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The characters of Shy.

Beware of untagged spoilers

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    Shy/Momijiyama Teru 

Shy/Momijiyama Teru
Click here to see Momijiyama Teru 
Designation: Japan

The main character of the story, a shy young girl who just became a hero recently.

  • All-Loving Hero: No matter the situation, Shy/Teru will always see the best in people and do whatever she can do to help them. When she fights fellow hero Stardust in a practive match, the latter beats her to a pulp, gives her a breaking speech that she should give up being a hero for her own good and freely admits that he is a heartless bastard who doesn't care about others. Her response? She claims he is antagonizing her on purpose and trying to awaken her fighting spirit so that she does not get killed in a real battle. To compare, fellow heroine Spirits who was watching the fight was fuming with rage at him.
  • Ambiguously Gay: It's very subtle, but there are signs she might be this
    • Her friendship with Iko has all the signs of a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship. As of chapter 30, they are now on First-Name Basis.
    • When Spirits tries to lighten the mood after a confrontation with the Amalareiks, she pretends that she is going to kiss Shy. While she doesn't go through with it and brushes it of as a joke, it takes Shy quite some time to recover from her Luminescent Blush
    • While searching for clues about Amalareiks in Spirits old orphanage, the two stumble across some old photos where Spirits wears a maid outfit. She then admits that she thinks that Spirits looks cute.
    • When Ai asks her if she would like to join her in the shower, her reaction leaves room for interpretation.
    "Why am I blushing?"
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": Her hero outfit has a small "S" on her belly (hidden behind her arms in the picture).
  • Establishing Character Moment: When we first see her, she is making a public appearancea and almost coming to a Stutter Stop. Once she has left the stage and is alone in her room, she is seen clutching the garbage bin
Narration: The japanese heroine Shy. Real name: Momijiyama Teru. So embarassed, she could die.
  • The Hero: Well, more like "one of the heroes". But she is the main character of the story.
  • Hero Does Public Service: Chapter 12 shows her clearing a closed road of some fallen trees.
  • Heroic BSoD: After failing to save one girl in the rollercoaster incident and being blamed for it by the media, she refuses to leave her house for one month, loses the power to transform and wishes that Japan would hava another hero besides her.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Constantly. See above.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: After Ai explains to her the basis of how shinobi techniques work, she mananges to make a stone curve while flipping it over the water.
  • The Leader: During the Tokyo crisis she gets appointed as the leader of the hero team that tries to enter the Amalareiks.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: When she hears that her class is going to get a new member, she immediatly asks if she is in a manga.
  • Leotard of Power: Part of her hero costume. She is quite embarrassed by it.
  • Meganekko: Wears glasses as Momijiyam Teru. Shy looses them upon transforming and doesn't seem to need them in this form either.
  • Meaningful Name: You have three guesses why she is called Shy, and the first two don't count.
  • My Greatest Failure: Again, the rollercoaster incident.
  • Personality Powers: All heroes have this. Hers let her create flames.
  • Playing with Fire: Her personal power as a superhero, representing her compassion for others.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: When she transforms into Shy, Teru's black hair becomes white.
  • Righteous Rabbit: Her hero costume has a hood with rabbit-like ears.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: With Iko.
  • Shrinking Violet: Her defining character trait. She stutters when she has to speak in front of strangers, gets emberrassed easily and prefers to stay indoors. Spending time with Iko and making progress as a hero have given her some backbone, but it is still there. See also Meaningful Name
  • Socially Awkward Hero: One of the best examples of this trope ever seen.
  • Sweet Tooth: She likes sweets a lot.
  • Took a Level in Badass: She starts the series with some minor Super Toughness and Super Strength and basically no combat experience, but gains fire powers during her bout with Stardust and later manages to effectively use these powers against Sveta's ice.

    Spirits/Pepesha Andreanof 

Spirits/Pepesha Andreanof
Click here to see Pepesha Andreanof 
Designation: Russia

The Russian heroine who acts as Shy's mentor. Drinks a lot of alcohol.

  • Action Girl: Basically a given since she is a hero. She also has way more experience than Shy and usually takes the lead role in fights. It's also been mentioned that she stops shootings and bank robbers on a regular basis.
  • The Alcoholic: She is almost never seen without a bottle. It turns out she got it from her mother who was for the most time very quite and aloof, but became a lot more talkative and friendly when drunk.
  • Big Sister Instinct: When Stardust beats Shy into a bloody mess, she tries to intervene several times and has to be stopped verbally by Uni-Lord and Stardust himself who point out that this would mean Shy's loss who then would have to give up on being a hero. Even after Shy awakens her flame powers and manages to pass the test, Spirits still blames herself for her condition.
  • Cool Big Sis: Is this to Shy.
  • Drinking on Duty: Does this all the time, appearently with no negative repercussions.
  • Drives Like Crazy: During the mission in Tokyo, she appropriates an unused car as a means of transportation for the heroes. And has a lot of fun terrifying the rest of the team by driving at an extremely high speed and crashing through a wall of black crystals that blocked off a bridge they needed to cross.
  • Elemental Shapeshifter: She can control gases and transform her own body into gas, making it hard for any enemy to hit her
  • Emotionless Girl: Used to be this as a kid since she grew up in poverty.
  • Flight: Can use her powers to make herself and others fly.
  • Functional Addict: She's a severe alcoholic, but is nonetheless a highly competent and beloved hero around the world.
  • The Gadfly: She likes to tease people sometimes to cheer them up and lighten the mood.
  • Genki Girl: Is usually very energetic, exspecially when she is drunk. But if the situation calls for it, she can switch into into Sincerity Mode in the blink of an eye.
  • The Leader: Acts as this during the mission to the arctic, presumably because she has much more experience then Shy and Meng Long. The latter follow her orders without hesitation.
  • Mentor Archetype: Gives Shy some good advice when the latter is devastated by her failure to save a person.
  • Nice Hat: Has one as part of her hero outfit, seemingly modelled to resemble a fur cap.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: The only thing that really changes when she transforms into Spirits are her clothes, but until she transformed right in front of them, neither Mr. Isaak nor Miss Natalia had any idea about her being a superhero.
  • Secretly Wealthy: It's not clearly established, but Mr. Isaak mentions that she is the main reason his orphanage still exists and she also brings gifts for the children whenever she visits.


Designation: Earth

Overseer of all of earth's heroes who resides on a space station in earth's orbit.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Zigzagged: During her first meeting with Shy, she asks her to be called "Unnie"... but then claims that this was a joke. This doesn't stop Spirits from adressing her as "Unnie" again in the next frame, so you can think what you like about this.
  • Big Good: Acts as the leader of all of earth heroes, gives them their missions and plans their next moves against Amalareiks
  • Cruel to Be Kind: They know that Shy will have to face stronger opponents in the future, so they organize a practice match against the ruthless hero Stardust to prepare her for her future adversaries.
  • Mr. Exposition: Explains to Iko the exact way the heroes' tranformation wristbands work and what Stardust's powers are during his fight against Shy.
  • Not So Above It All: When Iko, who is visiting the heroes space station, asks if she can make a picture, Uni-Lord declines due to the delicate information they are discussing.... so they have to take the photo booth instead.
  • Supreme Chef: Makes a fantastic soup. Appearently, the secret is soy sauce.

    Stardust/David Wonder Jones 

Stardust/David Wonder Jones
Click here to see David Jones 
Designation: Great Britain

A hero who is also a giant rockstar with fans all over the world. Mostly known for his charity efforts.

  • Attack Reflector: Since he does not feel compassion for anyone else, his powers manifest this way. He can redirect all forces away from him, making it look like everything else is going out of it's way to avoid hitting him.
  • Break Her Heart To Save Her: Wants Shy to stop being a hero since he believes that her compassion will get her killed in a real battle.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: When he reappears some time after his fight with Shy, it takes him some time to recognize her despite the fact that he gave her a No-Holds-Barred-Beatdown the last time they met.
  • Celebrity Superhero: He is a world-famous rockstar who is also a superhero.
  • Cool Shades: He has a futuristic styled pair as part of his hero outfit.
  • Expy: Of David Bowie.
  • Fiction 500: Over the years, he has spent more then 5 billion dollars for charity. For comparision, Paul McCartney, who is considered the richest rockstar in the real world, possesses an estimated net worth around 1.2 billion dollars.
  • Lack of Empathy: He claims to have no heart and has no problems beating a young and inexperienced girl like Shy into the ground in an attempt to make her give up on being a hero. A flashback reveals that he already had this mindset when he was a child.
  • Secret Identity: Averted, unlike most heroes he has revealed his real identity. That allowed him to become a famous rockstar who donates all of his earnings to charity.
  • The Unfettered: When one of his friends falls under the influence of Stigma's ring which cannot be removed by normal means, he simply cuts of the finger and shows no remorse for his action.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: When he arrives at Yurii Orphanage after the latest Amalareiks attack, Shy tries to thank him for his advice that helped her save the civilians. He rejects her thanks, stating that it was her own power that allowed her to save them.
    Stardust: When you archieve something, it is never "thanks" to anyone.

    Lady Black/Pilse Dunant 

Lady Black/Pilse Dunant
Click here to see Pilse Dunant 
Designation: Switzerland

A young and quick-tempered heroine from switzerland who studies medicine and is a member of the Black Cross.

  • Artificial Limbs: Both her lower legs are prosthetics
  • Brutal Honesty: She doesn't mince her words at all. But if she does say something that is not an insult, you better pay attention.
  • Catchphrase: "Stupid!/Are you stupid?" Doubles as a Catchphrase Insult
  • Chuunibyou: She doesn't show it most of the time, but if you introduce yourself with a In the Name of the Moon speech, you definitely qualify.
    • In the second Omake, she even tries to pressure Teru to come up with one.
  • Healing Hands: Her special superpower. She can heal wounds and ease things like backache, but regrowing lost limbs seems to be to much for her if her own artificial legs are anything to go by.
  • Improbable Age: Is only sixteen years old, yet she already studying at a university to become a nurse.
  • In the Name of the Moon: When Shy doesn't recognize her at first, she gives a full introduction speech.
    Lady Black: "In the darkness of the abyss where no light could intrude, we are the black star that shines upon the heart of the earth! Nurse of the Black Cross, Lady Black! If a live can be saved, I will save them!"
  • I Shall Taunt You: When the Amalareiks member Thumping proclaims that only Ai is allowed to face Hollow alone, she tries to make fun of him by calling him a "cute little lizard". However, this has not quite the intended effect...
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She gets angry very easily and has no problems pointing out other people's errors, but will go to great lengths to ensure her patients wellbeing and genuinely likes to help people.
  • The Medic: Not only does she have Healing Hands, she is also a medicine student.
  • Rousing Speech: When she is not busy chiding Shy for her indecisiveness, she is usually giving her one of these.
  • Smug Super: She likes to brag about the effectiveness of her powers sometimes.
  • Throwing Off the Disability: She lost both her lower legs in an accident long ago. Since she grew up surrounded by mountains, she always felt like she was caught in a cage and started hiking in the mountains with her artificial legs to break out of it. By the time Shy meets her for the first time, she can walk just like everyone else and is an excellent hiker to boot.

    Doktor Schwarz/Gelm Stein 

Doktor Schwarz/Gelm Stein
Designation: Germany

An old doctor and hero who is the director of the medical department of the Black Cross.

  • Bilingual Bonus: His name is german for "Doctor Black". Considering that he gets introduced alongside Lady Black and both are members of the Black Cross, this doubles as a Meaningful Name.
  • Cool Old Guy: Gives this impression during his introduction where he moderates the irascible Lady Black and tries to rephrase her accusations.
    Doktor Schwarz: Lady's words are harsh, but it is only her way of pushing you.
  • Mr. Exposition: Enlightens Shy about the Black Cross, an international relief organisation he and Lady Black are members of.

    Meng Long/Li Ming Ming 

Meng Long/Li Ming Ming
Designation: China

A young hero who dislikes fighting. Falls asleep very easily.

  • An Odd Place to Sleep: We get introduced to him while he is asleep... in the middle of the arctic while wearing only light clothes.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Shy actually thinks that he is a girl at first, causing him to become depressed.
  • Forced Sleep: Fitting for a hero who doesn't like to hurt people, Meng Longs powers can create astral claws that force everyone they touch to fall asleep.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Doesn't think very highly of himself and constantly doubts his abilities.
  • Martial Pacifist: Prefers to solve conflicts without violence, but if push comes to shove, he is a pretty good fighter.
  • Meaningful Name: Meng Long means "Mighty Dragon".

    Century/Adam Rockwell 

Century/Adam Rockwell
Click here to see Adam Rockwell 
Designation: USA

The American Hero

  • Flight: It has been mentioned that he can fly.
  • Properly Paranoid: He thinks that the Amalareiks might be up to something that involves their personal Amalareiks since the only power they showcased so far was controlling humans inside it, something what seems to be completely unreleated to their known goals. Some pages later, Amalaraiks member Hollow uses her Amalareiks to cut off the downtown area of Tokyo from the outside world.
  • Smoking Is Not Cool: At least he thinks so. Oh, and drinking counts too.
    "Like I always say, to protect the world, you must first protect your health!"




A mysterious young boy with unknown goals and strange abilities.

  • Affably Evil: He always stays calm and polite during his appearances
  • Assimilation Plot: Iko, who was able to get some insight on his heart during her possession, thinks that his goal might be to create a world where everyone is connected to each other.
  • Big Bad: He is the leader of the Amalareiks.
  • The Corrupter: He gives people rings that force their deepest and darkest feeling to manifest and transform the user into a monster. He considers it as freeing a person's heart.
  • Creepy Child: He is always smiling, transforms people into monsters and mentions that he wants to "eat up" Meng Long. Definitly creepy.
  • Mind-Control Device: He can create rings that force their wearers to experience their deepest feelings. It is later revealed that these rings are part of his heart, which allows both Stigma and the wearer to get a glimpse at the others heart and mindset.
  • Necromancer: He can appearently bring people back from the dead and recruit them as his Amalareiks.
  • Reality Warper: He can somehow make the dreams of people come true. It has also been mentioned that he created the Amalareiks.
  • Visionary Villain: He thinks that supressing emotions is the same as locking away one's heart, so he uses rings that force a persons deepest feeling to manifest, thereby "freeing" the heart. His true goal is eventually revealed to be a world without adults where every child can live together in happyness.


Sveta/Lenya Andreanof

  • An Ice Person: She can create massive amounts of ice and seems to be immune to cold in general.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Calls Spirits "Pesha" during the battle in the arctic. The latter notes that only people who are very close her call her that, giving the first clue to her true identity.
  • Back from the Dead: It turns out that Sveta is no other than Pepesha's mother Lenya Andreanof who died 15 years ago.
  • Break the Cutie: She grew up in an Orphanage of Love and genuinely loved her daughter, but her lack of education and a bad economy made it nearly impossible for her to find a stable job and buy even the most essential things in life. When her daughter was 12, the situation became so bad that she decided to kill herself to make it possible for her daughter to live in her old orphanage. And when the kindness of a stranger convinces her to not give up hope just jet, she gets killed by a homeless man. No wonder she joined Stigma in his attempt to change the world.
  • Friend to All Children: Her ultimate goal is to create a world where children can life a happy life and she is prepared to sacrifice everything for it.
  • Identity Amnesia: She states that she cannot remember anything about her previous life before she woke up in the arctic except for Pepesha and Yurii Orphanage.
  • One Last Drink: After Pepesha manages to reach Lenya with her feelings, her Amalareiks shatters and her body begins to disappear slowly, so they decide to say goodbye doing the very thing they had promised each other a long time ago: Finally having a drink together.
  • The Stoic: She always stays calm and shows next to no emotion during battles, even if she is hit by an attack. Once she regains her memories as Lenya Andreanof, this changes.
  • Straight Woman And Wise Girl: the straight woman to Kfufu's wise girl.
    Sveta: Keep pressure on that girl.
    Kfufu: [hugs Sveta] Wuv you ♥.
    Sveta:...You can go now.
  • Walking Spoiler: It's hard to talk about her without mentioning the fact that her true identity is Lenya Andreanof, Pepesha's mother.

    Sik Sik 

Sik Sik





  • Evil Counterpart: She is this to Ai. Not only do they have the exact opposite mindset(Ai desires to have a normal live besides beeing a ninja while Hollow considers herself as a tool), they also look similar, have both an Empathic Weapon and it is implied she might even be a Evil Knockoff.
  • Meaningful Name: In line with her nihilistic believes, she considers herself as nothing more than Stigma's tool.
    Hollow: Hollow is the world, hollow is me...
  • The Pawn: She thinks of herself and the other Amalareiks as Stigmas pawns and nothing else.
  • Straw Nihilist: She calls the world "hollow" and considers all things in it no more than fantasy, including Stigmas plans and the connection she shares with him. The only things that seem to have any meaning to her are Ai and her as of yet unrevealed dream.


  • Berserk Button: Do not imply that guys cannot be as cute as girls. Don't even call cute things "girlish". It will not end well.
  • Bishie Sparkle: When called a "cute little lizard" by Lady Black, he unexpectedly start having this.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: His "Rage" attaack allows him to control the ground around him.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Was initially mistaken as a girl by the memebers of the infiltration team.
  • Dumb Muscle: He is definitely not the smartest member of the Amalareiks, but is by far the most physically powerful among them.
  • Everything's Better with Plushies: His dream is to gather all the plushies in the world at one place and have a nap upon them.
  • Gruesome Goat: His feet look like they belong to a goat or horse, referencing the christian devil.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He gets riled up pretty easily.
  • Horned Humanoid: He has a pair of devil-like horns on his head.
  • Scaled Up: He can grow scales to protect himself against attacks.
  • Scary Teeth: He possesses pointed teeth that only serve to accentuate his scary appearance.
  • Super Strength: At one point, he tries to squash the members of the infiltration team with a huge boulder.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: He doesn't care about his fellow Amalareiks that much and only seems to work with them due to Stigmas orders.



  • Ambiguously Christian: It has not been stated directly, but she seems to be modeled after a christian nun, even partially citing the second great commandment during her first appearance.
  • Holy Halo: Has one floating about her head, completing her nun motiv.


    Koishikawa Iko 

Koishikawa Iko

Teru's best friend from school.

  • Action Survivor: First, she is the sole victim of the rollercoaster incident. Then, once she has awakened from her coma, she becomes a victim of Stigma's rings. Girl's got it tough.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Her friendship with Shy/Teru has all the signs of a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship. As of chapter 30, they are now on First-Name Basis.
    • An omake from the first volume adds fuel to the fire by having Iko obsess over wanting to know if Shy is ever naked during her Transformation Sequence to the point of wanting video evidence.
  • Covert Pervert: In an omake in the first volume, Iko obsesses over wanting to know if Shy is ever naked during her Transformation Sequence to the point of wanting video evidence.
  • Driven to Suicide: When Stigma's ring brings her survivor's guilt out, Iko tries to kill herself. Fortunately, Shy stops her.
  • First-Name Basis: She requests Teru in chapter 30 that they use their first names from now on. Teru hesitantly agrees.
  • Hero-Worshipper: She is a big fan of heroes, especially of Stardust and Shy.
  • Muggle Best Friend: She a completely ordinary civilian and Shy's/Teru's best friend.
  • Now, Let Me Carry You: When Teru gets sick and has to be brought home, Iko gives her a piggyback ride back to her house and takes care of her friend.
  • Promoted to Parent: Since her parents died in a fire when she was still young, she has been taking care of her little brother herself.
    Iko: I'm used to taking care of people.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: With Shy/Teru.
  • Secret Keeper: Since Teru had to transform in front of her to save her from the influence of Stigma's ring, she is now aware of her true identity.
  • Survivor Guilt: Blamed herself for the deaths of her parents who died in a fire. This caused her to always put others before her and keep her own pain to herself to not bother others with it. After accepting Shy's help and overcoming the influence of the ring, she seemingly overcomes this and is a lot more cheerful than before.
  • Transformation Horror: The transformation Stigma's ring forces upon her is.... not pretty. It clearly hurts a lot, her eyes seem to be constantly bleeding and that's not even counting her inner turmoil due to being forced to experience her own self-loathing at full force.

    Iko's Little Brother 

Iko's little brother

A young boy who looks up to heroes.

  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: He inadvertently snaps Shy out of her Heroic BSoD when the latter overhears his declaration that he will save the people who are currently stuck in a burning hotel.
    "As long as we want to save and protect people, then anyone of us can be a hero!"
  • Hero-Worshipper: He is big fan of Shy. When the rest of the children are booing Shy at an event and want to see the main act, he is the only one who shouts words of encouragement.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Has not been seen since the first chapter, but his Rousing Speech was the trigger for Shy's character development.
    Mr. Isaak 

Mr. Isaak

The head of Yurii Orphange

  • Orphanage of Love: He runs one.
  • Parental Substitute: He still acts as one for Pepesha despite the fact that she left the orphanage many years ago and still calls her his daughter.

    Ai Tennouji 

Ai Tennouji

A strange girl with a weak constitution who claims to have run away from home to experience the outside world. Actually a badass ninja princess who is being hunted by the Amalaraiks.

  • Action Girl: Despite having a frail body, she was trained as a shinobi and easily strong enough to take out an armed pursesnatcher and even a fellow shinobi.
  • Antiquated Linguistics: Tends to speak in a very roundabout way to indicate her traditional and isolated upbringing.
  • Childhood Friends: Is this with Tokimaru.
  • Country Mouse: Since she grew up in an isolated ninja village, she has no idea what things like karaoke or an arcade are.
  • Empathic Weapon: Ai wields the heart blade Purity, a katana which can read the heart of everyone who holds it and talk to her. And, as it turns out, create openings in the otherwise inpenetratable Amalareiks.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: She can use her powers to turn even regular things like stones into homing projectiles.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: Asks Teru if she wants to shower together with her, seemingly oblivious to the implications.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Shinobi are supposed to stay hidden and protect the world from the shadows, but Ai wants to protect it while having a normal life she can be proud of.
  • Ninja: She hails from a village of shinobi and can perform feats with her katana that are beyond human.
  • The Runaway: She ran away from her ninja village to learn more about the outside world. That's how she encountered Teru and Iko.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: On top of growing up in a village of shinobi who are supposed to remain in the shadows, she is also a princess and has a weak constitution, resulting in her growing up very sheltered from the outside world. She perceives it as a gilded cage and ran away, determined to have a normal live.
  • Supreme Chef: She can cook a lot better than most people.
    Ai: My skill with a blade doesn't stop at just swordsmanship, you know?
  • Transformation Sequence: Parodied. Shinobis don't transform like heroes, but Ai likes to use a smoke bomb and change into her Shinobi outfit under the cover, calling it her "art of transformation".
  • Troll: You wouldn't expect it, but Ai is actually quite fond of joking around sometimes. When she switches into her ninja outfit, she uses a smoke bomb and acts like she can transform like the heroes. And when she shows up in the heroes space station unannounced, she claims to have snuck in despite having been invited by Uni-Lord.



A young shinobi from Ai's village who is tasked with protecting her

  • Bodyguarding a Badass: Ai is more then capable of defending herself, but since she is a princess and posesses a frail body, Tokimaru was tasked to protect her.
  • Covered in Scars: His upper body and arms have scars all over them, presumebly because of his ninja training
  • Made of Iron: He gets hit by Ai's sword technique and falls down a high cliff, but appears only minutes later no worse to wear. Ai explains that this stems from the ninja training they both went through.
  • Ninja: He grew up in the same village as Ai and they went through the same training together.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Ai, both because he was ordered to and because they are Childhood Friends. When he finally manages to find Ai after she escaped from her village and she refuses to go back, he decides to guard the place she is staying with his life.


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