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Other Heroes

In addition to the Marvel Family, Fawcett City is home to various other heroes, mostly drawn from DC's acquisitions from Fawcett Comics.

     Bulletman and Bulletgirl 
AKA: Jim and Susan Barr


     Ibis the Invincible 
AKA: Amentep

AKA: Jack Weston

     Mister Scarlet and Pinky the Whiz Kid 
AKA: Brian and Pinkerton Butler

     Spy Smasher 
AKA: Alan Armstrong

     Kid Eternity 
AKA: Kit Freeman

A boy who died before his time, and was given the ability to return to Earth (with his guardian, Mr. Keeper, the angel who messed up the books) and summon historical, legendary, and mythical figures to aid him by saying the word "Eternity!"

  • Canon Welding: Pre-Crisis, he was unrelated to the Marvels (and his real name was unrevealed), but in the 1970s, he was retconned into being Freddy Freeman's brother. They further retconned it so that Kit had died in Freddy's place.
  • Darker and Edgier: Post-Crisis, they changed his origin so that he'd gone to Hell instead of Heaven, Mr. Keeper was a demon instead of an angel, and the "historical figures" he summoned were more demons in disguise.

     The Squadron of Justice

A team of super-heroes brought together by the god Mercury, the informally-named Squadron of Justicenote  was the Earth-S counterpart to Earth-1's Justice League and Earth-2's Justice Society. Comprised of Captain Marvel, the Lieutenant Marvels, Bulletman, Bulletgirl, Ibis, Mister Scarlet, and Pinky, they came together to rescue Shazam from the clutches of King Kull. They won the day with the aid of the JLA and JSA. The Squadron of Justice does not exist post-Crisis.

Supporting cast

     Sterling Morris

Sterling Morris is the owner of WHIZ Radio in Fawcett City in the original and current continuities, and the owner of SNN and WHIZ TV in the Earth-5 continuity. As such, he's Billy Batson's boss.

  • Honest Corporate Executive: In all continuities he's more than willing to hire Billy to work as a correspondent. In The Monster Society of Evil, he accepts Captain Marvel's claims that Sivana is corrupt, despite Cap being on Sivana's wanted list.
    • That said, he sometimes acknowledges that his media empire is a business, and he admits that Billy Batson's reporting is fantastic for ratings.
  • Da Editor: In addition to owning the radio (or TV) station, he personally oversees its operations and programming.

     Helen Fidelity 

Helen Fidelity is a reporter for SNN and WHIZ TV, who meets and befriends Captain Marvel, Billy, and their friends during Mr. Mind's invasion in The Monster Society of Evil, and appears in the Sequel Series, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam.

     Venus Sivana

The ex-wife of Dr. Sivana and mother of his children, Magnificus and Beautia.

  • Abusive Parents: Despite being amicable to her biological children, she blatantly voices her dislike and disparages her step-children, Georgia and Thaddeus Jr. She also ordered her son Magnificus to remove a feral Sobek from the family dinner table because he was ruining the peach cobbler she made for their charity dinner with the Black Marvel Family despite his blatant fear of Sobek.
  • Amicable Exes: She originally had angrily divorced Dr. Sivana after finding out he cheated on her with another woman. It was later retconned in 52 that their marriage ended because of his obsession with Captain Marvel and that despite his madness she still loves him greatly.
  • Meaningful Name: During the Golden Age, Sivana and his family lived on the planet Venus (obviously, this was before Venera). So it's only fitting that his ex-wife be named 'Venus'.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: She's where Magnificus and Beautia got their attractive looks from. Why she got with Dr. Sivana in the first place is unknown.
  • Upper-Class Twit: She's notable ditzy and displays traits commonly seen with The Beautiful Elite. She's also somewhat prejudiced, as she referred to the Black Marvel Family as "camel jockeys" after Isis and Osiris had an argument in Arabic.

     Beautia Sivana 
"Just call me 'Tia. Otherwise you're just stating the obvious."

The oldest daughter of Dr. Sivana, Beautia is stunningly pretty, and exceptionally pleasant, if vain. Initially willing to work for her father, she quickly turned on him, becoming an ally and friend of the Marvel Family during the Golden Age. In the Dark Age and Modern Age, we only meet her after her Heel–Face Turn. In both continuities, she has a serious crush on Captain Marvel.

     Magnificus Sivana

Dr. Sivana's oldest son, Magnificus possessed Super Strength during the Golden Age, and briefly worked for his father, before performing a Heel–Face Turn and siding with Captain Marvel. In the Post-Crisis verse we only meet him post-Heel–Face Turn, without any powers, and working as an astronaut.

     Victor and Rosa Vasquez

Introduced in the New 52 as Billy's new foster parents and the foster/adoptive parents of the rest of the kids.

  • Expy: Of the Bromfields, Mary( and later Billy)'s adoptive parents in the Golden Age and pre-Flashpoint; Nora Bromfield is a cousin of their mother.
  • Good Parents: They treat their foster kids as their kids, and encourage them to see one another as siblings and have each others' back.
  • Lighter and Softer: In-universe they intend to provide Billy with the most stable home life he's had for years; seen from out-of-universe it's the best one all but Mary have ever had in the history of the franchise.


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