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Main Heroes

    Tessa (Tabasa) — The Magician
Tessa is a sorcerologist who lives in Icelarn, and excels in the use of magic. A large number of storms began breaking out in the year 13XX (1999 in the Japanese version). Tessa doesn't believe this to be a natural phenomenon. She leaves her home to find the person behind this. To this end, she first discovered Hydron. They fought and she defeated him, thinking that "marine creatures" shouldn't be in her land.

When she meets an opponent, she can easily tell something about him or her, such as whether the opponent is evil or good.

  • Ms. Fanservice: So much that she appears naked in one of her endings.
  • Norse by Norsewest: In the game's Fantasy Counterpart Culture take on Earth, Tessa hails from "Icelarn", a region approximate to Scandinavia. Iceland is probably the closest fit, and her stage contains Viking-style imagery.
  • Robe and Wizard Hat
  • Shoryuken: Reverie Sword
  • Shotoclone
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Clearly, supposed to be "Tabitha" — whoever was in charge of converting the names from Japanese to English screwed up and simply did a direct Romanizing of タバサ.
  • Witch Classic: would seem to be a modern update of this trope (if not, she comes close). Her robes are white and a bit more festive and revealing than your traditional witch, not to mention that she uses a magic wand, but she has the trademark pointed hat (which appears to be alive in some depictions), owns four cats (two of which—Al and Ivan—actually aid her in battle), is often shown thumbing through what is presumably her spell book, and is seen riding on a broomstick during Pocket Fighter/Super Gem Fighter: Mini-Mix. The only difference is that she refers to herself as a sorcerologist, one who employs magic in her studies to discern the nature of the universe, and as such, Tessa's brand of witchcraft seems to be a mix of classical cauldron brewing and alchemy.

    Leo — The Warrior
In 13XX, unknown invaders attacked Savalia (Greedia in the Japanese version) and drove Leo out as well as cursing him, transforming him into his current state. The 3 Wise Men tried to remove the curse but couldn't. Now Leo uses the curse as his strength to "repay his debt to his countrymen" only to return to Savalia and find a large number of people have been kidnapped, and the monster Hauzer awaiting him.

    Mai Ling (Tao) — The Monk
Mai Ling is a fourteen year old skilled martial artist from Gora. Recently, she left her hometown and participated in a martial arts tournament in which she won first place. Overjoyed, she returned home to tell her family, but her joy turned to horror when she found her home and the entire town ablaze. As she stood in shock, the harpy Lavia descended from the sky and took credit for the destruction.

Mai Ling then decided to search for the missing children from her town, and to discover what terrible evil had befallen the world.

    Kenji (Mukuro) — The Ninja
When the black ships of unknown invaders appeared in the skies of Zipang and began attacking the country, the Shogun Naosuke ordered his best ninja squad to find out who the invaders are and to wipe them out. Kenji is the leader of that squadron, and comes across Tanuma, who mutates into the monstrous beast Kongou. Although Kenji secretly distrusts his Shogun and believes that he may be betraying the country, he goes along with everything while searching for more clues.
  • Arch-Enemy: Kongou, the demon-troll.
  • BFG: Can you believe that Kenji can pull out a giant short barreled musket like weapon from behind his back?
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Kenji wields two curved blades on his forearms.
  • Cool Mask: His ninja mask has even got a v-fin!
  • Doppelgänger Spin: Kenji has a special move that creates three clones that are running and jumping at two different angles. Depending on the button input, the real Kenji can use the clones to trick the opponent and give him a better position on the stage.
  • Feudal Japan: In the game's Fantasy Counterpart Culture take on Earth, his is probably the least ambiguous, with his homeland of "Zipang" a clear model of Japan.
  • Flechette Storm: One of his super moves has him summon a large amount of kunais that either rain downwards or fly in the air in a homing style.
  • Hand Seals: He does this for his special and super moves and in one of his victory animations.
  • Hurricane Kick: His Rasen Kyaku.
  • Instant Costume Change: His intro animation has him wearing a civilian outfit with a straw hat and holding a small container before grasping his civilian outfit and pulling it off, instantly changing into his ninja uniform (which was possible hidden in that small container).
  • Katanas Are Just Better: He wields a Ninjato specifically.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: Even when he knows the Shogun is corrupt and is trying to kill him, Kenji still serves him faithfully. Subverted if he does trust the subordinate's report, in which he kills the Shogun but is forced to live with the shame of dishonor.
  • Ninja: A clear cut example.
  • Ninja Run: This is his running animation as expected from a ninja.
  • Playing with Fire: He can summon a large pillar of flames as part of his elemental skills.
  • Scarf Of Asskicking: He's got a long cloth scarf that flows with the wind.
  • Shoulders of Doom: He's got quite the large shoulder armor.
  • Stock Ninja Weaponry: Katana (Ninjato), shuriken, kunai, chained sickle and iron ball — check.
  • Sword Beam: Kenji has a move where he sheathes his sword and then unleashes a energy beam from his blade.
  • Universal Poison: His element of choice.



    Hydron (Nool) — The Kraken
Hydron is a mischievous half-ammonite, half-kraken monster who was given power by Scion, but the only one standing in his way is Tessa.

    Hauzer — The Dragon
Hauzer, originally a fossil from Savalia, now an Earth Dragon resurrected by Scion, inhabits the Savalia stage. Hauzer largely resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex (and he is often easily mistaken for one).

    Kongou — The Troll
Kongou was once a mere human named Tanuma from Zipang. He was a portly merchant with no fighting ability, but then he met Scion, who bestowed upon him the ability to transform into a great ogre. Now known as Kongou, he is terrorizing his own homeland, wielding a massive spiked club and reducing those who stand in his way to nothing.

    Lavia (Luan) — The Harpy
Lavia is a vicious harpy whose power was increased by Scion's sorcery. She resides in the country of Gora and prompts Mai Ling to hunt the others that have been empowered by Scion, when she destroys the young martial artist's village.

    Ravange (Secmeto) — The Chimera
Ravange is a four-headed chimera from Sangypt (Alanbird in the Japanese version) a desert nation. He has the heads of an eagle, a snake, a lion, and a goat. Although he crawls around on all fours, he is quite intelligent and each head is dangerous in its own right. He once was a human Pharaoh named Arumana IV, but was given this new form by Scion. His statue is brought to life by the sorceress Clara Tantra.
  • All Your Powers Combined: Uses earth (sand), fire, poison and petrification attacks per head.
  • Ancient Egypt: In the game's Fantasy Counterpart Culture take on Earth, Ravange hails from Sangypt, a region clearly approximate to ancient Egypt, complete with all the expected iconography on his/her stage. In adition, his/her japanese name (Secmeto) is likely based on the egyptian goddess Sekhmet.
  • Cognizant Limbs
  • Composite Character: A cross between an Egyptian sphinx and a Greek chimera and fuses the power of the lion, goat, eagle, dragon, and cobra together.

    Gi Gi — The Stone Idol
Gi Gi is a four-armed stone warrior. Originally a statue of Incan design, Gi Gi was brought to life by Scion. Its original intent being a stone guardian, it guards the crypt it was originally found in. In battle, it wields a curved sword in each of its four hands, and can summon various traps to attack enemies.

    Blade (Jihad) — The Dark Knight
The former leader of Leo's bodyguard unit, Blade became Scion's finest and strongest creation. Blade is nothing more than a small emerald crystal, but it calls to itself a large set of armor equipped with a massive sword named Adrayer. Blade was completely constructed by Scion, so it is unquestioningly loyal to the evil wizard.

    Scion (Valdoll) — The Wizard
Scion is an evil wizard who is responsible for the invasion of monsters in the different countries around the world. His ultimate goal is to find humans strong enough to survive his conquest and conquer the world in the name of his empire Varuda, which he rules from his floating castle Darminor.

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