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    The Varennes Empire 

Emperor Leon
The first main playable character. A wise and benevolent ruler, Leon does what is needed to save innocents.

  • Thanatos Gambit: To allow Kzinssie to be defeated, the first emperor allowed him to use Soul Steal on him so that he could learn the secrets of this attack and then by mean of the transmission magic transmit it to his son Gerard.

Artwork from Imperial SaGa
Leon's first son.

  • Bonus Boss: In the remakes, you are given a chance to spar with his spirit after unlocking every region and all classes. Defeating Victor will leave a chest with an Intaglio ring near the Emperor's Bed when he wakes up the next morning.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Introduced after the first dungeon of the game, and dies to Kzinssie after the second.

The second of the main player characters, and the one depicted on the game's original box art, adorned with a helmet. The younger son of Emperor Leon.

Artwork from Imperial SaGa
An android created by Hiraga of Somon.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: She is willing to sacrifice herself for The Final Emperor/Empress if they run out of LP during battle.
  • Offered the Crown: Can be chosen as one of the Emperors between Gerard and The Final Emperor/ress.

The Final Emperor/Empress
The Emperor
The Empress
The final main player character.

    Generic Characters 

In General

  • Ascended Extra: Many of them returned for roles in the mobile game Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe, such as Cat, Hector, and Emerald (all three of which, should be noted, are SS-Rarity).
  • Mauve Shirt:
    • Therese, Bear, and James are always in Emperor Leon's first party, alongside his son Gerald.
    • Tethys the Nereid is required for the sidequests that lead to the rest of her race being recruitable.
  • Offered the Crown: When a generation ends (either by time passing or a leader' death), a character can be chosen to lead the Empire in the next generation, until enough progress is made to play as The Final Emperor/Empress.

Heavy Infantry

(M: Bear, Bison, Walrus, Snail, Hedgehog, Tortoise, Rhino, Ferdinand)

  • Theme Naming: The names for the Heavy Infantry stem from large wild animals. The exception of Ferdinand, who shares his name with a bull from the tale The Story of Ferdinand.

Light Infantry

(M: James, John, Richard, Herbert, Harry, Ronald, Dwight, Franklin)

(F: Lisa, Jessica, Shirley, Audrey, Judy, Grace, Ingrid, Greta)

  • Theme Naming: The names for the male Light Infantry are based off historical American Presidents, while the female Light Infantry names are based off historical American actresses.


(M: Henry, Louis, Charles, William, Philip, Edward, Alexander, Friedrich)

(F: Therese, Mary, Agnes, Catherine, Anne, Juliana, Isabella, Elizabeth)

  • Theme Naming: The names for the male Ranger are based off historical European Kings, while the female Ranger names are based off historical European queens.

Court Mage

(M: Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, Cygnus, Crux)

(F: Emerald, Amethyst, Onyx, Topaz, Garnet, Opal, Ruby, Sapphire)
Art of Emerald from Imperial SaGa

  • Theme Naming: The names for the male Mages are constellations, while the female Mages are gemstones.

Free Fighter

(M: Hector, Orion, Jason, Theseus, Achilles, Ulysses, Perseus, Hercules)

(F: Andromache, Sidhe, Medea, Hippolyta, Deidameia, Penelope, Andromeda, Dianeira)
Original art for Hector

  • Theme Naming: Both males and females are named after characters from Greek myths.

Mage for Hire

(M: Regulus, Algol, Polaris, Canopus, Procyon, Rigel, Vega, Sirius)

(F: Rose, Lily, Daisy, Iris, Magnolia, Hazel, Ivy, Windseed)

  • Theme Naming: The males are named after stars, while the females are named after plants.

Imperial Guard

(M: Wallenstein, Red, d'Avout, Marlborough, Hannibal, Epaminondasu, Gustav, Belisarius)

(F: Minerva, Luna, Yuno, Ceres, Aurora, Fury, Victoria, Diana)


(M: Sigen, Hakuyaku, Tanfuku, Chuutatsu, Koukin, Hakugen, Moutoku, Koumei)

  • Theme Naming: They are all named for "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" - era tactitians.

Eastern Guard

(M: Juubei, Tesshu, Shusaku, Ganryuu, Toshi, Renya, Bokuden, Souji)

Desert Guard

(M: Sharrkan, Neman, Dandan, Shahriyar, Abu-Hasan, Marzawan, Armanus, Suleiman)

  • Theme Naming: They are all named after characters found in the "Arabian Nights" tales. with the exception of Suleiman, an Arabian Sultan.


(M: Hamuba, Kwawa, Mujugu, Bai, Osei, Rangali, Kechewa, Qadhakhum)


(M: Altan, Galdan, Batu, Esen, Dayan, Akuda, Abaoji, Bokutotsu)

(F: Fatima, Besuma, Aria, Mizura, Azuiza, Doniya, Nozuhatou, Shaharazade)

  • Theme Naming: Males are all named after rulers of Mongolia.


(M: Georg, Peter, Paul, Jacob, Benedict, Ballantyne, Uruban, Christophe)

(F: Sophia, Agatha, Monica, Gertrude, Barbara, Matilda, Magdalena, Maria)

  • Theme Naming: They are all named after figures from the Christian Bible.

Ocean Woman

(F: Natalie, Mariah, Janice, Olivia, Kate, Sarah, Debbie, Linda)


(M: Enrique, Magellan, Vasco, Mahan, Fisher, Tirpitz, Teiwa, Drake)


(M: Erik, Harufaguru, Na, Arinbyorun, Egil, Olaf, Shiguruzu, Sunori)


(M: Karl, Fritz, Dynamite, Terry, Bruiser, Vader, Hase, Liger)

City Thief

(M: Sparrow, Crow, Robin, Pigeon, Starling, Swift, Thrush, Falcon)

(F: Cat, Beaver, Badger, Mouse, Rabbit, Ferret, Weasel, Fox)
Original art for Cat

  • Theme Naming: The males are named after birds, while the females are named after mammals.


(M: Querute, Tambora, Galunggung, Abu, Merapi, Agung, Soputan, Papandayan)


(M: Siero, Lego, Cheruno, Podo, Lato, Gurai, Bertie, Buruni)

  • Talking Animal: They look like regular moles, but dress in clothes and are capable of speech.


(F: Theodora, Tomoe, Kriemhild, Jeanne, Ekaterina, Artemisia, Bukou, Agripinna)


(F: Tethys, Sao, Perusa, Naushithoe, Melite, Lysianassa, Galatea, Ampithrite)

  • Theme Naming: They are named after Nereids from Greek mythology, with exception to Tethys, a sea goddess.


(F: Windy, Stormy, Skya, Nadir, Gale, Cloudia, Breezia, Air)

  • Theme Naming: Their names are all connected to either the sky or to wind.

    The Seven Heroes 

In General

  • Actually a Doombot: The Seven Heroes you fought through the game were only copies sent by the original. This is why you eventually fought Kzinssie a second time. To end things once and for all, you have to find and destroy their original bodies.
  • The Assimilator: All of the Seven Heroes (see He Who Fights Monsters below), though Subier and Dantarg in particular stand out.
    • Dantarg isn't interested in revenge like the other heroes. He only wants to slay as many monsters as possible and assimilate them into his being to become stronger.
    • Subier is capable of assimilating sea creatures. If you kill the Master of the Ocean, Subier will assimilate his daughter and become much stronger.
  • Fallen Hero: And there are seven of them. They were betrayed by the people they saved and cast into Hell through dimensional magic.
  • Fusion Dance: The final battle with the Seven Heroes has them perform the fusion from Hell. They all combine to form some grotesque organic mass which each of the seven are growing out from.
  • Gotta Kill Them All: You have to eliminate all Seven Heroes as the story unfolds.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: Implied to have happened to the Seven Heroes themselves. Both the Ancients of Austeros and the four memory bosses of the Maze of Memories imply that the Heroes used Assimilation Magic to craft powerful bodies for themselves from the flesh of monsters in order to fight monsters. This process may have warped their minds and souls to some degree. Being thrown into hell after saving the world doesn't help.
  • One-Winged Angel: The Seven Heroes gradually join the amalgamated form in the final battle for every 6,000 damage dealt.
  • Was Once a Man: All of the Seven Heroes except for Noel and Rocbouquet, whose demon forms still at least resemble humans.


  • Sixth Ranger: Kzinssie was the last person to join the group and is pretty much hated even within the group, because of his ill manners. Apparently, that's the reason why the player fights him in the very beginning, because Wagnus and co. use him as a meat-shield.


  • Combat Tentacles: One of the abilities Subier has is called Tentacles; and does it hurt!


  • Blood Knight: Doesn't care for Noel and Wagnus's goals for vengeance and only wants to get stronger.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: After telling them about his motives, the Emperor/Empress tells him they will happily let him be if he doesn't the Empire. He reacts by attacking immediately because he doesn't need their permission to do as he wants.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Most of the Seven Heroes show up in quests that tie back into their plans and you can go in expecting to fight them. Dantarg is the exception, however, pretty much showing up to fight you without much buildup or prior warning.
    • There is a pretty good reason for that, though. Unlike the other heroes, Dantarg isn't really interested in fighting the Empire and instead is on a power trip to absorb monsters to strengthen himself. Where do you meet him? Why, in caves full of monsters!


  • Face–Heel Turn: If you kill Rocbouquet after making peace.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Strange thing is that Noel does not hate Kzinssie at all and STILL sees potential in him.
  • Supporting Leader: Noel is Wagnus' best friend and the one whom organizes the group. For instance, he recruited Dantarg and Kzinssie. Considering he is the most normal one of the group, this should not be overly surprising.


  • The Chessmaster: He commands a large number of the monsters under the command of the Seven Heroes.
  • Evil Genius: Bokhohn basically weaseled his way into the group. The man is extremely crafty and an amazing politician.
  • Evil Puppeteer: How the game portrays him, particularly in his first form. In his second form he loses the puppets and replaces them with large Monster Clown.
  • People Puppets: His signature move, Marionette, targets one character in your party and has them attacked by all other party members who haven't had their turn yet.


  • Charm Person: Rocbouquet's Temptation ability charms all males in the party; and there are other techniques as well that can charm allies.


  • Big Bad: Wagnus is the leader of the Seven Heroes. Also, he's also the most difficult to fight.
  • Gender Bender: Wagnus is male, but his demon form is a very female cross between a human and a butterfly with Vapor Wear covering his very feminine breasts.

    The Termites
The Hive Queen's first form
Denizens of the Savannah underground. Led by the Hive Queen, she and her troops are initially found terrorizing the people of the Savannah and the Mole People underground.

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: The termites, complete with the Hive Queen in which you have to fight twice by the way.
  • Bishounen Line: The Hive Queen's first form is a hideous insectoid creature with a huge abdomen. When you fight her the second time, it's the same thing, only with a naked human woman with insect wings sprouting from what used to be her torso. Her final form, the Dread Queen, is completely bipedal and quite attractive, complete with Combat Stilettos.
  • Hive Queen: There is an eponymous villainess leading an army of termites against Avalon. A Bonus Boss called the Dread Queen is a much stronger version of the Hive Queen.
  • It Can Think: The first time you fight the Hive Queen, she and her fellow termites seem barely more than predatory animals. When you confront the Hive Queen a second time, she actually speaks to you, explains how she planted an egg on the emperor who first defeated her to be reborn in Avalon, and declares herself a threat to rival the Seven Heroes. And considering how strong she is and how close she came to destroying Avalon, that's not an idle threat.
  • Outside-Context Problem: The Hive Queen. Whereas most of the large-scale villainy can be attributed to either the Seven Heroes or someone working under them, the Hive Queen is an entirely separate and destructive force. And in fact, she comes further in destroying Avalon than anyone else, seeing as how she pulls an All Your Base Are Belong to Us on you near the end.

    Other Characters 

The Bard (AKA: Haolahn, mascot of the entire Romancing SaGa trilogy)

In the introduction sequence, the bard opens up the game by introducing the Seven Heroes, and Leon, the first emperor. The entire game is then treated as one long, epic flashback poem/story played on a harp at the Avalon pub. This poem is called "The Ballade of Timeweavers."

A Witch who claims she is of descent from the ancients and prophesied the return of the Seven Heroes.


The secluded mystic living by the South Rongit Sea. Players can purchase life point potions and magic potions from her for 10,000 each.


The beautiful maiden who falls in love with one of the Emperors. Seeing her transformation is what triggers the entire mermaid potion quest line.

  • Dance of Romance: She is a dancer at the bar in Atlanticus. The first two times the Emperor goes to watch her dance, she dances solo and there isn't really a difference between the Emperor and the other people watching her. The third time he comes to see her, however, they dance together and this is what leads into the next phase of the quest.
  • Sexy Discretion Shot: When the Emperor comes visit her on the sea floor, she grabs him and drags him off-screen. The next time we see them they are both out of breath.


The Chancellor of Cumberland serving under King Harold.

  • Evil Chancellor: He is behind Harold's death and it is implied he was poisoning him for some time, looking to take control over the nation through Toma and present it to the Seven Heroes.
  • Immortality Seeker: His reason behind usurping the throne of Cumberland. He would offer the nation to the Seven Heroes in return for immortality.


The loyal Bushido warrior of the Yauda area. He is one of the warrior vassals of Lord Ato, who tries to pit the empire and Wagnas against each other, despite Sekishusei's protest. However, Sekishusei's unwavering loyalty to Lord Ato keeps him fighting by his side, and eventually challenging the Emperor to a duel to the death.


Lord of the Yauda area. His attempts to manipulate empire against Wagnas, which causes Wagnas to eventually attack Yauda. When the Emperor finally forces his way into Ato's castle at Chontou, the players can choose between executing Lord Ato or let him live.


A nameless Sorceror on Komulune Island who seeks lost magic.

  • Evil Tower of Ominousness: Where he lives, though he told the townpeople it was a research center to monitor the volcano... which was technically true, just not for the purpose of savekeeping the island, as the people assumed.
  • Evil Sorcerer: Wields fusion spells and doesn't think twice about sacrificing a good deal of people to get even stronger.
  • It's All About Me: Doesn't care at all about destroying an entire island and all its inhabitants if that is what is needed to give him access to Dark Magic.
  • Long Game: Two generations pass between the two Camroon Volcano scenarios and depending on what you did during them, the second scenario can take place anywhere between 100 - 300 years, if not longer.
  • Obviously Evil: The man wears a skull mask and operates out of an ominous citadel complete with skeletons everywhere. Later on the place is overrun with monsters. The Salamanders on the island lampshade this by asking why a benevolent scientist would rig his workplace with trap doors. For all of the shadiness surrounding him, he does provide the means to stop the volcano from erupting when the Emperor asks him for help... except it turns out this was part of his plan all along, as his "help" ultimately triggered an island-destroying eruption, whereas the first eruption would have been destructive but relatively harmless in comparison.


A Pirate who has sworn allegiance to Subier.

  • Dirty Coward: He hides behinds his lackeys, which bites him in the ass if the player takes the more difficult land route and attacks him from behind. He manages to escape after being defeated and he ulimately slips away by delaying the pursuing Emperor with even more of his troops.


The son of King Harold.

  • Puppet King: What he would have been when Saifreet/Cyfreet's plan had worked. Subverted in the scenario's best outcome, since he hands over Cumberland to the Empire of his own volition and with his siblings' approval, with Cumberland as a semi-autonomous province and Toma as its regent.

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