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Characters page from Sengoku Ace series. The list is mostly for main characters of the series, with the exception of Kaen.

Koyori Togashi

Known only as Koyori as well as Miko in US/Europe releases, she's the undisputed Series Mascot of the series, as well of Psikyo itself. A tomboyish miko that fights with ofuda sells and a Mon that helps her in Blade. In the first game, she was a Pettanko with a Boyish Short Hair, but after Blade She Is All Grown Up, becoming the Ms. Fanservice of the series and also appearing in various other games of the company. She's voiced by Hiroko Emori and later by Maria Kawamura.

Tengai Kano

The monk of the series, a Badass Preacher that attacks with various shinto techniques, even stated as The Protagonist in Western versions of Sengoku Blade. He's one of the 3 characters that appeared in all the games, apart of Koyori and Ayin. He's voiced by Daisuke Gori and later by Shozo Iizuka.


The badass Samurai of the series, also known as Psikyo's Guest Fighter, who appeared in diverse game series of the company, not just shmups like Gunbird and Strikers 1945. Also, he's one of the 3 characters that appeared in all the series, apart of Koyori and Tengai. He's voiced by Hisao Egawa and later by Norio Wakamoto.

Jane Hayate

The Protagonist of Sengoku Ace, a kunoichi that manages a Leonardo da Vinci-like plane and attacks with kunais. After the first game, she disappeared from the map and his young sister Junis goes to find her. As with Koyori, her voice was made by Hiroko Emori.


A "super genius dog" flying a high-tech F-15 aircraft.


A 77-year-old scientist with a small robot assistant named Ranmaru, who flies a small, agile "Super Fighter" plane that resembles an X-wing starfighter from Star Wars. As with Tengai, he's voiced by Daisuke Gori.


The Protagonist of Sengoku Blade, Shoumaru is a young Samurai that goes to rescue the princess as well to fight his father (who's also one of the Big Bads of the game). He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu.

Junis Hayate

A spunky young kunoichi with a pet lemur named Socrates that appears in Sengoku Blade. She's also Jane's sister and Junis is looking for her after her disappearance after the events of Ace. Also she's a Secret Character in the sequel Sengoku Cannon. She is voiced by Hiroko Kasahara.


The third original character made for Sengoku Blade. A Samurai Robot that works with magic and goes to recover its human body stolen by the Big Bad to be a human again. Not related to the other robot samurai named Hagane. It is voiced by Hochu Otsuka.


One of the Elite Mooks of Sengoku Blade and the only woman of the bad guys, Kaen gained enough popularity to appear in various artworks, not just from the game itself, also she's the only villain that appears in more than one title, in this case in Sengoku Cannon.


The "main" character of Sengoku Cannon, as it were. He attacks with energy waves, and shoots homing lasers for his special attack.


The requisite cutesy girl and the second original character from Sengoku Cannon apart of Masamitsu. Her needle attacks have huge width, with her special attack, she fires out a huge purple beam of kanji. Also, she's disciple of Tengai.


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