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    The Current Party 

Canna Corbett (played by RolloT)

A Human Avenger who worships Avandra. The aggressive and short-tempered Canna has had trouble getting along with her family for most of her life, leading to a desire to become a mercenary. When that ended badly, she fell into despair until Avandra chose her as her champion. Canna went over the wall with a definite purpose: to bring the gods back, and to destroy the Drow empire for what they've done.

A series titled Change Yourself, Change the World details key moments of Canna's backstory and can be read on RolloT's blog.

Darek Corbett (played by Y: Ruler of Time)

A Human Artificer and the younger brother of Canna. As a young boy his parents discovered that he was an arcane prodigy, and decided that they wanted him to become a great wizard and bring fame and fortune to their household. Naturally he objected to this. When Canna eventually left to join a scouting party to go over the wall, Darek decided to follow her, and ended up managing to persuade her to let him join the group himself.

Dahlia Foster (played by ArcLight)

A Half-Elf Battlemind. Dahlia was part of a previous scouting party that went over the wall, but the others were killed, and she was captured and tortured for several months. Eventually she escaped and returned south of the wall, and retreated to a solitary life dedicated to training and improving her abilities - during which she unlocked her psionic potential. Now she aims to make amends for the mistakes she made in her past, and become the great warrior she knows she is destined to be.

  • Broken Bird
  • Combat Medic: Dahlia's shield allows her to give temporary HP to her allies once a day (or twice, thanks to Darek). Depending on how many healing surges she has left, this can be a lot.
  • Psychic Powers
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Is currently serving as a temporary vessel for the soul of a Dracolich. While she is currently in control (most of the time), the lich is intent on returning to physical form.
  • Sole Survivor
  • Warrior Poet

Serriah Grayth (played by SonikGav)

An Elf Ranger/Seeker. Serriah is the lone survivor of a druidic community, once great until it was destroyed by a seeemingly endless horde of goblins. In the years since the attack she mostly kept to herself, living in the wilderness, moving from place to place, and occasionally shooting poachers, loggers and goblins.

As you can probably guess, she really does not like goblins.

Zelas Straad (played by Final Freek)

A Drow Thief. Originally from a town near Eastgate, Zelas left his family at a young age to fend for himself, and over the years grew from a street urchin into a daring thief. Eventually he got too confident and was caught when he tried to steal from a temple of Lolth. For this, Zelas was branded as a heretic and sent to be executed... but as fate would have it, the party attacked the prison transport that he was on, allowing him to escape and join the group.

    NP Cs 


An Eladrin who works in the service of Krakhadum, one of the last free powers in the south. She went on a scouting mission of her own one month before the party, and her failure to return kicks off the events of the campaign. Turns out that she's alive and well; she just got held up by the Winter Court on her way to meet Lady Pridwyn.

Lady Pridwyn

A Drow noblewoman who rules Westgate. Pridwyn is an opportunistic and pragmatic individual, able to read people like a book, and supposedly an old friend of Glyssa.

Black Jhaan

An enormous Dragonborn warrior and one of the top mercenaries in Westgate. He leads a mercenary group which Canna, Serriah and Zelas join, and hangs around the Iron Cauldron when he isn't off on various jobs. He gets along well with Canna.

The Winter Queen

The ruler of the Winter Court, a power of the Feywild which stayed out of the war against the Drow.

  • Physical Goddess: To give an idea, warlocks are known to swear pacts in her name.

Leon Corbett

Canna and Darek's uncle, who was very close to his niece and the closest thing she had to a father. He left to go over the wall shortly before Darek was born, and hasn't been seen or heard from since; everyone has long assumed that he's dead.



Kiel Ralhausen

Part of a criminal group that distributed "confidence"; Ralhausen appears to be involved in the production of it. He is also a capable mage and a fearsome opponent in his own right. Darek kills him in Session 5. However, he's brought back from the dead and put back to work making constructs. Ralhausen fights the party two more times with new tricks up his sleeve, but is seemingly defeated the third time.

Lord Errol Jadeis

A human nobleman, wizard and priest who leads a cult worshipping He Who Walks on Flame and Earth, a Primordial. He wants to rid the world of the Drow, but it's clear that he isn't any better. Jadeis is also much older than he seems - he used to be an actual lord, but his city was lost in the Drow invasion. While his cult wants to release its beloved Primordial, he's just after the power he needs to fight the Drow directly.


A succubus who works with Lord Jadeis. As early as the party's first trip to Welgard it's clear that she's taking a direct role in working against them, but it isn't until later that we learn how: by laying a claim to Zelas and manipulating him to sabotage his relationship with Canna.

Varsaath Everblack

Originally a black dragon, this Dracolich was a formidable opponent during the War of the Dead - so formidable, in fact, that he could not be defeated permanently and had to be imprisoned within a temple of Moradin. The party encounters and fights him within the temple, but while they destroy him, he still isn't easy to get rid of. Mostly because a shard of his makeshift phylactery got inside Dahlia and he's waiting for a chance to return to the world of the living.


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