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Character sheet for the fanfic Resurrection.

"The Good Guys"

"Danielle 'Danni' Fenton / Phantom"

"I'm goin'-GHOST!" —Danni, in nearly every chapter

The Hero of the story. Danni was your average teenager, until a mysterious figure, wanting revenge on Jack and Maddie Fenton, murders her. Danni's best-friend (and Love Interest) Samantha Manson resorts to dark magic to bring Danni back to life.

However, the resurrection had a strange side-effect: while Danni is alive again, she has remained 'partially-dead', leaving her with ghost-powers. Deciding to use her powers to fight off evil spirits that escape the Ghost Zone, Danni dubs her ghost-form 'Phantom', and Amity's Hero is born.


Has recently had a Relationship Upgrade with Samantha Manson.


"Samantha 'Sam' Manson"

"No is right, Danni!" Skulker and Phantom were startled as Sam slid in the way of Skulker. "Cages are wrong! How do you think Delilah feels, locked-up in that cage?" (Chapter Twelve, No Is Right, Danni!)

One of Danni's two best-friends. Sam is your average Goth girl, who, when Danni dies, resorts to dark magic to bring Danni back to life. However, in the process, Danni regains only half of her humanity, leaving her half-ghost.

Sam has been friends with Danni and Tucker for two years by the time of the first chapter and has had a crush on Danni for about that long, though at first she is in denial about it. Sam has recently stopped denying her feelings and, upon Danni asking her to the dance, the girls are now dating. Finally.

"Tucker Foley"

"Dudette, you've gotta' stop overthinking it for no reason. You're Danni and you're Phantom. You're, like, the bridge between worlds or...something cool like that! You don't belong in either the Ghost Zone in the human-realm, because you can belong in either one." (Chapter Thirteen, Plan B) —Tucker.

Danni's other best-friend, a techno-geek carnivore named Tucker Foley. Though he's not that different from his canon self, he's much smarter.

"Jasmine 'Jazz' Fenton"


Danni upon seeing Cujo: squee!

"Valerie Gray"

"Dash Baxter"

"Paulina Sanchez"

"Starr Light"

  • Popular Is Dumb: Subverted. She's probably the smartest on the A-List.
  • Les Yay: blushes quite noticeably when it seems like she is asking Valerie to go to the Ember concert with her in a not-so-platonic way. Interesting in that everyone but Danni and Sam was under Ember's spell at the time, and should have been completely focused on Ember.

"Jack Fenton"

"Madeline 'Maddie' Fenton"

Allies in the Ghost Zone


The Ghost Master of Time and Space. Clockwork is the first ghost that Danni encounters in the Ghost Zone after her death. In the Ghost Zone, Clockwork answers some of her questions just before Sam and Tucker manage to bring Danni back to life...well, half-life. Interestingly, this is the very same Clockwork from the show, as his clocktower is the same in all the universes. This is quite confusing.

"The Observants"

The Observants are the 'government' of the Ghost Zone. They all look the same, but unlike canon, there are individual Observants, most notably Clockwork's employers Olmec and Leon.

"The Bad Guys"

"The Box Ghost"

"I am the Box Ghost!"

  • Harmless Villain: SUBVERTED. You read that right. Since Danni/Phantom cannot phase through objects ghosts are manipulating, she cannot phase through whatever the Box Ghost is using to attack her, meaning it's actually a challenge to stop him...unless there aren't any boxes around.


"Ember McLane"

"Fright Knight"

"Sidney Poindexter"

  • Bully Hunter
  • Freaky Friday: Pulls this off like in canon, taking Danni's body and banishing the ghost-girl to the 1950s Casper High.

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