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Characters / Serial Killer

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Characters from the board game Serial Killer.

Julie Lovecraft (The Profiler)

Vera Dietrichson (The Black Widow)

"Until death do us part, my love."
  • Daddy's Girl: Subverted. Her father was an abusive, unloving man who probably molested her.
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  • Dumb Blonde: Averted. She's extremely cunning.

André Chaney (The Cannibal)

"Your sacrifice won't be vain."


Jordan Phoenix (The Arsonist)

"Don't worry. I'm here to help you."
  • Firemen Are Hot: He was a fireman, nevertheless he's portrayed as quite attractive.

Margaret Schelling (The Angel Of Death)

"I'm here to save you from yourself, why don't you understand?"


Lance Alexander McFisk (The Nightstalker)

"I'm not going to search for an explanation, I'm not that weak. It was funny, period."

Kingsbury Hex (The Ripper)

"How can you call them victims if they weren't even worthy to live in the first damn place?"
  • Knight Templar: He believes he's cleaning the world from "unworthy" beings.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: His victims are found disemboweled, with their throats slit and stabbed multiple times.
  • Son of a Whore: Does not like being reminded of this, however.
  • Vigilante Man: One of the most sick and twisted applications of this trope.


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