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Characters / SUICIDOLS

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This page covers the characters of the Vocaloid series SUICIDOLS.


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The Idols


Miku Mori

(森美空 mori miku)

age: 15

hair: black

eyes: dark brown

likes: her family, animals, cooking

dislikes: spicy food, cold winter mornings

extra: lives alone with her father

song cameos: A Song About Suicide

  • Mouthy Kid: Talks a lot. Despite being depressed she tries to act happy and talkative. She wants to make the people around her happy, even if she's not.
  • Parental Neglect: Her mom died and her dad became an alcoholist, leaving her pretty much the same as all alone.


Lily Amaya

(天谷リリー amaya ririi)

age: 16

hair: black

eyes: dark blue

likes: poetry, trains, flowers

dislikes: bugs, fighting, wrestling, men

extra: she has a brother called yami

song cameos: ???


Ichigo Kuroyama

(黒山一五 kuroyama ichigo)

age: 17

hair: brown

eyes: brown

likes: strawberries(...), psychology, hairpins

dislikes: gyarus, school, ice cream

extra: she takes strawberries very seriously

song cameos: ???


Mukuchi Abe

(安部無口 abe mukuchi)

age: 20

hair: black, blonde tips (old dye)

eyes: hazel

likes: reality shows, fashion, dark restaurants

dislikes: drugs, mornings, sweet food

extra: she used to be gyaru

song cameos: ???


Shiki Kimura

(木村四季 kimura shiki)

age: 17

hair: black

eyes: brown

likes: books, writing, calligraphy, autumn

dislikes: hot weather, sports, bubbly drinks

extra: she writes novels herself

song cameos: ???


Ruruka Tomoe

(巴流流花 tomoe ruruka)

age: 16

hair: blonde

eyes: pink!? ...contacts?

likes: pudding, scandinavian cuisine, rap music, cats

dislikes: big dogs, loud noises

extra: she's half scandinavian, haruka is her big sis

song cameos: ???



Haruka Tomoe

(巴春花 tomoe haruka)

age: 18

hair: blonde

eyes: green

likes: swimming, reptiles, french fries

dislikes: birds, reading, silence

extra: she's half scandinavian, ruruka's big sis

song cameos: ???


Seiko Hayashi (林生子 hayashi seiko)

age: 15

hair: brown

eyes: brown

likes: sweets, j-pop, dancing

dislikes: scary movies, traveling for long times

extra: she's very clumsy

song cameos: ???



Yami Amaya

(天谷病身 amaya yami)



(ハヤト hayato)


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