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Characters / Shadow of Belorous

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Shadow Of Belorous

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Player Characters

     🗝 Kara
The Cleric of Very Specifically Not Stabbing People


🗝 | 19 | Halfling | Rogue
First Appearance: DARUDE SANDSTORM [Game 1]


     🗲 ⵢ ᛋ Zikmund Savage
Champion of Avandra

"♪~Hit me with your best sho—♪
*roll 20 rolling sound*
“I change my mind— I CHANGE MY MIND—!!"

🗲 | Age | Dragonborn | Paladin
First Appearance: DARUDE SANDSTORM [Game 1]

     ⚔ Hadley Mc Kentzie/Jackson


⚔ | 24 | Human | Barbarian
First Appearance: DARUDE SANDSTORM [Game 1]

     ☀ Solomon Atua
The Local Meme Of 'Solomon Dies'

“I’m a healer. I can make you feel good for money.”

☀ | 0 / 27 | Half-Elf / Aasimar | Warlock
First Appearance: FETCHQUEST, GET! [Game 2]

     Ꮻ Ibbit & Lurb
Champion of Wabalaba
Companion of Ibbit

The ranger trying to get his frog into the strip club
Bouncer (NPC): Are you saying the frog is a patron?.
Ibbit: If he wants to spend his money that’s his prerogative.

Ꮻ | 28 | Elf | Ranger
〠 | Age | Frog | Companion
First Appearance: GOBLINCAVE #1 [Game 4]

     ☆ Wonsa P O'Tyme
Cuteness Singularity

“Just remember that magic shouldn’t replace showers.”

☆ | 105 | Gnome | Wizard
First Appearance: [Game 8]


     𐏃 Holokai Rangrok
Sharkboy (no Lavagirl required)

Holokai: "Do you think it's a bad idea to bite a zombie?"
Everyone else, simultaneously: "YES!"

𐏃 | 18 (20 in-world years) | Merfolk | Monk
First Appearance: THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN / RETURN TO ARAS [Game 13]

  • Shark Man: He is literally an anthropomorphic shark.
    • Blood Lust: In part because of his shark-like nature and in part because of his love for battle, Holokai has a fascination with blood, and is able to sniff it out from very far away. He likes the taste.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: Merfolk in the Shadow of Belorus setting can be one of three clans: shark, anglerfish, or eel. None of them resemble your standard merfolk in other settings.
  • Fish out of Water: Literally, but also applies to his being sheltered and unaware of several commonplace things.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Holokai desperately wants to be friends with the party members after having no friends for his entire life.
    • Extreme Doormat: Holokai puts his want for friendship above himself, and will quickly back down if he senses that he's started friction with a teammate.
  • Ki Manipulation: Employed through his monk abilities.
  • Weapon of Choice: He's a merfolk and he uses a trident in combat.
  • Coming-of-Age Story: The Shark Clan (and Merfolk culture in general) puts a lot of emphasis on coming of age.
  • Rite of Passage: Holokai has to prove himself as a monk before he can continue training at his monastery.
    • I Will Find You: Holokai's main quest is to locate Simone, and he will stop at nothing until he knows what's become of her. He's chosen to undertake this quest as his pilgrimage for his monastery.
  • Team Chef: Constantly employs this to win over teammates and others Through His Stomach.
  • The Anti-Nihilist: Is very flippant and carefree with dark or heavy themes and seems to not let things bother him. Quick to accept when things change, even if it's not the result he was hoping for. Always polite and friendly.
  • Pragmatic Hero: To a fault. Often clashes with more altruistic party members over what action the party should take because he's not very interested in going out of his way to help strangers.
  • Blood Knight: Revealed that he's just a little bit too eager to get into fights. Enjoys sparring with teammates and is thrilled by the heat of battle.
  • Parental Abandonment: Holokai's parents mysteriously vanished when he was 7 (in-game years). He's of the opinion they were probably criminals and got what they deserved.
    • Raised by Natives: He was raised in a monastery by mostly humans and a sparse distribution of other races. There were no merfolk in his monastery, so he had no contact with his race's culture through most of his childhood.
    • Parental Substitute: Simone, a human monk, became his master after the city guards left him at the monastery. She is a figure that Holokai regards as his mother. He recalls her being kind and loving, as well as admirable in strength.
      • Like a Son to Me: The relationship between Holokai and Simone is reminiscent of that between a mother and son.

Non-Player Characters

     Dale Karazad
The Barkeep


—- | Age | Human | Class
First Appearance:

     Yod the Unshod 

     ᙧ Tegan Awyr

" :) "

ᙧ | Age | Elf | Class
First Appearance: THE HAGGENING, PT. 1


The Reigning Queen of Truth or Dare


—- | Age | Elf | Class
First Appearance:

     Gilgamesh Mc Stab
The Man, The Myth, The Legend


—- | Age | Race | Class
First Appearance:

     ፠ Vin & Trax


፠ | Age | 'Starborn' | Class
First Appearance:



—- | Age | Race | Class
First Appearance:



—- | Age | Race | Class
First Appearance:



—- | Age | Race | Class
First Appearance:


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