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Thanks to various magical mischief plots Roommates had several versions of some characters. Almost if not all of these are Walking Spoilers so for sanities sake no marked ones. If you don't want to know these secrets: DO NOT OPEN the folders and what are you doing on this page?

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There were several versions of Jareth appearing in the comic justified by his powers (Time Master) and heritage (The Fair Folk).

Little Jareth is cute!
Appeared in the Kid!Jareth or Little Time Traveler arc and he is Exactly What It Says on the Tin really. He is a small kid Jareth from the past. Also appeared in a the dream / flashback sequence in Such Stuff... ... how long did his dad manipulate his life again?

Our Villain ladies and gentlemen.
Appeared in the Dark!Jareth arc and also in Such Stuff As Dreams are Made On. He is basically Jareth's Superpowered Evil Side and read Evil as Fair.

Jareth - Magic = Dork
Appeared in Such Stuff Dreams Are Made On after receiving a rather ambiguous gift from his father. He broke the spell around halfway through the arc.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Not a permanent Depower but his only strange ability (according to Shadow!Javert) in this form is to always know where Sarah is.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Inverted. Eyepatch Of Depower. Hides and seals his mismatched eye the symbol of his magic (it's his father's seal). See also: Peek-a-Bangs
  • Fake Memories: Seem to have them and he is locked in a full-blown Lotus-Eater Machine. Daddy thinks of everything.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: After the appearance of Fake!Sarah and in Dream Sequences his hair hides his eye or eyepatch. (Works well with concealment, shyness, vulnerability (he was never this weak and vulnerable in his whole life) and the supernatural interpretation of the trope.)
  • Ring of Power: Again inverted mostly. A claddagh and his mother's seal it's also a lot more Clingy than his eyepatch. See also "Odile"'s tropes.


The Cast

Sometimes we see other versions of the others... you can guess this has to do with all The Tricksters around.

    The Kid main cast
Yeah... They're cute too. Even Erik.
(Appeared in the Kids arc):


  • Emo: Jareth has fun with clothes to add the looks to the attitude.
  • Static Character: He was only shorter as a kid.


She appears in the Kid!Jareth arc and also in the Erlkönig sidestory. Not surprisingly both take place in the past.

    The Female main cast + Legolas
Not pictured: Female!Legolas.
(Gender Bender brought to us by Jareth's cold. They stayed in this form the longest, made some fans question their sexuality and Sarah lampshaded the Attractive Bent-Gender principle.):




  • Aloof Darkhaired Girl: Which isn't much of a surprise when you gender flip a Tall, Dark, and Snarky guy, who for some reason takes the change more gracefully and maturely than the others. (She was the one stopping Erik from murdering the cause of their misery, and generally the voice of reason.)


The "Shadow" cast of "Such Stuff..."

    The "Shadow" main cast
The two faces of the Shadow!Main Cast.
of Such Stuff Dreams are Made On. At the surface they look like muggle versions Brought Down to Normal like Jareth, but it becomes apparent quite quickly that they are a lot more. The Erlkönig lent them the power of his minions. See also: The Shadow Beasts in the Magical Community folder.

Tropes for all


    "Shadow" Saito
What do you want from him?

The court of the Goblin Regent

    Main cast + Éponine
The close court of the Goblin Regent.
Goblin Regent James
Well, James after Jareth temporarily grants him his Kingdom and Power.
Commander Javert
Seneschal Éponine
  • Only Sane Man: She plays the balancer advisor and voice of reason.

Assasin Erik

    Champion Socks
Can you smell... umm... spell Woobie?


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