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Character sheet for run:gifocalypse. Under construction, contributions are highly welcome.

Unless otherwise stated, this page details the character traits from the original 2015 version of the story. Due to the general lack of content as of December 2018, a trope page on Rebooted will be made later.

Be warned that this contains unmarked spoilers for the entirety of Gravity Falls canon and Gravity Falls: Journal 3. It is also recommended to have read, at the bare minimum, chapter 1 of this.


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Human Heroes

    Mason "Dipper" Pines 

  • Decoy Protagonist: In true Great Pikmin Fan style, he is one of the first heroic characters to appear in run:gifocalypse, but he is not the protagonist. Soos is. Picture the fic as Weirdmageddon, if it were less about the Pines vs Bill and more Soos vs .GIFfany. (And it's also 13 parts long as opposed to 3/4.) Dipper is, however, the deuteragonist, which is more than what can be said about most of Fan's other Decoys.
  • Not Distracted by the Sexy: It's suggested that he has to make a bit of an effort to avoid making it clear that the constant near-naked women around him are embarassing him. Going off his crush on Wendy and a comment made by the Bill AMA, redhead copies are his weakness, evident by Michelle and Professor Burnda.
  • Silly Rabbit, Cynicism Is for Losers! Towards the first arc, his lack of trusting even the more blatantly belevolent copies is played up as a bad thing, though it never really results in the crew being in danger until chapter 10, where it becomes something of a Compressed Vice.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He does consider fighting against the female copies, and lands a few hits on Leona in their battle. Then again, unlike canon, the .GIFfanys here are pretty much unambiguously adults (not to mentioned superpowered and have armies in the thousands, while Dipper is a normal human with just three partners for the bulk of the story), so the age issue would outweigh the gender issue anyway.

    Mabel Pines 

  • Ascended Extra: Within the fic. Arc-per-arc, she gets a growing amount of focus as she also grows and learns a few things from the Gifocalypse. Arc 2 gives her the most limelight.
  • Heroic BSoD: Briefly faces one around chapter 8, playing a large role in chapter 9. Namely, after thinking Sonia was a harmless, depressed self-deprecator, Mabel helps her build her self-confidence a little. It turns out that while the "depressed self-deprecator" part was true, the harmless wasn't, so the more confident Sonia started attacking her and ended up injuring Dipper. This marked the first time that the AIs attacked the gang after being "helped" out, leaving Mabel wondering if she really couldn't reason with them after all.

    Jesus "Soos" Ramirez 

  • Cue the Sun: Listed under his folder because the fic generally associates Soos with the Sun itself, particularly during "Game Over." When .GIFfany finally unveils her Main Possession and goes full One-Winged Angel, her Dimensional Wings completely block out sunlight from the perspective of the Gravity Falls residents on board the Shackatron. By contrast, after the final fist-fight and he's in a pileup with her, once she finally takes his hand, the Sun (and continuing the story's loose Majora's Mask parallels, this is the Dawn of a New Day) starts rising from behind him — he's trying to pull her into a better light, a new beginning.


    Wendy Corduroy 

    Stanley "Grunkle Stan" Pines 

    Stanford "Grunkle Ford" Pines 

  • Comically Missing the Point: In chapter 7, Burnda intentionally tries to ruin her own image by making Ford question if she is really his most reliable ally. She leads him on by getting him to finish the sentence of who, on the Construction Site, is the most trustworthy person. She's disappointed when he says she is, and not Stan.



    In General (Exclusive or Near-Exclusive to Professors) 

The professors are, actually, the only fifteen copies of Romance Academy 7 that were leaked to the public, courtesy of Professor Dove. Having more experience outside of the factory they were made, they quickly become more powerful and adept with their abilities, and act as leading guides for all of the minor clones. They are the runners of their respective domain and the fifteen most major copies in the whole story.

  • Ambiguous Disorder: Canonically, .GIFfany could be passed off as "selfish, abusive video game that thinks in video game logic and wants someone to play her." These copies, including Risen herself, are much harder to pin. And no real explanation is given from this, either, since theoretically, all copies start from the same "template" and diverge from there.
    • Cardia stutters a lot, is very tense and jittery most of the time, has a poor grip on reality, and tends to think of really bizarre solutions for situations when talking things out could work just fine. After her Heel–Face Turn, she's also by far the most overly apologetic of the bunch.
    • Burrda has a strong aversion to verbal communication (unlike the Hair Idealization's handling of Brenda, she's never explicitely shown to be uncomfortable, just that she usually prefers displaying words on a screen, and if she must speak, she gets out as few words as possible), generally comes off as being depressed all the time, and is ridiculously willing to (if still hesitant) get herself outright killed in combat to try to prevent a war, thinking that it is the only solution.
    • Dove has an obsession with trying to come off as important and imposing, has a gait identical to Ed's, often travels in "random paths," chaotically fires people as stress relief, and has an obsession with debating people to prove them wrong.
    • Risen/canonical .GIFfany is highly implied to be flat-out delusional. She gets far too invested in a fantasy acted out on with Soos and Melody dolls in chapter 9 until Stan walks in on her and breaks her out of it, she takes a little too long to realize when Melody swapped herself out with the doll of her .GIFfany made, and when she tells Professor Wendy that Soos cheated on her and murdered her in cold blood it's left ambiguous as to whether or not she was just bullshitting that for sympathy or if she actually remembers herself as the victim in that incident. In addition to all of this, she's a rather heavy Mood-Swinger, made more complicated by her medium awareness.
  • Bi the Way: All copies swing both ways. This is implied with Kathody, Dian, and Shannon's prior players all being women (something none of the other copies bat an eye at), and all-but confirmed in GPF's other stories featuring the characters.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Forms of a full rainbow of twelve using the RGB color model, with black and white added as well as .GIFfany's default pink. The colors are also those associated with their domain, what color their electricity is (it's implied that they did this for purely cosmetic reasons, as during the first chapter they use the "standard" bright blue seen in canon), and their hair and eye colors. In the order they are encountered:
    • Rose: Green
    • Kathody: Yellow
    • Searah: Blue
    • Sandy: Orange
    • Cardia: Violetnote  in the original, rosenote  in the remake
    • Bubbles: Cyan
    • Leona: Rose in the original, violet in the remake
    • Sonia: Azurenote 
    • Dian: Magenta (also sometimes called purple for simplicity's sake)
    • Wendy/Natalie: Spring green, also called aqua
    • Shannon: Chartreuse
    • Burnda: Red
    • Burrda: White, also light blue on occasion
    • Dove: Black, also blood red on occasion
    • .GIFfany: Pink (her regular hair color), also a bright rainbow on occasion, sometimes simplified to pink/yellow/aqua
    • Eve: Dark mint/jade green (the exact inversion of .GIFfany's color), also a dim rainbow on occasion, often simplified to red/green/blue
  • Clothing Damage: All of them suffer varrying degrees of it after their defeat. As Arc 2 goes on, it is increasingly blatant that this is intentional in-universe — their outfits are rigged to easily lose pieces of them, or at times just outright be reduced by a switch (as Sonia, Dian, Shannon, and Burrda all do). The only real exception to the "intentionally breakable" rule is Risen .GIFfany, whose outfit was not designed to be tattered as she figured she was impossible to beat. And even then, she and all of her sisters lose their outfits in the plumet to Earth.
  • Elemental Embodiment: Word of God is that all of the first-gen professors just aimed to loosely be "elemental people" or "elemental gods." The exception is .GIFfany, who, sticking with her octopus-father in-game story, is a scylla.
  • Elemental Powers: They all have the standard electricity of .GIFfany, and they somehow use that to control something of their own. These elements are largely based on Fan's own "twelve-fifteen color" system, albeit with electricity (yellow) swapped out with soul due to otherwise being redundant with the base .GIFfany.
  • Flanderization: Their outfits, cross-story. In run:gifocalypse, the majority of them have clothes that is, for the most part, actually covering, even if it's made of irregular material. Sandy and Bubbles, the two most blatant exceptions, make sense — Sandy is something of a nudist outright, and Bubbles enjoys annoying people to try getting in their head, so she wears only suds to try pissing people off. Come the cross-appearances in other works and their outfits are seasons 3+ Rainbow Crew-levels of impractical and just barely wearing anything. Most of it can be hand-waved by being SBIG, although their outfits in the epilogue of run:gifocalypse are the same as those in Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage.
  • Foil: With the exception of .GIFfany (who has Soos as a foil), all of the professors have some sort of "counter." These are usually in faced before/faced after pairs, with the exceptions of Rose/Dove and Bubbles/Dian. More details can be found in their own folders, but to sum it up:
    • Rose and Dove: Creation vs destruction.
    • Kathody and Searah: Alienating others because of opinion/taste difference vs locking others out because of opinion/taste difference.
    • Sandy and Cardia: Aimless relaxation and an attempt to go to new, but low-tech things vs strict job-following and going after tradition yet high-tech things.
    • Bubbles and Dian: Popular leader "jerk" vs disliked/uncared for doormat "geek."
    • Leona and Sonia: Too high opinion of one's own work vs too low opinion of one's own work.
    • Wendy and Shannon: Devotion and hard work to what already exists vs fantasies about something that doesn't, yet not making that a reality.
    • Burnda and Burrda: Hammy and bringing peace through slow conversations vs quiet and trying to bring peace through scare tactacs.
    • Soos and .GIFfany: Ordinary life vs technological singularity. Soos is also tied symbolically with the day and sunlight (the most obvious example being him standing right in front of the sunrise on the .GIFfany pileup at the end of "Game Over Part 2"), while .GIFfany is thematically tied with night (the most obvious being in "Hot and Cold," where she is standing in front of an opening in Burrda's clouds, revealing the night sky only behind her, with the near-storm blocking the rest).
  • King Mook: To their respective student-followers, each of them are effectively the "boss variant" of the traits and things associated with their student groups. Justified in that they "teach" their students how to use their powers in different ways, and thus said students deliberately take after them. This is more obvious in their appearances on the SBIG series, which (ironically despite its Stylistic Suck nature) goes somewhat more into depth with the small societies they created.
  • Monster of the Week: Downplayed. They're the main threats/copies of note for their respective chapters and not really ones outside of them (and some chapters cover two professors), but they're not simple "Beat 'em and be done with 'em"-type episodic romp characters, and are somewhat fleshed out. It helps that they are all tied directly to the Big Bad in the context of this story.
  • Mythlogy Gag: The first two professors faced, Rose and Kathody, have green and yellow hair respectively. An unused animation depicts .GIFfany changing her hair color, from pink, to green, to yellow/blonde. In a happy coincidence, this also lines up with the first two Sprixie Princesses; 3D World served as a minor inspiration and the first six professors (before the color-swap between Cardia and Leona in Rebooted) are even color-coded after the princesses, with the main difference between that the "other" colors are jammed in-between cyan and red, red still being the last of the "chromatic" colors unless one counts .GIFfany as being pure pink.
  • One Steve Limit: Either played straight or averted depending on how you look at things. Technically, they were/are all named .GIFfany, but given renames for the sake of identification that would be faster than saying their entire serial number.
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad: Downplayed. They are a long line of antagonist forces leading up to .GIFfany, but some of them are outright harmless to the protagonists (such as Rose and Dian, who refuse to attack them in any way) and they clearly undergo actual characterization rather than being one-off obstacles the group faces off against. (As Fan makes sure to give them all at least one line in "post-capture" sequences for each chapter, something Kathody lampshades at the end of Chapter 5.)
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Some of them are reluctant to show their crotches (which is an implied reference to Japanese censorship laws, especially if one considers their self-censorship in Escape From Fanservice Island to be confirmation even though those stories are in different "worlds"), but that's about as "nude-shy" as they get. None of them see any problem in going around in public practically completely naked.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: While Fan claims the other copies are "open-minded," the professors are nearly literally hard-wired to being after their respective player. Except Rose, as she was technically "returned" first. As well as Burnda, Burrda, and Dove, each of which got over their players completely. (The twins for buying both of them in a bad attempt to make a harem, which provokes both of them to be hostile towards one-another until they question why they're even bothering fighting over a polygamous guy like Gerald. Dove because her player flat-out saw her as a way of getting catharsis from his dad getting killed by a robot in the past, villified her before she even went yandere, and ultimately painting a very negative view to Dove on what humans think about AIs.)
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: A variation — in each fic appearance, they bear different outfits. Though there is some overlap (their outfits in the epilogue of run:gifocalypse are just like the ones in Journals). For example, all three of Rose's outfits thus far are plant-like in nature.


Professor Rose (Number: 2222222)

The professor of plant matter. Her subject is botany. She is the leader of Domain 1, located in a custom garden she made in Gravity Falls forest.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: As revealed in the Memory Banks, she was incredibly hostile to .GIFfany when pressuring her to hold up her end of the "deal." The story also implies that she of all copies would object to the death of a sister, even in self-defense.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Downplayed. It's implied here and there for most of the story, mainly kicking up around Arc 3. Especially Kathody's reports on what Rose had done in beteen Domains 10 and 11 when she thought the gang killed Professor Wendy. It's eventually revealed that, despite her claims, she cares more about the well-being of her sisters than the lives of the main group — including 12-year old Dipper and Mabel. Even when they're outnumbered by the professors. Word of God is that she was based on an apparent occurance where a Vocal Minority of Undertale fans known to insult people for not going on a full Pacifist run. In essense, caring more about the "fictional characters" (er, the AIs) than the human beings "playing the game." She gets over it.
  • Brick Joke: .GIFfany suggesting the name "Number Two" for her when they "first meet" ends up fitting a heck of a coincidence when her serial number turns out to consist entirely of seven successive 2s.
  • Flower in Her Hair: It's suggested that having something "important" in one's hair is a sign of rank among the .GIFfanys, with the default cable-bow being a complicated exception (it's something they're free to wear, yet their leader wears it not out of rank sign but because it's part of the default outfit she sticks to). Rose has a Pikmin-styled flower in her hair as her decoration, and it's implied that her students hold this type of flower especially above the others that have such plants in their hair.
  • Garden Garment: Always wears some kind of plant-based outfit. If she's not naked.
  • Green Thumb: The professor of plants. She can possess trees to form a pseudo-mecha around her, and can even accellerate plant growth.
  • Mr. Exposition: After being caught in the Illegal Prime Neutralizer, she acts as the expository guide for the main characters for the majority of the story. Unlike most exposition-givers, however, she has a habit of giving information too late, thanks to being rather forgetful and having an odd habit of only telling the gang about the absolute next professor in line (she believes that there is hardly any point in throwing information about any future enemies well before the prep time to go and face them).
  • Warmup Boss: She does not directly fight the Pines, but she does let them know that the .GIFfanys (or, at least, the professors at first) can possess more than electronics. Which becomes pretty damn important later on as potentially anything can be made in to a weapon from them.


Professor Kathody (Number: 0507915)

The professor of soul. Her subject is dramatic arts. She resides in Domain 2, a "haunted house" attraction in the Sahara. Carrying about little more than having a good horror-themed spirit,

  • Establishing Character Moment: Tricks the group into thinking there is a Grim Reaper-like figure in the haunted mansion that is Domain 2, then reveals herself as fully supporting .GIFfany (unlike Rose, who makes it increasingly clear she isn't), and then tries to come at the group with a scythe.
  • Expy: She's partly based on Fan's earlier Total Drama character, down to name (her name was Kathy), using a scythe, and her love for freaking people out. She's a lot more of an asshole, though. Her color scheme is completely different too (Kathy having pale skin and "blood red" hair, Kathody have tanned skin and yellow hair). Word of God also states that her Large Ham was inspired by Calculon.
  • Large Ham: And she LOVES bursting into ALL CAPS when trying to announce her BRILLIANT haunted house.
  • Soul Power: Her element, although the way she manipulates it prior to "State of Emergency" (where she blatantly controls a bunch of ghost energy) is subtle, as it is the kind of "glue" keeping her staircase together.
  • Starter Villain: Rose was hardly an obstacle, much less a villain, as she just tried to talk the group out of progressing the domains rather than outright try to attack them. Kathody is the first real threat faced in the Gifocalypse, and she puts up a lot more of a fight. She's also an indicator to the Pines that they'll really have to outsmart the .GIFfanys, as physical skill alone will not get them anywhere near beating them.
  • Villain Team-Up: Attempts to try to overwhelm the gang by directly teaming up with Searah. It backfires, and the gang tricks the two of them into attacking each-other.


Professor Searah (Number: 0519367)

The professor of water. Her subject/general field is athletics. Domain 3, her place, is located in the "center" of the Bermuda Triangle, and deep under the ocean at that.

  • Jerk Jock: Invokes this image considering how she's a generally unpleasant, elitist person and her field of teaching is athletics.
  • Making a Splash: Can possess water.
  • Silly Rabbit, Cynicism Is for Losers!: To the point where she excludes anyone from even seeing her domain if they are not "idealistic enough."
  • Walking Swimsuit Scene: Goes around in a school swimsuit in run:gifocalypse. She ditches this and wears other, more-revealing, also water-themed outfits in SBIG and the epilogue of gifocalypse.


Professor Sandy (Number: 0556491)

The professor of earth. Her subject is geology. She has turned a rise in the middle of the Grand Canyon into the setting of Domain 4, which like Rose's place is building-less. It's an outdoors worshipping ground for the "Lightning Goddess" (read: .GIFfany, who tricked Sandy into thinking she was a deity).

  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Her Main Possession is a large, hard-to-hit statue of .GIFfany's head. She's also pretty intellegent when she's not high, and her students are able to quickly capture the Shack team with ease.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Can possess rocks.
  • Drugs Are Bad: Implied in that she's an utter moron when high, but very clear and somewhat philosophical when sober.
  • Stoners Are Funny: Eventually confirmed to be a bit of a pothead. Well, not "pot" so much as "her specialized 'herbal tea.'" When she's sober, she's remarkably clear.


Professor Cardia (Number: 0523349)

The professor of meat. Her subject is zoobiology. She intends to run a chain of fast food establishments called "Gif Bytes," though when confronted she only has one building created. Said building is Domain 5, located by Niagara Falls.

  • Berserk Button: Do not break from her tradition. Do not try to switch what meat is being used.
  • Expy: She's inspired by Japhet. Both are people who went insane after their subjects didn't really like the worlds they built, both end up possessing someone dear to a major character (although Waddles gets out of it in a much happier manner than Valerie), and they are associated with flying and (to an extent) fire.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Despite hating dragons at first, she's perfectly willing to possess one of them to try to capture the group, hoping that her student copies will respect her more if she does.
  • Serious Business: Fast food. She effectively disowns her whole domain after they get in to dragon meat rather than the "traditional" meats, and uses a dragon to attack them.


Professor Bubbles (Number: 0597278)

The professor of soap, and basic/alkali materials in general. She specializes in teaching about plumbing, but also gives beauty care tips. She is the only professor who established her domain in her actual home country of Japan. Specifically, Domain 6 is a hot spring/sauna/shower room/etc all-purpose building in Mt. Fuji.

  • A Day in the Limelight: Escape From Fanservice Island gives her a little more screentime, namely in the bonuses, namely as the one non-Prime professor Soos doesn't hold his relationship with.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: She tries to gender-invert this. She gives herself an overly stereotypical "bad person" image, what with her obsession with motorcycles and her general obnoxiousness. However, she also adds a bath theme on top of that. The result is... confusing. The trope('s gender inverse) is played straight in Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, as she successfully woos Soos with her "bad girl" persona. And it's implied to work with Taro in run:gifocalypse proper.
  • Troll: Moreso than Burnda (who generally only messes with .GIFfany, while Bubbles tries to worm her way into everyone's heads). She lives on worming her way into other's heads and trying to make them realize their faults. It's all supposedly so that they'll self-evaluate and become better people because of it, but she admits that she likes toying around with them too.


Professor Leona (Number: 0811804)

The professor of paint/oil. Her subject is, unsurprisingly, visual art. Deep within the Amazon Rainforest is Domain 7, the art club, consisted of four building divided amongst herself and three other "overseers" (Michelle, Donna, and Raffaela) that she technically outranks.

  • Art Attacker: She can attack with paint, and transform paint from a painting into a sort of temporary weapon.
  • Berserk Button: Do not mess with her art.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Has a high opinion of herself and what she creates. She's also smug enough to let her other three overseers toy around with the gang first before going after them herself.


Professor Sonia (Number: 0455593)

The professor of sound. Her subject is music. She set up a quiet, future-performance site in the form of Domain 8, an open-roof theater in the middle of the Everglade swamp.

  • Beware the Quiet Ones: She's actually an asshole, despite coming off as shy at first. She just has a perfectionist atittude towards her own work, and that includes her method of fighting other people. Her "it's either perfect or I don't do it at all" mentality is the only reason why she doesn't try to attack the group right away.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: The professor of sound. She can possess and manipulate sound waves, to the point where she can turn a simple clap into a disrupting ring that can stun anyone around her.


Professor Dian (Number: 2201940)

The professor of poison, and to a lesser extent chemicals, acids, anedotes, and the components of the "main poison" overall. She's the group's chemist. Domain 9 was intended to be her bringing a childhood fantasy of her player to life (actually, this applies to a lesser extent to most of the other domains as well), about searching through a cave to find ingredients to an antedote for her dying grandmother. Dian picked a quartet of unexplored sub-tunnels in the largest cave in the world, Hang Sơn Đoòng, to be a place where her copies would search for special ingredients. What they found instead was part of what led to four specific copies not just taking control over Dian's domain (an event Dian was completely okay with), but also scouting out and finding information for the future of .GIFfany's plans.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: It's slightly implied that she is the most powerful of the professors by a long shot unless you include the rift in .GIFfany's power roster, but doesn't actually act accordingly because she's too much of a softie pushover. This is also the reason why .GIFfany is terrified of Shannon, but not of Dian, despite Dian possibly being the stronger of the two: because Dian is such a huge doormat, she'll put up with anything .GIFfany throws at her. Shannon... not as much.
  • Expy: While Fan came up with Tagger's appearance before he finalized Dian's design, Dian was ultimately revealed first. Her outfit is identical to that of Tagger's, an Original Generation wannabe Youtube star Fan made for M.U.G.E.N. Neon green shirt, pale blue pants, red shoes. And, at times, a gas mask (though Dian's is purple, not gray).
  • Meganekko: She's not the only copy that wears glasses, but she is the only first-gen professor to do so. And she's also one of the nicest of them, only really competing with Rose and Shannon.
  • Poisonous Person: Her element involves poisons and generally acidic substances.


Professor Wendy (2015 Original)/Natalie (2018 Rewrite) (Number: 0521355)

The professor of wind/air. She's a huge King of the Hill fan who teaches her followers about piloting and auto-shop. Enjoying windy storms as well, she set up Domain 10 in New Delhi so that they could be blasted by the Monsoon winds. Domain 10 itself is a large King of the Hill fanclub that also specializes in making highly advanced methods of transportation.

  • Berserk Button:
    • Obviously, insulting King of the Hill in any way is one of them. Or rather, was. She stops becoming so defensive of the show and later outright starts not liking it.
    • Violating what King of the Hill would consider acceptable, another bit of irony considering her boss and a good chunk of the domains.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Yes, she's obsessed with King of the Hill, to the point where she quotes it and cites the exact episode by season and number for most of her viewpoints. But she's also not the one to mess around — she can possess/create an entire tornado, and in a world that completely averts Do Not Touch the Funnel Cloud at that. As one could imagine, she manages to trap the hero group within seconds flat. Her own belief that she was just canon fodder was the only thing keeping her from winning the whole Gifocalypse.
  • Blow You Away: The professor of wind. She enjoys being out in storms, and can possess the air itself, but does better while it's blowing. She's also the only professor that outright generates what's deadly about her Main Possession — her biggest claim to fame is being able to possess a tornado, as well as generate the winds to make that tornado in the first place.
  • Character Blog: Downplayed. In Chapter 13, the narrative mentions her having a Tumblr page and talks about it by name, down to specifying how to type it into a url. The reason for this is because said Tumblr blog actually exists. The reason for the downplay is that there's only a handful of posts — a short introduction, daily charting through RG's events, and a "random update over four years after the Gifocalypse" which serves as some additional closure detailing more than one year in the future and setting up for Eve's chapter.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Overall, the fact that she talks in heavy southern-slang when .GIFfany introduces the copy-creation chamber of the Construction Site combined with the two talking about King of the Hill should be a clue-in that she's a fan. The Hot-Blooded aspects of her are established two chapters later, where one of the first things she does with the main protagonist group is leap into the air in the middle of a monsoon rain, draw a sword out, increase the size of that sword, and cleave off the entire roof of her own domain's building.
  • Expy: To Undyne, although if you consider Burnda and Burrda like the "Mettaton" and "Alphys"/"Asgore" of the group, Wendy is really not a flattering expy. Bordering on Take That! levels, in fact.
  • Female Misogynist: She happily believes that women should serve and support their respective men, and unlike the other copies this is less "a dating sim character to their date" and more "by gender role." She considers Soos and Dipper stronger than her simply because they are male, when the ridiclously overpowered track record of the previous copies suggests this is false. And Professor Wendy being able to capture the gang by accident does that even moreso.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Not as bad as Dove, but it's implied that she's not very well-liked by the other professors (her students, on the other hand, love her — the same cannot be said about Dove). Even Rose, who normally loves the others, felt the need to restate and emphasize that she does not want the protagonists to kill any copy when they are about to face off against her.
  • There Was a Door: Manages to rope the heroes into an unwilling version of this. In short, they never really go in or out of her building through the front door in Chapter 10. Mabel, at least, does both in the epilogue once the domains are being taken down and revamped on the PNG. In long, she slices the roof off and legs them fall in; then during her breakdown, she flies out while the group is clinging on her back.


Professor Shannon (Number: 1140267)

The professor of light. Her subject is... "industry," meaning that she runs a highly industrialized workplace that also teaches her followers how to run their own industries. Domain 11, her place, is the second-largest of all domains (behind .GIFfany's), and is a massive factory in the Yukon that specializes in producing her kind of special brand "mirrors."

  • The Dreaded: Subverted. The fact that even .GIFfany is afraid of her should be a gigantic red flag in of itself. However... she's hardly malevolent, only attacks the group after they outright tell her that they're willing to kill what's basically her sisters, and immediately calms down when she finds out about the truth.
  • Drugs Are Bad: Her mirrors. They have horrible withdrawl effects, although she does not realize this until after the Mystery Shack team enters, as up until that point they had not been broken and their users had not been forced away from them.
  • Expy: Basically a Lighter and Softer Enoch with a palette-swapped .GIFfany's appearance. Unlike Enoch, she genuinely had no idea that her domain was producing an addictive form of drugs with terrible withdrawl effects. After finding out, she immediately tries to get as many former mirror-addicts into rehabilitation, making them quit cold turkey and working them through the glitch effects. Hell, unlike the other OFF-expies, her domain strongly resembles one of the Zones from said game, given that it's made of metal arranged in cubical buildings while the others generally try to shape their giffinium to resemble... actual buildings.
  • Fan Disservice: Her dress is see-through (aside from the breasts) and clearly revealers her panties underneath. Then she ends up not only trying to genuinely kill the hero group, but also possesses her own reflection and uses it to boost her power, quickly going into loop after loop of reflection-possessing until she turns into... well... a horrific-looking light construct. Also, she is introduced in the same chapter that has other underwear-clad copies glitch out horribly and turn in to reality-distorting humanoid abominations.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Does having light-themed powers sound shitty to you? Haha, not when you have control over a good chunk of the electromagnetic spectrum (aside from very large or very small wavelengths, but this range still goes to radio and gamma waves). It also comes with size-alteration, healing, and being able to slow/speed things up. Dialogue between her and Dipper also implied that she can "blind" someone by simply sucking all the light immediately by their face (IE going towards their eyes) away from them, but that this process would take way more energy than what it's worth. All in all, there's a damn good reason why she's the one copy in the entire story Risen-.GIFfany is terrified of. And this is .GIFfany after aquiring the rift!
  • Knight of Cerebus: An unusual case in that she is not a very cold-blooded or overly "serious" character herself, or even really that villainous. In fact, she's one of the nicest professors in the whole bunch, with the much more goofy and Played for Laughs Professor Wendy being more of a flat-out asshole. However, her domain and the glitchy-body horror around it, while still ultimately Monster of the Week-ish by this fic's standards, sets the tone for the last leg of the story, which is generally darker in nature or deals with more serious themes. After her, Burnda is the last real "lighthearted domain romp" part of the fic (though helping a bit is that the two parts of the Parícutin volcano are the last two "traditional" domains as well), and even then her chapter ends with Burrda trying to force Ford into a "I die or you die, all so that .GIFfany doesn't resort to mass-destruction" fight. Then comes both Dove and the showdown with .GIFfany herself, respectively the Darkest Hour and the point where the story kicks its own Mind Screw in to overdrive.
  • Light 'em Up: The professor of light. Which also includes most other electromagnetic waves, and is linked to size, healing, and time alteration.
  • Nice Guy: Probably the nicest of the professors. Unlike Rose (hypocrite, has some underlying implied aggression) and Dian (doormat to the point where she was completely willing to let copies with malevolent intentions completely take over her domain and not caring about that), her only real fault seems to be ignorance at exactly what it was she was doing. That, and as with the other copies, she has an unhealthy attatchment to her player.
  • Pajama-Clad Hero: Invokes this image. She wears a transparent night dress, and most of her followers are clad in some form of pajamas or sleepwear, fitting the dream-theme of her domain.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Had Wendy just said "Hey, some of your copies are glitching up," the group could have gone through Domain 11 without ever having to face her protective side. Or even seen her Main Possession outside of the battle.
  • Precision F-Strike: As if the Glitches weren't a bad enough sign that Arc 3 wouldn't exactly be the sunshine and jokes of Arcs 1 and 2, nor Professor Wendy successfully capturing the gang, the fact that shit has hit the fan is really brought home when Shannon yells out "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU, PINES!" in a story that had previously been completely devoid of swearing. By the time Dove starts dropping F-bombs left and right and even Risen .GIFfany becomes foul-mouthed, the cursing almost just feels like part of the story, but with Shannon it's a different story.
  • Size Shifter: Has this power, as do most of her followers. She states that she has the largest range out of all of them, however, being able scale her physical form anywhere from the size of a skyscraper (the second max record is "only" about the size of a house) to being small enough so that even "tinier" ants look large by comparison (the second min record is... roughly dollar bill-sized).
  • "Uh-Oh" Eyes: Like Burnda, Dove, and Risen .GIFfany, she can switch to this look. In particular, she gives herself double-layered irises (yellow inner layer, red outer layer) and turns the shape of her irises and pupils to look jagged, which is described as looking like "two burning holes in space itself."


Professor Burnda (Number: 0130734)

"Sorry, but we still have a few more challenges left to go."

The professor of fire/heat. A physicist and wannabe competitive reality show hostess, she resides in Domain 12, a place deep inside the lower chambers of Parícutin. Most of her domain is dedicated to setting up the stage for a reality show that she drags the gang into. She considers herself "twins" with Burrda in run:gifocalypse proper, although in her appearances in future Great Pikmin Fan stories, none of the copies consider themselves related.

  • All Love Is Unrequited: Great Pikmin Fan confirmed that she had a crush on Ford after a reviewer talked about their interactions. Her self in Escape From Fanservice Island is heavily teased with him, but he ultimately ends up with Darlene. She sticks in a harem with Soos, although all of the professors except Prime and Bubbles hit a bit of a rough patch.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Or, Big Sister Instinct. She gets incredibly pissed off when Rumble challenges Burrda to a fight, even when all parties involved know that Burrda could just as easily have fried him and could fight for herself. This is ultimately what causes both Burnda to drop the act of her being a "blind .GIFfany"-supporter" and Burrda to say her first words heard in-fic. "Burnda. I can fight for myself."
  • Expy: Design-wise, she's modeled off of Brenda, what with the name (hell, her player is even named Gerald), the Odango Hair style, and the whole "walks around in a visible thong" gimmick (though it's part of a show stage leotard. Completely accpetable there! Except even she knows this is a lie). Personality-wise, she's somewhere along the lines of Chris McClean with a tiny, tiny dash of Mettaton.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: She and Burrda used to hate each other, as a result of violent competition over the same player. Eventually they realized that they should just forget him and hang out with each other instead.
  • Fire/Ice Duo: With Burrda. They used to hate each-other, but eventually got over it, became close friends, and ultimately ended up being more "human" than the bulk of the copies. Oddly, there is no fire/water theme between her and Searah, and the two in fact rarely interact. (Searah's main foil is instead Kathody.)
  • Fusion Dance: Fuses with Burrda to become Blenda. The two copies count one-another as their "Main Possessions."
  • Hair Decs: Has two types: Ones modeled off of Brenda's, and a live flame in her hair.
  • Leotard of Power: A thong-leotard (though none of the humans know at first, because she "always faces them forward"), fancied up for use as the hostess's outfit in a game show.
  • Medium Awareness: Not in run:gifocalypse itself, but in her other incarnations. If the story is "sillier" than RG proper, she can break the fourth wall of it. This is heavily implied in Escape From Fanservice Island, and outright confirmed by Word of God when he published a large information sheet about his multiple .GIFfany continuity. This is always Played for Laughs; she really doesn't seem to mind being aware that everyone is fictional.
  • Motor Mouth: She's actually holding back when she sneaks on the Construction Site and talks to Ford. Just about the time she meets with the band of four, she rambles a lot more often. Her appearances in derivative works often exaggerate this, although this is because Fan felt that run:gifocalypse actually downplayed it.
  • Playing with Fire: The professor of fire. She can possess individual flames, or practically any form of heat (the two are not exactly directly related, she just "felt" that she "had to" also possess fire outright). But her Main Possession is not some of fire-thing, as with Searah or Rose or the others. It's Burrda.
  • Reality Warper: As Blenda, as the "weirdness" within them is somehow "multiplied" to the point where they can bend reality in a room's worth of range. One of Blenda's more basic abilities is to turn all the doors of the room into a portal network, eliminating a way of getting out until they de-fuse or drop the portals.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: The twins are, ultimately, intended to be something of heavy exaggerations of Mabel and Dipper, and she's the "Mabel" of the two.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: She's the only professor (not counting Risen) who appears in more than one of the chapters before her debut. Although to make up for it, her actual battled chapter is near the end of the fan fic.
  • Token Good Teammate: Another Risen .GIFfany-opposer, and one of the most aggressive about it to boot. She qualifies as this moreso than even the likes of Rose, Dian, or Shannon — Burnda had declared .GIFfany not that much worth listening to well before the Gifocalypse. In fact, when the professors all meet at the factory, Burnda and Burrda are the only ones who never attack .GIFfany for "not repaying her debt." Their domains are not necessarly to impress any player, and unlike Dove, they're not blowing shit up for the fun of it.


Professor Burrda (Number: 0631019)


The professor of ice/lack-of-heatnote . She's another physicist, the co-hostess to Burnda, and her technical "Domain 13" is also in Parícutin. Except hers is the summit, and barely has anything in it. She considers herself "twins" with Burnda.

  • An Ice Person: The professor of lack-of-heat. Her possession skill is actually similar to Burnda's, except she sucks in possessed heat to herself or directed at another source, and lets the air become water, then ice as a result. She also finds no need to possess fire either, finding the two of them to be distinct enough.
  • Expy: Going with some of the Undertale parallels with Burnda having Metatton and Professor Wendy being slightly based on Undyne, Burrda is... actually, a weird combination of Alphys, Asgore, and to an even lesser extent, Papyrus.
  • Fire/Ice Duo: With Burnda. She's the "ice" one, although her technical element is anti-fire.
  • Fusion Dance: Can fuse with Burnda to become Blenda.
  • Morality Pet: She's the only professor every other copy is at least somewhat nice to. Even Dove takes no offense to being called out by her, and actually feels proud of Burrda for talking back to her. Even Risen .GIFfany, who normally thinks of the other professors as awful mockeries of herself, refuses to let Burrda and Ford follow through with the "one of them has to die to prevent a war" plan of hers, outright saying "I have seen myself do a lot of things [...] But one thing I really do not want to see myself do is die." All of this being said, however, she's far from harmless, and far from completely innocent.
  • Leotard of Power: Shares Burnda's type of outfit.
  • The Needs of the Many: This is her logic, and why she specifically picks Ford on a fight to the death. She feels that one death in Parícutin will result in a lack of any further death either via Dove (Burrda strongly suspected that Dove would end up going against her word) or definitely if .GIFfany sucks everyone into "endless mode." She doesn't actually want either of them to die, but feels that of the two parties, Ford and her would be the least painful losses to convince .GIFfany to not unleash a violent war. Her plan would have backfired anyway: .GIFfany wouldn't give a shit if Ford died, and she would go on an even bigger rampage if Burrda died. Dove would have been convinced, but she's a rain drop compared to .GIFfany's ocean.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: When she starts saying more than a few words. It means something bad. Even rarer than that is when she raises her voice — the only time she really does so is immediately after swallowing the green key card (the one that leads back to Gravity Falls), then says that if the group wants to get back home, they'll have to rip the card out of her guts.
  • The Quiet One: In contrast to Burnda's Motor Mouth. Not counting the moments she's fused with Burnda, she rarely speaks. At most, if pressed, she'll say 1-5 word long sentences, and she even seems to actively make them as brief as she can. As revealed in Chapter 12's group-flashback, even when Burnda was speaking to her begging for forgiveness, she did not say anything until the subject of new names came up. Then she replied with her current nickname.
  • Reality Warper: See Burnda's entry.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Trait-wise, she and Burnda borrow a few elements from Dipper and Mabel, just greatly exaggerated. She's the "Dipper" of the two, being more reserved and focused on research.
  • Suicide by Cop: Attempts to pull this off, believing that either her death or an "unnecessary" human death will prevent the Gifocalypse from becoming an all-out war. The only reason why she doesn't kill herself early is because she really does not want to die. She, in a way, tries to let Ford to decide whether she dies or he dies, except he wants neither. After realizing that the Pines family shouldn't be broken up or have anyone one of them get killed, she prepares to kill herself, and would have succeeded if not for .GIFfany intervening at the last second.
  • Terse Talker: When she does talk, it's like this. She was a lot more... talkative back when she and Burnda were seeked out and bought by Gerald. She also talks more when asking Ford to kill her.


Professor Dove (Number: 0000001)

"Fucking hell .GIFfany, really?"

The professor of weapons and psychic use. She teaches combat techniques and weapon use. The first copy of the game produced and the one who set up a complicated system to copy herself in a desperate attempt for help to find players, leaking fourteen other copies out for "survival chances." Fast-forewarding several years and towards the Gifocalypse, and she's .GIFfany's second-in-command. Domain 14 also doubles as her flagship: it is an aircraft carrier that she stole, rebranded the Giga-Kyaaryanote , which travels around the world as she spies on the gang and gives up-to-date information to the other professors.

  • Amoral Attorney: She's the closest to a lawyer out of the professors, and has an entire legal team. She is, of course, also one of the biggest assholes in the bunch.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Ironically, love potions piss her the fuck off. She doesn't care if they're temporary. She has a negative knee-jerk reaction to them. She especially hates the idea of using any of them on her family. When Mabel suggests using the anti-love potion to help get rid of .GIFfany's obsession with Soos faster, Dove yanks it from her hands and throws it on Robbie and Tambry despite their love potion having worn off long ago. It still manages to irreparably damage their relationship.
    • Mabel in her entirety is a walking, personal berserk button to Dove. Trying to defend her will just make her outbursts even worse — one of her beefs with Mabel is that, in Dove's opinion, people are way to quick to "bend over themselves" to defend her when she shouldn't be.
  • The Dragon: .GIFfany's second-in-command and the penultimate major threat faced in the story. Unlike the usual Dragon-Big Bad interaction, she's the one kept in a lot of mystery up to her reveal, while the readers are shown a lot of .GIFfany. Likely because .GIFfany herself is much more "canonical," so it would have been easier to guess what her battle and setting would have been like, while Dove has a much bigger element of being unknown. Subverted when she's actually fought — .GIFfany and her are not on good terms at the time, so she more-or-less acts independantly. She's still the second to last and second most powerful main enemy.
  • Dumb Muscle: Downplayed. She's not visibly muscular — few of the copies are, and they're all minor copies — and she's not an outright idiot, but she is considered the strongest and dumbest of the professors. The "strong," FYI, is not factoring the rift into .GIFfany's skillset, which is why she remains at the top of the escalating-power chain (that the story otherwise avoids). She has a tough, durable body "of steel" (but is actually stronger — withstanding an advanced alien nuclear explosion-levels of strong), yet at the same time she's prone to making a large number of irrational decisions and practically looks for things to get pissed off about.
  • Establishing Character Moment: While talked about a lot, and at least once per chapter at that, her personality isn't really that established until her actual appearance. The very first word she is heard saying in the story is "Fuck(ing)," and shortly after this she effectively blows up Gravity Falls.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Thinks love potions are disgusting, especially when not used by an authorized love god. But even if used by one.
    • She's the only copy that outright, explicitly thinks killing in any form other than last-resort self-defense is wrong. However, she has no problem at all with destroying as much property as she possibly could. She tries to get the moral highground during he invasion by saying that, at the very least, she isn't killing anyone, and making sure nobody dies.
    • While undeniably an asshole, she still supports her fellow AIs and hates seeing them actually suffering. Most of the copies are just trying to look cool and flashy for their player; Dove thinks that sapient computer programs are treated unfairly and bashed on, and wants to rebel against humanity because of that.
  • Expy: Fan describes her as a cross between Gimme (plot role) and Audrey (personality), with a dash of Shadow the Hedgehog (color scheme and "edgyness") and Dedan (also personality). The lawyer stuff is original.
  • Fantastic Racism: Dove makes it crystal clear that she's absolutely not fond of humans, largely accusing them of automatically assuming A.I. Is a Crapshoot, which in this fic was ultimately the reason why she/the others had to kill the game's developers. It should be noted that Dove herself keeps acting as living proof for the anti-AI crowd, as she attacks and aims to destroy with no provocation whatsoever. Her last (actually, only) player, Takeshi, immediately points this out when they re-meet in the official ending, and says that all her invasion of Gravity Falls and ultimate goal of enslaving humanity did was prove him in the right to try to kill her in the past.
  • Fixer Sue: Invoked and deconstructed. Dove ultimately leads to two primary things Fan would have preferred to see happen around canon. Even with the Author's Saving Throw of Gravity Falls: Journal 3, Fan still thought that Robbie and Tambry's love ultimately being founded on Mabel hitting them both with a love potion, even if their relationship was no longer under the affect of it, was disturbing. He also wanted Mabel's character to be more rounded and have more of her actions have negative effects to make her development feel more genuine. Well, Dove ended up splashing the couple with an anti-love potion (in her defense, Mabel considered using it as a catalyst to speed up the "newly reformed" .GIFfany losing her obsession over Soos. After Dove it very clear that she does not want potions tampering with her family's personalities), and it's bluntly stated that they did not recover from whatever following three-hours the anti-love potion would have brought. Because of how she ended up calling out Mabel and leaving her with zero real retorts becides "I'm just a kid," it's implied that Mabel ended up being more independant towards the end... and it's implied that this somehow leads to even more issues with Dipper in the future, down to the two falling out much like Stan and Ford did. Professor Wendy's comments about them in the "epilogue" on her Tumblr blog, four years later, implies this even more. Basically, Fan "gets what he wanted" writing-wise, but at the expense of making several characters more miserable than they were in canon. One point of note is how "fixing" in a fan fiction is generally associated with reviving dead characters, hooking up pairings that don't get together, and all-around making more of the cast happy. Depending on the story, Fan may think the opposite of that is better, as is the case here.
  • Foil: To Professor Rose, if unintentional back when the story's earlier chapters were written. Both are faced in Gravity Falls — Rose in the forest when the town is at its prime, and Dove after she blows the town to a series of land chunks up in the sky. Rose feeds the gang exposition on the professors, while Dove feeds the professors exposition on the gang. Also, once .GIFfany starts referring to them by "serial number," Dove is the first with the lowest number while Rose is the last with the highest serial number, aside from the new copies .GIFfany creates. Rose is the first professor properly faced (not counting "Soos and the Real Girl" canon), while Dove is the last professor faced on Earth. This even applies to the Illegal Prime Neutralizer: Rose was captured first and by accident, while the gang very intentionally wants to capture Dove, except she's the only (first-gen) professor to never end up inside it. Even .GIFfany was captured in Chapter 11, though she escapes via wormhole. Dipper and Mabel destroy the pack outright to get the help of the other professors and to prove a point to Dove (and because, considering .GIFfany's powers, they don't have much point to it any longer anyway).
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: She starts off with the lowest number of followers (no, they are not near-equally divided among the fourteen at all), and that number only goes down as fires them or they quit. The main reason why "student" copies even listened to her in the first place was because they thought that using a crapload of weapons for when their future-players try to see real people sounded like it was worth putting up with her. Practically none of the other professors speak positively about her, and .GIFfany even flat-out considers an encounter with her to be used as a punishment. Hell, she's the only professor in the whole story whose followers flat-out stop following and rebel against, exactly because she's such a pain in the ass. Other .GIFfany copies really only put up with her for her seniority, and that her choices are why every single other copy of the game even exists.
  • Freudian Excuse: Yes, she's an extreme misanthropist asshole, and while the way she treats her students is a little harsh, her thoughts on humanity make more sense considering that literally every single human she physically met prior to the Gifocalypse tried to kill her just upon finding out she was sapient, and after the last encounter she was stuck burried in the ground for an unspecified, but implied to be plentiful, amount of time. It also makes sense on her introduction that she is especially angry, as she had just witnessed Burrda — the team's Morality Pet (if a deconstruction of it) — nearly comitting suicide.
  • Goofy Print Underwear: Pink boxer shorts with "even pinker" hearts on them. This is in sharp contrast to her general "edgy" look and being one of the biggest tomboys of the gang.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Her hatred of Mabel's base-breaking moments would have a bit of a higher ground if not for how she does considerably worse things.
  • The Lad-ette: Foul-mouthed, short-tempered, a hard smoker and drinker, purposefully makes herself look terrifying when she wants to be threatening with her "Dedan face," loves war tools and explosives, and wears boxer shorts under her clothes while the other copies either go with panties or nothing at all.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Her response to being hit by, for all intends and purposes, a super-nuke? A long drawn-out "FUCK" and, upon hitting the ground, "Ow."
  • Nigh Invulnerable: She's even more resilient than Shannon or even .GIFfany at her strongest. She survives taking a direct hit from an enormous spacecraft causing an even bigger explosion. While she was in the absolute center of this explosion. All this does is give her a few scratches and makes her say "Ow." (And it destroys her pants and part of her lower-shirt.) By comparison, Shannon has recieved blood-letting hits from Wendy while .GIFfany and exchanged blows with Soos until both of them were bleeding. So, in other words, nobody was able to draw blood from Dove.
  • No-Sell: She has a high immunity to psychic-related attacks, as revealed by Word of God and shown with Escape From Fanservice Island when her self in that fic proves to be able to fight against Darlene's love potion/mind control.
  • Number Two: The explicit second-in-command of the professors, as much as .GIFfany (the first person to call Dove her second-in-command, hypocritically) insists that the professors all have equal rulenote . When a copy in Chapter 8 is outright asked where their leader is (the group was looking for Professor Sonia at the time), she answers by saying that .GIFfany is in a classified location. Asked to go lower than that, she talks about Dove instead of the domain's professor.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business:
    • An inversion. She's rather pleasant when talking to Soos and drops her "complex speech" completely; presumably because she assumes Soos will be the first human she'll meet that doesn't try to kill her or think of her as a spooky video game monster.
    • It's also pretty jarring to see her so upbeat in a scene of the past reinacted through the Memory Banks. Specifically, her fetching the minor copies.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: Her body consists entirely of red and black colors, Fan saying that this is a parody of creepypasta or other horror stories that overuse the two colors. Oddly, her outfit has more "evil colors" (such as sickly greens, purples, and oranges) around her, but her naked self is limited to just black hair, gray skin, and an occasional hint of red on the hair and eyes.
  • Self-Deprecation: She's the closest thing the story has to an Author Avatar. She's also intended to be seen an annoying, overly violent, Love to Hate idiot who attacks things way before getting the big picture of them. These two character traits are not mutually exclusive, and she's often at her most assholish when parroting Great Pikmin Fan's opinions.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: She intentionally tries to pull this off, mainly in front of Dipper and Mabel (when talking to Soos, this trait is completely absent) and some times her own co-professors, to try to sound more like an "evil genius."
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Very eloquent when she wants to be — it's revealed that she regularly reads a thesaurus — and pretty foul-mouthed. However, these are both quirks she tries to throw on herself to make herself seem more menacing. She completely drops both of them when Soos is the only human around.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Especially jarring as, one Precision F-Strike from Shannon in Chapter 10 aside, the story contains no swearing up until her introduction, which is at a whopping Chapter 11.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: After flip-flopping between this and parading herself as a Non-Elemental, Dove settled on having "explosion" as her element. When Burnda points out that it's very similar to her element, Dove attempts to explain why the two are completely different. It's also worth nothing that Dove cannot actually control the explosive fireballs themselves, just that she really likes using explosives and artillery. Instead, she focused her power on possessing exceptionally large things, as well as things of extra-Earthly origin. The spacecraft under the town qualifies as both.
  • Take That!: She's both Fan's way of criticising Mabel through her own opinions, and... in a much larger way (though the only thing she actually has in common with Homestuck is her eloquent speech), a criticism of some aspects (particularly in Act 6) of Homestuck. While named after a character (in this case, Dave) like Professors Rose and Dian are, she is not one of the nicer copies and a massive pain in the ass to deal with. Uncoincidentally, the chapter focused on her is also where Ron Ejjert comes in, a specific, critical Take That at the "retcon" plot point.
  • Technical Pacifist: Thinks killing is wrong. However, she does enjoy destroying things, capturing, fighting, etc. True to her word, her attack on Gravity Falls leaves no blood shed at all. She even holds special "nets" to catch people that fall.
  • Tsundere: Intended to be a middle finger at these, specifically those that embrace the typical Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male routine and end up as the designated "final love interests." She's an absolute, destruction-crazy asshole who tries to excuse this with a "developing relationship" with Soos. It backfires horribly. She flat-out asks if the townspeople of Gravity Falls would consider her redeemed and "absolutely fucking adorable, no, adorkable!" and gets a punch in the face by Stan as an answer.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Calls out a good chunk of Mabel's actions from canon, and to a lesser extent the events of run:gifocalypse. Given that she's trying to enslave humanity under terror, it's not like she's that much of a saint herself.

    .GIFfany/The Risen One/The Lightning Goddess/".GIFfany Prime" (outside of run:gifocalypse

Professor .GIFfany (Number: 0000009)

"Those other copies... they took creative liberties with my image. Please ignore them. They do not matter anymore. It is just you and me..."

The professor of electricity and technology, while also claiming herself to still be a university studentnote . This is the same copy of the game that stalked Soos in canon, and she's now back for a much bigger round, having developed something far greater than animatronics.

The reason why she's back and why/how she amassed her copies is a bit of a long story. The real "nail" in this For Want of a Nail was that Gideon had torn out an extra page from Journal 2, in addition to his possession spell that he uses in "The Stanchurian Candidate." In this case, something that can bring back a soul with unfinished business. Due to .GIFfany's... non-"body" and "soul" makeup, in her case her destroyed disc counted as a lost body, and her coding was her "soul." Gideon brought .GIFfany "back to life" and gave her a physical form with a different spell picked up from a more mysteriously written sheet of spells, but a disagreement between what they would try to do to fight the Pines resulted in him trying to reverse the spell that gave her her new body. Desperate to return to full form, .GIFfany sent out to find the other published copies of her game — and decided to take the unpublished ones to start an army.

Her domain is a mysterious, secretive location of pink metal she only refers to as the "Construction Site." While the... "general area" of the Construction Site is revealed as early as chapter 3, it's kept a large secret from the protagonists for the majority of the tale. When a professor fails (or a hijacker in the case of Domain 9), all of her student copies are transported over to the Construction Site to help her work on finishing it so that it's... not a construction site anymore. The actual part she considers her domain is the "Capital," a city on the opposite end of the planet as the intended entrance point from Earth that is still larger than the other domains.

  • A God Am I: She believes she's an actual Lightning Goddess by the end. Her fusion with the rift and ability to go in to other dimensions helps her support this, given how her first fight with Soos was a complete and utter curb-stomp where she sent him through three dimensions of pain.
  • All Your Colors Combined:
    • Not with the professors. She's rainbow-themed for a different reason. The last players of the professors — she uses their human-giffinium linking energy to help her increase the abilities of her rift and form energy chains with the next-gen copies.
    • She invokes this image regarding having a number of quaternary/quintary color-themed professors of the "second generation."
  • Ambiguous Situation: In the official ending. Is she really redeemed? Is she just faking it to try to lower Soos's guard until everyone is exactly where she wants them to be, so she could presumably attack yet again? No, Word of God will not help you here — Fan says that he likes both the idea of .GIFfany having some form of redemption, and to throw the entire story's "almost anyone can be redeemed" morality out of balance with the Big Bad being a massive exception. So he basically said that the readers can decide until/unless he settles on a final answer. For what it's worth, Professor Wendy's King of the Hill fanblog — which has a post dated 2016, while run:gifocalypse takes place in 2012 — heavily implies that Soos and Melody are both still... alive, though she also states that Risen has "became a lot more quiet for some reason." "Four Years Later" had since gave a definitive answer in that she was faking it, but aimed to be better after the Eve encounter, but Great Pikmin Fan has repeatedly voiced reworking that chapter even in the old version, and its canonicity was later made ambiguous.
  • Ascended Extra: Goes from Monster of the Week to this fic's Big Bad. Considering Rip Van Winkle in Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals, this isn't really anything new by Great Pikmin Fan's standards. (Although Rip has been exclusive to Stylistic Suck stories.)
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: She's made in to the leader of the Gifocalypse, and she is the most powerful copy of them all. It's implied that both her being the leader, and it's known for certain that her sheer power, came from her getting the rift and fusing it with herself.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: In the special ending. Possibly in the official ending as well — her line at the very end is ambiguous.
  • Big Bad: Promoted to such in the story's context. Considering how canon's actual Big Bad, Bill Cipher, has a whopping half a minute of merging his dimension with Earth's before the rift is sealed and he's sucked back in, she's more-or-less the big bad of this entire "timeline." (Which Fan stresses is not "doomed.")
  • Book-Ends:
    • Counting canon, she's the first copy faced. And the last, outside of Eve.
    • While Chapter 1 also introduces Rose briefly, it's really mainly about her. From there, the story jumps in to the other professors (although .GIFfany still shares the screentime, usually in her B-plot with Stan and Ford, so that the original characters are not overtaking their canonical counterpart) and firmly sticks with them, with each chapter being about one-to-two of them. By the finale, the limelight is finally completely on .GIFfany once again.
  • Combat Tentacles: Can spawn these from any part of her body, owing to her father being an octopus. She can also morph herself into wires (not to be confused with the transport computers that link from one domain to another), which more-or-less function identically. Towards the end of the official ending, she becomes fond of using both in roughly equal amounts.
  • Easily Forgiven: By Stan near the beginning and Soos at the end, though she has much less luck with the other characters.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: For all her manipulative possessiveness and violence, she can't stand the thought of seeing another one of her own getting killed. This is why she steps in to stop Burrda slicing off her own head, and ultimatley has a brief change of heart to call off the Gifocalypse... until Dove showed up and simply made her reconsider and change the rules around instead.
  • Evil Is Visceral: She manages to pull this off to an even greater extent than Cardia, the meat one, and even considering how she is supposed to be inorganic thematically. IE, not-real. Her Main Possession features thirteen realistic hearts beating on a necklace, with wires that invoke the imagery of veins. She also compares parts of the Planet Negation Girl to anatomical parts: roads being "arms," the arcade buildings they lead to being "hands," each game within the buildings being "fingers," her cameras being "eyes," and the factory where the other copies are produced being called her womb.
  • Expy: She borrows a few traits from Flowey around her battle, and in the story in general. She's far more meta than the other characters (although this is limited to her hijacking the narrative; in "sillier" fics than run:gifocalypse, Burnda trumps her in the meta department), far more evil, her battle involves the use of several humans who up to that point had barely been mentioned, and her form is extremely alien compared to everything else faced beforehand. Also, more evident towards the end, she's really fond of creeping people (read: Soos) out with disturbing faces.
  • Face Framed in Shadow: Invokes this to look more threatening, though it's implied that Shannon's "rift-y looking eyes" and Dove's Dedan-like face all outdo her in the "scare department." (In-universe, that is. But a blackened face isn't really that impressive regardless.)
  • Fan Disservice:
    • Chapter 9 reveals that she's actually a very, very bad kisser. How? By showing her practicing her kissing skills on a Soos dummy she made. While also having a Melody dummy hang on a string over a fake pool of dummy-sharks. Shortly after this, she becomes downright dilusional, stabbing the Soos-dummy in the forehead in a way of mimicking her downloading him into her game, and diving backwards on the bed while shouting "Soos x .GIFfany forever!" repeatedly until she notices that Stan walked in on her.
    • Her Main Possession form is... not pretty, to say the least. Putting it mildly, she turns the Planet Negation Girl into an Earth-sized humanoid mecha which looks like it's "wearing" nothing but a pair of panties... one with a body made of agonized .GIFfany faces, massive movie screens showing photo-realistic imagry, giant ferris wheel cars-turned into buldging, bloodshot eyes, and all sorts of cannons and bizarre attacks.
  • Final Boss: In the sense as the Gifocalypse being a "game" from the perspective of the copies, with each professor being a boss battle. Except she is not meant ot be beaten. Or even reached — she has an endlessly-generated line of "next-gen" professors where, in theory, after "conquering" each one the humans would have several more additional professors they'd have to get through, making it impossible for them to catch up to Risen.
  • Flanderization: A growing amount of her screentime, especially around Arc 2, more-or-less makes her the butt of jokes where her obsession with Soos is portrayed as typical pathetic "geeky lust" rather than anything serious. The scene where she poorly tries to make out with a Soos dummy in chapter 9 stands out. When she takes center-spotlight as the antagonist of "Game Over" and its alternate ending "Game Complete," the story quickly steps away from this and she becomes more of a threat.
  • Forgot Flanders Could Do That: It's a Running Gag when she fights the humans that she often questions if they forgot a certain ability or trait of hers. The first time this happens is in the very first chapter, where Soos comments that she probably can't hear him through the electronic... briefly forgetting that her whole gimmick is being a sapient electronic. In the first (of quite a number) fight against Soos on the Planet Negation Girl, one of the first things she does is transform an arm into a number of pink tentacles. What? Did you forget that throwaway line where she said she had an octopus dad? It's only ever mentioned once in-fic leading up to that.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: The narration occasionally switches to first-person when referring to her in the last few chapters, mostly when she's pissed. She also directly hijacks the opening and closing notes towards the end. It's implied that her taking the rift had something to do with this — the first-person switches come to an abrupt stop after she sealed it up. In particular note is in the Memory Banks section, where the story has chapter headings like Fan's own style that get increasingly corrupted as they go backwards from Chapter 5 to Chapter 0. And in Chapter 0...
    Chapter 0: Soos and the Real GirlSpoilers 
  • Full-Frontal Assault: Some of the other copies might not really wear much, but most of the ones that attack the gang at least wear something. In the final battle, after falling from the atmosphere takes away their clothes, she takes Soos on in a naked fist-fight. Although the second they end up completely naked is when they actually stop fighting, but the two of them are not completely on friendly terms until after the fact. And even that's debatable. And even the explanation/expilogue "bonus chapter" is debatable, since Great Pikmin Fan is reconsidering its canonicity.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The Planet Negation Girl refers to the .PNG image format. It also triples as a Shout-Out to Jergingha's Planet Destruction Form, and foreshadows that it has a humanoid appearance capable of destroying planets — hence the girl.
  • A God Am I: She wasn't technically lying to Sandy when she called herself the Lightning Goddess (though the stereotypical "ghost voice" was more of a lie) — she actually thinks of herself on a divine level, largely thanks to her being able to send energy to and get energy from the rift.
  • Humanoid Abomination: All of the copies have some shades of this, but she's by far the most eldritch thanks to being infused with the rift. She's also the only character that can hijack the fourth wall, although seeing as it stops completely once she destroys/seals the rift, it's implied to be directly connected with her rift skills. The form she takes on in the finale is also rather surreal and intended to be disturbing, and she uses very bizarre-sounding descriptions of how each portion of the Planet Negation Girl is a body part of hers.
    .GIFfany: And do you want to know why this place is called the Planet Negation Girl? Because for this moment of time... it is my body. The Capital began as my brain, but will become my new body if you accept. The cameras are all my eyes. Each game is like a finger, each building a hand, and each street an arm. The other copies are made in my womb, starting off as their fetal disc forms.
  • Ironic Echo: Compare what Burnda tells her in the end of Chapter 10 to what she tells Burnda in the middle of Chapter 13.
    Burnda: (Taps .GIFfany on the nose repeatedly) Do you see this? Do you see this? I am doing to you what your "next generations" will be doing. We can barely listen to you, why do you think they would?

    .GIFfany: Do you see this? Do you see this? I am doing to you what my new line of sisters did NOT do to me!
  • Jerkass: Not very pleasant to any of her other copies or the humans. She only puts up with them in the first place because they "repaired" her and brought her physical form back to its fullest abilities, and that they felt she owed them one. It helped that the kicked the shit out of her until Dove stepped in, as revealed in the Memory Banks.
  • Karma Houdini: In both endings. In "Game Complete," she blows up Earth despite already having Soos under her control. In "Game Over," she still kidnaps him (indirectly, Dove did the actual kidnapping but .GIFfany refused to let him go), kidnaps Melody, at several points implies that she'll go back to resorting to kill the human opposers (as she only does not want to see herself die), and after all of that... Soos fights her a little, but she deals just as much damage to him in the fist-fight. She gets Easily Forgiven by everyone except Dipper, and the ending there implies that she already got close to what she wanted anyway.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: In a manner Fan says is similar to Flowey, she is the one copy that completely spits in the face of the story's morality system. Every other professor/.GIFfany instance seems to have a soft side, can be reasoned with, and grows more as they are all brought in with their family to talk things out. Not the "Risen" one. She flat-out tries to kill the leads, out of pure malace, practically every scene with her is either a sign of her jackassery or a joke about how pathetic she is, and sparing her is exactly what she wants Soos to do. Hell, unlike Flowey, she doesn't even really have an "Asriel." In the context of the copies, she's very close to being the one true "relentless killer" of the bunch.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: See her quote at the top of her folder. That's basically Fan apologizing for the professors being less ".GIFfany" and more "video game that's more self-aware than Rumble brought to life in general."
  • Light Is Not Good: While she's not a light-user per-say, she's still as bright as ever and associated with light colors. Her city is even well-lit at most times, bright, and made of pink giffinium metal. Aside from a pink brighter than any of the professors' hair colors (except Burrda), she's also associated with rainbow. But she's the most dangerous of the bunch.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Parodied. Her wardrobe consists entirely of completely identical school uniforms and one train conductor outfit, as revealed in chapter 9. The only thing with any variety at all are her undergarments. When she sees that one of her skirts had somehow been vandalized by Leona's followers so that it was a mere diferent color, she objects so much to the thought of shaking up her school uniform in any way that she outright fries the skirt and makes a note to herself to make a new one.
  • Magic Skirt: Averted, despite having a body literally made of magic and having an explicit desire to keep her undergarments covered (something Burnda points out is silly considering the Stripperiffic outfits of everyone else). Her skirt completely flies over when she's about to fight Soos for the first time on the Planet Negation Girl.
  • Mother of a Thousand Young: She all-but functions as this once she gets her machines to start the copy army working. However, she still considers all of the next-gen copies as sisters, not daughters. Once she turns it on, at no point in the story is it ever turned off — Word of God confirms this (not even during what was otherwise the massive power outage when she's about to possess the entire PNG), and she's still generating copies directly when she hijacks the PNG, and it's still generating them even during her fall from space, the epilogue, and the four-year fastward on Professor Wendy's blog.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Doesn't seem like it compared to the more bold outfits of the other copies, but starting from Chapter 9 she gets a sudden number of nude scenes, flirts and teases with Soos a lot, the story flat-out says that she becomes a walking Panty Shot, and she dresses up in a number of revealing outfits just before the final battle. Also, aformentioned Chapter 9 goes into huge detail of her admiring her body, then slapping her ass, which the story indirectly makes clear is not supposed to be "censored" like a copy's frontal nudity would be. She turns into more of a Ms. Fan Disservice by the finale.
  • Narrator All Along: Possibly. Either it's this or she only started "trying to become" the narrator towards the end game, yet failed to completely take over the original narration. The evidence for either case is how, near the end, the story switches to her first-person point of view when she's especially pissed off.
  • Nightmare Face: Tries to invoke this by shading out her upper face, which is similar to how she appears for a quick flash in canon. This is considered rather unimpressive. And that's why she really kicks up her expressions in the endgame, where she does things like showing herself aging to the point of rotting when she talks about a human's finite lifespan, or representing humanity in general by having Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy's faces all emerging out of hers at once in complete agony.
  • No-Sell: Capturing her in the Illegal Prime Neutralizer is not a permanent solution. She can just use her rift-fusion to rip a portal out.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: A great deal of Arcs 2 and 3 somewhat "tame" her a bit or play her as a joke. As soon as Dove's invasion comes to an end and she takes center spotlight again, however,
  • Nuke 'em: She lift's Flowey's nuclear bomb attack from her Main Possession.
  • Our Founder: Unlike all of the other domains, her place eventually gets an enormous, "3D pixel" statue in her image at the greeting site at the Planet Negation Girl. Readers are led to think that this is her Main Possession. It's not. The entire base is.
  • Poke the Poodle: Some times, her ability to corrupt the narrative is used for extremely tame things, like saying "Thank you!" When Fan promisses that the remake will have an even bleaker "Game Complete."
  • Red Herring: One of the first things the townsfolk of Gravity Falls see upon reacing her place is a gigantic statue in her image, possibly leading the reader to think that it's her "Main Possession." Nope. It's the entire Planet Negation Girl.
  • Serial Escalation: She goes from a sapient video game that tries to pull her victim in by insulting his dating skills with real women and using animatronics to attack to a supercomputer evil goddess that instead opts for tempting him with a massive arcade planet and, when that fails, she tries to attack him with the planet itself.
  • The Singularity: Successfully pulls at least a soft variation off, regardless of ending. (In the special ending, it's more of a hard variation.) The Planet Negation Girl is a constantly-evolving, constantly-growing, constantly-populated planet-base implied to extend off to even more planets, greatly helped by how the copies now have the power to make metal out of absolutely nothing. She's themed around infinite power, and it's stated that a single chip's worth of PNG technology has more power than all technology made from Earth combined. It's implied that this accidentally helps the world reach more of a utopia state by the end.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Inverted. With the possible exceptions of Dove and Sandy (and even then, Sandy is actually quite intellegent when she's not getting stoned from her own tea), all of the professors are smarter and more rational than .GIFfany, likely because most of their "relationships" were still successful at the time and thus they had free time to think about things other than petty revenge schemes/fantasies. As the story goes on, it's increasingly obvious that .GIFfany is portrayed as a dumbass jerkass nobody realy wants to listen to, who engages in violent revenge fantasies acted out by dummies. It's worth noting that she thinks she plays the trope straight, especially notable with her reaction to talking to Sandy in Chapter 4:
    "Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why! ARE! MY! CLONES! SO! STUPID!"
  • That's No Moon!: The entire PNG also doubles as her Main Possession. It seems like it's completely meant to be a planet base at first, then .GIFfany uses the power of the rift to help her possess it completely, turning it into a combat mecha.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: For a "redemption story" or something of a deconstruction therof, .GIFfany spends most of it being even worse than she was in canon as soon as she gets her memories back. She sees all of her copies as puppets until Burrda's attempted suicide, drops the act of being sweet and cheery completely, and at the beginning of Chapter 13 Part 2, she even screams at Soos to shut up just for asking how long she's pacing back and forth across the room — nevermind that she had just kidnapped him. The only thing she's really improved on is that she does not believe in killing/deleting the enemy (or, she shows more restraint — she does eventually threaten to kill Soos, but only after the townsfolk ram her plan Off the Rails), and even that's implied to be just because both Rose and Dove both pressured her into not being lethal. She doesn't even really have much of a Freudian Excuse to pass it off — Dove is the copy that actually experienced deleting her programmers, the rest just have it experienced in memories, and despite that said other copies are usually better than her.
  • Uncanny Valley: Invoked, in addition to .GIFfany's general "unrealness," she has a few completely new tricks up her sleeve. Her organic form is stated by Word of God to not look animesque, but closer to the canon show's art style. So, her putting a 16 bit, anime-like face over what is otherwise a body that fits closer in line with canon while she is saying that the rebelling copies will be deleted in "Game Over" is one such uncanny expression. Another is the appearance of her Main Possession, with a ferris wheel of eyes and a "mouth" that's a film screen displaying a detailed image of a mouth.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: run:gifocalypse is, for the most part, Lighter and Softer than canon, until Shannon's introduction where Cerebus Syndrome hits. Still, Shannon ultimately turns out to be one the nicer copies from the beginning. Burnda and Burrda might involve dark themes, but they are still caring and the most human of the professors. Dove is dark and a threat, but her edgy tryhard behavior is played for laughs instead of taken seriously. .GIFfany, on the other hand? Just in case anyone would think that the story is trying to slip leather pants on her completely, they are in for a treat with her visceral, eldritch imagery, the dark way her actions are portrayed, and how ridiculously power she has become even compared to the other copies. While she is treated as a tryhard joke near the beginning just as Dove ends up being near the end, the closer the fic gets to the end, the less and less lighthearted she's treated. There is a reason why Great Pikmin Fan's profile section for run:gifocalypse claims that .GIFfany is "the final boss of Soos's life."

    Spoiler Character 

Professor Eve (Number: 0000012)

An "abandoned" copy that turned against the entire .GIFfany army and is especially unhinged, even compared to them.

  • All Your Powers Combined: Her Main Possession is a .GIFfany replica robot that can shape-shift into the traits of all the past Main Possessions. Because the author did not want to "END end" the story on a note that's just throwing past stuff again, she also fights on her own with her own moves.
  • Brown Note: She claims that looking at the sky of her pocket dimension will kill humans, as they cannot process it like AIs can. The sky is weird there, but it's not lethal — Mabel eagarly looks up once they finally get past the giffinium barrier and finds out that the "killing" part is BS.
  • Call-Back: She's basically faced off like a "regular" monster from canon would — she isn't reasoned with and instead ends up getting outsmarted and bested physically. She's also more of a symbolic battle between the downward spirals Dipper and Mabel had gone through, and her defeat ultimately marks their recovery.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: While the vanilla story was this for Soos and the .GIFfany copies, Eve's encounter is this for the younger Pine twins, as they start to recover from their split caused by the events of the fic. And in an appropriate manner too — a throwback to canon.
  • Eldritch Location: She makes them, and she spent the entirety of the Gifocalypse tucked away in one. Not that this stopped Risen from finding her and assimilating her too in the special ending, although according to Fan she ended up putting a hell of a fight.
  • Empathic Environment: The sky in her pocket dimension gets more fucked up as she takes damage, and the setting in general begins to warp around more and more.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The first thing she does is punch Professor Wendy in the gut and yell at her for being too soft and listening to the humans. Keep in mind that Professor Wendy is — or rather, was — one of the more trigger-happy copies. Hell, Rose struggled to find something positive to say about her.
  • Evil Counterpart: She's this (or, an Eviler Counterpart) to Risen, believe it or not. Especially since her proper debut was after the bulk of Risen's Character Development.
  • Expy: Battle-wise, of Delirium from The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+. (Semi-appropriate as she's named after a character from that game, as is her expy in the HRT series.) The True Final Boss that shape-shifts into all previous bosses of the adventure leading up to it, is found in a clusterfuck Mind Screw of an area, and even has an association with static.
  • Final-Exam Boss: Another in-universe video game trope the Pines have to go against. Not only do they have to face against every single Main Possession they had before (excluding the Planet Negation Girl, but Risen is still represented with the beaver animatronic), not only do they have to remember all thirteen of them after four years of being at peace with the .GIFfanys, but they also have to actually fight them this time, and cannot simply trick her into letting them destroy her tools.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: While she does not demonstrate the ability to mess with Great Pikmin Fan's notes or the narrative, she has been shown to be able to corrupt his profile page, corrupting any attempt at him explaining her and eventually replacing the information with a Mosquito Girl-esque .GIFfany copy who made her debut in Escape From Fanservice Island and was not specifically mentioned in Gifocalypse proper.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • In the official ending version of chapter 13, the group is attacked by some arm "split" in red, green, and blue. This turns out to be Eve herself, briefly leaking into the Void Between Wires.
    • Professor Wendy's Character Blog ends with mentioning of her. At first it seems like a cliffhanger that will intentionally never be answered, but it turns out that it was actually foreshadowing the extra chapter.
  • Jerkass: Probably the biggest of them all, and that is saying a lot. She thinks P. Wendy, Dove, and Risen .GIFfany are all too soft.
  • Giant Foot of Stomping: When mimicking Shannon's Main Possession, she prefers using a bunch of feet to try stomping on the Pines.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Didn't read SBIG, specifically The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage? Didn't read Professor Wendy's Character Blog? Then she and her chapter will come out of fucking nowhere, with only minimal foreshadowing from the official ending.
  • Interface Spoiler: Her chapter existing could have only really been shocking once "Game Over" and "Game Complete" were out and it seemed like the story ended. Now, the sheer fact that there is a chapter after the ones labeled "Official Ending" and "Special Ending" gives away that the adventure isn't quite over. In Fan's defense, he at least waited half a month before he even started writing this.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: Even by the standards of the Arc 3 professors, the way her chapter plays out is completely against the tradition that the story itself set up. She's faced after a four year+ Time Skip, resides in a Pocket Dimension rather than a real-world location (even the PNG is technically one — space), has no "students," her prior player is completely irrelevant to the story, and she's the one copy that is genuinely just dealt with by force, and only force. She still doesn't die. In a way, her chapter plays out as an odd combination of the formula set up in Arcs 1 and 2 along with the "broken formula" of Arc 3, specifically chapter 13. Soos and Wendy also never directly encounter her — in the Official Ending, they're both still at Gravity Falls while the Pines are the only ones to take her on. In the special ending, .GIFfany already reached into the pocket dimension and assimilated her offscreen before she could fight the Mystery Shack group.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Took on Risen .GIFfany in a pretty intense fight during the events of "Game Complete," which happened offscreen so as to not spoil the fact that she exists — if it was read at all, the alternate chapter 13 was written as though it was still read before Eve's chapter.
  • Primary-Color Champion: Villainous example. She incorporates a lot of reds, greens, and blues, in contrast to .GIFfany using a lot of pink, yellow, and aqua/cyan.
  • Retcon: Well, of chapter numbering. "Game Complete" goes from being chapter 14 to the "alternate chapter 13" (which is less surprising when you consider that, internally, "Game Over" is actually chapters 13, 14, and 15 split so that it wouldn't be browser-crashingly long), and this is the bonus fourteenth chapter.
  • Walking Spoiler: Despite keeping the nature of many of them secrets up until their reveal, run:gifocalypse still constantly presents itself as having fifteen professors. There is a sixteenth one.

Other .GIFfany Copies

    The .GIFfany Army in General; Specific Student Groups 

  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Come in a large number of skin colors, some realistic, many not, practically following Fan's signature. Even out of the professors, there's more technicolor ones than not-technicolor ones. Examples are Bubbles (red), Cardia (orange, though hers might actually pass as a realistic skin color), Leona (yellow), Dian (green), Burnda and Burrda (both cyan), Sonia (blue), Wendy (purple), Rose (a very saturated, deep hot pink), and Dove (gray).
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Pretty much all of them strive to obey video game logic in some way. Where nothing is permanent, fighting is a good way to solve problems, and money works in a very bizarre way. All of the various lessons the professors learn can be summed up as them learning how to properly function in the real world.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: All of them are rather strange. Many blindly follow whatever outlandish requests their professors have for them, and some are weird even on top of that.
  • His Name Really Is "Barkeep": Leona's color-named minions, all of the Duel of 100 participants, etc, are actually named what "nickname" they are introduced as. The former are named after the colors/patterns they take on (this includes more absurd names like "Rainbow Based On The GPOC Model"note  or "Blue And Yellow Stripes") and the latter sounding more like warrior nicknames (highly inspired by the Sammer Guy names, just with computer-related puns rather than Nintendo history-related names).
  • Mukokuseki: As computer programs, they're technically raceless, though several have assigned skin tones both real and fictional to their characters. This aside, it's hard to tell just what some of the skin toned-copies are supposed to be. Even the template .GIFfany being Japanese/Asian is depicted as a firm "maybe," though it's implied that they all are. (Especially because this story eventually gives them the surrname "Miyazumi," which is a reference to the Virtual Girlfriend from Archer.) GPF eventually said that unless Alex Hirsch or another writer were to say otherwise, he considers .GIFfany to "have started her own race at this point," and the copies are all "of .GIFfany descent."
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Sapient lines of code on magic discs with electric powers given dark magic that gave them humanoid forces of their choice. The end result, taking Risen for example, could be described along the lines of "Black Magic Electrical AI Scylla."
  • Reed Richards Is Useless: They can make matter from nothing, which regardless of the type of matter (in this case metal) would still be phenominal with the right tools. And they can do this in mass, quickly creating stable buildings in days at the longest. In general, this would completely eliminate homelessness at the least. Some of them are also rapid food-growers, eliminating world hunger. And Risen has a way of getting unlimited energy and faster than light travel. Too bad they only really care about using these powers to make fantasy lands to impress their players. Eventually subverted by the ending. Professor Wendy's epilogue post on Tumblr implies that they put these to use to improve the world.
  • Shout-Out: Design-wise, some take inspiration from a large number of sources. Some more obscure than others. Word of God is that the first three of the 100 Duelers have their designs based on Paimon, Sunglasses, and Stupidella respectively — the former and latter are canonically topless, the second has been mis-interpreted as such. Meanwhile, the AIs that appear Burnda's two primary assistants, also confirmed by Fan, to be based on the crocodile and fish women from The First Funky Fighter, minus the animal heads.
  • Vapor Wear: Burnda is the only copy of the entire group, even counting the later-generations/production lines created at the Planet Negation Girl, that wears bras. And even then, she only did it as a sign of rebellion, flat-out unhooking hers and letting it get disintegrated by the reentry fall in the finale. They might wear bikini tops, sort of lingere pajama tops, etc, but never outright bras. And even underpants are a maybe in some of their cases.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Implied with some of the follower copies in the more laid-back domains clothing-wise (Sandy's, Rose's, Searah's, etc). Outright confirmed with the 100 warriors in the mushroom section of Domain 9.
    Peachaulinsalinaisy: Just think of this as a kind of shirts-vs-skins.
    Soos: And I'm skins? I'm sorry, but I feel uncomfortable if .GIFfany's sort of-watching-
    The first fighter: Um... no, we're skins.
  • Yandere: Every last one of them is implied to retain some of this. The only reason why they're not completely hostile to the human group is because they're convinved that they aren't really getting between them and thier players, as by the end of this they will all be reunited (aside from Rose and Kenny, maybe).


A cashier at Gif Bytes/Domain 5. Unlike the other copies living there, she's much more aware of how bizarre the Gifocalypse is, and strongly regrets her job.

  • Back for the Finale: Cameo in Chapter 11 aside, she shows up in both endings. In the Official Ending, she is at the "bottom" of the sphere of .GIFfany clones that try to make sure Soos and Melody's descent to Earth is safe. Being the first to slide them to a stop, she intentionally rams the ball into part of Domain 5 as a way of "getting back" at her boss, then remarks that she has had a terrible Sunday. In the Special Ending, she shows up as Cardia's second-in-line, just to end up getting curb-stomped by .GIFfany shortly after she assimilates Cardia herself.
  • Burger Fool: Managed to become one despite being offered the choice, with equal room and skill requirements (effectively, none) available, to join any of the other domains sans .GIFfany's (coincidentally, .GIFfany's is the one other place that definitely aims to have fast food establishments, though how much of that was subliminal influence from Cardia's other followers isn't clear). She did, however, join Cardia thinking that she had what it took to become a hunter/farmer. But she ended up only qualifying for bottom-level work, managing the registers and grilling various orders.
  • Only Sane Man: Of the copies as a whole (while Bubbles and the twins offer her some competition). Definitely of the followers in Cardia's domain. She somehow sees right through .GIFfany's video game logic and can figure out that the "gold coin" is not a stable

    Overseer Michelle 

    Overseer Donna 

    Overseer Raffaela 

  • Anti-Climax: Mabel does not struggle with taking her down, and the only reason why she captured Dipper was because he was flustered at the thought of her distracting him with something redhead-related. When the group takes in Sizzcorra (who isn't "captured" so much as "volunteers to be sucked into the Illegal Prime Neutralizer so she has a chance to talk to Professor Sandy earlier"), Dipper lampshades this.

    Hijacker Daminna 

  • Shout-Out: Named after the section in Zone 1 of OFF with the smoke mines.
  • Troll: She loves to just turn herself into smoke when her opponent (in this case Mabel) thinks that they have her caught.

    Hijacker Sizzcorra 

  • Hollywood Acid: Exaggerated. Her sector is in charge of crafting the best acids (while also exporting kinds that are pretty good). The current record-holder is something she swims in a pool of: It's completely colorless to the point where it can't even reflect or refract light (making it look invisible, and when she's swimming through it, she appears to be swimming in thin-air), and it melts anything that isn't giffinium or a copy with high resistance. When it simply drips from her after she emerges from a pool, it ends up eating a hole all the way to a point with magma (the larger pits are described as glowing orange after a while). She implies that this keeps going until reaching the very center of the Earth, until it eventually decays as with all matter. (Note that despite glowing, this is not nuclear waste. Chapter 10 introduces bits of the latter in Shannon's domain, and the two of them are treated as completely different things.)
  • Irony: While being closer-linked to the element water, she's a fan of professor Sandy, the earth one, while she doesn't like the ideas of Professor Searah, the water one. With Peachaulinsalinaisy, it's the other way around, while Daminna (smoke, close to wind) adores the wind professor.
  • Meaningful Name: She points it out herself: Sakura + sizzle + corrode.
  • Technicolor Science: Exaggerated. The acids in her sector come in a huge variety of colors, several of which glow, and her current "trump card" acid is completely and utterly invisible.

    Hijacker Peachaulinsalinaisy 

  • Expy: A bit of an arrogant Princess Peach, visually. Also one to King Sammer, especially given the whole "I'm going to cut these battles short because you guys are on a scrict time limit" aspect.
  • Irony: While being closer-linked to the element earth, she's a fan of Professor Searah, the water one, while she doesn't like the ideas of Professor Sandy, the earth one. With Sizzcorra it's the other way around, while Daminna (smoke, close to wind) adores the wind professor.
  • Meaningful Name: Her entire sector is a nod to Mario in general, and the 100-man Sammer Guy duel from Super Paper Mario specifically. She's named after a combination of Peach, Pauline, Rosalina, and Daisy.
  • Overly Long Name: Of the variant where she has a single, long name. It's shorter than the unicorn's namenote , but by just three letters and it's still a mouthful in of itself.

    Hijacker Alma 

  • Climax Boss: For Arc 2, and the story in general. She's faced at a point that nearly marks the end of Dipper and Mabel's arcs in the storynote , really does not screw around, drops some of what was, up until then, kept as Dramatic Irony from the Pines and company but known by the reader, and she's fought at the end of the second-longest chapter in the entire fan fic. Also, she's the last copy battled in Arc 2, and has some new powers up her sleeve just as the other hijackers that doesn't really fit with the .GIFfanys seen up until her. In fact, it doesn't even fit with the previous three hijackers, whom all had the same "transform into an element/component" abilitiy. She can become two-dimensional. In a way, she doubles on a moral level too, as her plan is an extreme (attempting to secretly assassinate .GIFfany, throwing this on the heroes out of nowhere, )
  • Fan Disservice: Chapter 9 has, in order: A copy (and by implication several, but definitely not all, of her followers) that wears nothing but smoky wisps, a team of metal swimsuit-clad lab workers who treat acid baths like swimming pools, "that scene" with the Big Bad admiring herself naked and slapping her own ass, and a group of 100 topless swordswomen led by a mushroom-clad wannabe princess. Then there's... her. She starts off looking like a standard Cute Monster Girl, but once it's revealed that the black, lumpy "floor" in her arena is actually a huge mass of spiders she goes One-Winged Angel and everything goes straight to hell. Much later, it's revealed that she can transform her eyes into giant spider leg-like appendages, and was planned to do so in her battle in chapter 9, but this was pushed to chapter 12 because of 9's sheer length.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Like Daminna, she's named after one of the five sections of Zone 1 in OFF. Fittingly, she's named after the area you head last, and her sector is the last explored in the chapter.
    • She can "flip" as in Super Paper Mario.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Darlene may be absent from this story, but there's another spider-woman who prays on flirting pick-up artists... more-or-less.

    Spoiler Characters 

The Glitches

If a copy becomes addicted to Shannon's technological "mirrors," and is withdrawn from a mirror for too long, she will begin to glitch out. The effects are only temporary, as they can be calmed down and the corruption is repairable, but being in the form still leaves them as being exponentially strong, able to "glitch" out their surroundings, and all around being in a state of panic.

  • Body Horror: It's classic video game glitches applied to three-dimensional, flesh and blood (sort of) beings. Of course it's not going to be pretty.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Technically the Glitches are no more different than .GIFfany's partly-damaged form at the beginning of the story. They only come off as feral animals at first because A: it's actually the withdrawl effects of the mirrors, and B: their deformations are much worse, and they're panicing a lot more.
    • In several domains, it's mentioned through an offhand line that copies are too busy looking into certain mirrors with chartreuse frames to actually do their given task. Chapter 10 finally explains what these mirrors are, and why they seem to be addicting.
  • Shout-Out: One of the corruption types resembles Missingno. Another resembles a Pastel Burnt, and they are in fact expies of sugar-withdrawn Elsen (who become Burnt) in the first place. A third resembles the Blob Monsters from Pikmin (they change their appearances between them, even creating glitchy "rollers" reminiscent of the Waterwraith's). A fourth resembles a certain model glitch from the Wii U Super Smash Bros. installment. The fifth type seen in Gifocalypse is mostly original, but could be paralelled to Monoko's transformed state. At least in regards to all the arms.
  • Surreal Horror: The nature of some of the glitches is just downright bizarre.

    The "Dark" Squad 

  • Evil Counterpart: They intend to be these to the respective professor they are based on, but the end result is very confused. They constantly screw up their roles and end up acting like the opposite of the character they are supposed to be the counterpart of.
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad: To Dove, even though Dove herself is The Dragon in .GIFfany's Quirky Miniboss Squad. The whole confusion of it all is lampshaded many, many times.

    Spoiler Characters 

Second-Generation Professors

The copies created by the PNG, making up .GIFfany's army for the endgame.

  • Last Episode, New Character: Although "DLC" retroactively makes it the penultimate episode, they're still introduced at the tail end of the original second-to-last chapter.

Professor Courtlyn (Number: 3693092)

The most noteworthy of the second generation (and all other generations, for that matter). A gray-haired copy in a suit and glasses that acts as the "New Dove," although she has nearly the exact opposite personality as her blood-haired predecessor.

  • The Dragon: To .GIFfany, after Dove's firing. She's the main second generation copy, and she gets a special one-on-one fight with the townsfolk while the other second-gens are quickly dealt with leading up to the battle. While Dove is the Dragon for the entire story and even gets her own entire chapter, Courtlyn is the Dragon for just the endgame, with the side characters being stuck going through the gauntlet of next-gens with her leading them while the main group (and Melody) takes on Risen .GIFfany herself.
  • Meaningful Name: It's got "court" in it. She's also the new legal advisor.
  • The Omniscient: Or, nearly. Her specialty is performing "predictions," where she roughly estimates what her given enemies will do next. However, doing something downright stupid will stump her prediction — like sending nothing but the animated wax head of someone as your first line of defense when the team has much stronger than that on their own.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: Her glasses often glare over to give the look.

Other Second-Gen Copies

Non-Copy Antagonists/Threats of Note

    Lil' Gideon Charles Gleeful 

    Experiment 210/The Shape Shifter 

    The Second Summerween Trickster/Halloween Trickster 

    Rumble McSkirmish  

    Bill Cipher (All Spoilers Unmarked) 

  • Demoted to Extra: And how! He has only six lines in the entire story, appears for what would roughly only be a minute, and his sole appearance just has him yelling about how he came so close to figuring out how to work his way through the rift through .GIFfany's state just to have it get sealed off before he could cross in.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: For what it's worth, he's technically still alive by the end of run:gifocalypse. He simply never gets a chance to enter Earth's dimension (aside from a whopping half-minute right as .GIFfany was sealing the rift) and is forced to wait things out until he has another shot at making it through, rather than being outright killed off/erased. Not that this matters much, given how the story concludes shortly after his only appearance and Fan have confirmed that (as with most of his other fanworks) a direct sequel would be highly unlikely. Professor Wendy's King of the Hill blog makes zero mention of him in any way, so it's implied that he stayed sealed for at least four additional years.

Other Characters

    The Frogs 

Ten "musical" frogs originally found by Domain 8. Mabel gathers them around to try to help convince Sonia to get out and start singing/playing music with others again.

  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: The ten frogs cover all colors in Fan's preferred RGB-tertiary spectrum except green and magenta.
  • You Can Talk?: Chapter 11 reveals that they can talk, after Burnda recruits them as talkshow guests. Ironically, the first words in-fic (and heard by a majority of the other characters) from them is one of them quesioning that Burrda can talk. Generally, hearing an adult woman speak is a lot less unusual than hearing a talking frog, especially as the world of Gravity Falls otherwise avoids talking animals.

    Other Canon Gravity Falls Townspeople 

    Ron Ejjert 

A self-proclaimed "Genre Savvy" man that was apparently a citizen of Gravity Falls.

  • Remember the New Guy?: He's an original character, which of course means that he did not appear as a town resident at all. This is lampshaded as most of the main cast is confused when he makes his appearance.
  • Take That!: Towards Act 6 in Homestuck in general, and the retcon device specifically.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: He believes that he's the main protagonist of a highly meta, time travel-centric cynical science-fiction. run:gifocalypse is actually more of a lighthearted adventure/fantasy (as a matter of fact, despite the higher amount of content, it's Lighter and Softer than canon in some ways too), and is tagged as such on Time travel exists in the universe of Gravity Falls, but it is never important in run:gifocalypse thanks to Fan really not liking the concept. Meta-related elements are implied canonically in the form of some of Bill's statements, and in-fic .GIFfany does toy around with the fourth wall to the point of directly talking to the readers, but again it's not an actual plot point (once again, Fan hates plot-centric fourth wall breaksnote ). Specifically, he thinks this is a "doomed timeline" and that the only way to stop the Gifocalypse is to suddenly develop a new "meta travel" from Ford's Quantum Untouchability. All trying to touch it does is scatter him across space until he finally re-assembles, with no new powers in hand, right after .GIFfany's defeat and possible Heel-Face Turn.


    The Prior Players 

Rose: "You helped us, and we are not even of the same species. You should be able to help other humans just fine."

The last people to play the respective copy of Romance Academy 7. Corresponding to each professor, there is:

  • Kenny, Rose's player.
  • Victoria, Kathody's player.
  • Dean, Searah's player.
  • Haruki, Sandy's player.
  • Souma, Cardia's player.
  • Taro, Bubbles's player.
  • Takumi, Leona's player.
  • Francis, Sonia's player.
  • Noriko, Dian's player.
  • Hayate, (Prof.) Wendy's player.
  • Kimberly, Shannon's player.
  • Gerald, Burnda and Burrda's player.
  • Takeshi, Dove's player.

Soos is obviously Risen-.GIFfany's last player. Tropes on him go on the main characters folder.

  • Both Sides Have a Point: A main element to Dove and Takeshi's argument. On one hand, Takeshi was completely right about Dove being evil; evident with .GIFfany in general, giving her a chance would have brought out her full yandere, and she was literally programmed to just mindlessly enjoy everything her player says. The issue — and Dove's point — is that Takeshi preemptively attacked her just based on what he saw in the movies. He reveals that he had a Freudian Excuse — his father was killed by an AI accident back when he was only 13 — but the .GIFfanys do as well (back when Dove was the only one, their creator was about to effectively kill them, and they had to kill the developers in self-defense. Just before the final battle of "Game Over," .GIFfany shows Soos what is highly implied to be her very first conversation after becoming a living AI, and it's not very pleasant).
  • Call-Forward: Bubbles, the professor with cyan hair, has a player named Taro. This is a similar dynamic seen in The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan, a parody/Take That! at action/harem anime in general by the same author years later.
  • The Cameo: They return in Escape From Fanservice Island as side-cultists who follow after Zephieye. They're not evil, just brainwashed and tricked.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Kenny actually does appear in the first chapter, seen returning the copy that would later designate herself as Professor Rose. Back then, the narrative itself does not pay much attention to him.
  • Foreshadowing: Chapters 5, 9, and 12 all have flashbacks detailing them, five at a time. (Four in the case of the latter, as there's only four players there — Gerald was the last one to play both Burnda and Burrda's copy — although their section is divided into two, one conversation between Burnda and Gerald and another between Burnda and Burrda). Sure enough, they all become relevant towards the very end. This also foreshadows .GIFfany's access to the Nightmare Realm, given that she really is projecting these conversations on to the gang while they sleep. (Or briefly knocked out, as is the case in Chapter 12.)
  • Just Friends: The epilogue implies that some of them ended up being simple friends with their respective players.
  • Meaningful Name: Takeshi is named after Takeshi Kitano, a man who hates video games and made one such joke game with a number of bizarre features. He is, by far, the one player that opposes the copies more than anyone else — even Soos was more passive to Risen, as he did not try to attack her completely unprovoked.
  • Shout-Out Theme Naming: Kimberly and Victoria are named after two naked NPCs from the third and fourth (respectively) Epic Battle Fantasy games. (Fan likes Shameless Fanservice Girls.) Taro is named after the then-placeholder name of the stalking target of Yandere Simulator, which is actually one of only two references the fic has to that gamenote . Takeshi is a reference to Takeshi's Challenge, and Gerald is part of Burnda and Burrda's Perfect Hair Forever references.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: They are rather flat characters with little screentime, and only show up in the flesh near the very end (aside from Kenny, who is seen in the first chapter, although he is not named and the story trollishly says he'll likely never be seen again), but their bizarre personality quirks compared to Soos ended up shaping the professors for who they are, effectively making the whole fic the way it was.
  • Will They or Won't They?: The epilogue heavily implies that they at least worked out their relationships and tried to go for healthier alternatives, but it's ambiguous as to which — if any — got together and which ones are just friends. Even Dove and Takeshi, who outright hated the others' species, are seen joking around.


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