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    Male Students 

Hirabayashi Daisuke

Super High School Level Colorguard

"Yeah, well, I have a right to be angry. A fucking god given right. A god given JOB, in fact. I was MADE to be angry," he says, angrily

Honestly, not much can be found about Daisuke Hirabayashi. Videos of his performances at his old school can be seen; from what they show, he is clearly a talented member of the colorguard, twirling and tossing like a pro, playing with rifles, swords, and flags alike. He has a quiet determination, keeping a purely professional appearance throughout everything he does. In a search, however, no talk of his enrollment at Hope’s Peak Academy can be found. The only vague allusion that can be seen is mention of him leaving his old school and going missing, but that’s about it. How mysterious.

Minoru Mikami

Super High School Level Director

"It's not about fun. It's not- well, it's a little bit about attention, yeah. But mostly, it's about good storytelling."

Minoru Mikami is a visionary young director, directing hit films to success both with the critics and at the box office, already developing a sizeable cult following. His attention to detail and colour, highly stylized cinematography, and creative use of lighting and other effects have made him a huge name in the film industry, having directed several blockbusters at the prodigal age of 17. He is credited as ‘bringing pop culture to the critics and the arthouse film to the public’ for his innovative blending of different styles, managing to appeal equally to the cinema-going public and to critics of high art.

Xiao Liào

Super High School Level Engineer


Not too much was personally known about Liào. His life was kept rather private. You could find information on his work, but if you aren't a part of any sort of science community, you've may have not crossed his name before. Engineer work isn't the flashiest or most interesting work to most. Liào has been mainly reported to do freelance work, or- more accurately- whatever simply interested him. One week it could be a ground-breaking computer program, the next week factory machine designs to lessen injury risk. He sold it to whoever would buy it, or even just published the work online sometimes. Whatever the job, there wasn't much denying his talent with machinery. He's been called a young prodigy and genius engineer, and has publicly gotten offers from multiple worldwide corporations. However, it appears they were all turned down.

Kitano Katsu

Super High School Level Hacker


Katsu Kitano is an infamous hacker, better known in certain circles on the Internet by his handle "πth0n". His more devious endeavors are better off not known by the general public (or the government, for that matter), though many may recognize him as the person responsible for the nationwide Netlegs infiltration a few years ago in which all of the search results were replaced for a few hours by a page full of redirect links to purchase "performance enhancing steroids".

  • Put on a Bus: Sentenced to a long-term coma, ostensibly from a Ludi injury, to deal with the long-term absence of his mun.
  • Bus Crash: When the absence continues into Chapter 4, he becomes a victim.

Kudou Hotaka

Super High School Level Interior Designer

"It's how I live, I said. And it works for me."

If anyone in Japan has a sharp eye for interior decoration, it’s Kudou Hotaka. A freelance designer, his marvelous works have turned even the most run-down interiors into gorgeous living spaces. Not only does Hotaka have the skill to whip up designs at record speed, his results always seem to match exactly what aesthetics people want even when given the vaguest of guidelines. For all he seems to know about people’s tastes, it seems he’s just as good at keeping himself an aloof enigma, with many who encounter him wondering: why is he so grumpy, and exactly what is that briefcase for?

Katagami Jun

Super High School Level Lolita Fashion Designer


Frozen Rose is the biggest, most sought after brand in Lolita fashion. With stores set up in 18 cities in Japan and 30 more worldwide - including Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, San Francisco, New York, London and Paris - it’s hard to find a lolita hobbyist that doesn’t have something from FR. Prices range widely, from affordable skirts and accessories to full blown, beautifully elaborate JS Ks, shoes, and one-pieces, enabling the brand to attract people from all up and down the market, especially to their sub-brand Icicle Garden. The designer behind the brand is known within most circles as Ichihana, but the name on the paychecks is Katagami Jun. A reclusive sort known to speak only singular words at press conferences and fashion shows, Ichihana’s appearances are rare, and if you are blessed with one, you are guaranteed to see a co-ord only a few dozen eyes have seen before. Bring your camera.

Isaac Marcus Zihao Mei

Super High School Level Pole Artist

"I don't know, I'd ask for my jacket but I've got a feeling it's going to get hot in here."

Reigning as champion of the U.S. National Pole Championship, Men’s Professional division, Milo Amiti Ross, better known as Isaac, has been turning heads and breaking hearts ever since his name broke out in the community. He’s also well-known for his work in doubles competitions with his mother, Meilin Mei, where they’re seen as fierce competitors. Light on his feet, he drabbles in numerous martial arts, and is also interested in street art and herpetology. His bold winged eyeliner and golden brown eyes make him a very memorable face, even offstage, and he takes pride in that fact. Maybe even a little too much pride.

Himura Mayo

Super High School Level Tea Consultant


Mayo Himura is not exactly a household name, that is unless your family is wild about tea. Best known for his incredibly detailed blog “Romanticali Tea”, Himura is one of the leading experts in the tea world. You can find hundreds and hundreds of tea blends, reviews, history, and opinions on Romanticali Tea alone. Interviews show Himura’s sharp, passionate, and talkative personality. His Face Tube channel, primarily used for personal vlogging, lets fans get to know a broader spectrum of his opinions and interests.

    Female Students 

Mai Sachiko

Super High School Level Classical Composer

"How lovely!"

Sachiko’s father, of whom she takes after, was also a relatively well-known composer, so it’s safe to say she’s been classically trained since birth. And, as with the Bachs, the child has proven to be more successful than the father. She wrote her first piece when she was seven, a goodbye gift to her mother. Then her career really kicked off, as her father found it and released it to the public (under his name at first, but then revealed the truth in an interview once it got super popular a few weeks later). She then assisted her father in making compositions for various movies and TV shows (gaining lots of useful connections to be used in her favor), as well as working on her own super secret personal project behind his back (except in truth, he knew all along), Fairytale, which was released just a few months prior of her being accepted into Hope’s Peak. Thanks to some meddling with connections, a live performance of it aired in Tokyo, catching the attention of thousands. Despite the title of Classical Composer, her music is more of a fusion of classical music, pop rock, and enka.

  • Beware of the Nice Ones: Considering she ran a mutual killing game...
    • And then she snaps during the first Ludi.
  • Big Eater: Implied. She states that her reason for participating in the Catacombs is so she can get better food.
  • Born Unlucky: If she enters the Catacombs, assume that she will die fairly early and/or horribly. She seems to be getting better, though... Well, until she's murdered.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Her reaction to waking up in a cell with no idea how she got there? Dance!
  • Easy Amnesia: One of her skills allows her to completely repress certain memories.
  • Genki Girl
  • Meaningful Name: Sachiko means "child of happiness".
  • Pet the Dog: After Arika gets beaten up in chapter one, Sachiko wipes her face clean and fixes her hair.
    • She also tends to the old lady's ankle in the catacombs and convinces the group to help her out, which ultimately ended in a total party kill.
  • Stepford Smiler: Although not as much as she was in her original game.
  • Straight Gay: Reveals that she has a girlfriend and doesn't intend to cheat.

Maeda Masato

Super High School Level Debater

The question becomes however, will it be in my own benefit to trust multiple masterminds of the same caliber of intelligence as I am? Or does it set me up for failure and death?

Masato’s father is a prominent American politician, but she lives with her mother in Japan. She was always a very argumentative child, and somehow managed to convince her mother to do things she really shouldn’t do by providing logical reasons why she should. She joined her debate team in middle school and managed to be the best debater her coach had ever seen, and continued her debate career into high school, winning several national championships. She has been called to advise politicians in their debate skills and only reads and watches the news. She lives and breathes politics and has a lot of opinions about prominent issues. Politicians were actually the ones who recommended her into Hope’s Peak Academy.

  • Alliterative Name
  • The Atoner: Masato's newfound role in the hellhole that is a murder game is making her seriously reconsider what she's done in the past.
    "Because what we did warrants some form of punishment... Does it make you a good person to try to save the lives of criminals if you're a criminal yourself?"
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: She doesn't act violent, but she'll still do cool stuff with her brain.
  • Berserk Button: Don't touch her without her permission. Just don't. Or you'll end up shoved in a pool of magic paralyzing water. Or, at the very least, slapped.
  • Brainy Brunette
  • Combat Stilettos: Make her take off her damn high heels. She at least took them off when she sprained her ankle during a catacomb run.
  • Commonality Connection: Surprisingly, with Isaac.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Daisuke seems to be on the way to doing this.
    • Isaac succeeded.
  • Face Your Fears: Masato is actually terrified of men. And considering how she can't stand the women... she's accepted she has to suck it up just enough to tolerate them if she wants to survive.
    • If she does go into a guy's cell though, she will ask to hold his key while she's in there.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Repeatedly is told she has a stick up her ass.
  • Hates Being Touched: She slapped Isaac for kissing her hand, and stubbornly refused help to walk out on her ankle from Daisuke at first. Can reach Berserk Button levels if you go much further without her consent.
  • Ice Queen: She's usually quite serious and hard to read.
  • Iron Lady: How she handles debate, and later mutual killing games.
  • Lethal Chef: From her app, she burns ramen.
    • Later demonstrated to Mayo when he asked to taste her work in action. He surprisingly lived.
    "....Not the worst, actually."
  • Motive Decay: Seems to be experiencing this.
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye: Before Isaac's death.
    "I was looking for him for hours because each time someone died we would just be glad it wasn't us. And something felt wrong. I was looking for him because I knew I'd have to say goodbye. I knew in my gut that he did it but I wanted the opportunity and I watched it float away."
  • Opposites Attract: Her relationship with Isaac is really weird, but they have a lot in common.
    • Made even weirder by the fact he killed half her family in his mutual killing. She's not upset.
  • Please Don't Leave Me: Her entire life has been spent proving her independence and she finally had someone she wanted to not be lonely with. Then he died.
  • "Reason You Suck" Speech: It is her talent, so it would make sense that she's good at this.
  • Tears of Remorse:
    "They didn't deserve this pain I'm feeling now. Because it is the worst kind of pain I have ever felt. It's worse than every burn Uncle Genji put on me... It's... it's awful. And I'm sorry I gave them this pain."
  • The Smart Girl: Go on a catacomb run with her. She'll keep you alive unless you do something stupid and don't listen to her.
  • Was It All a Lie?: Isaac's final note to her left her with so many questions, because he was blind and didn't have the ability to write much. The fact he gave her so much hope of things like a cabin in the woods and getting married and then up and killed two people still confuses her.

Usokami Arika

Super High School Level Diviner


Usokami Village’s beautiful cryptomeria shrine is tended to by the kannagi diviner Usokami Arika. For generations her family has maintained the quiet shrine near the Sarufutsu river overlooking the La Perouse Strait. Come join the village in festivities celebrating the Ainu deity Kanna-kamuy and her most devoted servants! Fortune-telling and fireworks displays will be provided by the Usokami shrine, premiere seats starting at 5000 yen.

Katrina "Cap" Morales

Super High School Level Economist

"That brings me wonderful memories of abusing the consumer's lack of knowledge against them... Not with that particular subject. That's not very profitable at least."

While not well known to your average person, people into economics might have heard of Katrina Morales in interviews and analysis she gives of her opinions in economics, finance and political matters. Praised by her successful predictions of the stock market time and time again, she’s taken as an incredibly young prodigy in the subject, and many old time specialists seem to have high regards to her future. How can someone so young be so talented in such a ‘boring, complicated subject for old people’?

Savannah Cavana

Super High School Level Fingerpainter


Savannah Cavana is the bubbly finger painter that’s a friend to everyone, even if they don’t share the sentiment. While normally a blabbermouth with an appetite for conversations and sugary food, when Savannah is behind a canvas, she is nothing but focused and silent, and would rather prefer you leave her be. While most artists use some sort of tool to help them, whether it be brush or chisel, Savannah’s painting was totally hands-on! It’s more feet-on now that she’s lost her two preferred “brushes”, but the pieces she can create are still tragically beautiful. They aren’t for sale, however! If you own a piece of Savannah’s art, then you’re helmet-hair herself, or somebody extra-special!

  • Alas, Poor Villain: She still ran a mutual killing game, but you couldn't tell from her manner of death—despite being unarmed in more ways than one, she came across Isaac committing murder and attacked him, which resulted in both their deaths. She only allowed herself to die when she found Daisuke still breathing, though. Could also be Death by Despair, since she didn't have to interfere and Isaac was blind, but she no longer wanted to live.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Notably missing both arms, which is weird for a fingerpainter.
  • Berserk Button: Don't fuck with her helmet. Triggers a long-term hatred of Ella when they purposely damage it in chapter 2.
  • Despair Event Horizon: The loss of two girlfriends actually doesn't do it—it was the breaking of her helmet, which was helping her cope in the first place.
  • Selective Obliviousness / I Reject Your Reality: Has gone through hell in this game, reacts by not acknowledging most of it as a defense mechanism with the help of her helmet.

Matsura Ameya

Super High School Level Narrator

"...Y'know, she's starting to think that everyone's motivations aren't really that different on a fundamental level. They couldn't be if they led all these people to one conclusion. It really does...allow for the breaking down of people. More than something shorter and just more violence oriented would. The inclusion of death at all is very important. Maybe not for the first few, but...hmm, what's the phrase, someone's real character is what happens when they're pushed to the breaking point?"

Some voices stick with you forever, whether they took root in beloved characters or earworm advertisements, leaving you sure you’ve heard it before and scrambling to look it up. Ameya Matsura has one of those voices. Spurred on in her childhood by a combination of her attention-seeking personality and annoyance about a lack of female voiceovers in advertisements, documentaries, movies, and media in general out of character, she has been working to change the perception of male as the default voice her whole life. Her involvement in all of the above and more over the years has made her a perky pop culture icon that you couldn’t ignore if you tried.

  • Beauty = Goodness: The endgame art was too good to her.
  • Befriending the Enemy: She and Jun get off on the wrong foot very early in the game, but they end up going from neutral to cordial to legitimately caring as Jun improves himself. The Orator forgives a lot of things, but mind control doesn't just halt your own development, it deeply fucks with other people's.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: She's the...shall we say, curviest girl in the cast, despite being one of the youngest (she was an early bloomer). Just look at her sprites.
  • Bilingual Bonus: She and Hotaka occasionally sign at each other, she translates a Mandarin phrase of Liao's for the others, and she can IC pick up Kazune's suggestions during trials.
  • Butt-Monkey: More likely to be this than not, since she refuses to even try to fight people. Most notable in the chimera fight and bomb disposal Ludi.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: Given to these constantly.
  • Contralto of Danger: Well, the 'of danger' is up for debate, but if she's a student in this game...seriously, despite her motormouth tendencies, it's a nice voice.
  • Constantly Curious: Her catch phrase is 'it's always better to know' and she's one of the most likely people to straight-up ask questions about other characters' backstories.
  • Every Girl Is Cuter with Hair Decs: She has a collection of these: her own purchases and some from Minoru. She even name-drops this one when accepting the latter.
  • Every Scar Has a Story: Seems very aware of this even if other people aren't: she has a large collection of scars all over her body and one small one on her face, and considers them very important. Also one of the most likely people to ask others about theirs. Later, her arms and hands get messed up thanks to a Ludi bomb. Turns out her body scars are from her self-sacrifice during her own mutual killing.
  • Former Child Star: Her most famous role overall is her first, but she hasn't really outgrown being a child yet.
  • Genki Girl
  • Genre Savvy: Views everything through the lens that 'this is all a story,' to the chagrin of most, and views "the Writer" as a sort of deity figure.
  • Good All Along: She was the Orator and on the masterminds' side from the beginning. The Reveal predictably comes with a Good Costume Switch as well, when she poofs into a Servant robe.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Mixes actual swear words with Bowdlerised ones.
    Ameya: "Final round...ahh, geez, now she doesn't know what to think. Either big inter-player show of goodwill or...the greatest possible bloodbath. Shiitake mushrooms."
    Narrator: "The first name is..." rustle rustle. "... Matsura Ameya!"
    Ameya: "Mother fucker."
  • Hair Flip: Given to this constantly. She loves her hair and likes showing it off. (At least until most of it gets burned off.
  • Hearing Voices: A symptom of her amnesia? Nope, she just doesn't like to bring it up when she's in a normal state of mind. This turns out to be an obfuscation, though, because those voices were the Servants and the dead characters keeping up a constant running dialogue inside her head.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Will refer to other people as characters, but is adamant that she isn't one. Later she rethinks the latter.
  • Identity Amnesia: A trip to the catacombs apparently wipes her memory of everything, including her own name and the fact that she was a mastermind except for she actually wasn't one, so the fact that she claims loudly that she'd never do something like that doesn't raise any flags. Amnesiameya is mostly influenced by the Servant voices she hears, which explains the uncharacteristic violence. Her personality does a complete 180, needless to say. (She gets better when she dies in a later run.)
  • It Amused Me: Applies to her average everyday behavior, but not her mutual killing.
  • Lemony Narrator
  • Meaningful Name: 'Matsura' means 'enshrined.' Mostly a cool coincidence because this is her second game appearance, but still.
  • Medium Awareness: But judging by her life philosophy and her status as a mastermind, she could just be crazy. Or the medium awareness could have driven her crazy.
  • Metaphorgotten
  • Motor Mouth: If she ever stops talking for more than thirty seconds, something's wrong. Most obvious during the Amnesia episode.
  • Narrating the Present / Narrating the Obvious
  • The Omniscient: She claims to be this throughout the game, which sounds just like a ridiculous boast until the end. Thanks to the Hive Mind, she isn't just privy to everything that happened in the coliseum, but the previous lives of the masterminds and all their victims. In addition, she's the only Servant who can still converse with the double-dead.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Acts as Godiva Hair during many, many bathhouse scenes.
  • Relationship Upgrade: After a good amount of embarrassment on the subject (because "romance subplots are dumb"), with Minoru.
  • Sophisticated as Hell
    Ameya: "...The Writer isn't a guy y'know. Most people who are not tapped the fuck in make that mistake."
  • Spell My Name with a "The": Whenever she refers to herself, it's as "the Narrator," with the N capitalized.
  • Suicidal Pacifism: So far the only fighting she's done is the verbal sort, even when she's been physically attacked multiple times. Spitting at Chiyo doesn't count. Later explained in that these are the people she's trying to help—what's the point in fighting back? Even more explained when you think about the manner of her death, because if anything she's more prone to shutting down and letting it happen now.
  • Talks Like a Simile: She really likes her figurative language.
  • The Nicknamer: Has a nickname for everyone in the cast and almost never refers to people by name. Classic examples: "Colorstay-kun" for Daisuke, "Madness-chan" for Shizuka, and "Bundere-chan" for Arika. Overlaps with Malicious Misnaming, since many people express their dislike of nicknames and her embarrassing ones especially, but she refuses to stop. She makes exceptions for people she really, really likes, which as of endgame is Minoru, Hotaka, and Daisuke. Also makes exceptions for seriousness, so when she's saying which souls redeemed themselves, she refers to them by actual names.
  • Theory of Narrative Causality: "Things happen because the plot says they should" is practically her life philosophy, especially in a mutual killing game. Her motivation for her own mutual killing also seems to be like this: she claims even if she didn't do it, someone else would have.
  • Thinking Out Loud: Constantly phrases this like "The Narrator wonders..." Also occasionally lapses into Talking to Themself when she answers her voices out loud without realizing.
    Ameya: "She doesn't need their help, they're making it weird."
  • Third-Person Person: The amount of individual mistakes she makes HERE, though, can be counted on one hand, only happening when she's really emotional.
  • True Blue Femininity: Befitting her childish nature.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Brought up the possibility with Minoru, more demonstrated with Daisuke.
  • Voice of Dramatic: Is this in-universe.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Apparently overgrown worms are close enough to trigger a freakout. Also her reaction to mice and bugs.
  • Younger Than They Look: At fifteen she's one of the youngest people in Redemption Game, but she looks like a fully-fledged adult.

Fukugami Miyako

Super High School Level Screenwriter

And every time their screams made me feel happy. Fulfilled.

Leaping pen-first into the screenwriting world, Miyako Fukugami shocked everyone with just how successful one could be. She writes an incredible amount of films, the majority of which are horror, and her scripts are said to be some of the most brutal out there. She is also quite active on the public scene, and has a charismatic disposition that made her fans fall in love with her - but many are still conflicted. After all, how can someone write such horrible things and yet remain so pleasant?

  • Alas, Poor Villain: She wasn't one of the most sympathetic characters, but her manner of death was just cruel, especially because she was seconds from freeing herself before Shinta triggered the trap.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette
  • Follow in My Footsteps: Her parents were both in the movie industry, an actor and his manager respectively. She was expected to find her calling in the movie industry too, regardless of if that was what she wanted, which it wasn't.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Wormy was her first ever friend.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Most of her pre-mutual killing murders involved manipulation of some kind.
  • Meaningful Name: Fukugami (Good fortune+God) Miyako (Beauty+Night+Child). How fitting for a very evil and very rich goth.
  • Never Suicide: As a victim in chapter 3, the first Bad End was reached when people voted for Miyako herself. Turns out Shinta had actually unknowingly triggered the trap.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning
  • Tap on the Head: With an orb in chapter one by Tori.

Utada Shizuka

Super High School Level Songwriter


Utada Shizuka is the mind behind rising idol group Corona☆Discharge, the lead singer of which is her half-brother Utada Daichi. Other groups have contracted her as well, and her name can be found behind the scenes of many famous singers; she’s even performed some of her own songs in competitions, but prefers to have other people be the voice of her talent. The songs she writes tend to be weirdly macabre, but never outright depressing. Catchy, yet vaguely unsettling, even when she’s written pop princess hits which are completely cheerful on the outside.


    Nonbinary Students 

Ella Lemnos

Super High School Level Anthropologist


Lemnos Laboratories was founded in early 2011 by renowned hardware development prodigy, Eleanor Lemnos. Wishing to branch out from her current field of study, Dr. Lemnos has dedicated this small and fledgling company to the pursuit of scientific advancement and discovery. With rumors of collaboration with private scientific researchers in Japan circulating, Dr. Lemnos seems well on her way with taking humanity one step closer to the future!


Super High School Level Arcade Gamer

"Mechanics are the main focus. And pushing those mechanics to their limits and beyond is my specialty."

Called an unbeatable gaming prodigy, KIYO, the SHSL Arcade Gamer, has been competing in– and winning– a wide assortment of tournaments, from fighting games to rhythm games, and setting world record high scores for games old and new all over Japan. She holds an unbeaten challenge record and is quick to learn the latest and greatest games with ease.

Hoshino Mimizu

Super High School Level Gardener

"Yeah, I'm just like a worm! It’s like... I was meant to be born their leader or something, ehehe... me, the leader of the worms..."

Who is Hoshino Mimizu? Well, you’re not quite sure yourself. Looking up his name yields… well, an Instagram with just a bunch of images of blue worms in poorly chosen filters? If you start looking through the images, you can only maybe find a couple images of gardens throughout the worms that link to the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens website staff page, where under the name ‘Hoshino’ is a picture of a meek looking character holding a worm farm in his arms. Could this really be the Hoshino Mimizu?

Fukuzawa Moguru

Super High School Level Herpetologist


Practically unknown outside the field of biology, Fukazawa Moguru has contributed an astounding amount of information to the herpetology sciences. Already, he has classified 12 new species of reptiles and lizards singlehandedly, the first one discovered at the age of 9. The aspiring scientist dedicated a frighteningly large fraction of his life to his studies, how can he give up now? Despite being recognised by the International Society of Zoological Sciences for his efforts, Moguru’s past is an enigma. What does he see in those scaly creatures anyway? He truly is a mystery.

Ito Shinta

Super High School Level Software Programmer


Shinta Ito is a prodigy of his kind, known across various tech spheres as a pioneer in the world of research technology and Artificial Intelligence alike. Despite being a teenager, they advise a rapidly growing business franchise developed around a software called Net Legs, invented by Shinta themselves. Once a humble search engine, Net Legs is now gaining traction as a one-of-a-kind research assistant program, accompanied by a humanized AI to guide users through its information bank. Not much about Shinta’s home life is known to the public, but they seem to be a rather charming sort of kid.

  • Kill It with Fire
  • Megane
  • Nerd: Knows way too much about anime, quotes Wikipedia word for word, and has asthma. This is true nerdiness we're dealing with.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: Constantly looking into light sources to achieve this effect.
  • Sexy Whatever Outfit
  • The Stoic: Has a whole skill devoted to keeping his reactions in check. Occasionally Not So Stoic, like when a Ludi punishment compels him to constantly speak his mind, or when eating the hottest of peppers.

Tori Jones

Super High School Level Virologist


Tori Jones is a successful figure in the world of disease sciences, particularly virology for his discovery and neutralization of a new type of airborn virus, known as “Neptune’s Embrace” among the population. This virus was capable of spreading alarmingly fast and would drop people’s body temperatures to dangerous levels, while filling the lungs with a fluid that would eventually cause the victim to drown. Jones is accredited with the discovery of Neptune’s Embrace and for developing a vaccine to protect against it that has a 90 percent success rate.


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