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Arthur "Art" Mathews


Kathleen "Kat" Vance

Phillip "Pip" McGraw


Violet, Amber and Jade

  • Breast Expansion: They advise against eating anything with Muto juice in it, since one of them temporarily grew enormous breasts after having it tested on them.
  • Colourful Theme Naming: With Scarlet.
  • Gadgeteer Genius
  • Hikikomori: Due to OZBASIC making them agoraphobic.
  • Hive Mind
  • Idiot Hair: Amber's ahoge.
  • L33t L1ng0: Their names as spelled are V10L37, 4M83R, and J4D3.
  • Mad Scientists
  • Out of Focus: Even after they find a work-around for their fear of open spaces, they're rarely featured.
  • Satellite Character: They're practically never seen apart. Justified: their minds work better when they're within (telepathic? radio?) range of each other.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Severe agoraphobia, forced upon them to keep them from running away like Scarlet did. They also have to stay close to each other or end up half-wits until they rejoin the hive.
  • Speak in Unison: They do this when their Hive Mind intelligence is at its zenith, since they are thinking on the exact same wavelengths and thus reach the same conclusions.


Vanity Thorn





Mr. Jackson



Mr. Thumbless

  • Expy: Of Mr. Tumbness.
  • Squick: In-universe, he literally has no thumbs, but carries the severed digits around and even tosses them at the flying gorilla guards.
    Thumbless: Oh, these aren't my thumbs.

Ms. B

King Liam

Rebecca Mace

  • Cargo Ship: With Vanessa...
  • I Call It "Vera": ...Who is her personal dressmaker dummy.
  • Companion Cube: In a lesbian relationship with a mannequin.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: She's still... sore about what Art and Pip did to Vanessa.
    (Upon seeing Art again after presumably a very long time) MURDERER!
  • Your Makeup Is Running: To show how messed up she became after losing 'Vanessa', she's seen with her eyeshadow smeared all around her eyes.

Roger and Jessica Lapin


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