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Characters / Shadowhunter Peril Angels

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The angels of Shadowhunter Peril.

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Bezaliel holds the dubious honor of being possibly the most psychologically traumatized as well as the most physically attractive.

Tropes that apply to Bezaliel

  • Angelic Beauty: Dude Looks Like a Lady, too.
  • Beta Couple: Him and Veronica—disturbingly, they make quite a match for each other.
  • The Cavalry: He performs a song that calls all remaining Downworlders and Nephilim to Alicante to help the Resistance during the final battle.
  • Curtains Match The Windows
  • Disappeared Dad: To Nicholas, through no fault of his own.
  • The Empath: His defining characteristic: before descending to Earth, he was the Angel of Empathy. Bezaliel is unusual in being a male example of this trope.
  • I Am Legion: The more Bezaliel spins out, the weaker his hold on his identity gets:
    • Go away, we didn't do anything—
    • And if he's really in the middle of a breakdown, will stop using pronouns entirely:
      • —don't know you, don't know anything—
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: The Feminine Boy to Veronica's Masculine Girl.
  • Nervous Wreck: Let's put it this way: it's unusual to see him not twitching like a squirrel on speed.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Only survivor of completely unnecessary fallen-angel genocide.


Nicholas, who prefers to be called by his Etzel-bestowed human name, is the sweetest, most stereotypically angelic angel in the cast.

Tropes that apply to Nicholas


Field Marshal of Heaven's army, Puriel is likely the eldest of all the angels who have yet appeared in Shadowhunter Peril. This isn't immediately apparent, however, because he's the heavenly equivalent of Ciel Phantomhive.

Tropes that apply to Puriel:


A Principality angel who is just a shade younger than Puriel, although you wouldn't be able to tell it by watching the two of them interact with each other.

Tropes that apply to Nuriel


An angel of the Powers like Puriel, although at a lower rank, Verchiel is one of the few people Puriel can genuinely call his friend.

Due to Verchiel being a new character, his character hasn't been revealed as much.

Tropes that apply to Verchiel


The Archangel Michael, who is only seen once in a flashback, is the one responsible for killing Sammael when Umbra was a child and sparking Lilith's hate for all living things. He is alluded to several times throughout the story.

Tropes that apply to Michael

  • Creepy Good: He has a golden eye in every single feather on his wings. It's hinted that the other archangels have similar appearances.
  • Hear Of Gold
  • Just Following Orders: How he tries to justify his execution of Sammael.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: If Michael had never descended at the behest of God to slay Sammael, Lilith would probably have never created demons in the first place and the world would have been changed drastically—for the better.
  • Power Tattoo: Has glowing blue sigils over every single inch of his body.
  • The Stoic


The Archangel Gabriel who, like Michael, is never seen in person. He is alluded to several times as well, and is responsible for creating the Soul Chalice.

Tropes that apply to Gabriel


The fallen Angel who mated with Lilith and sired Asmodeus, Sammael remained her lover for a brief time before being killed by Michael.

Tropes that apply to Sammael


An angel from Heaven who was Puriel partner's in judging the souls who entered Heaven. Little is known about him except for the fact that Puriel dislikes him immensely because of his polar opposite personality.

Tropes that apply to Dokiel


A Fallen Angel who broke Umbra out of Hell when Umbra died for the first time in the story.

Tropes that apply to Arthur


A Fallen Angel bound to Bug, set to appear in the next arc. Not much is known about him at this time.

Tropes that apply to Morax



Angel of Anarchy

The final form of Valentine after he goes One-Winged Angel, the Angel of Anarchy is still Valentine, but the two are also so vastly different that Valentine's angel form gets its own section.

Tropes applying to the Angel of Anarchy


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