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The character sheet for Shining Force III

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Scn 1 Force

The leader of the Shining Force in Scenario 1. He is a nobleman, the son of Lord Conrad.

A member of the Scn 1 Shining Force, he is a powerful knight of the Aspinian Republic, and one of Synbios's closest allies.—-

A member of Scn 1's Shining Force, and a female elf mage with a mischievous streak.

A female kyantol healer. She served as a priestess by the time she was recruited by Synbios and the Shining Force.

An male elf mage who is among the people of Quonus that are brainwashed by an evil spell. Defeating the enemy responsible without killing Noon is requisite for his joining the party.


Scn 2 Force

The leader of Scn 2's Shining Force. He is the third son of Emperor Domaric of the Destonian Empire. While he and Synbios are technically enemies, he ends up helping the latter more than once, feeling that there's something going on behind the scenes.

A centaur knight and a member of Medion's Shining Force.

A female elf mage, much like Masqurin, and a member of Medion's Shining Force.

A dwarven male healer who is a member of Medion's Shining Force. He was introduced along with his leader in Scenario 1.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Introduced as Medion's healer in Scenario 1. In Scenario 2, you get control of Medion's party, which includes Uryudo.
  • Combat Medic: You can choose the Attack option for him, making him whack enemies with his staffs.

Scn 3 Force

The leader of Scenario 3's Shining Force. His father was murdered by the Vandal, Galm, which leads to a quest for vengeance.

A member of Julian's Shining Force. He is an innovator, an ancient race that is feared by the Vandals. All innovators go through an "evolution procedure" to reach their full strength, but for some reason he hadn't gone through it yet.

An old centaur knight who is a member of Julian's Shining Force.



    King Benetram 

  • Big Good: Like Sir Astral and Nova before him, he's a benevolent king who serves as the adviser for Scn 3's Shining Force.
  • A Father to His Men: Very much so.

    Emperor Domaric 
The emperor of the Destonian Empire, and Medion's father from Scn 2. He was kidnapped by the Bulsom sect, necessitating the need for the Shining Force to rescue him.
  • Abusive Parents: He treats Medion, his third son, like crap, leaving him starving for his attention. Then there's his blackmailing Medion into helping him with his plan to take back Aspia.
  • The Chessmaster: It turns out he knew the Bulsom sect's kidnapping was coming and let it happen. Rather than call his traitorous son out immediately, he plants The Mole inside Arrawnt's conspiracy and plays along, allowing the "abduction" to throw both Destonia and Aspia into chaos. When the time is right, The Mole frees Domaric, who takes command of a loyal corps of soldiers within the rebel faction, blackmails Medion into providing his support, and marches straight on Aspia - just as he's wanted to ever since the country seceded 20 years before. He even sends a bit of behind-the-scenes "help" to the last remnants of the traitors, so they'll be able to knock down Aspia's castle walls for him before they die.
  • The Dreaded: Feared by most of the populace in Shining Force III.

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