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Main Cast

    Tsumiki Domen 
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: In-universe. The "original" 80s version of Senpai Club her hairstyle was a reddish pink color. It's light pink in the 2010s "adaptation".
  • Big Eater: Anyone who considers eating gyudon as a hobby has to count as one.
  • Butt-Monkey: Her first day of school consists of her being yelled at by the teacher, kicked out of the Senpai Club for not being a senpai and being thrown out of school for essentially helping Kurokawa to grab their teacher's boobs.
  • The Everyman: She's probably intended to be this, if not an outright parody. Despite her unique hair color, she's completely average in every other way, down to having Type A blood (the most common blood type in Japan), and has no real hobbies (she considers sleeping to be a hobby). Yet she has the attention of what is supposed to be an extremely cool and handsome senpai. Just like what any reader of her intended demographic would want.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Despite being well aware that Kurokawa's love for Teacher-sensei is anything but pure she still tries to help.
  • Late for School: Complete with the iconic toast!
  • Odd Friendship: With Kurokawa. Tsumiki thinks she's a massive pervert (and she's not wrong), but she considers Kurokawa a good friend and actually does try to help Kurokawa in her ill-fated attempts to win Teacher-sensei's heart.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: The Pink Girl to Hero-Senpai's Blue Boy, right down to their hair color.
  • Precision F-Strike: When she realizes that she's late for school, she mentally spouts off one of these.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: With Kurokawa. Despite what you'd expect, she's actually the Blue to Kurokawa's Red. While she's more enthusiastic and upbeat than Kurokawa, Tsumiki is a lot more shy and restrained in her passion for her love interest when compared to Kurokawa.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: She's rather sweet and energetic, and she hopes that a cool and handsome senpai will notice her on her first day of school.
  • Significant Birth Date: She was born on February 14, Valentine's Day. Makes sense, given the premise of the series.
  • Stock Shoujo Heroine: Parodied. Tsumiki has the pink (red in the "original" version) hair and Girlish Pigtails, and she bumps into her senpai at the start of the series, however she's not the naive, innocent schoolgirl associated with the trope.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Beef bowl (gyudon). She even lists it as one of her hobbies in Episode 3.

    Fumiko Kurokawa 
  • Abhorrent Admirer: To Teacher-sensei. Kurokawa's rather forward advances are usually met with Teacher-sensei telling her to sit down or go outside.
  • Big Damn Kiss: gives one to Teacher-sensei during the Christmas Special. It isn't a particularly spectacular kiss; just a small one before turning away in embarrassment.
  • Everyone Can See It: Not like she makes any effort, anyway.
  • Foil: To Tsumiki. While Tsumiki is more shy towards her love interest and prefers to talk about her problems with other students, Kurokawa just out and out flirts with the object of her affections regardless of the reaction.
  • Fragile Flower: Cries a lot.
  • Freudian Excuse: The imagery from her backstory seems to imply that she had a lot of unsavory male teachers when she was in middle school, which would explain her attraction to a female teacher like Teacher-sensei.
  • Hot for Teacher: She doesn't even bother to hide it from anyone, much less the object of her affections.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: As if her crush for Teacher-sensei wasn't obvious enough.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: The biggest and thirstiest pervert in the series. Teacher-sensei is clearly disgusted by her and even Tsumiki is visibly creeped out at how bold she is.
  • Meganekko
  • Odd Friendship: With Tsumiki.
  • Panty Shot: Has one at least Once per Episode.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: With Tsumiki. She's actually the Red Oni due to her rather passionate, headstrong and wild advances on Teacher-sensei, compared to Tsumiki's slow-budding romance with Hero-Senpai.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbian
  • Tareme Eyes
  • Thanks for the Mammaries: To Teacher-sensei at the end of Episode 1. It goes as well as you expect.
  • Token Yuri Girls: With Teacher-sensei, whether she wants to be a part of it or not.

    Nelly Smith 
  • AcCENT upon the Wrong SylLABle: With everything.
  • Anime Accent Absence: Defied. Not only does she have a noticeable accent, but it's painfully clear that she hasn't lived in Japan for very long. She even states herself that she only returned to Japan the year before after living most of her life in America.
  • But Not Too Foreign: She states that she's half American on her father's side, and recently moved back to Japan from America about a year before the story starts.
  • Eagleland: Probably type 3. She's obnoxious and somewhat pushy, but she means well.
  • Funny Foreigner: Her terrible accent is the source of some of the funniest lines in the series, making her rather endearing.
  • Genki Girl: The most energetic and friendliest of the cast. She's so friendly that she actually goes out of her way to get her group to sit with Tsumiki and Kurokawa.
  • Gratuitous English: Considering her origins, this is a given.
    Ooh! A letter desu!'
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Considers Kurokawa's love display for Teacher-sensei in Episode 2 to be "beautiful", despite it being nothing but flirting.
  • Larynx Dissonance: For such a cute girl, her voice is surprisingly manly.
  • No Indoor Voice: All of her dialogue is yelled.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: Completely and utterly averted. She looks like her other classmates, save for (???), who should fit the description. Her father is blond though.
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: Wore socks with the American flag on them in the 80s series.
  • Bookworm: Always seen with a book.
  • No Name Given: Played With. From the way Nelly introduces her, it's implied that she does have a name and that Nelly's tenuous grasp of Japanese prevents her from saying it properly. Considering that this is a parody however, it's highly possible that ??? is indeed her real name.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Complete with a bored look on her face.
  • Satellite Character: All of her appearances in the show so far revolve around interacting with Nelly.
  • The Silent Bob: Hasn't said a single word since being introduced.


Senpai Club

  • Deuteragonist: While Tsumiki is the main character, he's equally as important to the story. You could even argue that he's really the protagonist as much of the plot focuses on him struggling to deal with his desire to return Tsumiki's feelings despite being in a club based around actively avoiding romance and rejecting the feelings of the girls that fall in love with them.
  • Friend Versus Lover: He clearly likes Tsumiki, but he is also very loyal to his friends in the Senpai Club, especially to Senpai-kun. He chooses Tsumiki by the end of Episode 3.
  • Gratuitous English: When he introduces himself, he refers to himself as the "Cool, Hot" senpai.
  • Hidden Depths: Beneath the popular, confident and charming aura is really a nervous high schooler who's never really experienced first love.
  • Love Interest: For Tsumiki.
  • Love at First Sight: He's clearly smitten by Tsumiki from the moment she bumps into him in Episode 1. It's fleshed out later in the episode when he happens to be the only one to watch Tsumiki set up an opportunity for Kurowkawa to confess to Teacher-sensei.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: The Blue Boy to Tsumiki's Pink Girl, right down to their hair color.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: A dark blue.
    Bowl Cut-Senpai 
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Easily the weirdest out of the senpais. "Beef Bowl Cut", anyone?
  • Fragile Flower: A male example. He's rather emotional, and when it looks like Hero-Senpai was blowing off the club he becomes seriously distraught.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Easily the nicest and the most approachable of the Senpais.
  • Keet: He's the most excitable out of all of the senpais.
  • Paralyzing Fear of Sexuality: Unlike the other senpais in the club, he doesn't reject girls out of obligation (Hero-Senpai), hatred (Senpai-kun) or both (Gang Leader-Senpai): he seems to have a genuine fear of girls.
    Gang Leader-Senpai 
    Rock n Roll-Senpai 
  • He-Man Woman Hater: Senpai-kun turns out to be this, only really starting the Senpai Club because he wanted to snub any kouhai or girl that wanted to confess to him.


  • Blackmail: More or less the reason that she goes on a date with Kurokawa in the Christmas Special.
  • Celibate Hero: Doesn't seem too interested in romance with people in general, let alone students.
  • Only Sane Man: A no-nonsense character in a world full of fools.
  • Repetitive Name: Sensei means "Teacher", not to mention that in the show, she's referred to as "Sensei-sensei".
  • Stern Teacher: Definitely one of these. In her defense, Tsumiki’s repeated tardiness and Kurokawa’s advances are undoubtedly things that a teacher should punish a student for.
  • Token Yuri Girls: With Kurokawa, whether or not she wants to be a part of it.

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