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The characters of Regal Academy.


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    Rose Cinderella 
Voiced by: Jessica Paquet (English), Chiara Francese (Italian)

The main protagonist of the show, an ordinary girl who discovers the fairy tale world and enrolls in Regal Academy, where she learns she's the granddaughter of the headmistriss Cinderella and is keen on learning magic while having adventures with her friends. She uses Pumpkin Magic to conjure things.


    Astoria Rapunzel 
Voiced by: Erica Schroeder (English), Giulia Tarquini (Italian)

The granddaughter of Rapunzel who's a talented bookworm. She uses Tower Magic to grow plants and flowers.

  • Bookworm: Astoria loves reading, and can digest a doorstopper in seconds.
  • Catchphrase: "Oh, my Grade," when she's distressed.
  • Go-Getter Girl: Astoria is obsessive about getting perfect grades in school and dreams to one day be headmistress of Regal Academy.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She can be bossy, impatient, and tactless because of her devotion to assignments, but she's a good person, and will usually apologize for her mean behaviour.
  • Prehensile Hair: Astoria has "ivy hair" that has a mind of its own and can stretch as far as needed.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Has the longest hair, hence being Rapunzel's offspring.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Has long, pink hair.

    Joy LeFrog 
Voiced by: Alyson Rosenfeld (English), Emanuela Ionica (Italian)

The granddaughter of the Frog Prince who can turn into a frog herself. She uses Frog Magic to transform anyone into a frog.

    Hawk SnowWhite 
Voiced by: Billy Bob Thompson (English), Alex Polidori (Italian)

The grandson of Snow White who's the "fairest" in the whole school, and is popular amongst the female students. He uses Snow Magic to freeze things and to conjure snow and ice.

    Travis Beast 
Voiced by: Henry Benjamin (English), Manuel Meli (Italian)

The grandson of Beast who's usually calm and laid back, but when he gets furious, he turns into a real beast who's immense and strong. He uses Fury Magic to create tornadoes and hurricanes.

    LingLing IronFan 
Voiced by: Kate Bristol (English), Elena Perino (Italian)

The granddaughter of the IronFan and a transfer student from China. She has a crush on Travis. She uses Fan Magic to make gusts of wind.



    Vicky Broomstick 
Voiced by: Laurie Hymes (English), Eleonora Reti (Italian)

Rose's rival and the Big Bad of the series. A witch who wishes to be the ultimate fairytale villain and carries on evil plans which always fail, with thanks to Rose and her gang being involved, thus her goal is to get Rose kicked out of Regal Academy whatever it takes.

  • Alpha Bitch/Big Bad: She’s the main antagonist of the show.
  • Devil in Plain Sight: Despite how blatant her villainy can get, the academy faculty always fall for her model student act.
  • Evil Counterpart: She serves as this to Rose. She shares her blonde hair but in a darker shade, and generally wears red, which contrasts to Rose’s pink.
  • Evil Plan: She’s always plotting these.
  • Series Goal: Get Rose kicked out of Regal Academy so she can focus on her evil plots without delay.
  • Status Quo Is God: Her evil plans will always be thwarted, no matter what.
  • Token Evil Teammate: The only true "evil" member of her trio, as Cyrus is lazy and Ruby is always distracted. Averted after Kira joins the gang in Season 2.

    Ruby Stepsister 
Voiced by: Brittney Hamilton (English), Joy Saltarello (Italian)

One of Ruby's friends who is often dragged into her evil plans, though she isn't quite keen on it and is mostly doing all the work. She has a huge crush on Hawk.

    Cyrus Broomstick 
Voiced by: Michael Henning (English), Emanuele Russa (Italian)

Vicky's lazy and immature cousin who's always falling asleep. Because of this, he is often manipulated to aid her schemes.

  • Sleepyhead: He can fall asleep anywhere, even when the craziness du jour should keep him up.



Voiced by: Kathryn Cahill (English), Aurora Cancian (Italian)

The headmistress of Regal Academy and Rose's grandmother.

  • Reasonable Authority Figure: She's fair with her students, but is not lenient with Rose for her screw-ups and improper behaviour just because she's her granddaughter.

    Coach Beast 
Voiced by: HD Quinn (English), Pierluigi Astore (Italian)

The gym teacher and Travis's grandfather who always has a loud voice.

    Professor Snow White 
Voiced by: Lori Gardner (English), Emanuela Baroni (Italian)

The magic teacher and Hawk's strict grandmother.

    Doctor LeFrog 
Voiced by: Marc Thompson (English), Gianni Giuliano (Italian)

The potions professor and Joy's grandfather.

    Magister Rapunzel 
Voiced by: Kayze Rogers (English), Allessandra Cassioli (Italian)

The poetry and literature teacher and Astoria's grandmother.

    Professor Wolfram 
A wolf teacher whose heroism classes often involve something bad.

    Professor Beauty 
The art professor who always sees the good side of things. Also Coach Beast's wife and Travis' grandmother.


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