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The characters from the NBC TV show Rise:

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Stanton Staff

    Lou Mazzuchelli
Played by Josh Radnor
Lou is a highschool English teacher who aspires to inspire. He wants to make a lasting impression on his students and thinks that putting on a risque school musical will do just that.


    Tracey Wolfe
Played by Rosie Perez
Tracey has been in-and-out of the drama club director's chair several times, but seems to prefer the administrative side of the business to the kids — though this doesn't mean she has no passion for it, being an active assistant director to Lou and fully committed to the club.

    Coach Sam Strickland
Played by Joe Tippett
Coach Strickland is the coach of the school's unsuccessful football team, the almost ex-husband of Denise, and Gwen's father. He encourages Robbie to focus on football, while still being rather lenient when he misses practice. During his divorce to Denise, he beings to have an affair with Vanessa. This causes some tension between him and Gwen.

Stanton Students

    Lilette Suarez
Played by Auli'i Cravalho
A relative newcomer to the drama club. She is a massive musical fan, and is excited to be playing a lead. Her mother is loving, but their family's financial status creates tension between the two.

    Robbie Thorne
Played by Damon J. Gillespie
The star quarterback of the school's unsuccessful football team. He's a nice guy and momma's boy, and joins the drama club after being blackmailed into auditioning by Mr. Mazzu. He lands the lead male role alongside Lilette, and begins to consider her romantically after a stage kiss.


    Simon Saunders
Played by Ted Sutherland
Simon is the drama club's typical leading man. He comes from a very strict Christian family, and he begins to pulls away from the drama club after being cast as a gay character in the musical. His parents disagree on whether he should be allowed to stay at a school that would stage a musical with gay characters. In general, his mom is more supportive, while his father is full of heavy expectations.

    Gwen Strickland
Played by Amy Forsyth
Sam and Denise's daughter, and the typical leading lady. She is cold to the other member's of drama club, and Lilette landing the leading role - and a variety of other issues between the two - lead her to be particularly unhappy. She is also in conflict with her dad - having found out that he was cheating on her mom with Vanessa.

    Maashous Evers
Played by Rarmian Newton
A foster kid who lives out of the lightning booth after being abandoned by his foster mother. He is taken in by Mr. Mazzu.

    Gordy Mazzuchelli
Played by Casey Johnson
Lou's son. He has no interest in drama, but is a member of a football team. He is also an alcoholic and experiments with drugs, fracturing his relationship with his family.

    Michael Hallowell
Played by Ellie Desautels
A transgender student who used to be involved with Stenton's glee club before switching to drama.


    Jeremy Travers
Played by Sean Grandillo
A student new to the school and drama club and who gets cast as the love interest of Simon's character. Because of his newness, Simon finds it hard to connect and feel comfortable around him.

    Annabelle Bowman 
Played by Shannon Purser
A popular member of the drama club.

    Kaitlin Mazzuchelli 
Played by Taylor Richardson
Lou's daughter, who is friendly with Maashous.

Family Members

    Vanessa Suarez 
Played by Shirley Rumierk
Lilette's mom and a dinner lady. She is also known as the town slut because of rumours that she goes out with lots of local men for cash. She loves her daughter, but struggles to make ends meet. She has an affair with Coach Strickland, who's also Gwen's father.

    Gail Mazzuchelli 
Played by Marley Shelton
Lou's wife. She supports him taking over drama club and encourages him to live his ambitions.

    Denise Strickland 
Played by Jennifer Ferrin
The coach's wife and Gwen's mother. She also helps out at the school and does costuming for the drama club.

    Robbie's Mom 
Played by Eisa Davis
Robbie's mom is his rock, but is in hospital. Throughout season 1, Robbie visits her often.


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