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The characters who are a part of the Anime series Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

Unmarked Late Arrival Spoilers ahead!

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    Symphogear Users In General

In a world where the general populace (and even the army) are helpless against the Noise, these girls get down to business kicking their asses and singing cool leitmotifs while they're at it.

  • Alternate Character Reading: Some of the Image Songs suffer from this and give at least two variations of their songs. Many fans stick with the easier variation.
    • Gekisō ・ Gungnir is mistaken as "Gekiyari ・ Gungnir"
    • Makyū ・ Ichaival is mistaken as "Mayumi ・ Ichaival".
    • Fushichō no Flamme is mistaken as "Fushidori no Flamme".
    • Ressō ・ Gungnir is mistaken as "Retsuyari ・ Gungnir"
    • Gekkō no Tsurugi is mistaken as "Gekkō no Ken".
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Besides the... American, the beginning phrase of each girl's activation songs is gibberish. Or Old Norse. Or Ar tonelico's Conlang. Apart from containing the name of each girl's relic, the rest is nonsense.
    • Kanade - Croitzall ronzell Gungnir zillz
    • Hibiki - Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron
    • Tsubasa - Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri tron
    • Chris - Kiliter Ichaival tron
    • Maria - Granzizel bilfen Gungnir zillz (for the Black Gungnir) and Seilen coffin Airgetlam tron (for Serena's Airgetlam)
    • Kirika - Seiwoss Igalima lyzen tron
    • Shirabe - Fallian Shul Shagana tron
    • Miku - Lei Shen Shou Jing lei zillz
  • Batman Can Breathe in Space: Symphogear users, without any visible means of life support, are space-worthy. The part about talking in the vacuum is explained by being telepathy, at least.
  • Blood from the Mouth: In Symphogear, happened to anyone who sang her Swan Song ("Zesshou"), to show just how serious business singing the Swan Song was - users tended to die. However, in G, Swan Songs started being used more casually as compared to Symphogear, and cases of Blood from the Mouth happened only for a Symphogear user who would die from the Swan Song example: Serena. Several variants occur in GX E5, when Maria has a small bit of bleeding at the mouth and eyes when she defends Hibiki by borrowing Gungnir, and Shirabe and Kirika take the field and overdose on LiNKER: Shirabe has a nosebleed, whereas Kirika looks as though she's about to cough up blood. They get better.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: A musical variant; each girl sings a brief verse to activate her gear. Careful listeners might catch the names of their relics in the lyrics.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Played with. All Symphogear users depend on maintaining a song during combat, making them unable to actually declare their attacks (except for the initial invocation of the Symphogear and one exception.) However, their special attacks and defenses are announced for the audience's benefit with cuts to a Pastel-Chalked Freeze Frame with a title card, done in an unique style for each character. The only exception is Hibiki, who doesn't actively wield an Armed Gear.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Every Symphogear user has her own theme color.
    • Hibiki has orange and yellow.
    • Tsubasa has blue.
    • Chris has red with Ichaival, and silver with the Nehushtan armor, which is not a Symphogear.
    • Kanade has orange.
    • Maria has black with her Gungnir, and white with Airgetlám.
    • Kirika has green.
    • Shirabe has pink.
    • Miku has purple.
    • Serena has white.
  • Combination Attack: In G, the trio has S2CA Tri Burst, serving as a combination attack between Hibiki, Chris, and Tsubasa. The energy from all three singing their Superb Song at once is channelled into Hibiki's right hand, with the harmony of the three songs cancelling their harmful backlash and resulting in a vast tornado of rainbow-hued light.
    • In GX, Kirika and Shirabe have Zababa Eclipse: Forbidden Wheel of Evil, a combination of Shirabe's Extreme Sigma Style: Forbidden Moon Ring and Kirika's The Slasher Jabberwock which ties up their opponent and sets up an a elaborate two-way guillotine.
  • Combined Energy Attack: In G, this is how Nephilim's Final Form is defeated, via combined Phonic Gain from the entire world. VITALIZATION!
  • Competence Zone: Apparently only teenagers can be Symphogears candidates. However, Maria is 21, and Tsubasa was able to activate her relic when she was five years old. Also, if Kanade and Serena hadn't died, they would be 19 years old — Serena would be a legal adult in American/Europe standards. The age thing appears to have more to do with how recent the tech is and the search for those capable of wielding it.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: The Swan Song ("Zesshou") is also known as the "Ultimate Song", "Climax Song" or "Superb Song", which releases energy beyond what the Symphogear can safely handle. It so dangerous that the Symphogear user usually dies. Basically everyone has sung it, some of them even multiple times, but only Kanade and Serena died after singing it. The reason is so dangerous is because of the backlash, which increases if you have a low sync with the Symphogear. Using LiNKER generally means you have a low sync in the first place so singing it with that is thus fatal more often than not. Someone with a high sync rate will generally only be seriously injured to the point of needing hospitalization.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: When the girls activate their Ignite mode, they gain modified Symphogear armours, which feature a lot of black in combination with their own primary colour. Also, arguably applies to the F.I.S. Symphogears in G - they're all not evil per se, just misguided. Made even more blatant by Maria's temporary use of Gungnir in GX: she's no longer playing for the bad guys, but her Gungnir is still black.
  • Disco Tech: Symphogears and relics are activated and run on "phonic energy", that comes from singing.
  • 11th-Hour Superpower: The X-Drive form. The 2nd Division trio gets one in the first season's Grand Finale, thanks to the Lydian students singing their anthem which gives them new powers. In G, everyone gets one, due to maximum Phonic Gain from the entire world. Taken even farther in GX, where they combine the X-Drive form with the ignite module by taking the phonic gain that's blasted at them by Carol, which is apparently equal to the entire population of the planet if they could use climax songs.
  • Empathic Weapon: The Symphogears are powered armors that run on their users' singing skill and emotional state. They also take more or less stripperiffic forms on specific users (compare Chris in her Nehushtan Armour to Finé's).
  • Fusion Dance: In XDU, It's show that Symphogear itself has an ability to combined the power of other relics or other magical source. However just like Ignited Module, most relics won't simply lets the users to use their power easily and required a lot of determination from user before able to accessed it's form. A few exception like Kresnik Gear and SSSS.GRIDMAN Gear have an easier time to access the form because the source "Willing" to have them used their power.
  • Heroic RRoD: Wearing a Symphogear that the user isn't fully compatible with is a really bad idea. Unless they have some LiNKER handy (and that carries it's own risks), expect a short period of ass-kicking followed by crippling pain, Blood from the Mouth and eyes, and a trip to the hospital.
  • Image Song: By the boatload. There is a justification though: the Relic users sing the songs to maintain their transformed state. For the individual image songs, see the individual entries under the Awesome Music page.
    • Gyakkō no Flügel and ORBITAL BEAT for ZweiWing. Both songs are eventually covered in G. Kirika and Shirabe sings the latter in a karaoke contest, and the former is performed by seven Symphogear users — this version is called Niji Iro no Flügel.
    • FIRST LOVE SONG, and later RADIANT FORCE for the 2nd Div trio.
  • Invisible Backup Band: Justified (spoofed?) in the OAV. Turns out the Symphogears act like karaoke machines, providing music and backup vocals for the wearer.
  • I Thought It Was Forbidden: By the end of the series, the Ultimate Song, or sometimes translated as "swan song", has been used so often that it doesn't look that dangerous.
    • And it is actually dangerous only if the user is not perfectly tuned to the relic. Which... is only kind of explained in the anime, making it a case of All There in the Manual.
    • The very first scene of the G is the death-by-swan-song of another Relic user, Maria's little sister, Serena. She is both very young and un-tuned, which means certain death for her.
  • Leitmotif and Mood Motif: All of the Symphogear users sing their song as a way to debilitate the Noise. The songs also actively change throughout the series as a way to show their current personality/Character Development or when their Symphogears are upgraded. For example, Hibiki's songs earlier in the series are Lighter and Softer, but gets progressively more Hot-Blooded as the show goes on. If their Symphogears are downgraded, they use their old songs.
    • The girls' songs also tend to share consistent styles across seasons:
      • Hibiki's songs gradually go from upbeat and happy to Hot-Blooded, and often feature Celtic bagpipes.
      • Tsubasa's battle songs heavily feature Japanese instruments along with rock elements, while her stage songs are J-pop befitting an idol.
      • Chris's battle songs are aggressive and angry hard rock (befitting her "tsun" side) while her non-battle songs are sweet and happy (showcasing her "dere" side).
      • Miku's songs are generally happy and are usually about her relationship with Hibiki. Her battle song is dubstep and is also about her relationship to Hibiki.
      • Maria's battle songs are triumphant and bold rock, implementing choirs, whereas like her fellow Idol Singer Tsubasa her stage songs are J(?)-pop.
      • Kirika's battle songs are symphonic rock that implements gothic lolita elements, while her mundane songs are goofy and happy.
      • Shirabe's battle songs are peppy J-pop with techno elements, while her mundane songs are more emotional and showcase the "sugar" in her Sugar-and-Ice Personality.
  • Let's Duet: Multiple Symphogear users sing in duets or in larger groups, depending on the situation.
    • Shirabe's and Kirika's character songs actually sync up with one another and feels like an actual duet at the chorus. Invoked in every season after their debut as their songs are eventually remixed into a duet. There's "Edge Works of Goddess ZABABA" for G, "Just Loving X-Edge" for GX, and "Gizagizagirari Full Throttle" for AXZ.
    • "Apple" is performed by both Cadenzavna Eve sisters.
    • "FIRST LOVE SONG" and "Radiant Force" are performed by the 2nd Div trio.
    • Tsubasa and Chris get "BAYONET CHARGE" in GX E5.
    • Both "Hajimari no BABEL" and "Niji Iro no Flugel" are performed by all six Symphogears. The latter also includes Kanade in the full arrangement.
    • The Swan Song is performed as a little choir twice in G, first by the 2nd Div trio, then as a duet by Shirabe and Kirika.
    • While not a Symphogear battle duet per se, the epically awesome showpiece concerts in the first episode of each season, from both ZweiWing and the Queens of Music.
    • Also not a Symphogear battle piece, "ORBITAL BEAT" was originally a ZweiWing duet, but was covered in G by Kirika and Shirabe during the school festival competition.
    • Becomes a major plot point in AXZ, where it's revealed that two Symphogear users who fight together in unison (e.g. Shirabe and Kirika) can increase their phonic gain to the point where they can defeat much tougher foes without using the IGNITE module. Because of this, Genjuro makes the Symphogear users pair up with each other in different combinations to abuse this mechanic whenever possible, resulting in three different duets for this season:
      • "Change the Future" for Chris and Maria in Episode 8.
      • "Fugetsu no Shissou" for Tsubasa and Shirabe in Episode 9.
      • "Hitsuai Duo Shout" for Hibiki and Kirika in Episode 10.
  • Lovely Angels:
    • Tsubasa and Kanade. This is visually blatant when they perform as ZweiWing.
  • Magical Girl Warrior: Sure their power depends on their singing activating mysterious relics, but it manifests as humongous swords, gatling guns and piston punches.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • ZweiWing's Tsubasa ("wing") and Amou ("heaven wing"). Also fits the valkyrie theme, and Tsubasa's Broken Bird status.
    • Further emphasis on this in Kanade/Hibiki's theme songs, which use the same instrumental but have lyrics echo-ing to each other. Kanade's song is called Kimi to Iu Oto Kanade Tsukiru Made ("Until I die, I will play this sound called 'you'"), Hibiki's is Watashi to Iu Oto Hibiki Sono Saki ni (Beyond the resonance of this sound called 'me'"), which embodies nicely the baton pass between them (a played sound will resound).
    • In the climax of the first season, Hibiki's declaration of the unified Swan Song brings together the sound kanji from Yukine, Kanade, Kazanari, and Hibiki: "Yoake wo tsugeru kane no ne kanade, nari hibiki watare!" "Ring the bells of the coming dawn! Let their call resound across the world!"
  • Next Tier Power-Up: The Symphogears change over time with their wearers, with each version of each Symphogear having a new song as its power source. If they revert back, they can be empowered by the old songs. Tsubasa shows this when the Ame-no-Habakiri is downgraded to its season 1 appearance in G, and "Zettou: Ame-no-Habakiri" is played instead of G's "Gekko no Ken".
  • Normally, I Would Be Dead Now: Chris and Tsubasa somehow survive episode 11 after the former singing a Ultimate Song and both being caught in a Wave Motion Gun blast and a humongous explosion respectively. What saves them is the power of music.
  • Not Quite Dead: The trio do survive the destruction of the Moon fragment and return without a scratch. They are declared officially dead in a cover-up for political reasons for three weeks.
  • One-Man Army: Everyone fits to a degree, although Chris is probably by far the most serious contender for this trope, considering the sheer amount of firepower her Gear can somehow manifest out of nowhere.
  • Orange/Blue Contrast: Kanade/Hibiki's Symphogear next to Tsubasa's.
  • Pastel-Chalked Freeze Frame: Everyone gets these when they use their attacks.
    • Kanade has a hardened American style, complete with Gratuitous English and very strong strokes similar to The '80s Comics.
    • Tsubasa has an Oriental style like those from the Feudal Japan era. The kanji are showcased in very deep and complex strokes, and makes Shout Outs to famous paintings.
    • In S1, Chris has a Wild West-esque theme, complete with a brown overlay you often see in said genre. In G, hers is now metal plate with the title of the attack engraved.
    • In G, Maria has a frame of black flowers, butterflies and chains, along with the name of her attack running dynamically across the screen with a cross separating it. In GX, the frame becomes much more colorful
    • Kirika's looks like something that is meant to transcribe Black Speech: the name of the attack is barely readable.
    • Shirabe's is simple vertical and horizontal writing in a standard font, but their introductions criss-cross each other before stopping a brief moment.
    • Miku's is simple Chinese calligraphy, written in blinding gold and white.
  • Powered Armor: The Symphogear manifest themselves as armors that give the wearers powers.
  • Power Gives You Wings: The X-Drive Mode gives the symphogears energy wings (and far more potent than anything they had access to before).
  • Power Limiter: There are several factors that limit a Symphogear's power. Like the Big Bad being in charge of their tuning for a long time. Nothing that the right song can't release.
  • Power Trio: Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris since the 10th episode of the first season.
    • A second Power Trio forms when we're introduced to the F.I.S. Symphogears in G.
    • GX plays with it even more by splitting the 6 wielders differently: there's the seniors, made up of Tsubasa, Maria and Chris, and then the juniors, comprising Hibiki, Kirika and Shirabe.
  • Rocket Punch: The Final Attack of the second season, Vitalization, is a Gigantic Dual SPINNING Rocket Punch. It's so awesome it would make Kouji Kabuto proud.
    • For less over-the-top examples, any of Hibiki's punches where the pile-driver power up sequence is ostentatiously shown beforehand.
    • Played With and possibly spoofed by Stealth Pun in GX E6, where Hibiki punches out an airborne carrier Alca-Noise while riding an ordinary rocket.
  • Rule of Cool: Singing while fighting energy creatures in your mystical power armour.
  • Secret Identity: The Symphogears are kept out of the public eye, and thus Kanade, Tsubasa and Hibiki have to keep their side job secret, even from best friends. Anyone who witnesses a Symphogear in battle either has to sign an agreement that they will never tell anyone about what they saw, or is dragged into the organization themselves. The F.I.S. Symphogear users also have not-so-secret identities.
  • Sensual Spandex: The Symphogears have these as part of their armor.
  • Shapeshifting: The Symphogears have an ability to change it's form or look depending on the users.
    • Taken even more greater in XDU, The users emotion and feeling can transform the gear into different type which also grant them new power according to the gear type for a specific situation used. (Like Swim Gear is more effective in wet area or Miko Gear can deal more damage to spirits monster) Though the base gear is said to be the most balanced out of the type.
  • Super Mode: The X-Drive Mode, which usually appears as an 11th-Hour Superpower.
    • The Ignite Module is a straighter example of this. As it turns out, Hibiki's Berserker mode is something any Symphogear wielder can tap into, but the Ignite Module essentially takes this and makes it into a Super form at will.
  • Super-Powered Evil Side: Hibiki's Berserker form which turns out to be a legitimate function in all Symphogear users as revealed in GX. Maria also went berserk when she first tried Ignite Mode and failed.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: All the Gears are capable of shifting form depending on the situation, although the extent to which each Gear can do so depends on the gear and the wielder.
  • Theme Music Power-Up: How the titular "Symphogear" activates. Having Orchestral Bombing and dramatic music in the background is entirely optional, but it makes fights that much more awesome.
  • The Power of Friendship: It can release the ultimate power of Symphogears and fuels the Heroic Willpower to overcome Hibiki's Superpowered Evil Side.
  • The Power of Rock: Downplayed, strangely enough. While this is a series about fighting evil Noise with power armours running on singing, the songs are not a weapon all in themselves; instead, they serve to empower the suits with Spontaneous Weapon Creation and render the Noise vulnerable. Actual combat is still done through an assortment of melee and ranged weaponry, making the characters have to both fight -and- sing.''
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Appears to be the case with human enemies, as opposed to Noise, Alca-Noise, Autoscorers, and other creatures that get cut down in droves. In AXZ, when the Symphogear users invade Val Verde as part of S.O.N.G., they go out of their way to avoid killing any of the enemy combatants and generals, using Ludicrous Melee Accuracy and Improbable Aiming Skills to disarm them or destroy their vehicles while leaving them physically unharmed. Even Maria in G, when she was on the side of F.I.S., had a code against killing people during her mission, which was broken to the detriment of Maria's mental health when she slaughtered a strike team of American commandos in a fit of rage. Several statements are made throughout the series and in XDU which indicate that Symphogear users are supposed to use restraint when applying force against other people, even when said "people" are enemy combatants.
  • Transformation Trinket: The Relics that are worn as necklaces can be activated by singing. The only exception was Hibiki while Gungnir was fused with her, but now that she has Maria's original Gungnir pendant, she plays this straight.
  • Weapon of X-Slaying: The Symphogear system was originally developed to debilitate and kill the Noise, which are otherwise basically invulnerable.
  • World of Action Girls: All the Symphogear users are girls, and they provide the bulk of the action rampant through the series.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: The Symphogear outfits.
  • Sexy Backless Outfit: Tsubasa and Chris' Symphogear armors have this.


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