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This is the in-construction Character Page for the cast of Roulette Rampage Rewind. For the main character page, go here.

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     Male Students 


Super High-School Level Luchador
"Hey, don’t you go calling me a bear! Four years I spent buildin’ up this Fish brand, we can’t just go around assigning different animals to it all willy nilly!"

Five years ago, a scientific expedition was sent to the Amazon jungle. What they found was incredible: a beast, half man, half fish, trained in South American fighting arts and able to rip an alligator in half with its bare hands. The monster was known to the local villagers as Blackfin… Well, that’s the storyline, anyway. What’s for sure true is that Blackfin started wrestling in Mexico four years ago and quickly became known as an unbeatable monster in the ring. Since relocating to Japan and pairing up with his handler Bunji, his in-ring skills combined with his villainous persona have made him a massive draw. Whether you love him, hate him, or love to hate him, there’s no denying that Bunji and Blackfin have already made their mark on the industry.

Tatsuya Mikami

Super High-School Level Rugby Player
"And just what the hell do you mean by ‘my type’? What the hell do you know about me?? If I flew off the handle bad enough that I could kill someone, I’d probably be in jail by now, wouldn’t I??….. Wait, shit, that just makes it sound like I’ve killed someone. I HAVEN’T!! God.. why is this so hard!? I know I’ve got a temper but… I’m not a fuckin’ monster!"

A star athlete with a brutal history. Tatsuya Mikami is an infamous rugby star, famed for literally crushing opposing team players. A real beast on the field, he’s been referred to as a Human Freight Train for the way he runs at people during tackles, like he’s pulling tons of force along with him for maximum impact. Wasn’t there a rumor he sent someone to the hospital at one of his games? What a scary guy. It’s not hard to set him off, and boy is he loud, but if you’re lucky you can catch him when he’s somewhat calm, though that can change at a moments notice if you say the wrong things. He’s a bit of a dork, and takes things a little too personally sometimes. If you can find him in a better mood than usual he can be a real joker, and has a habit of trying to look out for people he feels can’t stand up for themselves.

Kazuma Misao

Super High-School Level Producer
"I had to clean my hands of your filth just by touching your face, I couldn’t imagine having your blood on me. Disgusting. Besides, that sounds like work that is below my pay grade. Can’t have that~"

Kazuma Misao is a child prodigy and the beloved son of the nationally loved Misao family. His family, full of successful individuals, live by the motto, ‘If Not Success, then Death.’ While seemingly intimidating, Kazuma took this to heart and found he was a natural at everything and anything he touched. However, rather than taking his natural talent and using it to succeed in a field of his choosing, he decided to turn to a more behind the scenes role as a professional producer. He can take a nobody and turn them into an international superstar over night.

Tsukasa Nakasone

Super High-School Level Painter
"I’m p-pretty sure there’s people who might just flat-out w-want you gone too…I can th-think of a lot of scenarios that would p-put you at risk…you’ve s-seen my work. You’re j-just as much in danger as the rest of us, Misao-kun, so wh-what makes you so sure you’ll win? Or are you just c-cocky…"

Though Tsukasa Nakasone is rarely in the public eye in person, his name and art is still fairly well-known by art critics and horror fans alike. He first gained public attention at a youth art showcase for his middle school that a well-known patron happened to attend. Forming a unique and unsettling art style in his paintings, Tsukasa’s work has captured and frightened the imaginations of many. He specializes in the macabre and the unsettling, and fans of his work praise his use of anatomy and symbolism to convey emotion.

Nobu Satoru

Super High-School Level Magician
"E-E— Excuse— Excuse me! I’m sorry… Have you seen a rabbit? Bl-Black fur, long ears – uh. Um… N-Not that one, a real rabbit!"

Bunji Shiba

Super High-School Level Wrestling Manager
"'Oh, you’re not as famous as you thought you were’ my ass! Please, remember me all you’d like! Keep my name in your mouth, I’d fucking love that."

Sharing the title of “most hated man in puro in years” with his client Blackfin, seemingly comes up with new ways to get people to hate him every day. Coming onto the scene out of nowhere, he debuted three years ago as an obscenely rich fellow managing an absolute monster of a man… or… or fishman? Really depends on how heavily you subscribe to kayfabe, honestly. The duo rose to prominence from their own skill and their use of western heel tactics, particularly on Bunji’s part. But with a pedigree such as his, coming from an entirely SHSL family including the CEO of well-known robotics company ShibaCorp, it’s no wonder he would be the best in the world at what he does.

Kaneto Shirousagi

Super High-School Level Skier
"So you’re giving up? ‘We don’t know’ ain’t an excuse. Listen kid, if you go around sayin’ ‘I don’t know if I can do this, I don’t know if I can do that’ it really is impossible. Me, I’m not gonna sweat it. If I don’t like how it is, I’ll change it. That kind of pessimistic shit will kill you."

You don’t have to be a sports fan to know about Kaneto Shirousagi, the Cinderella Boy himself. When Yoji Shirousagi, the renowned and nationally acclaimed fashion designer and mastermind behind the ALICE line proposed to poverty-stricken onsen worker Noriyo Kano, the public gossiped for days. His newly-found step-son had already proven himself to be quite capable, having won a couple of local tournaments in and around Aomori (some fans may be aware of Kaneto Kano’s various successes). But with top drawer training and the ability to go abroad, he’s only gotten more and more successful, winning tournament after tournament, most nationally, some in Sweden becoming a definite hopeful for the Winter Olympics. Couple that with his step-sister, modelling sensation and upcoming idol, Mie Shirousagi, and there’s no doubt these siblings are going places. Known for being informal and brash in his interviews, many of the Japanese rich and famous consider him a bit of an embarrassment.

  • Big Eater
  • Bishounen: He is also known as the "Cinderella Boy".
  • GMPC
  • Sweet Tooth: Keeps many snacks in his coat. He even compares people to his snacks.
  • Rags to Riches: According to his backstory, he and his family were poor prior to his career as a skiier.

Gyo Shingen

Super High-School Level Myrmecologist
"Entertainment value won’t be completely worthless. You could use it to endear yourself to our captor, smoke out your enemies, break the wills of a choice few classmates—I could go on. It has its applications, and I’ll admit there’s real worth there"

Though small and nondescript, Gyo Shingen has proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the scientific community. His military insight offers a unique perspective on his discipline, and he has earned renown studying ant life through the lens of a strategist. His research took him to South America where he has lived until recently.


     Female Students 


Super High-School Level Socialite
"Ah, parties, yes! I’ve been going to them for a couple of years now, I believe. They’re a good bit of fun! Just going around, chatting, getting to know people…you know, that sort of thing."

For the past two years, the SHSL Socialite, Mina, has dominated the social scene of Tokyo’s wealthy and elite. Though she came from seemingly nowhere, her charming personality quickly captured the hearts of her peers, thus cementing herself a spot in their entourage. The media has had a field day ever since her sudden appearance trying to figure out her identity - a search that has turned up fruitless time and time again. Despite her multiple appearances at red carpets and charity events, no one has been able to uncover so as much as her last name. The most substantial thing to come out of investigations are claims that she is a relative of a high ranking Hope’s Peak official. Her acceptance to the academy was followed by cries of nepotism and sparked public outrage - especially considering that she had likely risen to fame through her connections. Despite this negative publicity, Hope’s Peak has remained tight-lipped about the situation and denied any sort of prior connection to the girl.

Minako Fukumori

Super High-School Level Doll Artisian
"Ahah- An apocalypse! The outside world must be so full of death we can’t- ahaha!- even breathe the air! And even in here- ahaha ha ha!- it’s still full of death! Someone’s gonna die! Someone’s gonna die!"

Super High School Level Doll Artisan Minako Fukumori is often compared to the beautiful dolls she crafts, but looks have never been more deceiving. Despite her polite, old-fashioned mannerisms, Minako is an extremely disturbed young girl with a penchant for everything horrific and macabre. Completely unfazed by death, she has a special fascination for violence and murder. She may be gentle, but all those gruesome specifics detailing exactly how she’d murder you seem so much more disturbing when delivered by that delicate voice, don’t you think?

  • Blush Sticker
  • Creepy Doll: Her appearance evokes this, and so does her talent.
  • Good Old Ways: She prefers old-fashioned ways and mannerisms, going as far as to fashion her outfits after antique dolls.
  • Lonely Doll Girl: Her biography reflect this, stating she is a "extremely disturbed" individual.
  • Older Than They Look: At only 5'0" tall, Minako is the shortest character in the third generation, and easily has the most childlike design.

Kayo Kanayama

Super High-School Level App Developer
"Like, Guild of Gladiators tournaments…stuff like that… I love video games. I think I’m o-okay at them, probably not good enough to be a professional, but, a girl can dream…Heh.."

Kayo Kanayama is the step-daughter of Japan’s current Prime Minister, Shun Sugiyama. She is famous for her instant messaging app, “” It took off fast, quickly replacing the top messaging apps on the market in a matter of days. Most people find her intimidating due her to knowledge of computers as well as being the Prime Minister’s step daughter, but once spoken to, most people find that she is completely harmless.

Yuuna Mikami

Super High-School Level Dream Interpreter
"I’m Yuuna Mikami, SHSL Dream Interpreter. I do dream interpretation therapy at my family’s psychiatry practice. I like polar bears, tea, coloring, reading manga…Oh! Aaaaaand to answer your question, I’m not really sure what I want, to be specific! Maybe we could adventure around here together~?"

Yuuna Mikami, the SHSL Dream Interpreter, is known across Japan for her work in her family’s psychiatry practice. Her interest in dreams began in middle school, and has only grown from there. Known for her sweet and albeit quirky mannerisms, the girl’s knowledge in her work eventually surpassed that of her parents’, developing from a, “last resort” to a vital necessity in treatment. If you ever need to know what’s going on inside your head, take a nap, then, ask no one else but her!

Kohaku Mori

Super High-School Level Groomer
"Err.. I just– I’ll probably be fine… Y- you’re probably right… Ah… I just- I don’t- I don’t want to d- die… N- not yet… Not until I know if D’leonardo i- is safe…"

From an early age on, Kohaku has found it hard to interact with other people. Despite her total social awkwardness, she began working with hair since it was something that always interested her. Her skill was above average but she could never fulfill the social aspect of hairstyling. Speaking and having gossip filled conversations never seemed right. It wasn’t until a client of hers asked if she could give her cat a haircut and treatment that her skilled fully blossomed. She found herself able to connect with animals on a whole new level.

Ururu Uru

Super High-School Level Net Idol
"I can’t do anything like that, but I try to personalize them. Uniqueness is… vital to my work, after all."

LU♥LU — a name famous among otaku and internet-dwellers. She sings, she dances, she glitters like the stars — but only online, streamed live on PIKOPIKO Video. Even when she’s not performing she seems to be perpetually live; her social media accounts are some of the most followed in the country, and even her innocuous posts about her daily life are wildly popular. After a history of strict and careful secrecy, it was suddenly announced on all of her accounts that LU♥LU would be attending Hope’s Peak, and along with it her real name was revealed: Ururu Uru. Many fans speculate that this bold move is indicative of her aiming for a debut as a ‘real-life’ idol, despite the idol’s previous claims that she was more than happy with her exclusively online career.

  • Idol Singer: An internet sensation who both sings and dances.
  • Phoneaholic Teenager: Is almost always active on social media. Heaven knows how her fans are reacting.
  • Teen Idol: Not quite virtual, but only known for her online existence as LU♥LU. Revealed herself in an attempt to become a real life celebrity.
  • Third-Person Person

Misaki Watanabe

Super High-School Level Kyudoka
"I will accept whatever your feelings might be, be it trust, fear or contempt. It would simply be disrespectful for you to offer something so fragile to me and for myself to not be grateful."

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty; These are the essential elements of the art of Kyudo, the traditional practice of Japanese Archery, and none better exemplify these elements than Misaki Watanabe. Born in Kobe, but raised in Kyoto, Misaki spent most of her adolescent life beneath a silk veil of wealth and prosperity, rich with Japanese Culture. Daughter of a former Oiran, Misaki was encouraged to learn various old-world skills befitting a classical entertainer in her youth; Japanese flower arranging, tea ceremony customs, and playing the shamisen were just a handful of the arts that Misaki trained in as a child. Despite the ambitions of her mother to have Misaki fit the mold of a traditional young woman, Misaki’s own aspirations lay not in the wooden neck of a shamisen, but instead in the handle of a long bow. She first began her Kyudo training at fifteen when she joined her High School Kyudo Club. Naturally gifted, the level of skill, finesse and grace she exhibited on her first day of training was so unexpected, that the Kyudo Club Manager was convinced that she had to have had some type of prior experience. It didn’t take long for stories about a beautiful and incredibly gifted first year member of the Kyudo Club to take the school by storm. Competitions and tournaments, thereafter, became second-nature to the Club as Misaki took home every first-place award, achievement and honor at every district and national tournament, going so far as to bring the Club’s national ranking up six places by the end of her first year of High School. Solicited by every major Kyudo school in the nation, and regularly featured on television segments and online articles to demonstrate her skills, Misaki Watanabe had become a household name, even outside of regular Kyudo circles, across Japan by the time she was seventeen.

     Non-Binary Students 

Nagisa Honami

Super High-School Level Fencer
"Well, perhaps I’m being too optimistic, but I just like to believe that most people have good intentions until proven otherwise."

The affluent heir to the multi million mega corporation, Honami©, has been taking the world up by a storm at their incredibly foil fencing prowess. Having won many national junior and high school championships, it’s well known within the community that Nagisa Honami is a force to be reckoned with. While Lacking in height, Nagisa makes up for it in their speed and unrelenting attacks. Being able to land a hit on their opponent within seconds. By only age 18 they’re one of the top ranking fencer’s in the world. Having recently won the Junior Fencing World Cup, the media has been buzzing about the young fencing prodigy. Before they had gotten invited to the illustrious Hope’s Peak Academy it was even rumored that they were about to qualify for the Olympics themselves. Nagisa’s fame and success can only go upwards from here!


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