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Character sheet for the Red Sonja movie.

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Red Sonja
Played by: Brigitte Nielsen

A woman whose family was slain by Queen Gedren, and she was herself raped by Gedren's men. A spirit came to her, and gave her the strength to seek vengeance. She went on to train with the best sword masters and became a formidable warrior.

  • Action Girl: She becomes a fierce badass very few people can hope to defeat after training with the best sword masters.
  • Badass Normal: Sorcery does exist in her world, but being a superbly trained warrior in said world is more than enough.
  • Character Title: Red Sonja.
  • Cool Sword: When comes the time to choose a sword, she's guided by the voice of the spirit that granted her the strength to seek revenge. The sword she chooses has quite elaborate hilt ornaments, a golden half-moon most notably.
  • Does Not Like Men: After her rape, Sonja disliked being touched by them, understandably, although she still felt affection for the Grand Master who taught her. Sonja tells him that she doesn't really hate all men though, but refuses to let them touch her unless they're able to equal or defeat her in combat. Later, she slowly warms up Kalidor, and kisses him.
  • Doomed Hometown: Her family and farm are destroyed by Gedren's men at the beginning of the film, and she gets raped.
  • Fiery Redhead: Sonja is a red-haired, hot-blooded swordswoman who has righteous fury for Queen Gedren, who had her raped and ordered Sonja's family slaughtered, on whom she has sworn vengeance.
  • Friendly Rivalry: She has one with Kalidor, as both are equally great sword fighters.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: She's the story's heroine, and she trained to wield swords.
  • Master Swordswoman: She becomes one after training with the best sword masters. Only Kalidor is her match.
  • Only the Chosen May Wield: Being a woman, she can touch the Talisman safely.
  • Rape and Revenge: She has been raped by Gedren's men. Nothing should stand in her way to get revenge.
  • Rape as Backstory: See above.
  • Red Baron: "Red" Sonja. Comes from the fact that she's a redhead.
  • Stripperiffic: Her outfit's sexiness is quite downplayed compared to her comics counterparts, but it's still very Wonder Woman-esque.
  • You Killed My Family: Gedren had her whole family slaughtered.


Lord Kalidor

A warrior who was sworn to protect the Order of the Talisman. After the Talisman is stolen by Queen Gedren, he teams up with Sonja in order to find and destroy it before it destroys the world.


Prince Tarn
Played by: Ernie Reyes Jr

The young prince of the kingdom of Harblock, which was destroyed by Queen Gedren using the Talisman. He projects to raise a new army and joins Sonja in her crusade against Gedren.

  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: He thinks he's much stronger than he is, and it's up to Sonja to teach him discipline, humbleness and better combat techniques.
  • Cool Crown/Cool Helmet: He wears a helmet (or is it a crown?) decorated with red silk and a Pickelhaube-esque spike.
  • Defiant to the End: He still utters death threats to the bandits that are about to quarter him.
  • Fearless Fool: He doesn't hesitate to jump on Kalidor thinking he is a threat to Sonja. He isn't afraid to confront Ikol alone either.
  • Flynning: Subverted. Sonja shows him why this wouldn't really work in a real fight.
  • Pride: His character flaw, although he's young and eventually grows more humble after receiving a few lessons courtesy of Sonja.
  • Royal Brat: He starts as purely this, bossing Falkon around and being quite arrogant, but Sonja gives him several lessons that make him more humble over the course of the movie.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: He arrogantly invites Sonja to work for him as a cook the first time they meet.



Prince Tarn's loyal bodyguard and last remaining manservant.

  • Acrofatic: His girth doesn't prevent him from climbing the castle's wall along with Kalidor and Sonja. He still has this line upon reaching the stone duct:
    "Tomorrow I start my diet..."
  • Big Eater: He can't resist eating a bit of Gedren's men's chicken as he has landed straight onto their refectory table, even as the fight is about to begin.
  • The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In: He is quite good at knife throwing.
  • Cool Helmet: His headgear looks more like a metallic hat than a helmet actually.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He can look and act goofy in his dedication to protect Prince Tarn and do whatever Tarn orders him to do no matter how stupid it is, but he's a force to be reckoned with.
  • Enemy Eats Your Lunch: A hilarious inversion of the trope. He ends up eating the bad guys' lunch.
  • Fat Comic Relief: He's overweight, and quite a goofball at times.
  • Knife Nut: In addition to his bone club, he uses throwing knives.
  • Undying Loyalty: He has sworn to protect Prince Tarn and obeys every one of his orders. He never bothers discussing said orders, no matter how stupid they can prove to be, and he never even thinks about giving the prince much-needed corrections for his bratty behaviour, even with no one left to punish him for touching a royal heir.
  • Weapon of Choice: His favorite weapon is a bone he uses as a club. He offers a smaller one to Tarn before climbing the castle with Sonja and Kalidor.



     Queen Gedren
Played by: Sandahl Bergman

The evil queen of the Kingdom of Eternal Night. She destroyed Sonja's family and seeks to use the Talisman to dominate the world.

Played by: Ronald Lacey

Queen Gedren's vizier.

Played by: Pat Roach

The keeper of the gates leading to the Kingdom of Eternal Night.

  • Beard of Barbarism: Brytag and his men are depicted no differently than barbarians in the Conan movies that came before Red Sonja, and he's bearded.
  • Beard of Evil: He's bearded and won't hesitate to massacre those who won't pay him a tax. Plus he's a Dirty Old Man expecting women who want to cross his gate to pay him a "favor".
  • Bling of War: He wears a mail/plate armor that's adorned with gold.
  • Cash Gate: One has to pay him a tax to enter the Kingdom of Eternal Night.
  • Cool Key: He uses a big key to open his door and wears it on a necklace.
  • Dirty Old Man: He won't let Sonja pass through his door unless she does him a "favor".
  • Evil Gloating: Gloats about the sufferings he will inflict to Sonja while fighting her.
  • Evil Redhead: He's a Dirty Old Man and a greedy bastard, and he's red-headed.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Sonja runs him through with her sword.
  • Large and in Charge: He's much more heavily built than his men.
  • Leave Him to Me: He decides to kill Sonja by himself when it becomes clear he won't have his way with her.
  • Villain of the Detour: He's not under Queen Gedren's orders but Sonja needs to cross his gate in order to get to Gedren's kingdom. Sonja opts to kill him to get the key to the gate and confront his army.


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