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Characters / Saki
aka: Saki Shinohayu Dawn Of Age

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A list of characters appearing in the manga and anime series Saki. This also includes characters from the spinoff Saki Achiga-hen -episode of Side A- and the prequel Side Story of -Saki- Shinohayu -dawn of age-.

WARNING: Multiple unmarked spoilers abound! Due to the expansive nature of the series, certain plot elements from one viewpoint may spoil details from others.

A Note on the National Tournament: In contrast to regional tournaments, which have varying numbers of teams, the Nationals is fixed at 52 teams, each having won their respective regional tournament and representing a prefecture (except Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Aichi and Hokkaido, which have two). The top four seeded teams (i.e., Shiraitodai, Senriyama, Eisui and Rinkai) automatically qualify for the quarterfinals, while the remaining 48 are to vie for the twelve remaining slots in groups of four (each seeded team will face three first-round winners at the quarterfinals). Only two per quarterfinal bracket will advance into the semifinals, and in turn two per bracket will qualify for the finals.


Due to the massive number of characters in the series, this page has been divided into seven subpages:

Alternative Title(s): Saki Shinohayu Dawn Of Age, Saki Achiga Hen


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