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Though Silver Sable has operated as a solo heroine/mercenary, more often than not she leads a team of highly trained team operatives into battle. During her original appearances in the Spider-Man titles, these operatives were basically mooks who dressed the same and had little distinct personality. However, Silver Sable later got her own title "Silver Sable and the Wild Pack" where her operatives gained names, distinct appearances, etc. The following is a list of the characters who were a part of that title. For tropes applying to Silver Sable herself, please see the main page.


Wild Pack A-Team

The Wild Pack's A-Team is composed of Silver Sable's best operatives. Many of them have shady pasts and, while Sable is not afraid to berate them when they fail her, they are all highly loyal to her and she to them.

Raul Quentino

Raul Quentino was originally a street thug that went by the name "G-Wiz." He would later reform and use his extensive skills as a member of the Wild Pack's A-Team.

  • Ace Pilot: If someone's flying the Wild Pack's jet, ten to one its Quentino.
  • Angry Black Man: Implied that he used to be this.
  • BFG: Carries and invents these for the other Wild Pack members.
  • Black and Nerdy: Sort of. While being a complete badass is a requirement for being in the Wild Pack, Quentino is quite intelligent and loves technology.
  • Handicapped Badass: After taking a shot to the gut, he was left needing to be in a wheelchair. Doesn't mean he still can't kick ass.
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  • Last-Name Basis: Like most members of the Pack, he is referred to as "Quentino" more often than not. Typically referred to as Raul only in tender moments.
  • Secretly Dying: Has an incurable disease and hid it from Sable for a long time, fearing that she would not let him join her team if she knew. She turns out to be supportive when she finds out.
  • The Smart Guy: Of the A-Team. He's a tech wiz and often maintains/creates the team's equipment.


Amelia Chen

Amelia "Amy" Chen was a young Asian woman whose parents were killed in Vietnam and she was sold into slavery. She killed her slaver and went on to join a group of female assassins under the employ of Silver Sable's ex-husband, the Foreigner. She eventually left the group and joined the Wild Pack. She is also solely into women and refers to Silver Sable as "M'lady."

  • Action Girl: Duh. She kicks just about as much ass as Sable herself.
  • Amazon Chaser: Highly attracted to women who can fight and fight well as seen by her past relationship with a member of her assassin group and her crush on Silver Sable.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass: Does this more than her other teammates when it comes to Silver Sable.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Again, seems to follow this rule.
  • Last-Name Basis: Like the other members of the team, she is typically referred to by her last name of "Chen."
  • Lipstick Lesbian: While she has short hair and fights with the best of them, Chen is ultimately this.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Technically the only female on the A-Team, if one doesn't count Silver Sable. Doesn't stop her teammates from respecting her or her pulling her weight.

Doug Powell

Doug Powell is a Southern man who joins the A-Team and the Wild Pack early on. Originally the bodyguard of a Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, he was chosen for the Wild Pack for his incredible stamina and fighting ability.

  • Amazon Chaser: He frequently hits on Silver Sable early on in the series and its implied he likes women like her.
  • Bash Brothers: With the other male members of the Wild Pack, particularly Crippler and occasionally Battlestar (much to his chagrin).
  • Big Brother Instinct: Has this toward his cousin, Samantha, when she joins Sable International.
  • Cowboy: Dresses like this when he's not wearing his Wild Pack uniform.
  • Funetik Aksent: Doug has a prominent Southern accent, saying words like "Ah" in place of "I" or "Heah" in place of "Here" etc.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: While "hero" is used loosely, Doug is this. He's racist toward his teammates Battlestar and Larry Arnold (both are black men).
  • Straw Misogynist: Doug is definitely this, though its played down in comparison to his racism. Probably because he's on a team with an action girl like Chen and his boss is the definition of the trope as well.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With Battlestar and, to a lesser extent, Larry Arnold due to his racism. He tries to downplay it later in the series though.
  • The Charmer: Likes to think he's this. Usually trying to prove it gets him in trouble.
  • The Leader: Often leads the charge for the Wild Pack, though he's often led by Silver Sable herself.

Crippler (Carl Striklan)

Carl Striklan known as the Crippler, was a U.S. Marine who later joined HYDRA. After leaving the organization he briefly became a vigilante before joining Silver Sable's Wild Pack.

Larry Arnold

Larry Arnold was a gang member living in California and a friend of Quentino's in his youth. After Quentino was injured saving his life, he agreed to join the Wild Pack as a favor to his old friend.

  • Angry Black Man: Yep. Pissed is his default.
  • Foil: He's this to Battlestar. Both are black men who are frequently the target of racism. Arnold reacts with anger and violence, while Battlestar has learned how to channel his feelings into something constructive.

Sandman (William Baker)

The Sandman was originally a foe of Spider Man going by the alias Flint Marko. After going straight, he saved the lives of both Silver Sable and Spider Man from the Sinister Syndicate and was thereby offered a job with Sable International. See the Spider Man character page for tropes concerning him.

Battlestar (Lemar Hoskins)

Lemar Hoskins is the fifth Bucky (sidekick to Captain America). Fans were outraged that a fully grown adult would not only take on the name of a sidekick to another character, but also because "buck" is a racially insensitive term. Creator Mark Grunewald eventually changed his name in response to these complaints and he became more of a partner to Cap under the name Battlestar. Lemar would later go on to work for Silver Sable International.

  • Affirmative Action Legacy: All unfortunate implications aside, he was this to the first Bucky (James Buchanan Barnes).
  • Foil: Is this to Larry Arnold and, frankly, to a lot of the African-American characters in the series. He's not perpetually angry nor does he react with violence when exposed to prejudice.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Carries a triangular metal shield for protection and often uses it to block bullets.
  • Nice Guy: Is generally this, especially compared to his ruthless, assassin teammates.
  • Super Toughness: Not bulletproof, but tough enough to break a man's wrist just by taking his punch.
  • Super Speed: Again, thanks to the Power Broker.
  • Super Strength: Augmented by the Power Broker, Lemar is exceptionally strong.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: As mentioned, he has a hard time getting along with Doug Powell. He also has this with Larry Arnold as a result of being foils to one another.
  • The Big Guy: He's got super strength and serves as this for the A-Team, especially when Sandman isn't around.
  • Unfortunate Names: The reason for his change to "Battlestar" as giving an African American man the name "Bucky" wasn't a good idea.

Silver Sable International Support

In addition to her field operatives, Silver Sable International has a few individuals who act on the more bureaucratic side of things.


Mortimer or "Uncle Morty" is Silver Sable's uncle on her mother's side and her personal assistant. He makes important phone calls and tries to assist his niece however he can. He is also the character usually tasked with giving Sable bad news.

  • Beleaguered Assistant: Is this to Silver Sable. She frequently yells at him or walks away in the middle of their conversations.
  • Like a Son to Me: Silver Sable is like a daughter to him and he frequently tries to advise her on her personal and professional life, though she doesn't usually listen.

Lorna Kleinfeldt

Lorna Kleinfeldt is an old friend of Sable's father, Ernst, whose father was a Nazi. After Ernst killed him, Lorna went to work for him since she believed in his cause. She is the manager of Silver Sable International and, well, a bit scary.

  • Action Girl: She still works out and WILL kick your ass if you disrespect her or Silver Sable, even if she's pushing 60.
  • All Amazons Want Hercules: Is obviously attracted to men who can kick butt and has had dalliances with men in the Wild Pack before.
  • Bad Boss: Like Sable herself, Lorna is frequently seen yelling at her employees.
  • Funetik Aksent: Speaks with a heavy German accent.


Anna is Silver Sable's cousin, though she is usually referred to as her niece due to their age difference. Starts off a somewhat bratty and entitled young girl who nevertheless has a deep respect for her country and her cousin. While not a member of Sable International proper, she does show up now and then.

  • Action Girl: Shaping up to be one. Must run in the family.

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