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Shifting Worlds possesses a rather rich cast of characters, what with spanning a multitude of stories over several worlds.

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     The Players Themselves 

Sadistic Dungeon Master

Misanthrope. Self-admitted Troll and asshole. Would-be world conqueror. Awesome roleplayer.

These words all describe SDM, Sadistic Dungeon Master and Asshole Writer Extraordinaire, official founder of Shifting Worlds and creator of the single most epic and successful roleplay in it, the Hellgate saga. SDM is a mysterious person, reluctant to reveal personal information about himself, intending to forever remain The Faceless to other players and only wishes he could be the same in real life too. What is known of SDM is that he has a rather shitty life and hates mankind overall. He also believes that the political system is broke, and has admitted to strive towards conquering the world in order to replace it with a better one of his own invention.

SDM proudly revels in being a Jerkass and a Troll. In roleplaying, this manifests in his signature Player Punches that give his roleplays that extra awesome crisp. Despite, or perhaps even because of his many oddities, he is a well-respected member of Shifting Worlds.

Tropes associated with SDM:

Notable Characters: sentient Scarlet Devil Mansion, Patchouli, Hellgate, The General

Lovable Fox Cub
Shadow Ryusaki

The eternally cheerful Shadow loves cats, foxes, the word "Nya", and procrastination. His (extremely cute) way of speaking associated to frequently female avatars leads many people to believe he is a girl at first, though he is a guy and doesn't hide it. Shadow is famous for having Loads and Loads of Characters. Litterally HUNDREDS of them. Shadow has created an original world, Ninge, where many of his characters come from. He has produced multiple story arcs, and though he too is capable of extremely disturbing content that you wouldn't expect such a cheerful person to come up with, his stories are usually more lighthearted than SDM. Shadow is one of the more active members of the club and appears in a lot of roleplays.

Tropes associated with Shadow Ryusaki:

  • Brilliant, but Lazy: arguably.
  • Cat Girl: a fan of them.
  • Furry Fandom: borderline. Shadow loves anthropomorphic animals, but he is not into those extremes furries enjoy.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Shadow is a fan of the Japanese onomatopoeia for "meow", "nya" and several words derived from it: "nyawn", "nyawr" and others. He uses no other Gratuitous Japanese words though, surprizingly.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Shadow uses a different version of this by making his character "as powerful as his opponent". If the opponent is weaker or plays fairly, Shadow's characters are balanced. If the opponent begins haxing and godmodding, Shadow's characters will godmod back.

Notable Characters: Shadow Ryusaki, Shidow Ryusaki and other Ryusaki clan members and creations, Laia, Bergle, Sono Ruina

Captain Oblivious

Though a moderately good roleplayer, KanakoVoWG (usually abbreviated to just Kanako) has become infamous for using for his characters numerous abilities typically associated with Marty Stus and other God Mode Sues, namely having a superpowerful self-insert, New Powers as the Plot Demands, stealing attacks from canon characters, stealing attacks from other franchises and such. It's not used to such an extent as to become unmanageable, however, and he's been making progress to restrain those urges. As such, he is also a valuable member of Shifting Worlds.

Before the CirnoXLaia pairing came about, he was arguably the most active member of the club. Now he's roughly the third most active member.

Tropes associated with KanakoVoWG:

Notable Characters: Kanako alias Eric, Jonathan Scarlet, Ryoma, Nobuharu, another Kanako, Nicholas Stroud, Tomara


"If something can go wrong, it will" is practically Arachnos' motto. Aside from his tendency to assume the worst, he also suffers from a lack of confidence in himself. Both the player and his characters are therefore known for copious Wangsting. Arachnos is also a fanboy towards Cirno, whom he first decided to control in a cameo in Crossroads and from there slowly proceeded to turn her (together with Shadow's Laia) into a powerhouse with an EX form, a castle, an army and what have you. He has an unhealthy tendency to use characters created by others (or inspired by such characters) instead of making up his own. One of his all too rare personal creations is the Brood lore, centered around his namesake Arachnos of Gensokyo.

Together with Shadow, he is one of the more active Shifting Worlds members, appearing in a vast array of roleplays and posting often (much to the dismay of the many who see Crossroads inexorably filling up with Cirno X Laia stories).

Tropes associated with Arachnos:

  • Author Appeal: Used and abused. Arachnos likes Cirno, so he wound up turning her into a queen. This also plays into a different appeal (luxury and elaborate dresses), which is also displayed by Alternate!Mystia. Speaking of which, Arachnos is also fond of suits and tuxedoes, as well as girls wearing them, which is why Alternate!Rumia wears a business suit, Alternate!Wriggle a tailcoat, and why Alternate!Mystia has a fancy white dress uniform. And why Arachnos' self-insert wears a suit in Aftermaths, something which he freely admits.
  • Fan Boy: for Cirno and Flandre.
  • The Pessimist: A trait which carries over to his main character.
  • Self-Deprecation: Arachnos wrote this entry...
  • Wangst: Regularly, about both his skills and the future of the forum.

Notable Characters: Cirno (duh!), Arachnos, Arachna, Enthropod, Masophet, Erden, Animus, EX-Rumia, Horus'aman, Thebis'ra

Creator of a Hundred Gods

Kizeki is known to have created a very extensive lore with a great many characters... of those none whatsoever are playable. His characters tend to be waaaaay up there even for Shifting Worlds (that means they are in the immortal unbeatable God tier), and outclass by far the most overpowered characters of the other players. The fact that Kizeki's closest thing to a playable character - his namesake, Kizeki Auf Thanatos - is a God... Goddess... Entity of Time owning an omnipotent, incoherent, multiversal Mega-Corp really says something about the level of his OTHER characters. Like Shadow, Kizeki always uses female avatars and is occasionally confused for a girl by others.

Tropes associated with Kizeki:

Notable Characters: Kizeki auf Thanatos, Kagemi

The Ultimate Procrastinator
Shadow "Scarlet" Aurion

Under Construction


     Characters created by SDM 

The House
Scarlet Devil Mansion

The mansion of Remilia Scarlet and her diverse relatives, servants and friends. SDM was gifted with a soul by Patchouli Knowledge through use of demonology, and became sentient as a result. SDM possesses the power to manipulate matter, but only within himself. He was made stronger by Kizeki Corp's enhancements which allow him to turn into a Humongous Mecha at will and deploy an arsenal of devastating weaponry.

At first glance, SDM can come off as a douchebag. And at second glance, and at third glance. He usually prefers to be left alone, and is not easy to befriend, but can be surprizingly loyal to those who succeed. He is also ferociously protective of his inhabitants, especially of his creator Patchouli, to whom he is romantically attached.

SDM exists and has existed in many variations. The first iteration of him was destroyed with a Heroic Sacrifice to stop his future self Hellgate (see below). The current version is actually a despored Hellgate (the very same one the original SDM died to destroy). He is much less adventurous than the original SDM, and usually prefers to flee into space when trouble brews in Gensokyo. In the Xat side-RP, multiple universes feature an SDM's soul inside the Rainbow Factory.

Tropes associated with SDM:

Permanently Pissed-Off Fairy
Ice Moon

A fairy residing in the SDM, and the resident snarker.

First appearing in Kanako's Victory Thread for Help Yourself, she soon established herself as a cynical, snarky, yet still well-liked character.

Appears later in Hellgate 2 Part 1 to help the main characters while they enter the dream world to confront Hellgate.

SDM has an arc planned for her, and considering who we're talking about, it ain't gonna be pretty.

Tropes associated with Ice Moon:

For more characters by SDM, such as his signature villains, please see this page.

     Characters Created by Shadow Ryusaki 

Mad Mechanist

Tropes associated with Bergle:

Grand Goddess of Time and Eternity

A Ninge goddess who has shown up in Gensokyo nearby Cirno's newly-acquired castle, was welcomed by Cirno and protected the castle in return. She is also the one who freed Varuki from the evils of the Goddess of Chaos Kagami.

Tropes associated with Martel

  • Fairy Godmother: to Cirno, though she's more of a Guardian Angel of sorts.
  • God Is Flawed: not to a large extent, but traces of this show up occasionally. Justified, since she is not exactly the top creator goddess.
  • God Is Good: she is not omnipotent, but pretty powerful, and definitely good.
  • The Voiceless: Martel can speak, but never does. Instead she writes whatever she has to say on a piece of paper.
  • Time Master: her power.

Nirvana's Servant
Sono Ruina

Tropes associated with Sono


Tropes associated with Chloe

Shy girl of wind

One of the six chosen in Alta Marea.

Tropes associated with Venticia

     Characters created by KanakoVoWG 

Man of Power
Antonius "Kanako" Imrah

Though present in a couple other RP-style events beforehand, this is the first major battle that he has taken part in. Originally he was neutral, content to watch a previous battle unfold between Stallord and a few others, but when the other players tried to attack him, he was drawn into the battle (and despite what he might say, he wasn't forced into it).

Following a devastating spike attack by Horus-Aman, he traded spots with Jonathan Scarlet after the Last Spell "Virtue of Wind God", and also came back to deal the final blow to Horus-aman. Since then, he has either been integral or an observer to nearly every single major event in SW's canon.

Tropes associated with Kanako Imrah:

  • Author Avatar: He's a self-insert of KanakoVoWG.
  • Bash Brothers: With Aurion.
  • Desperation Attack: "Virtue of Wind God" after he got spiked badly by one of Horus's attacks. The final light blast could also be seen as this.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Not as apparant here, but very obvious after Help Yourself Take Over tMS.

The Scarlet Demon
Jonathan Scarlet

A human-turned-half-vampire under Kanako's command. He fought Anarchos through Kanako's body after Kanako nearly got kill by Horus'aman, and fought through at least two of his forms. However, during an ice attack on Horus, he was weakened by a mind flaying attack from Horus and replaced by Zorochi and forced to sit out the remainder. Near the end, he went and infiltrated Horus'aman's mind in hopes of distracting him, but that proved to be a tough challenge. Eventually, Zorochi, Kanako, and himself did a mental/physical holy blast that kill off Horus'aman for the RP.

Jonathan hasn't had the same amount of RP time as Kanako has, but he's been in just as many integral events. Jonahtan also makes some views in an alternate (non-SW-canon) RP called Cure to Vampirism.

Tropes associated with Jonathan Scarlet:

The Arrogant Soul
Zorochi Hinayama

A Soul Reaper nearly 4000 years old, Zorochi very nearly killed Kanako when the latter mentioned that Zorochi was under his command. But, they've worked it out since then.

In the RP, Zorochi took over for Jonathan after the latter got hit by a mind-flaying attack, and stayed to do the physical part of the battle until the end. Later, in Help Yourself Take Over tMS he killed Horus for good by banishing him to the Underworld.

Tropes associated with Zorochi Hinayama:

Blood of the Fold

Desmond's origins, as explored in The Bloodward Diaries, stretch all the way back to the epoch when Rumia was free and unsealed, and ruling the earth, using humans as her personal livestock. A human back then, Desmond joined a secret group which decided to keep Rumia away from themselves and their loved ones with Human Sacrifice. Once Rumia was sealed and stopped, they were discovered and all executed. In the last hours of his life, the man's sanity slips away as he comes to perceive what he did as the right thing, and mankind, instead of Rumia, as the true enemy.

In the actual roleplays, Desmond appears as a youkai with control over blood. He is a truly malevolent and man-eating youkai full of vengeful thoughts, whose primary goal in life is to free Rumia from her seal so that she may fill the world with darkness again and butcher humans for youkai to feast on them. In Another World in Gensokyo, he freed the murderous immortal Animus so that he would help him gain power, but Animus was pulled off the path of darkness by Ken. In Crossroads, he is an opponent of both the Queen of Hearts, whose sadistic handling of Animus he does not appreciate, and of Cirno and Laia, who succeed to her. He attempts to unseal Rumia, fails due to his poor knowledge of the new Ender's Seal, and casts a self-destructive spell in an attempt to destroy his opponents, but fails. In Crossroads 2, he comes back with no explanation (as of yet), at the service of a mysterious and powerful new villain, and is seeking revenge against Cirno and Laia.

Despite his goals, Desmond is not an obvious psychopath and can seem perfectly normal when he wants to. Besides, he is good to those who serve him, and even to those who have once served him.

Tropes associated with Desmond:

Villager with the Sword

Tropes associated with Ian:

Right-Hand Man of Mystery

Tropes associated with Solomon:

Precise and Orderly Doctor Fairy

Tropes associated with Dithonia:

Soul of the Fire
Kanako Yasagawa

Tropes associated with Kanako Yasagawa:

Sister to the Fire
Laylasa Yasagawa

Tropes associated with Laylasa Yasagawa:

''Master of Ice and Blade;;
Ryoma Nakurei

Tropes associated with Ryoma:

Angel of Death/Fallen Angel
Tomara Kargaara

Tropes associated with Tomara:

The Quad Elementalist
Nobuharu Oda

Tropes associated with Nobu:

Child with the magic sword
Takane Oyamada

Tropes associated with Takane

Small Protector

Tropes associated with Claire:

Starry-eyed girl of energy
Mia Starlight

Tropes associated with Mia Starlight:

Commander of the Itauian Army
Nicholas Stroud

Tropes associated with Stroud:

Bandaged Mage

Tropes associated with Rosethorn

     Characters created by Arachnos 

Claw of the Lich King

A carcass of a former Arachnos reanimated by The Lich King to serve as his commander. Horus'aman receives not much development, and is only described as a wicked being who revels in murder and carnage. He faces Kanako himself, then two of his retainers in the BOSS BATTLE RP, and returns for revenge in Help yourself take over tMS. He is responsible for the removal of EX Rumia's seal.

Horus'aman was created before the character who would finally come to be named Arachnos. For the duration of BOSS BATTLE he is referred to as "Arachnos", but is later retconned into Horus'aman.

Tropes associated with Horus'aman:

Weaver of Fate

Born of the Weaver of Worlds Arachna herself, Arachnos has the heavy task of protecting the realm of Gensokyo from dangers, so his mother doesn't have to. Versions of him exist across all dimensions created by Arachna, and everywhere he maintains (or tries to maintain) order and peace. He first appears in "Help yourself take over tMS", but continuity-wise, Hellgate 1 is the first time he shows up.

He is also a Giant Spider.

The best-known Arachnos is his Gensokyan version, though an Arachnos of Earth also exists and acts as the self-insert of Arachnos the player himself.

Tropes associated with Arachnos:

Weaver of Worlds

The mother (and mate) of all Arachni across the multiverse, she is a spider-like goddess of Creation and Order with nigh-unlimited power. Not that she will do anything with it unless her ego is at stake.

Tropes associated with Arachna:

  • All-Powerful Bystander: she does send out envoys, but usually never interferes directly with a world.
  • Giant Spider
  • God
  • God and Satan Are Both Jerks: she is only barely less obnoxious than her nemesis, the god of Chaos and Destruction Enthropod.
  • God Is Evil: not evil, but a very heavy-handed Lawful Neutral.
  • God Is Flawed
  • Lawful Stupid: in the Xat side-RP, she panics upon seeing Anathemus' short awakening and allows Hellgate to destroy Equestria without fearing retribution in case he might unleash him (fun fact: he actually couldn't). She has also tried to fight the Gifts of Anathemus, expecting to destroy them easily just because they're minions, needless to say she got her ass handed to her.
  • The Maker: of multiple universes.
  • The Gods Must Be Lazy
  • The Worf Effect: for a being of supposedly omnipotent power she gets her ass kicked pretty often. The first one to do so was Kizeki's absurd Irregular Kagemi Ire Eros (though that was not canon). In a hilarious but also non-canon thread, SDM once battled her with The Power of Rock. Canonically, Hellgate has fought her to a standstill twice, once it was an illusion, but the second time was very much real. Gifts of Anathemus also easily wiped the floor with her, and Anathemus could squish her with the pinky finger of his figurative hand.
    • In a "What If?" roleplay scenario, she was killed by Hellgate, which can be considered a canonical possibility.

Smoking Mirror

A self-proclaimed "god" (actually a powerful youkai) modeled after the ancient Aztec deity of the same name. A youkai of obsidian gifted with sorcery, Tezcatlipoca used to be worshipped as a god until the Aztecs were wiped out by the conquistadors, after which he moved to Gensokyo. First seen conversing with Desmond in regards to a kind of game started among the youkai in the Forest of Magic that Desmond was forced to let happen.

He controls obsidian and uses a plethora of other powers, all based on the Tezcatlipoca of legends. He has the power of limited divination, which he has shown to Desmond twice.

Tropes associated with Tezcalipoca:

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: his obsidian blades.
  • A God Am I: more subtly than usual, but he does think this.
  • Emotion Eater: he feasts on human fear, too.
  • Evil Sorceror: oh yes.
  • For the Evulz: He let the people who worshipped him get slaughtered and enjoyed the bloodbath.
  • God Guise: has been worshipped as a god in ages past.
  • I am a Humanitarian: a man-eating youkai, his favorite meal is the human heart.
  • The Leader: in the absense of EX-Rumia, he fashions himself the leader of all youkai in Gensokyo who refuse to limit their consumption of human meat. To get such youkai on his side, he organized the Blood Games, which consist of kidnapping humans and leaving them in the forest for youkai to devour.

The Solid Rock

One of the six chosen in Alta Marea. His element is Earth, and his sub-element is Tar. Strong, dependable, a little reserved, and also a very bad cook.

Tropes associated with Erden:

Striking Princess
Amelia Lorelei

The daughter of the alternate Mystia Lorelei (a diva with a hypnotic voice and the wealthiest person in Alternate Gensokyo). Unlike her mother, Amelia cannot sing well, though she can use her voice as a weapon. Amelia was forcefully torn away from her luxurious lifestyle when she was pulled into another dimension by a mysterious power, and forced to join the fight to save a world she doesn't know and doesn't care about, while dealing with privation and destitution for the first time in her life.

  • Action Girl: At the time of her first introduction, it doesn't sound like she would be of any use in battle. She proves those expectations wrong.
  • Anti-Hero: Probably Type-I. Amelia really only looks out to save her own hide (and to a lesser extent those of her unlikely companions). She sticks with the group and goes on missions because it's only chance to get back home (well, that and also because people keep thinking that she couldn't do it). She has stated several times that she absolutely despises the world she has been stranded on, believes (not without reason) that it's full of assholes, and if given the chance to go home and leave the world to a certain ruin she would likely choose home in a heartbeat. At one point, on the brink of death, she actually screams out in desperation that she hopes her mother finds out what happened to her so her private army can raze this whole world and leave nothing but ashes.
  • Berserk Button: Not receiving respect when she thinks she deserves it.
  • Breath Weapon: Her sonic waves.
  • Closer to Earth: Amelia really doesn't want to die, and constantly tries to promote careful approaches to dangerous situations. Unfortunately, due to diverse factors her propositions usually go unheard.
  • Combat Hand Fan: Steel-edged battle fans.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Regularly.
  • Dreadful Musician: Completely unlike her mother's, Amelia's singing is awful, and she's fully aware of it, but that doesn't stop her from trying anyways. She has a following anyways, but that's half due to her mother's fame and half due to her being unashamed of playing up her beauty for the crowds.
  • Fallen Princess: Fate has cast her from a world where she is rich and powerful into a world where she is a nobody and in addition is suspected for a mass murder she did not commit.
  • Femme Fatalons: Just like her mother. She is a bird youkai, after all.
  • Fragile Speedster: she is fast and agile, but can be knocked out easily by a powerful hit.
  • Gratuitous French: In line with her noble upbringing, Amelia has a perfect knowledge of French and occasionally lapses into it, whether it is to appear sophisticated or to relieve some pressure without anyone understanding.
  • Home Sweet Home: Amelia certainly thinks so, unfortunately the warp that snatches her away is not particularly considerate.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Amelia is extremely prideful of being the rich and famous daughter of Mystia Lorelei, but below this surface she is ashamed of being inferior to her mother in every possible way.
  • Kung-Fu Wizard: Amelia uses sound magic but can also melee with her fans, though due to her fragileness mentioned above the former tends to be her preferred strategy.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Her voice is her primary weapon, but unlike Mystia, she lacks a Compelling Voice and can only blow things up instead.
  • Ojou: She's not royalty, but she might as well have been... at least back in Alternate Gensokyo.
  • Proper Lady:She tries to act dignified and composed, though the situations she goes through often throw her offbalance.
  • Princess in Rags: occasionally she can act like this, for instance she refuses to sell the jewelry she wears upon getting pulled out of her dimension, because if she does nobody will know she even used to be rich. She gets better about over the course of the story.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Although this is sort of implied in her character profile, come the actual RP Amelia turns out to be surprizingly competent and smart, mostly averting the trope.
  • Royal Brat: usually not, though she has her moments.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Amelia used this liberally back in Alt. Gensokyo, and her inability to do it in Crossroads 3 causes her much distress.
  • Spoiled Brat: spoiled? Yes. Brat? Usually not.
  • Sonic Stunner: one of her powers.
  • There's No Place Like Home: Amelia's quest.
  • To Be a Master: Amelia's other quest. Driven by a lust for revenge against everything in Yuekiro and a feeling of inferiority towards her mother, she seeks to become obscenely powerful, to the point of becoming one of the most battle-lusting characters in the group, even though (paradoxically) she is still really afraid of death.
  • Unstoppable Rage: the possibility of Amelia entering a bloodthirsty youkai frenzy is mentioned in her profile, but it has not come up yet in-RP.
  • Wings Do Nothing: not exactly. She can't fly (yet), but she can make huge leaps.

Chemical Healer
Joker of Hearts Unit 500 "Theresa"

Theresa comes from an human/alien hybrid species used as slaves on an alternate Earth. An exception among her kind, Theresa broke her mental conditioning and assassinated her sadistic master. She stumbles into the Yuekiro portal while on the run from the forces of the Mega-Corp that produced her. Theresa is bred for medical aid and can produce all sorts of chemicals that can affect the body positively or negatively.

  • Berserk Button: abuse of the weak by the strong, of any kind.
  • Big Eater: because her chemicals require a diversity of elements, Theresa needs a varied and rich diet. If left to starve, her powers could fail her. Though her diet back on her homeworld consisted mostly of omninutritional pills.
  • Combat Medic: ...just barely. She is acrobatic and can afflict enemies with poisons, but she usually hangs in the back waiting for people to get wounded because her offense is nowhere even close to that of the real damage-dealers in the group.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: a slave to a master who was apparently not nice by any means. It is implied Theresa was regularly sexually abused by him.
  • Deadly Doctor
  • Extreme Omnivore: when she needs food badly but there's no meal in sight, Theresa has been known to eat anything from grass to enemies.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: believed this firmly until meeting the group, still thinks that at times.
  • I am a Humanitarian: when very hungry, Theresa has occasionally devoured enemy bodies.
  • Improbable Weapon User: when Milk was creating new weapons for group members, she made Theresa a syringe, which has a small compact mode and a large "weapon" mode.
  • Mad Doctor: though she's on the side of good, Theresa will not hesitate to make evildoers suffer terrible agonies.
  • Meaningful Name: she chose her own name, and yes, she named herself after Mother Theresa.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: a firm believer in this.

Electric Ace
Fulmi Destello

A main character in This Curse, And Shadows Of A Blessing, she is the young heiress of the eminent Destello family, which played a major role during the Dragon War. Due to her upbringing she sets extremely high standards for both herself and others. She tends to teeter between a proper lady act and very bombastic behavior. She strives for justice and seeks to become a hero to protect humanity. Her Dragonmark allows her to generate electric shocks. The drawback attached to it is that overusing it drains her vitality and could even kill her, but due to her pride and drive to be perfect in all things, she tries to conceal this weakness as best she can.

  • Badass Cape: Notably, it contains magnetized threads, so Fulmi can use her electric abilities to emulate Dramatic Wind in the absence of wind.
  • Big Fancy House: What's an Ojou without a mansion fully staffed with servants? Fulmi is no exception.
  • Bling of War: A white dress uniform with golden aiguillette, natch. Given that it's Fulmi, showing off is the main purpose of it.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Goes without saying with her personality in combat.
  • The Cape: Her ultimate goal is to become a hero - she doesn't wear that Badass Cape of hers for no reason.
  • Cold Ham: The absolute embodiment of this trope, Fulmi can be a cool and collected Proper Lady one instant and make a dramatic speech the next.
  • Cool Car: That she would own a luxury car (possibly even more than one) is a given, what with her family's wealth and all.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: All of her attacks drain her of her own bioelectricity, and the most powerful attacks definitely fall into this category, especially her Final Judgment.
  • Expy: Hmm, where have we seen a charismatic Student Council President, scion to a ludicrously rich family, who wears a white and gold dress uniform and thinks that it's her duty and hers alone to save humanity before? Word of God, however, swears any resemblance is unintentional.
  • Fake Ultimate Hero: Very, very downplayed. Fulmi is definitely a hero, and her power is definitely not fake, just not quite as "ultimate" as she would like people to believe.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride. In Fulmi's case, it's her desire to be seen as a perfect hero that causes her to conceal her weakness. Playing the part of an Invincible Hero can put a lot of strain on her, and could one day literally prove fatal.
  • Fiction 500: Downplayed - she is quite rich, but not to such an extent that it distorts the laws of reality as we know it (unlike a certain diva from a parallel Gensokyo).
  • Leitmotif: One of the Undyne themes from Undertale will play whenever she does something hammy. Naturally, her battle theme is a metal cover thereof.
  • Non-Idle Rich: Fulmi is rarely found neither studying nor training.
  • Power at a Price: As with all bearers of the Dragonmark. In her case the price only manifests when she uses the power (it causes her to lose energy at a potentially lifethreatening rate). Since this weakness is not immediately apparent, she likes to conceal it, leading to rumors of her having no weakness at all.
  • The Ojou: With both Proper Lady and Ice Queen elements (whenever she's not being dramatic instead).
  • Rousing Speech: If Fulmi catches you giving up on something, anything, be assured one of those is coming your way.
  • Screw the Money, I Have Rules!: Far more likely to do this than its opposite number, Fulmi is an honorable soul who does not believe having money should be a shortcut through everything and anything. Not that she doesn't like spending money, mind you - she would just never use money for immoral purposes.
  • Shock and Awe: The effect of her Dragonmark.
  • Shrouded in Myth: Rumor has it that Fulmi - unlike any other bearer of the Dragonmark - has no weakness. Fulmi does more to encourage such rumors than to discourage them, though she tries to avoid flat-out lying about her power.
  • Student Council President: She is rich, popular, and very keen on motivating the students to work ever harder. It's not a surprise at all that she occupies this position, given that the other most popular student (Ajna) is very much disqualified due to the effect of her Dragonmark.
  • Tough Act to Follow: One of the reasons why she wants to become a heroic defender of humanity is to live up to the reputation of her illustrious family. Unfortunately, there seems to be no more dragons around to slay, so Fulmi will probably have to settle for something smaller.

     Characters created by Shadow Aurion 

The Foreign Star
Sebastian Jebediah Aurion

Sebastian, simply called Aurion by his friends, is a Milletian who was taken to Gensokyo by Yeshaida, the long-time friend of Aurion's father. Aurion was given to Sanae so that he can be raised by someone who actually knows the area. Under Sanae's care, Aurion ended up becoming pretty powerful, much more powerful than a regular Milletian. He's traveled to many worlds, gained quite a few friends, and learned many skills and abilities that would help him in the battles to come.

Aurion, whether it be as himself or Ratatosk, is considered one of Crossroads iconic characters and protagonists, having appeared in countless RPs and events, including the Hellgate saga, Nirvana saga, and especially the in-progress Yami arc. He also plays a central role in the Saphir saga as the titular character, Saphir Chevalier. The earliest-dated RP in the Crossroads Saga so far, (ShadowAurventures in Gensokyo), has him as the main character.

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The Knight of Light
Daisuke Aurion

Father of Sebastian, Daisuke started his life as an ordinary Milletian in the land of Erinn, he received an urgent distress call from Morrighan, who had been captured by Cichol. After freeing Morrighan, she sent Daisuke on a mission to become a Knight of Light and be the protector of all humans, fighting against the oppression of the Fomors. Eventually, he becomes involved with the events in Iria as the Conductor chosen by Adniel; shortly after, he assists Taillteann in the growing fight against the forces of the Shadow Realm, which leads to preventing the controlled Caliburn from destroying the Soul Stream, to preventing the ancient Parthalonian race from reviving their tribe with the Caliburn's power, to defeating a god, to stopping two old friends of his from separating the world's link to the gods.

Yeah. He's pretty important.

Despite his overall importance in the world of Erinn (or possibly because of it), he doesn't get too involved in the happenings of Gensokyo. His biggest involvement was in the Saphir saga, which would make sense considering his own son had joined the Fomors. As such, the Saphir saga is also the RP in which he was introduced

Tropes associated with Daisuke Aurion:

  • Big Good: Compared to other Milletians within Erinn at least. He still submits to the will of Morrighan.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Multiple Cthulhus?: Glas Ghaibhleann, the Embodiment of Destruction; Cromm Cruaich, the Dragon of Death; Claimh Solas, Spirit Weapon of the King of Gods; a Caliburn-Infused Doppelganger with the capability of destroying the Soul Stream; Nuadha, the King of Gods himself; and Macha, the Goddess of War and Destruction. He's done quite a bit of this during his lifetime.
    • Apart from Mabinogi canon, he's also aided Jonathan and the others in defeating Chalad Gaibolg, The Harbinger of Demise.
  • The Paladin: His very first accomplishment in life (minus defeating a Glas Ghaibhleann) was becoming this.
  • The Chosen One: TWICE! The first time was by the Gold Dragon Adniel, who had chosen Daisuke to be his Conductor. The second was by the ancient Caliburn, a sacred object that played an important role in the creation of Erinn, was fully capable of destroying it, and managed to kill Cichol (albeit temporarily and not by Daisuke's hands).

Seal against the darkness

Adopted son of Aurion and Flandre after they married, brother to Sharon, and lives with them in the SDM. Originally named Saphir, he first canonically appears in Hellgate 2 Part 3, being abducted with the house itself via the General. Later on he appears in Crossroads, though he only gains prominence later in the RP during the Icecrown Invasion arc. While there, he and his sister are suddenly transported to meet with a robed man, who changes his name to Laertes and gives him a special cloak as well as explaining that he and his sister, whose name was changed to Sharon, were to be pivotal in the battle against Yami.

Tropes associated with Laertes:

Shield against the darkness

Adopted son of Aurion and Flandre after they married, brother to Sharon, and lives with them in the SDM. Originally named Arietta, she first canonically appear in Hellgate 2 Part 3, being abducted with the house itself via the General. Later on she appears in Crossroads, though she only gain prominence later in the RP during the Icecrown Invasion arc. While there, she and her brother are suddenly transported to meet with a robed man, who changes her name to Sharon and gives her a special cloak as well as explaining that she and her brother, whose name was changed to Laertes, were to be pivotal in the battle against Yami.

Tropes associated with Sharon:

Icy Silence

One of the six chosen in Alta Marea. Very cold to others, and also seems to have a hard past.

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