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Characters / Shipping Up To Boston

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Brigid Boys

    Daniel Collins 

The Puppy – Jacob Artist

  • Butt-Monkey: Danny sometimes seems to be this to his superiors.

    Chloe Flynn 

The Bombshell – Christina Hendricks

  • Mafia Princess: Chloe remains close to the Brigid Boys in order to gain material benefits and social status, generally ignores her much poorer ex-husband.

    Sarah Mitchell 

The Cadet – Gina Rodriguez

    Mary McNamara 

The Reformer – Carey Mulligan

  • Glamorous Single Mother: Subverted. Mary is constantly worried about her son, having worked from the bottom to get to where she is so Jesse could have a decent life.

    Nolan Reed 

The Sage – Viggo Mortensen

    Jameson Burke 

The Angel – Katie Stevens

  • Beneath the Mask: Jamie Burke poses as the perfect daughter of a politician’s family; however, she’s deeply conflicted with what she’s supposed to be and what she is.

    Lisa Hotchkins 

The Do Gooder – Amanda Seyfried

  • Non-Idle Rich: Lisa uses her time and money to help the less fortunate.

    Eileen Johnson 

The Nun – Angela Bassett

  • Education Mama: Eileen will do anything she can for the students at her school, regardless of the cost.

    Richard Kelley 

The Foreigner – Tom Hardy



  • Holy Hitman: Richard is deeply religious, and his faith informs many of his actions.


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