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    Our hero, Pan Pizza 

The creator and main reviewer of the RebelTaxi YouTube channel, and the Pizza Party Podcast.

Tropes that apply to Pan:

    Main Podcast Members 

The Pizza Party Podcast
From left to right: Pan-Pizza, Izzy, Jim, and Nolan.


See his folder above.

Nolan Baker

I wanna kill myself.
One of the original members of the podcast and probably the only one with any common sense. His Tumblr can be found here.

Tropes that apply to Nolan:

Ken (former member)

What you know about waffles, Shrek?
Another original member and the angriest of them all. He quit the podcast starting from Episode 36 onwards. His tumblr can be found here.

Tropes that apply to Ken:

Jim Gisriel

Hey, it's Jim.
A former member of the animated rap band nockFORCE, and a movie reviewer on Youtube. He initially debuted in Episode 10 as a guest star and was soon promoted to a main member, because of his frequency in appearing.

Tropes that apply to Jim:

Izzy Rae (formerly Stev)
Izzy is the most recent main member of the podcast. She first appeared in Episode 35, and became a regular a bit after that.

Tropes that apply to Izzy:

  • Accent On The Wrong Syllable: Her and Jim saying Wikipedia as Wik-e-pee-die-uh .
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Izzy's hair is currently pink but her avatar remains teal.
  • Only Sane Woman: At most times, especially in episode 61, seems to share this role with Jim.
  • Gag Boobs: During the live 100 episode she had a squeaky toy in her bra so if you hit her boob it squeaked.
  • Token Girl: Izzy is the only female regular on the podcast.
  • Transgender: Male to Female. She came out in episode 57. You may have known her as StevRayBro.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Pan, Jim and Nolan.


    Podcast Guests 


The first non-regular guest and a former member of the California Raisins. Not sure which of those two statements is false.

I saw the sign, it said 'Come to the back of this building and you get a free burrito', and I see you people here, so I thought, 'Hey, maybe they're here for a free burrito too!

An earlier member of the podcast and also the world's leading expert on Scooby-Doo. Thanks to his constant advances, Emily has filed a restraining order against him.

I'm Katrina. I'm the one who drew porn of Pan.

After drawing porn of Pan, she was admitted to the podcast. Has not been back since, tho.

I'm the girl in the group right now! ... Yeah!

Gary (Trimarchi)

One of the creators of the web series Failing Upward, He first appeared in episode 1 and became a reoccurring guest since.

Pan should be number 1, he's better than all of us!

A film/ animation reviewer in his own right, but that's constantly dragged down by his fanboyism towards Pan.

(Trevor) Gables

A former reviewer, and artist who's appeared in 7 episodes, being one of the most reoccurring guests. His tumblr can be found here.

Tropes that apply to Gables:

  • Fan Nickname: Referred to as "Motherfuckin' Gables" by the comments section whenever he's on the podcast.
  • The Quiet One: Whenever he's on tends to be in the background of a lot of conversations.





Former member/animator of nockFORCE along with Jim, who is now best known as the creator of "OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes" on Cartoon Network.



Zoe Stanley


Lizz Hickey

Adam "" Johnston

Alex "I Hate Everything" Beltman

Juan "SomecallmeJohnny" Ortiz
The man himself, only as a cartoon.

Chad "Lewtoons" Lewis


Conrad "Digi-neé" Collins


An artist who lives near and is good friends with Nolan, and frequently appears on Nolan's side of the recording, but appeared on Episode 54. His tumblr for art can be found here (Warning: NSFW) while his personal blog can be found here.

Tropes that apply to Super Spoe:


KC Green



Jay/ Jorge "BlameitonJorge" Flores

Jimmy "Mumkey Jones"

Ben "Ben the Looney" Tannehill.

A rather controversial artist and ex-ranter. Pan, while Ben was still doing Ben Rants, poked fun of him in an earlier video. His DeviantArt can be found here (NSFW) while his YouTube channel can be found here (also NSFW).

Tropes that apply to Ben:

    Let's Play Guests 

    Original Characters 


A Middle Eastern suicide bomber who accompanied the guys to to the infamous DashCon. He was created by Ken.

Tropes that apply to Jihad:

Emily Vasquez

Pan's "CIS-ter" from his webcomic, Loki IRL. She frequently shows up to annoy everyone on the podcast and to sing crappy 2000s songs.

Tropes that apply to Emily:

Stephany Vasquez:

Pan and Emily's OTHER sibling, who rarely appears other than to sing duets with Emily.

Tropes that apply to Stephany:


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