • Sinister Scythe: Her Weapon of Choice and a gift from the original Anger back when they were still friends.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Word of God states that Lust's position as main protagonist in Sins Venials wasn't entirely intentional and ended up drawing away attention from the development of the other characters. Which is why she ends up being Killed Off for Real when Sins Venials ends.
  • Team Mom: She basically regards the team as her "evil children".
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: She can transform herself and others.


A cute blob of goo. Sloth is one of the original sins.

  • Blob Monster
  • Heavy Sleeper: Sloth.
    • Actually, we've only seen Sloth sleeping once- when he was in his golem body. The rest of the time he just doesn't do anything.
    Sloth: Meh.
  • The Unintelligible: "Meh". Lust seems to understand him though.

Greed / Hoarding

The current incarnation of Greed. It becomes the official leader of the Sins in Sins Revenant, serving as their candidate for the elections for Baron.

  • Hammerspace: His power is the ability to store stuff into a pocket dimension. At full strength, he can use it as a portal to transport items and people between different places.
  • Hulk Speak
  • Puppet King: The Sins nominate him as their official head, in part because they think he will be easy to control.

Pride / Fortune

Originally Fortune of the Tarot and one of the first four, she joined the Sins in the hope that her bad luck would no longer prevent them from finding a home and became the current incarnation of Pride. She is the friendliest of the Sins.

  • Born Unlucky: She gets occasional bouts of good luck, but its mostly bad. Its just a good thing she can make it apply to her enemies as well.
  • Nice Girl: She is easily the nicest of the Sins, though she has picked up a few bad traits from them.
  • Team Mom: Occasionally provides this role in the case of certain hosts.
  • Winds of Destiny, Change: She has little control over her powers, perpetually bad luck, and only occasional good luck. But it is possible for her to give her bad luck to her enemies with devastating effect.

Anger / Pettiness

The current incarnation of Anger.

  • Sleep-Mode Size: Generally stays in a smaller shape than its true form in order to conserve energy.

Gluttony / Gorging

The representative of Gluttony after the Gluttony at the start of the the story is forced to retire. She is succeeded by Hope in Sins Fugue, when Jin's group enters the new world.

Envy / Jealousy

The incarnation of Envy who joins the team after Flattery retires without telling anyone. He ends up being succeeded by The Vice at the end of Sins Revenant/the start of Sins Fugue.

Envy / Flattery

Desire's replacement, he spent time representing Envy before retiring.

  • The Un-Favourite: In spite of what his name would suggest, the other sins do not find him charming. He doesn't get any respect at all until he helps out Lust's mortal boyfriend.

Envy / Desire

The original Envy's replacement. He was chosen to represent Envy to as a counter to Labor on the Virtue's side.

  • The Big Guy
  • Chivalrous Pervert: He causes Lust quite a bit of annoyance, but when he realizes that Lust has gotten a husband, he retires from the team and hooks up with someone else.


The original incarnation of Pride and the one time de facto leader of the Sins. He has since retired and taken up organizing the Vices in the spirit realm, mostly running things from behind the scenes.

  • Seen It All: When Jin notes that there are far too many unanswered questions they need to look into after a major incident, Pride's response is to say that now is the time for rest, and they don't really care because they have already dealt with many crazy things.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: He can take another's appearance and show them how they would end up on different life paths.


The original incarnation of Anger.

  • Face–Heel Turn: Does this in the original arc, although it can be hard to tell which characters are heels or faces anyway.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Anger basically died as a consequence of Lust killing his undead host, and his spirit was trapped in the demonic equivalent to the afterlife, the Valley of Shadows. Bits and pieces of him lived on however. The most powerful fragment became the Tarot known as The Tower. In Sins Revenant, the destruction of the human world allows him to return.

    The Virtues 

The Virtues

The Anthropomorphic Personifications of the Seven Heavenly Virtues and counterparts to the Sins.

  • Blessed with Suck: All the Virtues suffer from major drawbacks as a side effect of their Virtue markings by being forced to act out what they represent. Chastity cannot engage in sexual release no matter how much she wants to, increasing her stress levels. Joy is forced to find joy in everything, but is not prevented from feeling hate as well and thus ends up hating most of the things she is forced to enjoy. Fasting cannot eat. Though he doesn't technically need to, this leaves him very weak if no one has been consistently force feeding him. Labour cannot take extended periods of rest. Sharing must give up any of his possessions if asked for so long as they are to be used for a good purpose. Modesty's issues aren't entirely clear, but probably have something to do with its refusal to reveal its true form. Only Content's Virtue marking seems to be a net plus, since it merely enables her to accept most people or situations very easily. They finally get released from their Virtue markings after the human world is destroyed.
  • Embodiment of Virtue. Applies to all of them.
  • Harmless Freezing: One of the Virtues' powers is the ability to freeze an entity in a block of ice. The frozen being lies in a form of stasis, not needing to eat or drink, but they do age and grow. The Virtues used to do this to many of the Hosts of the Sins to forcibly cut off their ties with their previous life. Though they seem to have stopped in the present.
  • Light Is Not Good: In spite of representing "goodness" and restraint, the Virtues' actual personalities are not bound to their positions. All of the virtues except Sharing and Content have grown very jaded and bitter over the centuries.
  • Power Gives You Wings: All of the Virtues can grow wings for flight, though they rarely use them.
  • Seven Heavenly Virtues: Like the Sins, they are based on this theology, though with a few differences to make the characters morally neutral. Temperance is a Tarot instead of a Virtue, and has been replaced with Fasting. Patience has been replaced with Joy. Diligence has been replaced with Labor. Humility has been replaced with Modesty. And Kindness has been replaced with Content.
  • Weapon of Choice: All of the Virtues are bound to a weapon they can summon and telepathically command.


The unofficial leader of the Virtues.

  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Something that happens when she is wielding the power of Fate.
  • Necromancer: One of the only forces to show skill in magic outside of their natural abilities. She used this skill to keep The Warrior in an undead state so she could harvest blood as a component for controlling the Gauntlets.
  • Portal Cut: Usually, rifts opened between two realms are pretty safe and will stretch wider if necessary. But as Chastity demonstrates, one rift placed in front of another while someone is in transit results in this.
  • Powers via Possession: Turns out Destiny placed a bit of her energy into Chastity, allowing her to influence and manipulate Chastity.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gives one to The Tower and Luxuria/The Devil.
  • Seers: She has been implied to have some power to predict and plan for the future. It is revealed that one of the Fates, Destiny, imbued her with a small portion of her own power in an attempt to keep the world stable, but Chastity's mental problems and Destiny's own incompetence eventually get in the way and Destiny takes her power back.


Essentially Chastity's second in command. It is always completely covered in order to hide its true form.

  • Ambiguous Gender: While forces do not technically have genders, it appears to identify as male. But it refuses to actually confirm this and no one knows what gender it is for sure.
  • Brown Bag Mask: Modesty wears this over its helmet to be doubly secure in its secret.
  • Dramatic Unmask: In Sins Revenant, Modesty's secret is finally revealed! Except not, even with the Virtues released from their markings. Modesty's true appearance is unlikely to ever be revealed, though when the Sins see its true appearance off-panel thanks to a Greed Sin, their laughter suggests that whatever it is hiding is hidden due to embarrassment.
  • Multilayer Façade: Will not allow anyone to view its true form at nearly any cost. It usually wears a paper bag over its head, but just in case that gets taken off, it wears its Virtue armor underneath as well.
    • In Sins Revenant, the other Virtues finally get dissatisfied with just leaving it at that and try to remove the mask. Modesty is revealed to in fact be a pretty girl who is ashamed of a scar on her face, causing the other Virtues leave in shame. Only to not notice that the real Modesty is a small distance away. Somehow, it saw them coming and hired a decoy!


The most powerful of The Virtues, he serves as their muscle.

  • BFS: His Weapon of Choice. For a long time, he was unable to use it since Chastity needed it for a ritual to harvest blood from the dead corpse of The Warrior to run the Gauntlets.
  • The Big Guy: He is the largest of The Virtues and has the additional power to increase his size.
  • Blood Knight: He enjoys fighting a little too much. Too bad there are only a handful of opponents that are good enough to even put up a challenge.
  • Just a Kid: In Sins Revenant, he gets killed fighting Jealousy and is unable to regenerate. But thanks to a massive release of energy resulting from the human world's destruction, he is able to revive later, albeit in a diminished form. Many demons think this means they can finally take him out, but he gleefully and painfully proves them wrong.
  • Pet the Dog : Labor Mercy Killing Hierophant to spare him from Chasity's guantlet at Fortune Pride's request
  • Super Strength: An extra power he possesses.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene


The friendliest of the Virtues.

  • Dual Wielding: Her Weapon of Choice is a pair of daggers.
  • Nice Girl: Unlike the rest of the Virtues, her virtue marking actually makes her nicer, rather than jaded and bitter. She is probably the friendliest character in the comic.


Content's boyfriend and one of the only two Virtues that hasn't grown bitter over the millenia.

  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Ever since Rhett forced Sharing to give up his armor, Sharing has been walking around shirtless.


The bitterest of the Virtues. You would never know she is the Anthropomorphic Personification of Joy from her personality.

  • Jerkass: Her Virtue marking forces her to take joy in all things. But it doesn't stop her from feeling negative emotions and she thus ends up hating the things she is forced to enjoy. The only things she seems to genuinely enjoy are spiteful or violent activities.
  • Royal Rapier: Her Weapon of Choice.


For a long time, he was the weakest of the Virtues. His Virtue marking prevents him from feeding himself. His Immortality keeps him alive, but without someone to force feed him, he gradually whithers away over the centuries into a feeble gray wisp of a person.

  • Jerkass: He can get pretty nasty. But given his horrible Blessed with Suck Virtue marking, you can hardly blame him for this.


    The Tarot 

The Tarot

A pantheon of alien forces from another world invading the Sin's universe.

  • Conservation of Competence: Most of the Tarot are very very weak compared to the Sins and Virtues. The Fool is a feeble moron. The current Fortune was chosen solely to spite the original for joining the Sins. The Hermit is just a normal lizard made into an Anthropomorphic Personification. They mostly rely on Empress, Justice, and Judgment for their power.
  • Pyrrhic Villainy: Despite losing the battle against the Sins, they ultimately win the war thanks to their actions damaging the world beyond repair, forcing the Sins and Virtues to evacuate. They reincarnate and take over the new version of the human world initially uncontested. But then a new group of forces called the Rulers arrive and take away their new followers. And having become overly reliant on Gods Need Prayer Badly, this leaves those who remain completely drained and on the brink of death.
  • Reincarnation: While unable to regenerate like most forces, they are able to be reborn when killed.
  • Tarot Motifs: With some interesting interpretations. For instance, the current Anthropomorphic Personification of Strength is actually very weak and reliant on cybernetic augmentations and The Lovers are a pair of gay men.

The Empress

The official leader of the Tarot.

  • Big Bad: She is the leader of the Sins' most recurring enemies.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond
  • It's Personal: One of the main reasons she is trying to conquer the Sin's universe, even though it will likely be destroyed in the process, is because Lust killed her and Justice when they first entered this world. Just because they survived doesn't mean she's happy about it.


Empress's second in command and one of the original four.

The Hierophant

The only Tarot the original Fortune is still on good terms with and one of the original four.

Fortune Pride

See the Sins section.


In ancient times, Death worship was extremely common, making it one of the oldest, strongest forces around. But as the humans came to understand death and even learned how to conquer it with Necromancy, it gradually lost it's influence as people stopped putting faith into it. After picking a fight with the Sins and losing, it returned to its cave to nurse its wounds. Empress discovered it and recruited it into her team.

  • The Big Guy: At the peak of its power, it was the size of a mountain. Even today, after having most of its power drained away, it is still somewhat bigger than any of the Sins or Virtues.
  • Combat Tentacles
  • Gods Need Prayer Badly: It was once one of the strongest demons in existence, but as humans started devoting their belief to other forces, it lost most of its power.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The reason for its sealing is unclear, but it is first introduced into the story by the Lust golem, where she opens the locks on its door and frees it from its chains.

The Tower

For a long time referred to as Lust-golem for lack of a better name, she is an abomination formed from the remains of the original Anger combined with Lust's energy and occupying a golem body Lust once used. For unclear reasons, though at least partially related to her crush, she has been causing Lust lots of trouble. She eventually joins the Tarot to work against the Virtues and necromancers.

  • Golem: The body she occupies.
  • Literal Split Personality: She is basically the strongest surviving shard of the original Anger, partially imprinted with Perrin and merged with some of Lust's energy. As a result, the original Anger's ghost can feel her presence.
  • Yandere: She has a crush on Lust, her accidental creator, and wants to get Rhett out of the way.


The original Fortune's replacement, she was chosen specifically to spite Fortune Pride for joining the Sins.

  • Born Lucky: Unlike her predecessor, she is full of good luck. Unfortunately for her, it is hard to weaponize giving your opponents good luck and it is no match whatsoever for the original Fortune's bad luck.

The Lovers

An inseparable pair of men who's powers are based on whether whether or not they are working together.

  • Berserk Button: Defeat one of them, and you'd better be prepared for the other one's rage.

The Chariot

A Tarot first encountered in the Addison arc.

The Magician

A Tarot first encountered when Balance tries to meet them.

  • Know When To Fold Them: When the Tarot finally have a showdown with the Sins and the Virtues, he starts realizing that the Tarot are getting curb stomped and chooses to leave the fight.


One of the Tarot's only three power houses.

Luxuria/The Devil

See the Vices section.



The people of the Sin's universe are predominantly selfish. More so than the Sins alone can handle. As a result, much of what the Sins represent has to be distributed among other forces beneath them. The forces playing this role are called Vices, and most of them are assigned to serve some particular Sin they are associated with. When a Sin retires or is otherwise removed from its position, it is usually a vice that is tapped for its replacement.

Luxuria/The Devil

The top lust vice, she has a horrible relationship with Lust. She eventually takes up an offer from the Tarot to become one of them.


A vice Lust hired out to a Necromancer named Murdoch as part of a deal.

  • Deal with the Devil: How she ended up with Murdoch. In exchange for a healing potion, Lust expended enough of her energy to keep Slander in the human world to assist Murdoch.
  • Necromancer: Acts as Murdoch's main assistant in this field and is responsible for most of his success.

    The Fates 

The Fates

Three forces with the power to predict and plan out the future with the multiverse as their domain. They are worshipped by a city of Amazons seated on Greed's temple, though their followers know next to nothing about their goddesses.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: They are mentioned in passing in the very first arc of the comic. But it isn't until late into the story that they enter the scene.


One of the three embodiments of Fate.

  • Because Destiny Says So: She is the one who tries to say so, but many of her plans only work up to a point before they get ruined.
  • Genghis Gambit: She is responsible for bringing the Tarot to the Sins' universe, in an attempt to unite the Sins and Virtues against a common enemy and avoid further disruptions to the balance. Her scheme backfires horribly and causes The End of the World as We Know It.
  • The Man Behind the Man: She has been manipulating the Virtues and is responsible for bringing the Tarot into their world in an attempt to get the Sins and Virtues to stop fighting and messing up the Balance Between Good and Evil.
  • Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds: The long quarrel between the Sins and Virtues had been interrupting the Balance Between Good and Evil, threatening the stability of their world. Destiny tried to stop them with a Genghis Gambit, uniting them against a common threat by guiding the Tarot to their world. Not only does this not stop the Sins and Virtues from fighting with one another, the very presence of the Tarot is what completely destabilizes their world. Destiny's plans backfire so horribly that they end bringing about The End of the World as We Know It, exactly what she was trying to prevent.
  • Never My Fault: She places all the blame for the world's impending demise at Lust and Chastity's feet, without taking into account that as bad as they were, they never would have managed to accomplish anywhere near as much destruction without her manipulations, or the fact that it was she who brought the Tarot to their world in the first place. She is eventually convinced by Balance and Chastity to give a begrudging token of remorse by letting Jin go free.
  • Seer: Naturally has this power as an embodiment of Fate. She can predict and arrange the future, though her power over this is very much less than perfect. She loaned this power to Chastity without Chastity's awareness in order to manipulate her.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: She believed that the fighting between the Sins and Virtues would destroy their world. So she tried to unite them against a common enemy, the Tarot. But the Tarot's very presence is what brings about the end of the world.

    Demon Barons 

Demon Barons

The rulers of the Spirit World. The originals were overthrown and replaced by the Sins. After the Sins lose their clout, a new one is elected into power.


A demon that takes the form of a book. It was one of the most avid and powerful explorers of the Human World. Even the other barons feared it and chose to lock it away.

  • Demonic Possession: It was the first demon in the Sins' world to figure out how to possess people. According to rumor, its experimentation in this field accidentally got it trapped in its host.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Desire!Envy and Jealousy!Envy rip its host body in half and leave it for dead. It doesn't stick.
  • I Am Legion: Refers to itself with the royal "we".
  • Many Spirits Inside of One: Armageddon has a whole collection of demonic minions who share its host body.
  • Pieces of God: As Armageddon rose in power, it realized that a singular form would limit its potential. In order to change and evolve, it created offshoots of itself, manifesting into separate individuals. The most important fragment of its being was Hope.
  • Power Parasite: Hope has a Cannibalism Superpower that allows her to steal the powers of demons she defeats. Armageddon takes the stolen powers away from her for itself.
  • Puppeteer Parasite: Armageddon's immediate appearance looks like a pale human male with green sclera. But that is actually just a human victim who has been converted into a Meat Puppet shell. The actual demon(s) is bound to and inside of it, and can repair said Meat Puppet when it gets ripped apart.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Armageddon was imprisoned by the other Barons. The destruction of the human world allows him to break free of his prison, but he is still bound to an ancient book that is tended to by his servants.

    The Rulers 

The Rulers

A powerful and well organized group of forces that conquer the new version of the human world as its rulers.
  • False Utopia: Each of the rulers controls their own island in their own way. While on the surface, their islands seem like a paradise, it quickly becomes apparent that most of them are deeply flawed. Even the well intentioned ones have left their people overly dependent on them. Some of them are not well intentioned at all, deliberately designing their societies to keep their people deeply repressed.

The Builder / Progress

  • Berserk Button: Daring to question or not immediately obey any order from the Rulers' leader.
  • Cyborg: While his type of force is not capable of Demonic Possession, he is inspired by the Sins to "possess" himself with his technology, painfully integrating it with his body.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He introduced humanity to technological progress and specializes in Magitek.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: If he had just answered the Sins questions instead of attack them for questioning the Ruler's leader, the Sins would not actively be fighting them.
  • Power Armor: One of his inventions. Using it, he is able to single handedly Curb-Stomp Battle the Sins and exile them to the caverns below.

The Librarian / Knowledge

  • Awesomeness by Analysis: She can observe someone coming at her and immediately calculate how best to counter them.
  • Badass Bookworm: She's a librarian, and manages to Curb-Stomp Battle the Sins with brute force.
  • D-Cup Distress: Her appearance was shaped by the collective imagination of humanity, and she is more than a little annoyed at how she ended up looking like.
  • Hot Librarian: Her appearance was literally designed by this trope. She isn't exactly happy about it.
  • Make an Example of Them: One of her methods of keeping control over her subjects.



  • King In Cognito: When helping out her people, she pretends to be a servant of herself because she doesn't want her people fussing over her.
  • Poison-and-Cure Gambit: Jin accuses her of running one, poisoning her people to make them need her. Poison angrily denies this, but then admits with horror that she might have been doing so subconsciously.
  • Terminally Dependent Society: She sees to her people's needs so much that they are completely dependent on her.


  • Lotus-Eater Machine: He keeps his people in an eternal sleep, keeping them in a perfect life within their dreams. Some of them however, are trapped in nightmares they are unable to awaken from. Some of his people hide away from him in caves and are forced to carefully filter the water.
  • Mass Hypnosis: He can control the minds and bodies of those caught in his slumber.


  • Time Master: He cannot time travel, but he can generate alternate time lines and time loops to give his people unlimited time to experience life.


The leader of the rulers.

  • Abusive Parents: He created the other rulers, but deliberately set them up to fail because he wants to free up the resources he invested into them to make better creations and he is unable to destroy them directly.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Of creation. He is driven to create, but the more he creates, the less he has to work with to create new things and his nature as a force prevents him from directly destroying and recycling his old creations.
  • Arc Villain: Of Sins Fugue.
  • Me's a Crowd: One of his powers.
  • Never Given a Name: He doesn't have a name, but Word of God says that his notes label him as "Creation".
  • The Power of Creation: His main ability.


    Other Forces 


Effectively Death's "daughter", she is the Anthropomorphic Personification of universal balance.

The Dealer

One of the oldest demons to still have an active presence in the Spirit World. She was once the slave of a succession of demon barons, but when her last master grew unbearable, she and a human slave named Von Froya worked together to escape. In the present era, she is a dealer in goods and services. She carries an old grudge against the Sins, especially Lust.

  • Cool Mask: She was wounded in the face by her last owner while she and Von Froya escaped. Regenerating the damage would have costed her valuable energy, so she covered it up with a skull mask instead.
  • Deal with the Devil: She offers them.
  • Evil Chancellor: She is well aware that the real power isn't on the throne, but behind it. Which is why she tries to arrange for her minion, The Vice, to be elected as the Demon Baron to serve as her Puppet King.
  • Faux Affably Evil: She acts polite, but it is very obvious that you do not want to mess with her or owe her a debt. She also calmly tells the Sins about how she is going to take away everything they hold dear.
  • Friend in the Black Market: She deals in goods, both legitimate and ill-gained.
  • Gender Bender: She sells potions that can transform the drinker into a Succubus. If the drinker is male, they will still end up as a succubus, not an incubus. She tries and fails to use one of these to bribe Filo, which would make him more suitable for his crush on Murdoch.
  • It's Personal: A cosmic force grew angry with her for greedily taking the power of Lust for herself and stole a considerable quantity of her life force. As a result, the Dealer had to start all over from scratch once again and watch the Sins rise to godhood, a position she had nearly taken for herself. But the part she found most irritating was watching the cosmic force, which became the original Lust, flaunt a perverted copy of her own body.
  • Love Potion: She sells them. And she tries and fails to use one to bribe Filo into assisting her machinations around Hope.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: In her original form, she looked similar to Lust, except for dreadlocks and the presence of a tail, because Lust's body is a 'perverted' copy of her original form. But in the present era, her body is gone and she exists as a shadowy shade. She hopes to someday feed off of enough energy to regenerate her body.

The Vice

A demon who tried and failed to become one of the Sins' vices. He agreed to join The Dealer as her minion in return for her help in getting him more respect.

  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Where the Sins are like demigods, Nostalgia is more like a real god, capable of warping reality on a massive scale. And yet, The Vice was able to defeat it.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: He hates the Sins, but attempted to gain respect by getting recruited as one of their vices. When he fails to pass one of their tests, he ends up being recruited by The Dealer in return for her help getting the other demons to respect him.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: He accidentally releases an ancient demon of godlike power named Nostalgia from the orb in which it was imprisoned.
  • Puppet King: The Dealer tries to get him elected Demon Baron rather than herself, since she's more of a behind the scenes manipulator than a figurehead.


An ancient, powerful force that was imprisoned long ago. In Sins Revenant, the surge of energy that gives new life to the Spirit World allows her to awaken and break free. She comes to befriend and live with Murdoch and Slander.

  • Cannibalism Superpower: Most demons can theoretically eat other demons for energy, but she is rumoured to have been a particularly notorious perpetrator, which is one of the reasons why the other demons sealed her away. In addition to stealing their energy, she can potentially even add their abilities to her own.
  • Emotion Eater: As with all demons, she can feed off of her domain, more specifically, the hope in other beings.
  • Hearing Voices: She awakens up under the command of malevolent voices, telling her to kill and feed off of everything she comes across to get revenge and break them free from their prison.
  • Light Is Not Good: It isn't necessarily evil either, but the fact that she is the Anthropomorphic Personification of hope makes her more dangerous, not less, since all sentient beings have hope, allowing her to feed off of them. Word of God says that much like one interpretation of the story of Pandora's box, Hope is a hidden evil.
  • Naïve Newcomer: She is the first major new character to appear in Sins Revenant. She awakens not remembering much and after having been imprisoned for a very long time, and thus helps introduce the audience to the history of the Spirit World.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The Dealer claims she was sealed away to stop her from killing and feeding off of the other demons. Hope claims she was imprisoned because the Demon Barons were hostile and could not destroy her. Either way, it has been implied that there is more to the story.

    The Hosts 

The Hosts

The bearers of the gauntlets, they serve as vessels for the Sins' power and gain control over them.

  • Cursed with Awesome: Being a host gives you access to the powers of the sins. The only real downside is that it shatters your soul, making animals hate you.
  • Kid with the Leash: The main reason the Virtues gave the gauntlet to human hosts. Though the Virtues have experienced Motive Decay since then.
  • Our Souls Are Different: The Sins' spirits are more powerful than a human vessel can handle. As a result, the Host's own soul gets broken apart when they bear the gauntlets.
  • Powers via Possession: It's rarely shown, but hosts are able to draw power from the Sins.

The Warrior

Not technically a host since the Sins were still alive back then, but he was the first to wield the gauntlets. He was a man full of big ideas and inspired the Sins on a campaign of conquest. Things eventually went south when the Virtues intervened.

  • Ambition Is Evil: Went about on a massive conquering spree with the help of his benefactors, killing quite a lot of people.


The host before Rhett, she suffered as a pawn in a scheme by the original Anger.

  • Driven to Suicide: As a side effect of being possessed by an extremely powerful shade, she continued to wander the world of the living even after her undead body was destroyed by using the surviving fragments of Anger's shade body as a vessel. Eventually, she gets transferred to a golem body. She starts freaking out when it starts cracking and she had already been through a great deal of trauma...
  • Suicide by Cop: Doesn't have the guts to kill herself, so she pressures Lust into it by harming Rhett.
  • The Undead: She was killed by an Anger-controlled Rhett and revived as a zombie host to further Anger's schemes.


Lust's mortal husband. Though long since deceased, Lust occasionally hires a necromancer named Murdoch to raise him in a golem body. The protagonist of the original comics, he was manipulated by Anger, who then planned to kill him and gain freedom from the gauntlets.

  • Demonic Possession: Was possessed by the original Anger to fulfil a rather nasty scheme.
  • Gender Bender: Something the rather kinky Lust likes to do to him, much to his dismay.
  • Killed Off for Real: Chooses to stay with Lust in the human world as it fades away, dying together.
  • The Lost Lenore: Destiny had intended him to be this. She set-up events to give Lust a husband, so that his death would break her into seeing the world as empty for her, hopefully eliminating any will power to pick fights with the Virtues. But in actuality, Lust just hired Murdoch the Necromancer to give her a Resurrected Romance.
  • Resurrected Romance: Lust hires Murdoch from time to time to use Necromancy to raise him in a golem body.


The host after Rhett. She was probably the nastiest and most ambitious host the Sins ever had.

  • A God Am I: Draws power from the possessions of most of the sins and states this.
  • Ambition Is Evil: Most of the Hosts don't bother exploiting anywhere near the full potential of the gauntlets. She did, and in the worst way possible.
  • Best Served Cold: The Sins manage to negotiate with Chastity to stop her and release the gauntlet. Needless to say, Aska wasn't pleased and took measures to ensure the Sins would suffer long after she died.
  • Hunter of His Own Kind: Even though she started out as a pirate, she grew up to be known as the Pirate Slayer. Partially because she suspected her adoptive guardians had something to do with her biological parents' deaths, but mostly just because a couple of pirates played a role in preventing her rise to power.
  • Kids Are Cruel: Word of God states that she wasn't really evil, she was just a kid who was too immature to understand what she is doing. Having said that though, she took to power and ambition awfully quickly and even tried to kill what had previously been her favorite guardian.


A host who used the Sins' powers to act out his desires to become a superhero. He is one of the hosts who chooses to continue on in Sins Revenant.

  • An Arm and a Leg: Lust accidentally rips one of his arms off when trying to stop his rampage.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: A rogue golem with Anger and Pettiness's energies used its power to make Baxter extremely petty and become a Knight Templar, attacking everyone.
  • Condescending Compassion: Is on the receiving end of this from Jin, Alicia, and Marlowe, who mock him over his inability to attract members of the opposite sex.
  • Hero Complex: Has always had a desire to be a superhero. In his arc of Sins Venials, he uses Powers via Possession to act them out. Thousands of years later, in Sins Revenant, the hosts are resurrected in Golem bodies to give them the choice to continue on. Most of them refuse and decide to die with the human world, but Baxter is motivated to continue on by this desire. After being disrespected a few too many times, he eventually steals the gauntlet used to bind Armageddon.
  • Loser Protagonist: Ever since the incident where he was controlled by the Petty Golem, just about everyone has considered him a crazy loser. His childish Hero Complex has not helped matters, and Jin, Alicia, and Marlowe all mock him over his inability to attract members of the opposite sex. He eventually gets fed up with this and steals a new gauntlet, striking out on his own in hopes of earning respect as a superhero.


Fortune Pride's daughter by adoption. Like quite a lot of the hosts, she ends up becoming a pirate. She ultimately ends up working for Destiny and pops up from time to time. She is one of the hosts who chooses to continue on in Sins Revenant.

  • Dual Wielding: She wields a pair of black swords.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Destiny has left her final fate out of the cards in return for her service, allowing her to survive things that really should have killed her.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Destiny has left her final fate out of the cards in return for her service, effectively granting her eternal youth.


The host to witness the arrival of Pettiness!Envy. She is one of the hosts who chooses to continue on in Sins Revenant.


A host who was mistakenly released from stasis earlier than intended and ended up befriending the Virtues instead of the Sins. Was given the embarrassing nickname of "Fluffy" by Content, who treated him like a talking pet.

  • Embarrassing Nick Name: "Fluffy", a nickname given to him by Content.
  • Necromancer: Ends up becoming one of these.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Is well aware that Murdoch has been attempting to manipulate him, but pretends not to notice for his own amusement.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Though not nearly as old as Murdoch, he is at least several centuries old. Probably a benefit of being a Necromancer with links to the Virtues.
  • Straight Gay: He doesn't have the stereotypical mannerisms, but he does have an apparent crush on Murdoch. Unfortunately for him, Murdoch has an Incompatible Orientation. The Dealer tries to use this to bribe him, offering him a Love Potion, or another potion to transform him into what Murdoch does desire. But Filo refuses.


A host that went on a series of misadventures trying to be a hero like Balance, who had saved her life.


A host who spent time with the Sins, The Virtues, and the Tarot, becoming a friend to all three. Mute, but is fully capable of letting his fists do the talking. He is one of the hosts who chooses to continue on in Sins Revenant.
  • The Casanova: He has no problems attracting dozens of succubus ladies.
  • Cute Mute: A rare male example, everybody likes Marlowe.
  • Just a Kid: Marlowe was able to kick Gluttony so hard that she threw up, and frightened Greed into submission with a Death Glare. Given that he was raised by the Tarot and taught to fight by Justice, it's no wonder that he turned out to be an epic level butt stomper.


A host that grew up working for a business run by Pride and Gluttony in disguise. After trying and failing to get Pace to become a pirate like quite a lot of their other hosts, the Sins eventually acquiesced to his desire to become a Necromancer and brought him to Murdoch for training. He was the final person to receive the Gauntlet before the human world was destroyed.

  • Armor-Piercing Question: Asks Lust what she wants, forcing her to realize that she has been delaying a fight with the Virtues for her own good, being a maternal figure for children rather than risking everything trying to reclaim what the Virtues took from her.
  • Necromancer: Was apprenticed to Murdoch.



A Necromancer frequently employed by the Sins.

Von Froya

A historical figure from ancient times who shows up in one of the comic's side games. He was enslaved by early explorers from the Spirit World, but eventually escaped and destroyed the mysterious entity that had been generating easily accessed rifts between their worlds.

  • Badass Normal: He starts out as a normal human, but was still capable of fighting average demons.
  • Chef of Iron: With his trusty frying pan, he was capable of taking out demons.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: A demon blesses him with the power to harness the energy inside of demon fruits, enabling him to use magical attacks.
  • Made a Slave: He was abducted by early explorers from the Spirit World and sold into a Demon Baron's service as a chef. Thanks to the Asskicking Equals Authority nature of the Spirit World at the time, he went through a succession of masters, each having eaten the previous. When his final master grew unbearable, he worked with another slave, The Dealer, to escape.


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