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Show Staff

     Daniel Hae-Seong 

Daniel Hae-Seong


Pokemon: Plusle, Minun

Age: 28

Hometown: Verdanturf Town, Hoenn

A former television actor, who now hosts the race trying to get back into the spotlight. He is currently engaged to the famous model, Hifumi Sena - and their wedding is rapidly approaching.

Tropes About Daniel


     Anna Kane 

Anna Kane


Pokemon: Skitty

Age: 22

Hometown: Lumiose City, Kalos.

The hard-working assistant to Daniel. Unsure of what she wants to do in life, also known disaster lesbian.

Tropes About Anna

     Hunter Yazzie 

Hunter Yazzie

Hoenn Co-Host

Pokemon: Claydol

Age: 28

Hometown: Rustboro City, Hoenn

A teacher who wants to make sure the race runs smoothly. A little rigid. They are the Hoenn co-host.

Tropes About Hunter

     Hifumi Sena 

Hifumi Sena
Hifumi's Promotional Art

Kalos Co-Host

Pokemon: Vivillion (Meadow)

Age: 26

Hometown: Laverre City, Kalos

An international model whose name is synonymous with stardom. She is often considered perfect by others and is engaged to Daniel. She's the Kalos Cohost, unbeknownst to Daniel.

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     Sanguine Sims and Jirou Lockwood 

Sanguine Sims and Jirou Lockwood


Barely Acquaintances

Sanguine's Pokemon: Cutiefly, Jirou's Pokemon: Grubbin

Ages: 23 and 27

Hometown: Hau’oli City, Alola

These two met in a pub, got drunk, and signed up for the competition. Now they're both stuck together.

Sanguine is fun and loud, while Jirou is a lot more serious of a person.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Sanguine

Tropes About Jirou

     Blake Lee and Klara De Lusyon 

Blake Lee and Klara De Lusyon


Work Acquaintances

Blake's Pokemon: Sandile, Klara's Pokemon: Vullaby

Ages: 22 and 23

Hometown: Nimbasa City, Unova

These two work in the cutthroat world of fashion, Klara as a model and Blake as a photographer.

Blake is usually calm and collected, while Klara adores being in the spotlight.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Blake

Tropes About Klara

     Akako Horie and Violet DuPre 

Akako Horie and Violet DuPre


Dating Foodies

Akako's Pokemon: Oricorio, Violet's Pokemon: Vullaby

Ages: 23 and 22

Hometowns: Konikoni City, Alola (Akako) and Castelia City, Unova (Violet)

Akako met Violet where they bonded over their love of restaurants and made an instant connection and began dating.

Despite Akako’s bubbly and cheerful personality and Violet’s grumpiness and cynicism, these two run a successful food blog together.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Akako

Tropes About Violet

     Akoni Oshoala and Keung Liu 

Akoni Oshoala and Keung Liu



Akoni's Pokemon: Tyrunt, Keung's Pokemon: Noibat

Ages: 20 and 18

Hometowns: Lumiose City, Kalos

Members of a band that's really going nowhere.

Keung’s temper and Akoni’s apathetic nature makes for an interesting friendship of mutual enablers.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Akoni

Tropes About Keung


     Andrea “Andi” Hart and Saffron Fields 

Andrea “Andi” Hart and Saffron Fields



Andi's Pokemon: Magnemite, Saffron's Pokemon: Shinx

Ages: 18 and 19

Hometown: Sangdem Town, Sinnoh

These two used to be best friends growing up, but as time went on they focused more on their own talents as opposed to each other.

Andi is gifted in the field of art, whereas Saffron is gifted at dancing. They entered the race to get closer together once more.

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     Tsukihiko Kurogane and Hijiri Kamikumo 

Tsukihiko Kurogane and Hijiri Kamikumo


Pop Metal Idols

Tsukihiko's Pokemon: Azurill, Hijiri's Pokemon: Cleffa

Ages: 22 and 21

Hometown: Floarama Town, Sinnoh

A pop metal duo part of Diamond Storm, they travel the world, yet are still unable to hit mass popularity.

Tsukihiko is quite over-dramatic, while Hijiri tries to take authority and cause chaos.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Tsukihiko

Tropes About Hijiri

     Walter Rothman and Helen Rothman 

Walter Rothman and Helen Rothman


Husband and Wife

Walter's Pokemon: Tyrogue, Helen's Pokemon: Tyrogue

Ages: 49 and 47

Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto

Parents of the current Kanto champion Payton Rothman. Large bickerers.

Walter is quite sly with his remarks, Helen is an all-around manipulative grump.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Walter

Tropes About Helen

     Frank Blunt and Larry Everett 

Frank Blunt and Larry Everett


Grandfather and Grandson

Frank's Pokemon: Growlithe, Larry's Pokemon: Charmander

Ages: 70 and 19

Hometown: Pewter City, Kanto

Grandfather and Grandson from Pewter City.

Frank is the mayor of Pewter City and very outgoing, while Larry does not have goals himself.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Frank

Tropes About Larry

     Selica Delacroix and Guin Valentine 

Selica Delacroix and Guin Valentine


Travel Partners

Selica's Pokemon: Misdreavus, Guin's Pokemon: Mimikyu

Ages: 18 and 18

Hometown: Slateport City, Hoenn (Selica) and Floaroma Town, Sinnoh (Guin)

These two became traveling partners after meeting in Floaroma Town one day.

Selica is a retired Pokemon Contest coordinator who loves the crowd. Guin is a trainer who’s typically nervous around most people and Pokemon.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Selica

Tropes About Guin

     Feliciana Garza and Sofia Garza 

Feliciana Garza and Sofia Garza


Mother and Daughter

Feliciana's Pokemon: Deerling, Sofia's Pokemon: Petilil

Ages: 29 and 49

Hometown: Vibrank City, Unova

Sofia and Feliciana work together at Pokestar Studios. Sofia does the costume design, while her daughter Feliciana works in the cosmetology department.

They often bicker based on how actors should present themselves.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Feliciana

Tropes About Sofia

     Ariel Draxler and Misha Neimi 

Ariel Draxler and Misha Neimi


Dating Scientists

Ariel's Pokemon: Hippopotas, Misha's Pokemon: Wooper

Ages: 24 and 25

Hometown: Floaroma Town, Sinnoh (Ariel) and Canalave City, Sinnoh (Misha)

Ariel and Misha met a conference a few years back and eventually started dating proving opposites attract.

Ariel is a pretty quiet marine biologist while Misha is a brash, confident scientist who studies air at the Valley Windworks.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Ariel

Tropes About Misha

     Panchi Campbell and Yukiko Viper 

Panchi Campbell and Yukiko Viper



Panchi’s Pokemon: Swinub, Yukiko Pokemon: Cubcoo

Ages: 21 and 22

Hometown: Icirrus City, Unova

Warriors of ice and snow, these two are the young apprentices to Gym Leader (and movie star) Brycen.

Panchi is an excitable fighter but can be a bit reckless, while Yukiko can be an abrasive fighter but is loyal to those she trusts.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Panchi

Tropes About Yukiko

  • Meaningful Name: Doesn't actually have a real last name but adopted a nickname she was given based on her fighting style, the Viper.

     Dashiell Narcian and Melody Arion 

Dashiell Narcian and Melody Arion


Classical Musicians

Dashiell’s Pokemon: Chatot, Melody’s Pokemon: Whismur

Ages: 24 and 26

Hometown: Lumiose City, Kalos

Two musicians who met during college.

While Dashiell is a bit of a perfectionist and Melody is incredibly eccentric in her performing the two of them have a very good chemistry.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Dashiell

Tropes About Melody

     Charlotte Poole and Scarlet Poole 

Charlotte Poole and Scarlet Poole


Twin Sisters

Charlotte’s Pokemon: Budew, Scarlet’s Pokemon: Oddish

Ages: 20 and 20

Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto

Twin sisters who work together to create video games together.

Charlotte is more analytic and in charge of the coding, Scarlet is a creative mind who handles the art, and rollerblades.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Charlotte

Tropes About Scarlet

     Reynard Boulder and Shelly Boulder 

Reynard Boulder and Shelly Boulder


Brother and Sister

Reynard’s Pokemon: Chimecho, Shelly’s Pokemon: Bronzor

Ages: 17 and 15

Hometown: Jubilife City, Sinnoh

Siblings who love to research.

Reynard is a kind-hearted person who is obsessed with the paranormal. Shelly is more grounded and believes in finding facts.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Reynard

Tropes About Shelly

     Grantson Carver and William Halik-Carver 

Grantson Carver and William Halik-Carver


Father and Son

Grantson’s Pokemon: Geodude, William’s Pokemon: Omanyte

Ages: 34 and 14

Hometown: Pewter City, Kanto

A father and son duo who enjoy doing things like hiking together.

Grantson is a kind mentor and a survivalist, William, however, is eager to learn but a bit shy.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Grantson

Tropes About William

     Koa Lewis-Matsumoto and Lloyd Jenkins 

Koa Lewis-Matsumoto and Lloyd Jenkins


Pen Pals

Koa's Pokemon: Skarmory, Lloyd's Pokemon: Klefki

Ages: 34 and 32

Hometown: Mahogany Town, Johto (Koa) and Saffron City, Kanto (Lloyd)

Koa and Lloyd met each other on a trip a couple of years ago and have continued to keep in touch with each other over the years through letters.

Koa is extremely flamboyant who usually can go with the flow. Lloyd is uptight and professional with a sense of detachment at all times.

Tropes About Both

Tropes About Koa

Tropes About Lloyd

     Colonel Cutlass and Wendy Matilda 

Colonel Cutlass and Wendy Matilda



Cutlass's Pokemon: Wailmer, Wendy's Pokemon: Corphish

Ages: 39 and 18

Hometown: Dewford Town, Hoenn (Cutlass) and Lilycove City, Hoenn (Wendy)

Wendy met the pirate Colonel Cutlass when she was a young teen where they exchanged stories of the sea together.

Cutlass is a cheerful person who tends to be goofy and jolly in his adventures. Wendy is a sadistic and arrogant girl who’ll do whatever it takes to be on top.

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