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Characters / She-Wolf of London

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Randi Wallace

Played by Kate Hodge (Human Randi, Werewolf Randi in a few episodes), Diane Youdale (Werewolf Randi)

A young American college grad student who traveled from LA to London to study Mythology under her professor and idol, Dr. Ian Matheson, Randi is attacked and bitten by a werewolf while she is conducting research on the mysterious English Moors and left for dead. Now cursed to transform into a werewolf every full moon, She and Ian search for a cure for her curse while battling supernatural beings and their own romantic feelings.


Tropes associated with Randi:

Adorkable:Randi has a charm to her that makes her a likable character, she is a bookworm which helps in her and Ian’s encounters with the monster of the week


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